50mins Deep Tissue Sports Therapy Massage 
Relaxing lounge with sofas 

Exactly what I needed. 
South Point Hotel Spa. 

Good news:

I just signed for Vise Inserts. 

I'm now official Vise staff! This weekends PBA regionals will be my first even as a Vise Staff. Can't wait :) 

Vise - the choice of champions! 
Twitter: @viseinserts 

This is Saphyre.

#future of #bowling. #blog #blogg


and after I threw my last shot today I met this amazing little girl, Saphyre. this made my day. I'm gonna post a video of her bowling, she is the future - I'm telling you that! she has been bowling for a little over a year. 
she won a tournament a few weeks ago where she bowled against juniors, Juniors! this girl is seven years old! 
I asked how many times a week she bowls and she answered me "maybe 3.. no, everyday actually." 
this girl inspires me. 
makes me think - what if I bowl/practice every single day until WSOB next year.. where would I be at? 

I got to bowl with her tonight. We bowled 3games together and I enjoyed every single frame. Can't wait to see her again in the future on the lanes! 

Thank you, Saphyre, for teaching me how to bowl. 


Wow. Challenge right there! 
First off I've been bowling good all week, I'm very happy with that. Also very happy to be plus on every pattern. Today was only +4 but still on the right side. I bowled much better than the scores showed though. again. Just to explain - game 2: 1 shot that didn't hit the pocket.
10pin, 10pin, X, 4pin, 8-10, XX, 10pin, 1-2-4-10, 10pin, 8-10 for 177. 

What I need to do now is to sit down and just reflect on the week. I need to write down what I'm gonna practice more on. I have for sure learned a lot. It's great to be out here and bowl against the best people, to really see what happens with the lanes when bowling with so many good people, how they break down and how you should handle it. 

Im so proud of myself for putting myself out there on these tough conditions and surviving. I'm gonna take a day off, enjoy my free time over here with some friends. Tomorrow I'm gonna go watch something I've never watched before, can you guess what? ;) 

thank you so much for all the support back home during the World Series of Bowling. my trip is not over yet, I'm bowling the two regional tournaments this weekend. One singles tournament and one doubles tournament with Kim Bolleby. Right now I just wanna bowl - it is so much fun. I love this game. 

The picture below will tell you how I did on 3out of 4patterns. Pocket hits and carry %. I can show this thanks to Lanetalk and Reine Delwall! 
I can also share another statistic number i just found out. I have a 88% cleaned frame over my 24games. 

I hope you can see the bottom one. 


Still bowling good. This is the first time where there has been a big difference lane-lane and pair-pair. The first 3-4games I could only figure out one of the two lanes. Strike - 9pin - strike - 10pin - strike - split. and that is how it went on for 4games. The last 3was much better, moves was more obvious and the lanes were similar to eachother. 
I bowled with my new Marvel S, which I could jump left with guys and actually handle it. I bowled better further left I moved - something I've been working hard on lately. 

Yesterday was late squad and that means early squad today. Not many hours outside of the bowl before its time to get back again. It's 6.15am, I'm gonna get out of bed, get dressed and go downstairs to eat breakfast. We bowl at 8am - today is Scorpion 47ft. Which me luck, cause I will probably need it today!! 

Morning thoughts

I woke up this morning and it hit me that I'm exactly where I've always dreamed of being. I've been dreaming about bowling the World Series of Bowling since I was a kid. And now I'm here. 
2patterns down, 2to go. 
On Viper I turned out to be the best swede and also tied best female bowler on. I tied with Kelly Kulick. 58th place with only 56pins from top24 who gets to bowl another 7games. That for me is motivating! Kelly is one of my favorite bowlers. 

I'm gonna make the most of my next two squads. Throw good shots, make my spares and believe in myself to make the right decisions. 
I'm gonna play for that little girl who fell in love with the game. 


Today was way better with scores. +74 over my 7games. I bowled good, both yesterday and today. I didn't really figure it out in the beginning, the pattern felt weird today. and it was tricky cause if you got the ball too far out it stayed there. 
I made one bad decision of a ball change. I started out with my Oath, which I put some surface on, and I should've changed balls to my Totally Defiant earlier, instead of staying with a ball with surface. Also bowled 170 that game cause I opened in the 10th. 

Well, overall I'm happy with today. The scores are alot lower today than yesterday. Tomorrow is Chameleon-day, bowl at 2pm our time. It's now only 8h time-difference now :) drilling a Marvel S for the coming patterns, can't wait to throw it! 


That didnt really go as I was hoping for. First thing out I almost got a fine for wearing shorts, I totally missed out on this rule and girls are only allowed to wear either pants or skirts. I tried not to focus to much about it, texted Kim and asked him to go upstairs to get my skirt so I could change, he did. We started bowling the first game - 243. I ran out to the bathroom to change real quick and came back, a little too stressed out. I made some bad shots but I had a chance of making 180, had a dabble going into the 10th. Made a pretty good shot and got punished with 7-10. 140something. Got back on track, 240-240. And then I can't believe I bowled another 140. That pair was so weird. I felt like I was bowling another 240game but my scores said different. Either stroke or left a split. Pair was much tighter and I obviously didnt figure it out. Next two games I did ok, 190-220. 
Lucky me, since I changed to a skirt I didn't have to pay the fine.

Overall I'm happy with how I bowled, cause I bowled good pretty much all day yesterday, it was about 5frames I wasn't happy with my technique. I can't do anything about the scores. 

Today is a new day, it's gonna be a new challenge. We are bowling on Viper. Starting at 8am. Wish me luck guys and don't forget to tune into Xtraframe to watch us bowl! 

quote of the day

somewhere behind the athlete you've become and the hours of practice and the coaches who have pushed you, is a little girl who fell in love with the game and never looked back. play for her! 

~ Mia Hamm 

Good morning from Vegas!

Jetlag can be one of the things I hate the most. You can't control your body at all. Two days ago when I went to the gym in the evening I almost fell asleep while walking on the treadmill. Last night I almost fell asleep in the jacuzzi outside, at 7pm! When I went upstairs I struggled to stay awake. Slept a little better during the night but wake up waaaay too early, wide awake at 5am. That would never happen a normal day back home. Haha! 
I stayed in bed for an hour, an hour and a half just to catch up with everyone back home on Facebook, Instagram and twitter. Best way to start the day! 

Got out of bed just before 7am, got dressed for the gym and walked downstairs. Now on the treadmill. Might aswell just kill it in the gym instead of being lazy in bed ;) 

Bowling at 2pm today. Before that: 
~get dressed
~eat breakfast 
~watch some bowling 
~take a nap 
~eat lunch 

can't wait to start this week!! don't forget to tune into Xtraframe. (9h time difference from Sweden.) 

Official Practice

I have a good feeling about this coming week. I bowled good on the practice yesterday but didnt get the reaction I wanted. Drilled two new balls - Totally Defiant and IQ Tour. Tried them out today during the official practice. They are awesome. Those two balls are working on all the patterns. Didnt get the chance to throw IQ tour on Cheetah - the short pattern, though but the balls I brought here looked good on that pattern so I'm feeling confident going into this week. It's gonna be a long and challenging week but I'm really looking forward to get this thing started! If only I can get a good nights sleep. 

After practice today I went to Target to fill up with water and fruit for the first days here. when I got back me and Kim went to an Asian restaurant at this hotel, it was sooooo good. Chicken & beef Teriyaki with steamed rice and some vegetables. The best meal so far. 
With dinner in our stomach we decided to out and enjoy the pool for a bit. 

So we start tomorrow, 7games of qualifying. Tune inte Xtraframe so the coverage during the week.

Fingers crossed! 

Welcome to South Point


cardio: 50mins with incline 2,5-10%. 
feeling tired and dizzy. need to get back on right eating and sleeping schedule. 

this is today's me: 


cardio: 50mins with incline 2,5-10%. 
feeling tired and dizzy. need to get back on right eating and sleeping schedule. 

this is today's me: 

Unofficial practice

First of all i wanna apologize for the bad  update, there is no wifi downstairs around the restaurants or in the bowl. Only at the rooms. 

 I thought my plan was good, the one with staying awake until the early morning flight, sleep on the plane and then stay awake until 11pm so I would sleep all night. But I was wrong. Kept waking up the whole time and by 8am I gave up. I stayed in bed until 10am, showered and got dressed so I could go downstairs and get some breakfast. After breakfast me and Kim tried our luck on the gambling machines. Worked out ok. 
We had lunch and got ready for practice. First practice on the patterns. Difference from last year: two patterns are longer, the longest one is 47ft and a different oil. They are tight! It's gonna be interesting. Also deciding to drill some balls, Marvel S, IQ tour and Totally Defiant. Big thanks to Storm. 

Our official practice is tomorrow. I'm on B Squad together with the other swedes, Kim Bolleby, Martin Larsen and half swede Osku Palermaa. 

Going to the gym now and hoping for a good nights sleep after that. 
Gonna show you some pics of the hotel tomorrow too. :) 

Hello Vegas!

Made it! 

Got all my stuff, not problems at all on the whole way. Great start to the week. 
A friend picked me up at the airport, drove me to the hotel. I went to my room and showered before meeting up with Kim for dinner. 
Ate at the Shake n Steak place here at the hotel, Was ok. 
Have been watching some bowling, team Brunswick and team ebonite were bowling before. 

Just got back to my room, dead tired. Ready to get some sleep. 
Tomorrow is unofficial practice. Can't wait! 

Los Angeles!

So I made it to the other side of the pond. Everything is great so far! Slept the first flight to London, had to rush to make my next flight - that's what I thought, there was a delay but I found that out first when I made it to the gate.
Boarded and when they said "boarding completed" I was smiling big. Thank you flight-God for hearing me out, got a free seat next to me and about 3,5seconds later I was out. Slept on and off for 7h. The last two I was watching "the great gatsby". Love that movie.
Landed, went through custom, picked up my bags to re-check them and then I was lost for a little while. Haha couldnt find my terminal, I was a little too tired so I didn't realize that I was gonna fly with American Airlines from here to Vegas, cause I booked it with British Airways. Finally found my terminal and went through security with no problemo.

Just had my first real meal since I left sweden, slept through all the meals on the flight so I was veeeerrryyyyy hungry when I landed.
And right now sitting at my gate waiting for the clock to be 5pm so boarding can start.


I don't know if it counts as last night we were at Jennys place for a girls night. Don't even know what day it is right now so. Sorry for that.
Anyways, it was such a nice mom and daughter evening. Jennys mom is working with reflexology/zone therapy and her sister is working for Mary Kay, they together held an event for us where we got to try all the beauty products and also zone therapy. The evening also included some tapas food and wine.
Both if them did very good and I can recommend Mary Kays products, if you haven't tried them and if you live close to me and are interested in having a home-party then let me know and I will get you in touch with Jannike. :) same thing with zone therapy, I was surprised! As you may know I have had problems with my back since way back. Different parts of the back at different times in life and also some hip problems. This I didn't tell her and she didn't know anything about it but just by pushing on my feet she found it all out. Pretty cool if you ask me. And by this she can treat pain, stress etc. Doesn't fit all of us but it sure is worth a try if you have any problems with your body/stomach. If you wanna try this out, and if you live close to me than let me know and I will get you in touch with Lena.


I get to Vegas at 6.45pm our time, it's a 9h time difference from Swedish time. Hope to get some practice tonight.

See you soon Vegas!

Cph-London-LA-Las Vegas

It's 6.49am. I'm at the airport, all checked in. I've been awake for 23h now. Why? Cause I wanna sleep the whole flight. 
Everything went smooth when I got to the airport, the lady who checked me and my bags in is the nicest lady I've ever met at an airport. She helped me out, put all kind of tags on to minimize the risk for anything to happen to them, she was really caring and wished me luck. Great start to this trip! Thank you dear lady at the British Airways counter. 

I'm at the gate waiting to board my first flight, it's a short one and it's taking me to London. A short layover in London before heading over the pond and to LA. I have a few hours in LA before flying to my final destination: Las Vegas! 

I'm begging to the flight-God to please give me a free-seat next to me. That would make this trip amazing. Please? 

I will give you an update when I get wifi again. Also gonna tell you all about our girls night last night! 
bye Sweden! (And Copenhagen) 

decisions decisions

7bowling balls and I'm only gonna bring 5 of them. no good when you have too many favorites. 

help, please? 

22,5h until take off

but first 
~ Gothenburg for Visa 
~ practice 
~ gym 
~ dinner with friends 
~ girls night at a friends place 
~ pack 
~ consume a few glass of wine 

then bye Sweden! 
helloooooo Vegas :) 

Good morning lovers!

How are we today? 
This girl is a little tired after a busy but fun weekend! Not just tired, I'm happy too. So damn relieved. 
We bowled our second match yesterday, we were going for a win and I was looking for a little revenge on my own game. I actually started the day with some practice before we left. Got a good feeling and I was hoping to bring that with me into the game cause I bowled like shit on Saturday. 
Started the match with a 169, thought I bowled good but I was doubting myself with a ball change and got punished for it. Threw my Disturbed in the beginning be needed a shiny ball to get it through, used my HyRoad Pearl for this in the second game - 212. Changed lanes and this new pair was a little different, couldn't get my HyRoad Pearl to pick up in time so I did a ball change to my Defiant Soul which I bowled with the last to games 228 & 266 for a nice 875. And we won by 17-3 and totally over 600p in team scores. We did good! 

When I got back home I made us some dinner, for me and Josefine. We were watching this game show and having a few ciders. It was time to celebrate. I feel more ready now, mentally, for Vegas. About time since I leave in two days!! 

So. Today is Monday. I'm gonna do a whole lot of laundry, I'm gonna work for a few hours and I'm gonna bowl house league tonight. Tomorrow is Tuesday. I'm gonna drive to Gothenburg to get that freaking visa done for Russia - still having problems with it. Have dinner  with my mom, Josefine and her mom, hopefully Emma and her mom before a girls night at Jenny's place. I'm gonna start packing. Hopefully. Might save that for Wednesday, not leaving until 4.30am. ;) 

Then it's Wednesday. The first day of my crazy traveling schedule. 
23oct-5nov Las Vegas 
7nov-11nov Copenhagen 
14nov-24nov Krasnoyarsk
and I have to book my flights for Abu Dhabi and Qatar in the beginning of December. 
crazy. but I love it. 

Game day

One looooong day. 
8am wake up call 
9am in the bowl
9.10am in the car, destination: Gothenburg 
11.15am arriving to Gothenburg 
Noon lunch buffet in the bowl - taco 
1pm game time 
3pm winning team: Spader dam <3 
3.30pm in the car, destination: home 
5.30pm arriving to home city 
6pm looking at an apartment 
6.30pm renting movies with Amanda 
7pm dinner buffet in town - Chinese food 
8pm on the couch with 1kg of candy and 3movies 
Midnight two movies and 4pieces of candy later 

Now: bed time 
8am wake up call 
9.15am practice 
10am in the car, destination: Halmstad
10.30am checking out the city I called "home" for 3years
11.30am lunch 
1pm game time 
3pm hopefully winning team 
4pm back home 
Spend evening with my favorites 

one long weekend

my jacket

didrikssons 1913 


doctor appointment this morning was no fun after the late night last night, but it was quick so on my way home I bought some breakfast and went back home and cuddled up on the couch and watched some episodes of OTH. I was gonna meet mom for lunch but cause of some troubles with her car it became a very late lunch. She picked me up at 2 and we drove to the big shopping centre in Helsingborg. What was gonna be lunch became a very expensive lunch. I've been looking for a big warm jacket, even though I live in a pretty cold country I can't remember last time I had a jacket meant for winter. I live in the south part, where it's not as cold as it is up north and not as much snow either. Its not THAT could but every winter i still freeze my ass off. 
my spring/fall jacket is way to thin to bring to Siberia in a few weeks so I felt it was time now, to buy a real winter jacket. I'm gonna look like a snowball. Haha! I love the jacket and it was a very good price on it for being so good. 

On my way back from shopping with mom I realized it was only 5pm so I would make it to the last class at the gym today - bodypump. Sheiße! I was not ready for that today. Not motivated, too tired and i was terrible at it today. But at least I went there, I tried. It's better than nothing! And I also know what I'm gonna do the rest of the evening, stay on the couch and do everything to get my energy back for this weekend. Bowling in Gothenburg tomorrow and in Halmstad on Sunday. 

I will show you my jacket later! 
Now I'm gonna make myself some dinner, nothing fancy, that I don't deserve today. 


Finally, a day where I got to do everything needed and wanted to. 

Started the day with work at 8.30am. Way too early if you ask me but whatever makes my customers happy! 
Got all my papers done, so I could send my visa application for Russia away. Got my ESTA for America done. Got my errands done. I even got 1h of bowling and 1extra session at the gym on my schedule plus Spinning. 
When I got home, all dead, I texted Ola to see if he was still up for the dinner date and yes! 40mins later I was on my way down to a restaurant for food and drinks. Great evening with an amazing person. Just got back home, we talked and talked so one glass of wine became two and two glasses became a drink and so on. love it 

tomorrow is an early wake up call and appointment, lunch date with mom and then just a Friday at home. I'm gonna cuddle up on the couch and enjoy the  time with no plans. 

just another day

right now all days looks just the same. I wake up, I shower and get dressed, I walk to the bowl, I work, I practice, walk to the gym (not today, too sore) and then back home to eat and to sleep. it's all about preparing for the coming trips. I'm not gonna spend many days at home the rest of the year, right now it's somewhere around 35days left I think. I'm a little stressed out cause I'm not bowling as good as I want and need to. Less than a week until I leave for Vegas.
 I'm nervous. 

I bowled on Chameleon for the first time today, ended my two hours practice with some shots on that pattern. I bowled so bad in the beginning of my practice but ended up very good. 2h was necessary today, otherwise I don't like practicing for so long. 


It's only 10pm but I'm already in bed. Tired, my muscles are sore and I have to get up early tomorrow - (another) busy day ahead of me. 
work 8.30am-1.30pm
practice 1.30pm
run errands around the city after work/practice 
spinning 6.15pm 
dinner date with an old friend 



~woke up at 11 
~went to work at 12.30pm 
~started my day at work with a break and ate lunch, hehe 
~drilled a few bowling balls - alot to do in the proshop which is so much fun! 
~practiced with mom, still a little insecure but it's getting much better.
~changed clothes and walked back home just before 7pm - Jenny picked me up just after 7pm. 
~off to the gym for a boxing-class. 
~9pm back home, open the door and what I see is a set table and I hear the words "dinner is ready". not just dinner, it was THE dish I was talking about last night I had cravings for. love her 

watching the football game between Sweden-Germany. 2-2 so far. Come on Sweden! 

tomorrow is work - bowling - bodypump on the schedule. 

work hard - play hard 

house-league with cheerleaders

Emma, one of my very good friends - since day two on this planet, came to the bowl earlier to say hi and watch us bowl. She surprised us with a kinder-egg to cheer us up on a long day in the bowl. How sweet? 
Also Amanda stopped by to say hi, haven't seen her since before I left for Vegas last time. she moved to another city to study and I've been away much so we haven't been able to see each other for a while. so happy I got to see her again to catch up a little :) 

Emma stayed for house-league, she was our one-man-cheersquad! It was so close to a win, both teams bowled terrible though. I was dead after the gym. And we bowled on a tricky pattern, the badger - short. No fun. 

I'm bed now, dead. I'm ready to get some sleep! gnite


my whole body is shaking. today I tried a new class at a different gym here in the city. it was a great challenge, what I thought would be my strongest part - my legs, was actually my weakest link. might be cause of the technique, I now how to do all the exercises with good contact. 
I have a free week at this new place so I'm gonna try some new classes (if my body is not too sore after this one, haha). 

other than this killing workout, I've been working all day. my morning meeting got cancelled, i think. still waiting for them to get in touch with me again. 
back in the bowl now, just ate dinner with roomie before we are gonna bowl house league. fingers crossed my body will manage 4games today! haha 

Saturday night

found a photo of me and my girls. 
rebecka & joline - 


last night was alot of fun. so good to see everyone again! we had dinner, dessert, we played games, drinking games too! great night with amazing people. and (from my point of view) for a great cause! wifey is closer to me. only an hour away now :) 
good luck on the other side of the bridge wifey, and F. <3

alarm went off at 8.30am, extremely tired but no time to waste - jumped out of bed and into the shower to get ready. train was leaving at 10.45am, it was time to go home to watch the boys bowl. took Christoffer with me to Ängelholm over the day! :) 
the boys won a great match today, so happy for them. they finished so strong and good! 
I got back home like two hours ago, watched some tv and made myself some dinner. yum. 
I moved from the couch to my bed. Gonna watch some tv and hopefully fall asleep soon. Have a meeting with a girl from the newspaper tomorrow, they wanted to do some interview I think. We will see what it will be tomorrow :) after that meeting I'm gonna do some work in the proshop, then hit the gym with Jenny and the bowl house league in the evening. 

Gnite x 


We did a great job today, our team. Won both matches in Varberg. Well done guys! We bowled on a 38-39ft home made pattern. It was hooking soooo much. The lanes were so dry. Two matches and no lane maintenance in between (which is different from the higher divisions), I don't mind it but it wouldn't be bad at all to get some oil on those lanes after 4games. But we pulled it together and won both of them. I bowled 806 my first 4games and 850something the last 4games. I'm happy with how I bowled the last 6games. I was very confused in the beginning. 

Had lunch with the team, celebrating our 4points (you get two for each win). And now I'm on my way to Gothenburg! On the train at the moment, get there in a few mins. Looking forward to tonight! Could need a nap but it looks like that will have to wait until tomorrow. 
Lets have some fuuuuun! 


If yesterday was exhausting then today was worse. Or maybe just as exhausting, but in a different way. Woke up early, cancelled my spinning class this morning cause I felt that my body needed some rest. 5sessions at the gym this week in 4days. A day off was exactly what I needed. But it wasn't really a day off. It became 11,5h of work instead. First in the proshop, drilled a few bowling balls and then straight from the proshop and into the kitchen/bar to be a waitress for the rest of the evening. Very good day for us, first day with our American Buffet (yep, we do buffet with cosmic bowling). One more thing we started up today, the guys have been working on it for a while but today was the day: First time for us to show music videos on our big screens over the lanes! I love it! You can see a picture bellow on what it looks like. 

Got home 1h. Started packing (surprise, last minute packing!), going to Varberg to bowl league with the guys tomorrow, 2matches. Need to be in the bowl at 8am tomorrow, or later today. It's 1.25am right now. Can't wait for that alarm to go off in a few hours. 
After Varberg I'm going to Gothenburg for a farewell-party for Wifey! Actually - I'm excited about it cause she is moving closer to me! Haha. 1h instead of 2h. :) 

Time to get some sleep. 


oh dear. 
I didn't know today was gonna be that exhausting. It was a choice but still. 
today was: 
a few hours of work
1h cardio-session at the gym 
1h core-class at the gym 
1h bowling practice with mom 
2h bowling practice/bets with the guys 


found my old body measurements today too. did new ones. made me a little happier! 
I'm not saying i was fat or anything. The reason why I measured my body was to be able to see the progress a little bit easier cause personally I think only weighing yourself is the worst way. 
This actually inspired me, cause right now I feel out of shape. Not totally out of shape, just I haven't been able to work out as much as I want to. 
My journey to a healthier life style started two years ago, the difference from day one is: 
Stomach: -10cm (3 15/16inches) 
Butt: -11cm (4 21/64inches)
R. Thigh: -3,5cm (1 3/8inches)
L. Thigh: -5cm (1 31/32inches) 
Weight: -7,3kg (16lbs) 
Hopefully gained some muscles during these two years. :) 

so well done today, Sandra! 
I can now go to sleep. 
Gnite :) 

oct 10 - 2013

Roomie picked me up after practice last night. When we got back home, everything was prepared for dinner and the apartment was cleaned. I already had a smile in my face from practice and this made it even bigger. She is the best! 
Dinner was so good and we started watching a movie while eating but it was too long to finish it last night, both me and her were to tired. Almost fell asleep on the couch. 
Got up from the couch and got ready for bed. When I came into my messy room I felt stupid so I started cleaning, at like 10.30pm. Gave it up after 30min, went to bed. Woke up early, and started cleaning again. Now my room looks just as nice as the rest of the apartment. :) 

On my way to the bowl now for lunch and work. Later is gym, practice and one coaching session with a girl in the bowl. 


Hard work work

When my bowling feels a little bit shitty and I can't really do what I want to do - cause my body and head is not cooperating, I always look through old videos to get some inspiration and also compare it and maybe find what it is I'm doing wrong. 
Today was one of those days. 
I wanted to get back stronger on the lanes this time. So far so good, great practice! 

Gym was good too. Have a really nice feeling in my body after these last days. 
Can't wait to get back on it tomorrow! 

dreams, do they come true?

I was happy last night. Why?
Cause I knew today was not going to be an early Wake-up call day.
My alarm went off at 9.15am. and at 9.20am. and at 9.25am. Thought I was awake, but I was dreaming. Dreaming about stuff that is confusing me at the moment. Dreaming about stuff that makes me extremly happy. Dreaming about stuff. ''And I open my Eyes, it was only just a dream''-kind of moment.
Woke up 9.50am realizing I fell back asleep again after that last alarm. I am so not a morning person.
Got up, got my workout clothes on and went out for morning cardio.
4km powerwalk/jog
First outdoor session in a month. Havent been able to do cardio for a while cause of my hurting hip/back. This week is the first week of normal workout-Schedule and bowling-Schedule. First two Days went ok, todays morning cardio went better than expected. I have one class at the gym later today planned, one for tomorrow and one for friday. Im very glad to be back to normal.
Started working today at 1pm.
Gonna sneak out of here at 5.15pm to go to the gym
Will be back at 6.30pm for practice with the team.
2weeks left then the crazy Schedule starts.
Las Vegas
Abu Dhabi


Started this day with sleeping through my 6.30am alarm. Surprise! 
Woke up 10mins before Jenny and mom was gonna pick me up. Jumped out of bed and got dressed. 

We got there at 8.15am. They opened up at 8. Great timing! 
The shopping place is huge. It is one main house and a few shops around, outlets. We walked around inside the big shopping house until 1.30pm and we did not go through it all. They have everything! 
We had lunch and then walked through the shops outside. 
We spent 9h there. 
This place is "famous". The even make a tv show about this place. 
Saturday last weekend they made a new selling record: 33million Swedish kr (5,1million dollars/3,7million euros) in one day, with 25000 visitors. 

Came back home just after 6pm, unpacked my shopping bags and packed my gym bag and went straight to the gym for a spinning class. I was shining at the gym, like literally. Colorful clothing, like a traffic light. But I love it. Big thanks to Michaela for giving me amazing shirts to work out in. :) 
Straight from the gym to the bowl, practice for an hour with Rasmus, Jonas and Josefine. Not a good practice but nothing serious, gonna get on the real practice tomorrow. 

Made myself some dinner when I got back home, watching a movie right now. Gonna get some sleep soon. 

Tomorrow is filled with work, gym and bowling practice. It's good to be back home, it's good to be back at the gym. It's all good. 

Home sweet home!

What a day! 

I got all my stuff at the airport and drove straight to the bowl back home to drop my bowling balls off and to see how much there was to do in the proshop. (Little monster, aka my nephew ran towards me and jumped into my arms and gave me a hug when he saw me. Home sweet home!)
 I was lucky, my brother did a great job and got everything done when I was away so I only had to do one bowling ball when I got home today. And that was good for me, cause it turned out that I had a lot of things to do today. 
Since im going to Russia in a few weeks I have to get a Visa done. To get the visa you have to send in a filled in application, send in a photo, send in insurance papers, send in your actual passport and also send in an invitation that you have to get from the government. Just knowing this is stressing me out. But what almost killed me was the fact that when I got back home today I found out i still havent got my insurance papers (that was sent to me last week), my invitation is not correct so I need a new one sent to me and also that it takes up to 10days to get the passport back - I leave for Vegas in 11workdays. 
So in the middle of just getting back home, work and trying to catch up with family and friends I had to throw myself into a car, drive to Helsingborg to pick up my insurance papers from the insurance company station. And on my way there I have to figure out how to makes this work with my passport and my next trip. A few phone calls later, a visit at the police station - one happy and relieved Sandra. I could get an extra passport, that works for a year. And now I don't need to worry about it! Baaaaaah soooo good! 

Finally back in the bowl around 5pm, had a snack cause my plan was to go to the gym. two sourdough sandwiches and an orange. yum! 
at 6pm i helped one more girl out with her new grip - practiced a little and after that I watched my team bowl house league. Super tired. Not a chock, been awake since 3.30am. I was almost gonna give up my plan of going to the gym, I thought I was not gonna be able to get anything done. But then I realized, I short & intense cardio session is ten times better than not doing it. I pulled myself together, changed clothes and walked over to the gym. I managed a 28min cross trainer session, 400cal. And you know what? I'm so freaking proud of it! I did it. I convinced myself after this shitty long day to go there. 

Right now I'm dead. Josefine and Rasmus picked me up at the gym, with food and movies. Finally back home on my couch. Food was great. First movie was funny but weird! Haha. 21&over. 
We will see if I manage to stay up for the other two. I doubt it! 

Tomorrow I'm going to Ullared. For those of you that doesn't know what it is, it's a huuuuuuuge store with everything you can imagine and everything is very cheap. Like heaven on earth for women! Hahaha. 
Leaving early, Jenny will pick me up at 7am. Maybe I should go to bed? Yes. 


Good morning!

It's 8.25am and I just landed in Copenhagen. The 3.30am wake-up call was not fun. But I'm pretty sure I'm feeling better than many others today, haha. The tournament in Vienna is very famous for their after party, I had so much fun there last year but this year I decided to stay in my room. And right now I'm very happy about that decision!

This trip didnt end up how I wished for but I'm still pleased with my performance over-all. My hip is feeling much better so I'm looking forward to practice more this week and the next to prepare for World Series of Bowling. 
Gonna try the gym today and start my bowling practice tomorrow. 
Fingers crossed! 

Ok, the baggage belt just started moving. Lets see if I will get my bowling balls or not! Mom is waiting for me outside. Can't wait to see her! 

Last day in Vienna

Last day of the 11days-on-the-road. Tomorrow is the first day of 16days-at-home before the next adventure: Las Vegas. 

Feeling happy, lucky and excited. 
Loving life at the moment. 

Vienna open

I didn't qualify. 
I bowled 4squad. 
Lowest: 1278
Highest: 1318 
Cut is high. 
I'm done for this year. 

Cuddled up in bed, gonna watch a movie and fall asleep. 

I will give you an update in the morning. 

BNC Open

Some pics from Bratislava. 

Squad 2

Started out great, hit two bad pairs and bowls 98over. I'm a little mad that I didn't stick to my plan - to stay right - and got tricked to move left. Which turned out to be a disaster. 140. 
I think I need to be more patient and more stubborn next time I bowl. I'm just gonna make it work!! 
Scores are ridiculous. 
Osku bowled 1614 last night - a new EBT record. Crazy!! Even if the lanes are easy it takes a lot to do that score.
Very well done! 

Ate in the bowl before, garlic ribs with garlic sauce and extra tzatziki - I'm gonna have a hard time someone who want to hang out tonight! Haha this girl stinks garlic. #lovegarlic

Back at the hotel now, gonna do what I've been doing the last few nights - cuddle up in the bed and watch a movie or two. You get the feeling of fall over here, it's cold and all you wanna do is stay inside and be lazy. How is it back home? 

Bowling again in the early morning, 8am doubles with Chad Roberts! Fingers crossed for us :) 

Squad 1

I bowled ok, started out bad but finished the squad good so I'm having a good feeling about this tournament. Bowled with my HyRoad Pearl and Disturbed yesterday, 78over. Starting to get my good feeling back to so I'm happy with that start. My team mate didnt really impress me, haha. Not this time.

You can read about the tournament here:

Took a day off today, which is needed on these trips believe it or not. I was in the bowl earlier watching the squads and came back to the room a little while ago to watch some movies and just hang out. 
I'm bowling again tomorrow at 1pm with my wifey as doubles partner. Looking forward to it, gonna kick some ass! 

Do you have any good suggestions for movies to watch? Let me know!

I also have some great news to share! I got an email the other day that told me that this girl got a spot in the World Series of Bowling in Vegas. I told them yes and last night my flight was confirmed. I am superdupermegaverymuch excited about this. I am also nervous already! Anyone of my readers going? :) 

Also realized Im gonna spend, what it looks like right now, only 40days at home for the rest of the year. 
Living the dream. 
Oct 23rd - Nov 4th Las Vegas
Nov 14th - Nov 24th Siberia, Russia 
Dec 2nd - Dec 11th Abu Dhabi/Qatar
and a few shorter trips around Sweden/Denmark for bowling and work.
Two new countries I've never bowled in.
I can't wait!! 



Vienna Open

Time to bowl my first squad here in Vienna. Scores are so high! 
Bowling doubles with Tommy Jones, fingers crossed. 

You can follow it all on here or on their website:

EBT Masters

Absolutely nothing happened the last 6games. I was a mess on the lanes. I bowled so bad and couldn't find anything on the pattern. Did one good thing and that was to double in the 10th in the last game to earn 50€ more. 

Ended our Bratislava-visit with a dinner at a great place called Rio. Food was great, drinks were great - very cool place. Bar was huge. 

And today we left Bratislava for Vienna! 
First thing I had was gulasch soup when I walked into the bowl. 
Taking the day off today, bowling tomorrow at 4pm. 



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