Valborg is a special day in Sweden. Oh well, it's really an excuse for youngsters to drink too much alcohol. I don't really know why we celebrate it? I think it has something to do with Easter.
My friends from abroad, do you celebrate this day? Where you have lots of bonfires(is that the word for like fire-places outside?) hahahahah

I don't celebrate it, never have and probably never will.
Instead I was working for 7h And after work I was invited to a dinner with Amanda and some friends. Delicious dinner! Just a lovely evening.

I'm getting ready for bed now. Have to wake up in 7h for work. Busy day tomorrow at work and then straight to Helsingborg to spend the rest of the day and evening with my teammates!
Gonna be fun!




Yay! From now on I'm gonna do some video updates as well. My first video is up. #airportfun

I will share more of my trips on here now. :)


red and curly



Wifey <3

early mornings

is not really my kind of thing. but early mornings for bowling seems to workout pretty well together. After yesterday's performance all I wanted was to get back out on the lanes and bowl again. I wanted revenge and I kinda got that today. I bowled well but the thing called luck has not turned up yet, hope he gets here in the morning. It's tough out there, the 39ft pattern is not easy at all and the lanes are so different.
I ended up +108 and that should be enough, bowled a 160 in the last game which I'm not happy about. Was a tough pair and I got a little too easy on the ball. Hopefully it works out anyway!
Took a nice 2h powernap after the squad so now I'm ready to meet the world again, haha! Heading into the city with the girls and Peter to eat at my favorite place. SURPRISE! HRC!!

Btw, did I tell you about the best ice cream ever? I ate one yesterday and one today, haha it's soooooo good. Soft ice cream swirl with strawberries, pineapples and brownies. YUMMMM!

what else? yea this country/city sucks when it comes to wifi. Only have it on the hotel. :(

my outfit today, bough the pants here yesterday. :)

What a day

And not in a good way.
Well, there are some good parts but mostly bad. Cause bowling today was terrible! I've no words to explain. Made the wrong decisions and my technique was bad - and that as a combo is not for an EBT event.
I'm hoping tomorrow will be better. Bowling in the morning at 8am.

I can share the good parts aswell.
Bought a new pair of pants, printed black and white. I had the best ice cream ever, soft ice with fruit and chocolate mix-your-own. Delicious!
Together with 3others I took on a challenge to eat up a 2kg(!!) schnitzel with fries - we didn't make it.
I got to see wild living flamingos today, that was weird? Haha

And it's good to see the girls again.

I'm gonna get some sleep and hopefully kick ass in the morning. Fingers crossed x


Feels like I've been awake for a few hours already but to be honest it's only for 45min.
I'm on my way to my third home, Copenhagen Airport. My flight is early this time, 8am. It's weird for me to fly out on a Friday, it's always Thursdays. But this is just a short trip. Friday-Sunday.
I arrive at 9am, if I feel awake enough when I get there I will bowl at 11 else I have a squad at 3pm.

So, Berlin. Are you ready for me?


by Emma Berntsson


woke up by the construction workers working on the balcony next door at 8am. I was ready to freakin high five them, in the face, with a chair. Gave up at 8.30 and left bed to get dressed and go out for a power walk with mom.
1h - 6km later.
I went to the bowl to get some stuff done, I can finally relax a bit cause all my trips until August are now booked!
Also ate some breakfast, roomie and my brother was working so kept them company before I practiced.
So by 1pm today I had everything I was supposed to do today, done. BAM

I'm just gonna be lazy the rest of the day. Guess I have to start packing since I'm leaving way too early in the morning. Mom is gonna pick me up at 5.45am. But I'm looking forward to this weekend, sharing it with my wifey.


god natt

as we say in Swedish.
this very long day has finally come to an end. it's not that I don't like Wednesdays but normally I have so much to do on these days.
today was no excuse but it was not as bad as it can be.
work was ok
practice with the kids was good
my workout at the gym was grrreat (best performance in a while, so happy with it!)
bowling was short - when i have the feeling I want before a tournament I rather go down 3times and bowl for just 20mins just to keep that feeling. and that's what I'm gonna do the rest of the week.

starting the day tomorrow with a power walk together with my mom, then first bowling practice before running some errands and then off to a second bowling practice with my team. and I have to start packing soon!! haha
this weekend means traveling, Berlin is on schedule. :)

but first - some sleep

I got 20dollars in my pockeeeet

..I found a little more than 20dollars..
15currencies in bills
8currencies in coins

anyone wanna try and guess where the money comes from?

Lets do this!

I could only get a few of the things we do in the picture, but this is my warm-up for bowling every Wednesday.

My 2,5h workout starts.... NOW!

Can you tell?

my app is finally working again!
I hate when it's not cause it takes sooo much longer to do a simple update and I cant upload pictures.

today is one of those busy days. it's Wednesday.
work 9.30-2pm
practice with the kids 1.15-2.15pm
gym 5.30-6.30pm
bowling 6.30-8pm
my break at 2.15-5pm is probably a nap time today, since I was a good girl and booked all my flights yesterday.

now off to work!


ok i failed
I've bowled in Spain twice.
I forgot Barcelona is in Spain.


and this made me laugh

so true


It sure is beautiful by the beach


3,5h at work was all I managed today. my back is still painful. went to my physical therapist and he cracked it - still sore but I hope that will help.

I'm gonna go out for a long walk and see if that can make my back feel better.

But good news is that today i booked my flights for this summer! At least the first trip. So in late June, I'm leaving for Madrid and straight from Madrid to Asti. Spain and Italy also means two new countries, I've never bowled there before. So far I've bowled in 18countries. :)
I can't wait.
I will be home for about 1,5week before leaving for the next trip. Haven't booked it yet but will happen very soon. Got confirmed I have a spot in the tournament - I got invited - US Open in July. Columbus OHIO. Excited!

finally my phone got a full battery. off for a walk! ttys x

and btw. It's time to do something fun again with my hair. Question is - what color?

stupid app

Im actually getting mad about it. Stupid app. It's still not working.

I just got back home after 10h work. I'm exhausted and my back is not my friend today. I'm just gonna watch some tv before bedtime.

Last night I was watching The Hunger Games. Great movie. Worth every single minute.

and with my challenge. I suck. My body needs some rest, at least my physical therapist says so. And I guess I need to listen to him haha. Will be too much right now with my challenge so I'm gonna take a break. Maybe find something else, not using my knees as much.

So yea, this was a happy update..

yesterday I also surprised roomie with cleaning the apartment.
what else?
I love chocolate
chocolate makes me happy
I'm gonna eat some chocolate
And smile


And no I'm not drunk

Dinner outside

No, I'm not joking. Two days in a row!
We won our important match yesterday, no question about it. We were the better team. So we have one more match next weekend - which I can't bowl since I'm going to Berlin. But I'm hoping and rooting for my team to win all the way from Germany.
We celebrated our win with dinner outside in the sun with the team and later I met up with some friends to have a night out. Such a great night!

Today, I slept in. Well needed. Woke up to this beautiful weather and me, john, my brother & his family decided to enjoy it with a lunch - outside. Haha I LOVE IT! Finally.

Hope you all are having a great weekend.
Sorry for my bad update but my app to write on the blog is not working at the moment. Promise it will be better soon :)


dinner for two

Me and Amanda decided yesterday to go out for dinner tonight. Lovely plan. We were hoping for a dinner outside but it was too windy so we had no choice but to sit inside. We found a great restaurant on the "big" street in our hometown, I ate a delicious pasta with pork in sun-dried tomato sauce and Amanda had the Tuna.
Just a great night!

We have a big day tomorrow with the men's team I bowl for. Qualifying to stay in the same division next year. We need to win our two matches tomorrow. Fingers crossed please!

shame on me

I was tired this morning. I overslept and missed out on my morning session at the gym. Shame on me. I guess I needed some more sleep so when I woke up I took a power walk to moms house instead. I was gonna borrow her car to go to the spa where I get my massage anyway so by walking to her earlier i got to spend some time with her and play with the dogs.
The massage was good, my back is getting much better which is a relief. Always hurts a little when getting my massage but what doesn't kill you, right? At least it doesn't hurt that often anymore.

as thanks-for-lending-me-your-car I got us some lunch on the way home.
and here I am, at moms. It so windy outside that I don't really wanna go home just yet, hope for it to stop soon.


Good evening peeps

I just got back home from bowling practice with my team. We are getting ready for the nationals, which will be held in Nyköping second weekend in may. I've said it before - I seriously can't wait!! So excited.
We are gonna bowl on two pattern that weekend, medium and long. Today we bowled on the long one. Was a good practice.

I'm back on my couch now. Roomie made us dinner - my favorite, spaghetti bolognese with carrots. YUM
Gonna watch some tv and just hang out. Tomorrow will also be a good day, booked a session at the gym in the morning and then massage right after lunch. Sounds like a decent day huh? ;)


Run b*tch run

power walk/jog of the day is done. 6,3km and it was raining a little at the end but i didn't mind, actually feels easier and better when it's raining.

My body is sore from yesterday's crazy workout. I'm happy with that though, means I did something good and new.
When I celebrated that, with my two brownies, I had to look back at where I started in August. I've spent alot of hours at the gym, on the lanes and also more time in the kitchen - learning and trying more healthier dishes. My goal when I started was to feel better, healthier and stronger. It was a challenge in the beginning, now it's my daily life. August-April. I'm happier now.
This is what I've accomplished:


Wednesday means last day off work and my weekend is here!

Was a crazy day today. work this morning, only for 4,5h but still haha. Weather is amazing over here right now. +15, babyblue sky and sun is out shining like never before. After work I met Amanda and took a shopping stroll in the city before hitting the gym. Like every other Wednesday I went straight from the gym to the bowl, but the difference this week was on the schedule was not practice - it was a local tournament. 8 games. bowled +90, I was tired, my body was sore but I ended ok.
Like 1h at the gym and 8games of bowling wasn't enough, I decided to jog back home.
And to celebrate this lovely day of working out, I ate two brownies. Hahaha
Why? Cause I can.

Powerwalk with roomie
Practice with my team

I love Thursdays


Great news!!
Jaime is coming over to Sweden to cover the Swedish Championships for Teams. Eh eh eh eh eeeeeh!

Nyköping May 10-12
Best weekend in Swedish Bowling.

Star Wars

Pheww! 9,5h of work [check]
I'm tired. Even if I got yesterday off I still feel like I could sleep for a week. But all of you know by now that my normal mode, haha!
I just got back home, turned on the TV and saw that they are showing Star Wars! I don't know why I haven't seen them lately cause the movies are amazing! Also found some chocolate in the fridge, this day can't get any better by now. :)

9.30-14 work
17.30 gym
18.30 bowling
In between work and gym I'm gonna meet Amanda to catch up a bit. Can't wait!

Btw, I got a present the other day from my lovely wifey. Below you can see a picture of the necklace - I love it. The text says "He shall command his angels to protect you wherever you go".

- may the force be with you -


started yesterday - 30days.
day 1[check]
day 2[check]

who's with me?
squats (look at what day it is, today 55)
80jumping jacks
60sec wall sit



3weeks ago I decided to go with a month of clean eating.
No candy
No chocolate
No soda
No fast food

I've done it for 3weeks now and I'm ending it today. It was so much harder this time, I don't know why but it has been hell. Alot has been going on, lot of bowling, lot of feelings, lot of everything. So I'm happy I made it for 3weeks.


Team Trials

Im sorry that I didn't update yesterday. It was a long day with the last 12 games and a 4,5h drive back home.
The whole weekend has been good. I'm happy with how I bowled, I ended up second at the trials.
Joline was outstanding all weekend. Amazing! Congrats wifey, I'm proud of you!

I got the day off today, I'm gonna eat something and then go back to sleep. Gonna sleep all day. Exhausting weekend but a good one. They will announce the team May 2nd. Fingers crossed!


Squad 4

Sydney 33ft/Tokyo 43ft
I didnt expect this squad to be the hardest one but scores was not high this squad. I think most of the girls struggled with the short pattern. I bowled with my Natural Urethane on the short and Disturbed, IQ TP on the longer pattern. Again a solid block, bowled +17 and another 3rd place.

After the last squad we went straight back to the hotel, I changed clothes and went to the gym to get rid of all my anger. 40mins on the crosstrainer. A shower and off to the with the team.


Squad 3

Mexico City 45ft
I've had nightmares about this pattern since Vegas 2011. But good news is I've learned something (obv) the past 1,5years so I bowled better on it today. 1296 and 3rd this squad. I struggled a little, I didn't rely on my moves and did some stupid ball changes but it ended up alright. Used my IQ tour Pearl, Disturbed, Chritical Theory and Wrecker.

We are now halfway through the trials and Joline is bowling very good. She's in the top with 3p. She bowled 1448 this squad.
Another block after lunch, dual lanes Sydney 33ft/Tokyo 43ft. 6 more games.

Squad 1&2

Squad 1: Beijing 35ft.
I bowled ok, I'm not happy with how I ended in the last game but it was an ok start of this weekend. The pattern 35ft was not as i thought it would be, less friction than expected. Bowled with my new Disturbed with 1000surface and my IQ Tour Pearl. I ended up 5th which gives me 5points.

Squad 2: Dual lanes - Seoul 39ft/London 44ft
Bowled much better, had control the whole squad, made good changes. Had one game I got a little stressed in but i worked it out and bowled 190 that game. I changed ball alot on the long pattern, used Disturbed, Chritical Theory and my IQ Tour Pearl and on the medium pattern my IQ-TP to start and Chritical to end with. Solid block and I ended up 3rd.

I have 8points now, puts me in 4th place.
Top 6:
Joline Persson Planefors 2p
Ida Andersson 4,5
Victoria Johansson 6,5
Sandra Andersson 8
Helen Johnsson 10
Rebecka Larsen 11

Now: dinner with the team at Olearys.
Later: sleep
Tomorrow: game on at 10am

Good morning!

Rise and shine, it's bowling time!

Hello Newbuying

We made it!
Got here at 4.30pm, went straight to the bowl to drop off our bowlingballs and the to the hotel.
Our rooms are very big but we have tiny bathrooms, haha.
We changed clothes and walk down the corridor to find the gym. Did 5km on the treadmill and 3x20 kettlebell swing. And next to the gym we found the relax, we sat in the jacuzzi for 20min before a quick shower and met up with Jenny and Frida.
We took the car to the city and are now sitting at a chinese restaurant waiting for our food.

Just a great day I must say. Mentally preparing for this weekend. Tomorrow is the first day, we bowl 2x6 games on the first three patterns. First out is Beijing 35ft and the second squad is dual lane condition Seoul 39ft/London 44ft.
It's all about ranking. 1st get 1 point, 2nd gets 2points etc. the girl with the lowest amount of points gets a spot on the team for World Women's Championships.
So wish me luck!


Time to hit the road again

Last practice is done, made my choices about what balls to being, I feel ready to hit the road. Oh wait, eating breakfast in the bowl first.

First stop will be Jönköping to pick Ida up, gonna eat some lunch before driving the rest. I'm guessing it will take me 5h to get there, final destination: Nyköping.

Also got some fantastic news yesterday, looking forward to share it with you very soon!

work [check]

Its wednesday 2pm which means work is over for this week. I'm laying on the couch I'm the bowl, relaxing for 15mins before my practice with the kids. I'm so tired, can't wait to go back home for a nap after practicing the kids and before going to the gym and bowling.
I'm pretty sure I'm gonna sleep like a little baby tonight.

But hey, I want to cheer you guys up a bit. I found this amazing video. It's hilarious.

Talk to you later :)


frukost efter en timmes powerwalk. gröt med varma bär. första gången jag testar gröt. det ser iallafall fint ut.

breakfast after 1h powerwalk. oatmeal with warm berries, first time I eat it. at least it looks good.




..eller också delar jag med mig här och nu.
det är en viktig helg framför oss:

godkväll älsklingar!

ett försök till sovmorgon blev en tidig morgon, vaknade vid 8 - tittade lite tv innan jag började sakta men säkert packa upp alla fyra väskor som stod mitt på golvet. nackdelen med allt åkande, packa upp & packa ner & förbannat mycket tvätt!
men nu kan jag se golvet igen, har bara en tvättmaskin kvar att köra imorgon. börjar se ljuset, precis lagom tills jag ska packa ner allt igen och åka till Nyköping.
men tillbaka till idag, har precis slutat jobba. ska titta lite tv och packa samt planera lite inför imorgon.
börjar dagen med en PW med Zacke, Josse & John. sen jobb 9.30-14, träning med kidsen 14.30-15.30, cirkelfys 17.30-18.30, bowling 18.30-20 sen möta upp Amanda för en kvällspw :) knaaaaaappt fullbokad

så Nyköping ihelgen, har jag berättat vad det innebär? vi tar det imorgon. :)

nu ska jag sussa, godnatt

do you?

do you know that feeling when youre having a month with clean eating and you find 4pieces of chocolate cake in the fridge, two choices: eat them or throw them away?


ny vecka

igår gjorde jag så lite jag bara kunde.
började dagen med bullefrulle hos Frida & följde FH på scoring online från Skövde. tyvärr gick det inte så bra så efter första matchen gick jag hem, kastade mig på soffan och tog en nap. en behövlig 3h vilostund. resten av kvällen spenderades med film.

idag är det måndag igen. en fullbokad vecka skulle man lugnt kunna säga.
mån: jobb 12-22, korp 20.30
tis: jobb 12-22
ons: jobb 8.30-14, gym, bowling
torsdag: gym, bowling - åka till Nyköping
fre-sön: spelläger i Nyköping


knappt lycklig tjej. jag berättade att det hade varit något som spökade på sistone, yep det var på de längre profilerna. min teknik kom i kläm när jag skulle flytta längre vänster. det som jag löste i torsdags gav resultat idag. BAM baby
Ja, även nytt material gjorde susen - nerkärad i min IQ Tour Pearl!
Älgen 44ft vinst med 18-2 & matchbäst på 943. det innebär också serieseger i elitserien med de ljusblåa tjejerna. åh, vad jag tycker om mitt lag!

Lokala tidningen var där och intervjuade, fotade & filmade - för er som vill se så hittar ni detta på på sportsidorna :)

Efter spadermatchen skulle jag egentligen till nästa match med BK FH Engelholm men det tog lite för lång tid så jag hann tyvärr inte. Fick dra ett pass på gymmet istället :)

NU däremot, ska jag fira. Fira en vinst, en serieseger, att jag bowlade väldigt bra & sist men inte minst min kära vän Ola som hade premiär på en av restaurangerna igår.
En av två fuskdagar använda efter ikväll, men vet ni? Det är jag fan värd!

Puss på er


And I spent it just the way I love it. Started with a try to sleep in. That didnt work out so I woke up at 8.30, watched a few episodes of Gossip Girl.
Left bed around 11.45, haha. Showered and got dressed to meet up with mom for lunch. Weather was amazing today! I was wearing only a thin jacket and I was not freezing my ass off!! I think that means spring is officially here :) and just cause I said so it will probably be snowing tomorrow. jinx
a cozy afternoon with my mom.
got back home at 3.30pm and just packed up my bag to go to the gym with Amanda, it was Happy Hour which means you can try some new workout-sessions. 3x25mins, we did box, a crossfit-inspired session and spinning-cardio. Was a good 75mins workout. :)

The last few hours was spent at Amanda's eating tacos and chatting. Lovely evening. Ended early though, tomorrow is game-day. Last game before the nationals. Spader Dam!

How was you Friday? :)


"A short version of ta-ta-da-da"

I'm in such a good mood. What a great day! Never thought I would go to bed this happy but ta-da! Haha.
I met mom for lunch in the bowl before our practice. Meatballs. Yum.
1,5h practice - so happy I finally figured out what I've been doubting myself the last two weeks. That one little thing that have made it so much harder to do right, that one little thing is no longer a worry. Thanks to my mom, what would I do without you?

After practice I was kinda being lazy but at the same time not lazy. I didn't have the energy to walk back home, sit on the couch for a few hours before my gym-session with mom. So I thought, why not do one cardio-session while waiting for the time to pass? Haha
Yes mam, an hour in the treadmill and 700cal later i took a 45min break with some fruit and then I met up with mom again for core.
First time for mom and for those who doesn't know her, she has been very unlucky with injuries and sickness. Even though she is in constant pain she kills it at the gym. She is my idol and inspiration. I'm so proud of her. <3

So when I was done with my two sessions at the gym my mom drove me and roomie home. We were so ready for food and tv.

A shower later I'm laying on my bed, so happy with the day, ready for some sleep and can't wait for tomorrow.
} bowling
} gym
} friday evening with Amanda :)



I can barely keep my eyes open. I got 8h sleep and I'm dead. Lucky me it was today, a day where I can sleep in, take a nap and go to bed early. But seriously, how much sleep do I need to feel human again? Haha.

Still a few hours left until i have to leave bed. Gonna watch a movie and be lazy for a while. Not a bad start on a Thursday, not bad at all. :)

Have a good day!


9am-2pm work
got alot done today, booked my flight to Berlin and also signed up for this years US open!

Jenny (brothers girlfriend) and Kevin (my nephew) picked me up after work, the circus was in town and we were going. was a nice day together!

After the circus I went back to the bowl for some practice with the guys. Need to start believing in myself again on the lanes. Not easy after this weekend. I'm on it again tomorrow.

I'm right now on the gym, getting some anger out of me, haha! Time to kill on the crosstrainer.

Practice with mom
Gym with mom

Yay. :)

Augusti - April

Började ordentligt i augusti.
Nu, sju månader senare -

Started for real in August.
Now, seven months later -

What a weekend

Oh dear. I'm so tired right now. I just got off work after 10,5h, such a busy day!

It's been a few days since I wrote in English to I thought it was time to update my friends in Sweden and abroad. This weekend has been crazy. I've bowled 4different tournaments in 4different cities in 5days. It was supposed to be just two tournaments but I bowled so bad in the second (the most important) one so I decided to bowl more, and to do that I had to go to different cities.

I bowled the mixed doubles tournament with my brother Thursday evening, we bowled +517 over and ended up winning that tournament!
Friday morning I left early to go to Nässjö, where Ida lives. Halfway to the city we were gonna bowl in the next day. We left Nässjö on Saturday morning, around 7 with one tattoo more than when I arrived.
Got to Västerås at lunch, bowled 6games and another 6games at 9pm. With a little trouble, both my bowling and mechanics we finished late that evening, went to bed around 1am. Didnt make it through to top 16.
Early wake up call Sunday morning, left Västerås at 8.30 to go to Norrköping for the Les Lion Cup. Bowled better, 1348 and made the finals. Went to bed at 10.30pm and woke up at 6.30 the next day, ready to bowl the finals. 8games, 1770something. Was not even close to making it through to the next round.
Felt like I wanted to bowl more so we decided to drive to Jönköping. Another 8games of bowling. Bowled bad. Managed to do everything I wasn't supposed to do in those 8 games. Gutterball. Left 5-7. Spared 5-7, 2-4-10. Bowl a 137, and make a 100more the next game. And as the cherry on top I took out the single 10pin on a first shot. On 37ft pattern. With my Defiant. Thank you very much!
After that I was ready to go home. I was home at 10.30pm. Went straight to bed to get as many hours sleep possible.
Today was work 12-10.30pm.

So. The last 3weeks I've bowled 46games, 18games and this weekend I bowled 42games. Next weekend I'm bowling 4games. I wonder if I'm going nuts or how I'm gonna feel about that, haha! How many games do you normally bowl each week? As in tournaments-games.

Oh well. I'm so ready to get some sleep now. Alarm goes off at 7.45, work at 9-2pm. Then going to a circus with my nephew and after that it's off to practice and gym. Busy life. But I love it!

Les Lion

Sådär, det var den finalen. 8serier, 32 skulle bli 10. Jag bowlade okej, varken uselt eller fantastiskt. Gjorde en godkänd final, men resultaten var skyhöga och jag var inte speciellt nära. Gjorde ca 1770 och blev 19.

Vi var klara redan vid lunch..

..så nu kör vi till nästa tävling - jkpg!


This is me. Sandra Andersson. In this blog you get to follow me on my adventures all around the world for bowling.

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