Today felt like Christmas! 
I received a case of 4 new balls. 
Eternal Cell 
Alpha crux
Pitch blue 

Drilled the phaze today, Ive been looking forward to that ball for soooo many days now. I have a feeling that I'm gonna love this ball. I will find out tomorrow when I finally get to throw it. Can't wait!! 

Other than drilling that ball I've just had a relaxing day with mom. It's been great catching up with my loved ones (& myself) the past two days. Tomorrow is back to work again! It's gonna be tough few days ahead, so I better get some good nights sleep now. 

Highlight of the day: new balls & spending time with mom
Darkside of the day: my tattoo is so sore (only have myself to blame but since this is my blog then yes I'm gonna be bitching about it 😂) and I'm still tired. 

Work, practice and ball drilling on the schedule tomorrow.  💪 


Sundays are my favorite, mondays not so much

Another great Sunday in the books.  

Mondays though. 😣 i feel like I need to sleep for a week to make up for the weekend. I only got a few hours between Saturday and Sunday. Good thing is that I'm having the day off today and tomorrow. 

I spent my Monday at the tattoo studio finishing up my hand tattoo. Love Daniels ideas and he really did an amazing job, I'm so pleased with it. 

Not sure if I'm done there though ;) 

The afternoon was spent with Emily & Monia, catching up over lunch/dinner and drinks (as in Pepsi) 😊 

Now I'm just home watching a few episodes of Orphan Black. ✌ 

Best part of today: getting my tattoo done 
Worst part of today: ? 

And Monia - thanks for reading my blog and keeping an eye on me 😘 haha. 

Swedish League

I think all the small pieces are slowly falling into place. I'm extremely happy and proud of myself after today's two matches. I bowled very well, I was focus, made good moves and most importantly I believed in myself and what I did. 
Obviously a big step in the right direction. 

We bowled on two different pattern in two different bowling centers. First off was Los Angeles. It hooked TONS. First shot Frida took out 3 in the left corner with urethane. It just didn't stop. So we had to increase ballspeed like alot. After 5 frames when we could finally get a normal ball reaction. Threw my IQ Tour the rest of the games. Ended up +38 and we won. 

Second match was on Athens. This was totally different. Went from 5 steps to 4 steps to slow down my speed, used my haywire with a lot of surface to get a good ballreaction. Again, there's it so good,  I was in control the whole time. +113 and second win of the day. 

Must say the ladies did a great job today, so proud of each and everyone. Only 8 girls and we managed to win both matches. 💙 

OK so now I'm on my way home. Food and then off to work. It's gonna be a little easier after today's bowling!! :) 

Have a lovely Saturday x 

a different kind of friday

I'm actually proud of myself today: 
•I got up earlier than I had to to vacuum my apartment (cause I couldn't do that last night at 1.30am, you're welcome neighbours!) so now my home really feels like a home. 
And also this was good today:
•Got ready for work & my eyeliner was on fleek today 
•Work was good, enjoyed my day. 
•Got to spend the evening with Emma, homemade pizza & movies. 
•Feeling much better!

I'm in bed now, gonna put on a movie and fall asleep. Tomorrow is going to be one LONG day. 

Wakeup call: 6.45am
William is picking me up around 8am 
Driving to Borås (~2,5h drive)
Bowl league 4 games 
Drive to Vänersborg (~1,5h drive) 
Bowl league 4 games 
Drive back home (~3h drive) 
Work 11.45pm-3.20am

Guess who's gonna be sleeping in the car? 

mmme 🙋🙏

Ok so let's do 
Best part of today: the feeling I have right now
Worst part of today: can't think of anything 

Sleepy time

Gnite lovers 

good morning

A late post about yesterday. It was my first day in a very long time that I got to sleep in and guess what? I slept like 2-3h and woke up really early. 
So I got up, went over to the studio where I do my tattoos to book a new sessions to finish the one on my hand then straight back to the couch and stayed there until 4.30pm. Got to nap a little but didn't really get back the hours I have missed out on lately. I'm tired but I can't sleep. It's really annoying. 

I had to get up at 4.30pm to shower and get ready for work. We had a meeting after the store was closed, took us about 2,5h and it was so interesting! Can't really share more than that. 😆 
After the meeting I headed down to the bowl for some practice with mom. We worked on my shoulder position & analysing different solutions. The last 10 min was really good! 

When I finally got back home I, for some reason, felt the need to start cleaning. So I cleaned my apartment. I was done at 1.30am. Had to force myself to fall asleep around 2am. So stupid and of course now when my alarm goes off I'm dead tired. 😴 

Schedule for the day: 
Work 11-18.05
Spend the rest of the evening on the couch

Can't wait! 

Worst part about yesterday: not being able to sleep. Next week I'm gonna try and get back some cardio in my schedule and hope my knee will be OK with it. 
Best part about yesterday: I got to practice and discuss stuff with my mom. ♡ 

practice x 2

I'm so not a morning person. My eyes didn't wanna open this morning when my alarm went off at 7.15am. Not only was I tired, I didn't feel well either. I felt dizzy, I lost my balance a few times and my eyes couldn't really focus. This has been going on all day today. I felt a little sick too so I couldn't really eat anything. I'm feeling a little bit better, not as dizzy but still my eyes and balance is still not 100% and I have a headache now. I tried and pulled myself together for work, short day so it was OK. 

After work I went home for a nap then down to the bowling center for a coaching session and practice. First practice was no good. Didnt have much energy, had problems focusing on what I was doing. 1,5h just tried to get the right feeling, discussing balls and lane play with the boys. Took a break for an hour to eat and then on it again. Practice number two went so much better. My main focus was to "visualise my game plan" and go out and do it. Still a bit tired and some bad shots but overall an OK session and I'm happy I went back down on the lanes to figure it out. #TeamNeverGiveUp 

So now I'm back home, gonna dress down & cuddle up on the couch and watch one or two episodes of Orphan Black. 👌 

Best part of today: that I didn't give up, I decided to bowl some more to get the good feeling back. Proud of myself for doing that even though I feel like ass today. 
Worst part of today: without a doubt how I'm feeling today. Note to self: drink more water! 

Tomorrow I get to sleep in!! 
Have a meeting at work around 6pm & then coaching session from 7-8pm. I just can't wait to not wake up by an alarm tomorrow 😂😂 

take care lovers,  



The good days just keep coming
I don't know what I have done lately to deserve this but today was another great day. Work was good but the highlight of today was for sure when my bff frida (who lives 3h away from me) steps into my work and surprises me. ❤ happy tears! Some well needed catching up to do.

Today was also time for house league in shuffleboard. So far we were dead last in the results but today we stepped up and won our first match!! Yaaaaaay.

After all that me and frida went to the supermarket to buy us some fresh pineapples, oranges, grapes to have as snacks while watching TV and talking the rest of the night. Just lovely.

My heart and soul is now filled with love and energy. How cheezy?! Hahaha 😊

BTW I think I forgot to tell you about me rescuing a bird yesterday at work. One dad and his daughter came in the store yesterday saying "flying, there" and me and Sophia who I worked with didn't really understand what he was trying to tell us but he pointed at the floor underneath the shelves and there was this black bird - terrified and confused. He was injured and not able to fly. We tried to get him out of the store but he jumped right into the glass windows. I had to run and get my gloves and then try to catch him to take him outside in the bushes. Poor little thing! I didn't know what else to do than to let him go.. what are you supposed to do? I hope he's alright.

OK anyways 
Best part of today: frida is here
Worst part of today: I was freezing all day.

Tomorrow: work, work, coaching, practice.

sweet dreams lovers


Quick update

Today has been awesome.

I can't remember last time I was smiling and laughing as much as I did today.

Started off with work. I can't believe that I actually enjoy even cleaning up at work, haha. I just love when everything is nice, clean and in the right place. The hours went by so quickly and when the clock was 5.30pm I checked out and ran as fast as I possibly could in my high heels to the movies to meet up with my girls to watch the new movie "how to be single". As if I need a movie to tell me how to 😂
It was the funniest movie I have seen in such a long time. I was crying laughing.

After the movies we went back to Emmas place to hang out us girls. Laughing, gossiping, playing games. Just a lovely Monday. 

Best part of today: all the laughter
Worst part of today: it went by so quickly

Now: sleep.
Tomorrow: work, house league in shuffleboard & practice



I know, I know, I know.
I'm one of the worst bloggers ever.

My life is like a living roller coaster at the moment. There is so much going on, both good and bad that it is hard to keep track on all my emotions. Some days I show it but most days I don't - that's just who I am. But I have come to realise that I need to change how I'm handling all this. A few years ago I used this blog as a dairy, pretty much. I miss having somewhere to vent my feelings, my thoughts, my goals & my daily routines.

I have come to understand that I need it. I can't handle everything that is going on inside of this short body without having somewhere to put it into words - that way I can actually try to understand what it means.

From now on you're more than welcome to follow not only my life on the road but also my life at home. My everyday thoughts and problems. All that and much more.

If there is anything you guys are wondering, don't hesitate to ask.

Starting fresh tomorrow, first I need some sleep!




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