oh my god

-and oh happy day!

haha im so unbelievably happy. I cant describe my feelings. what a day!

I started the day with waking up to the alarm for the first time in a long time. I always wake up right before it goes off but not today. tired and feeling a little grumpy but this was about to change.
*small breakfast
8.30am bodybalance 45mins

*breakfast number 2
11.30am run
-I told you yesterday that I was gonna take it to a new level. and I did. I did fucking awesome. I have never been able to or even tried to run more than 10km but today I DOUBLED it and run 20km!! 2h and 7mins.

I was smiling the last 2km. it was such a nice feeling to finally get that fear out of my body.
-drilled a new ball, IQ fushion. first one in a while where I do layouts and everything myself.
7pm practice
-2game bet against John. bowled 2games. first game: 299. changed lane. second game 290.
OH MY! 589.

I am so incredibly happy.

and you know what?



i got everything on the schedule done. I did put on some more weights today than the last few times, I could feel the differenxe. I really felt that grit feeling today, when you push yourself over that edge when your body says no, when youre exhausted afterwards. so good.

coaching session went well today. the guy is doing very well and I could see a nice progress from last time. awesome! also decided that he was gonna get a new bowling ball and to go from 14p to 15p. gonna be a great to watch the difference.

back home and in bed. everyday is the same. except im pushinf harder each day. tomorrow its time to take it to a new level running-wise.
8.30am bodybalance
10am morning run
afternoon work in the proshop
6pm practice with John
clean the apartment.

fingers crossed im waking up with alot of energy!!


yesterday I recieved the news of being picked for european womens championships for this year in Berlin. my 5th consecutive year on the team. I am so happy and so proud that I once again get to put on the swedish national shirt. AWESOME!!

what else did I do yesterday?
I drove to Hörby where our second bowling center is located for some work in the proshop. fixed a few things, bowled for 30mins and ate. food is SO good over there.

the evening was spent with Josefine and Amelie eating ice cream and celebrating.

this morning I run some errands before work. im right now in the bowl working on some balls in the proshop.
gym, coaching session, pick up the dogs, do laundry and practice is on the schedule.

5th consecutive year




4games 4men teams on 44ft was not the easiest. especially not if you have a bad bowled game and you have to keep up with the changes. I did not make it easy for myself today but I gave it a try.

lunch: tacos
soooo good.

after lunch we met with Louise who is our new sports psychologist, we did a few group exercises and she got us thinking alot. very interesting and I LOVE psychology. I love the fact that we are all different. that we have a different way of thinking and seeing thing. I love that there is no rights and wrongs. I love it.
this is what our schedule looked like today.

sat at Arlanda for about 4h waiting for my flight. it was too expensive to change flights so me and joline sat down, watched a movie, had dinner and all of a sudden the clock was boarding time.

one short flight with an amazing view

bed time

good morning, world

body is sore today
we bowled for a littlw over 3h yesterday. first some practice on the 3different patterns we were gonna bowl on. short, medium and long.
we bowled doubles team, 4games on each pattern. me and rebecka won 3 out of 4 bets. short, long and total pins. we bowled great.

dinner was at heron city, had thai food. so delicious.

went to bed early.

now getting ready to bowl 4men teams against two teams from stockholm. :)


another early morning. alarm went off at 6am so I could go out for a run. I wanted to take the chance to go out in the woods for once and not always on the same hard surface. it was arround the island and the view was amazing. uphill and downhill with alot of stones and roots. 10km - 1h 5mins.

a steady breakfast before a session with some stretching movements and workout routines with a leader. I was given compliments about my bodyfigure and strenghts to be able to do the routines with control. hard work pays off!

on the way in the car now to the bowl for a 4h practice. lets go!

bye south part

hello Stockholm!
sunny day but still a bit cool in the wind. a lovely spring day here in the capital.
we landed right after 10am today, coach picked us all up and we headed over to Lindingö and Bosön for 1,5days at this training centre. this is where all the athletes go with their team for education and research. and a whole lot of food! we started our day with lunch, right after lunch we had meetings with the physical therapists for 10 different exercises to meassure our strenghts and weeknesses. my score was 30/33 and what lowered my scores was my flexibility in my back and also two different things with my legs. nothing to worry about but definitely things to work on. stretch it!
we also had meetings with our coaches discussing our arsenal for the weekend, our bowlingballs. conclusion: I need to update a few balls! haha

after these two meetings we ate.
then started a class with Peter Hellström, one of the guys in Team Sweden Men. all about bowlingballs and layouts and stuff. which I think is very interesting. 2h class. and then it was time for food again!

last thing we did was to go to coop for some fruit and candy. I bought all I needed for my morning wake up call. my plan is to go out running so I need something to get going :)

pump it up

started the day with 8.30am bodypump.
it is fun to feel the changes going on in my body. I feel how I get stronger and some days are just awesome. today I felt awesome at some things on the bodypump session. like legs, butt (squats), and back. things that still sucks are triceps, butt as in lunges and shoulders. haha just hate a few of them routines.

after the gym I went to buy some food for my cat. went home, packed, made lunch. down to the bowl for some practice, coached the kids. back home to get all my stuff, dropped Bella off at Emmas house, shes gonna take care of my tiger this weekend. (and yes I have the best friends everrrr.)

trainride to Copenhagen.
spending the evening with wifey.
Tomorrow morning flying to stockholm for a weekend with team sweden. :)


run for fun

or at least pretend its fun.

7.30am wakeup call
8.30am body balance
10am breakfast in the bowl
11am work
noon 6km run
1pm lunch
2pm 1h nap
4pm coaching the kids
5pm work
7pm bowling bet
8.30pm dinner
9pm pingpong
11.30pm evening snack fresh pineapple


haha busy day
gonna watch some tv before going to bed. another early wakeup call tomorrow.
bodypump, bowling, coaching and leaving for copenhagen to fly from there to stockholm on friday.


today was a recovery day. I stayed in bed until noon, watched some movies and when I swapped bed to couch I was watching tv and eating breakfast. I finally showered and got ready to go to the gym around 3.30pm.

5pm grit strength 30mins
I finally pushed myself a little harder today. its hard to reach that level when you push your body to not even function for a short while. the sweat was dripping. it was awesome.
did some stretching routines afterwards.

met up the guys in the bowl at 6.30pm. on schedule: running. first day after my problems with my leg and so far so good. hopefully tomorrow feels just the same. about 2,5-3km today. pushing it a little bit more tomorrow. :)

swedish elite national championships

there is no better feeling than to strike when you have to to make it through or to win something. doesnt matter how small or big. you always out pressure on yourself and to stand tall and confident and succeed. wow. long time since I had that feeling and was able to do it. and this weekend I did it twice.
I doubled in the 10th to be 16th and be the last one to make the cut. I struck in the 10th to sneak into top 8th by only a few pins. ended up 7th overall.
I am very happy with my performance overall this weekend. also a very long time since I was able to say that last time. making progress, people!

big congrats to my team mate Jenny Wegner for winning the gold this weekend. so happy and so proud of you sweetie! you were awesome.
also to my other team mate Mattias Wetterberg for winning the silver!
spader dam ♡
fh engelholm ♡

day 2

squad 2
terrible day on the lanes. I couldnt find a place to get comfortable and didnt get the chance to relax and just bowl. I felt that I had to chase the whole time. awful feeling but I managed to do one good thing today. double to make it through to tomorrow. last one in the cut.

tomorrow is a new day. paris 47ft. everything can happen. im going for all or nothing. I have nothing to loose. nothing.


swedish nationals

day 1 squad 1
pattern: tokyo 43ft
1282 4th place
im very happy with how I bowled pretty much all 6 games. I struggled a little in game 4 and 5 but managed to end up good in game 4 for 190 but 5 was no good. 160something. had a few opens im disappointed with but that's history now.
ended the block very good with 244 and I feel ready for todays challenge.

getting ready to go eat breakfast with frida, bowling again at 2pm on Atlanta 38ft. top 16 makes it through to tonight at 8pm bowling on Paris 47ft. top 8 makes it to tomorrow, bowles on sydney 33ft.

wish me luck!!

ping pong

so the only plan I had today got changed haha. me, martin and john were gonna play ping pong but the 50+ tournament held in our bowling centre needed a pacer so I got to practice 6 games today. which I didnt mind at all, I was hoping to be able to bowl so this was perfect. only got to play ping pong for 20mins though but omg it was fuuuun. havent played it in such a long time.

bowling today went well. 1383/6 and my spare shooting is getting so much better.

after bowling I went out for dinner with my mom, dad and some friends to the family. restaurant by the beach, the view was amazing and so was the food.

got for the second time this week wear something different than workout clothes and bowling clothes. so when I haf the chance I put on a dress and made my hair a bit curly. mmmm lovely.

so tomorrow im leaving for Jönköping and the swedish nationals. very excited about it! fingers crossed. bowling first time at 5pm tomorrow :)


glad I went bowling today. good to get some games in for this weekend. we bowled on the deer-pattern. long oil patteen that is a bit tricky. this is one of the pattern that can be picked during the play offs in may so I felt I wanted to bowl on it in a different bowling centre. started out good but game 4&5 ended up terrible, my good look was gone. I moved left and I had a bad ball reaction no matter what ball I was throwing so in game 6 I move back out and played the gutter and shot 248 the last game. a little hard to figure that move out, 20boards to the right. oh well. I bowled good and controlled. too bad I had those two games. ended up like 40over or something.

just got back home, should I plan anything for my friday or just let it happen? haha


haha I need to stop making plans for my days cause they never end up the way I expect them too

its not a bad thing for me, im spontaneous so I dont mind. today I started with snoozing two hours and I never went to the gym. my body was sore so I thought a day without lifting weighta wouldnt hurt.
I ate breakfast infront of the tv, took a long shower, got ready to head down to the bowl for lunch and practice. but again changed plans. I was gonna pace for our 50+ tournament but one guy never showed up so I had to find somewhere else to practice/bowl. so..

next stop: hässleholm for the skåne-tour

wish me luck :)


even though I took a powernap after my body balance session and my first bowling practice this morning I still feel supertired.
relaxing day. wednesdays are my favorite.

bowling today was good.
this morning I practiced on short oil and I got to use my urethane a bit. love my natural ♡
and evening practice I got use my old defiant soul, a favorite that I put away like 6months ago cause I couldnt get it to work but no, hell yeaaaa. missed it!

also went to my physical therapist today and asked about my leg. hello there benhinneinflammation/periostitis/shin splints. not so awesome. hope its gonna leave me alone soon. 31 days left.

thursday tomorrow.
8.30am bodypump

that feeling

you know that feeling when everything falls back into place. when you finally figure our whats been bothering you and your game. that feeling is unbelieveable and I got to experience it today.
I was discussing with my best friend how weird it was that over a night everything could change like that and I have been working so hard so its heartbreaking how I can loose it just in a second when she said: well maybe you have been working so hard that you forgot to enjoy the game.

no more words needed.

I went down on the lanes.
took a deep breath.
let my body fall into my startposition without pushing it or overdoing it.
and just bowled.
amazing feeling.
I enjoyed it for the first time in a long while.
hate myself for letting that happen.

after bowling I went to the gym for grit strength and straight from there to meet up with the guys I bowl with for a tabata session with them. holy moly. body was shaking when I was done. prrrretty good. im sure im gonna be sore tomorrow. good thing is I have Body balance on schedule tomorrow and hopefully a run if my leg accepts it.

8.30am bodybalance
10am bowling
6pm bowling
and some work

bring on wednesday!

is bowling a sport?

for those of you who doubt it, take a look at this:


early start

I think I have to start this "clean-eating" thing a little earlier than planned. like tomorrow. cause today I kinda took advantage of it. pizza for late breakfast/lunch, fika blueberry pie and chocolate ball before 3pm. hahaha. love to eat. cant help it. luckily I keep moving my ass so its not that easy to tell.

5pm bodypump
long time since last time but damn it was nice to be back. my favorite leader too, Juliana. for me its important to have a good leader in class, someone that makes you do a little more. she can make me give a little extra.
so today I put on some bigger weights on a few parts - legs, back and biceps. also felt I could do more and better on the rest compared to earlier. happy times!

6pm house-league (6.09pm)
mom picked me up right away after the gym so I could go bowl league. still having some probs after the weekend. I dont really know what happened but something changed like over night. having such an amazing feeling while bowling to not even know what foot to start with.
its not THAT bad but still. I have to work more on my push-away and my start position so I dont fall too far back from the start, timing! lets work on this tomorrow.

now bed
tomorrow coaching, practicing, kicking ass at the gym, staffmeeting.
and day one of clean eating as in no candy, no soda and no fried food.

lets go :)

kiddo ♡

swim-lesson for kiddo
kiddo went back home
cleaned the whole apartment
moved around stuff
dishes done

all this before 4pm
I dont know where I got my energy from but damn I did good.
I have showered 3times today, maybe thats one of the reasons.

so how am I gonna spend my evening?
movies & pizza. gonna eat all the unhealthy stuff until the 17th this month.
having one month of "clean eating" before im running my half marathon. so pizza and candy. gonna eat so I have something to loose later ;)



I have no clue what I did on the lanes yesterday. the first two games were not THAT bad but the last two were just embarrassing to bowl. I couldnt get my arms and legs together and the pattern was difficult and that didnt really help out. holy crap. oh well. I just have to bounce right back. practice even more so that wont happen again.

last night I went to the supermarket to get myself a new dvd player. mine was broken and I was tired of watching only VHS movies ;)
new dvd player, rented some movies, lit some candles and had some chocolate. yep, awesome way to end a Saturday. I saved the Hobbit movie for today so im gonna watch it later. time is only 7.30am, Kevin came here 15mins ago, we made some breakfast and are now watching tv.
going swimming later :)

bed ♡

best thing about work is that time flies by. 6h feels like 5mins. there is always something to do and I love to meet new people.
worst thing about work is that youre standing/walking around for 6h. feet is soooore. and as I said, only work for 6h, the others in the kitchen and the mechanics works for 16h some days. CRAZY! cant even imagine how my feet would feel afterwards.

anyways. im back home now. in bed. ready for some sleep.

oh yea, wanna show you how I spent my lunch and afternoon with mom before work. went shopping, was looking for some new workout clothes and found:

COLORFUL! new tops from Röhnisch, new tights from Nike and a new jacket from Dobsom for running. love it. cant wait to kick ass in them. 😍
maybe tomorrow. if my leg feels better!

12.40pm spader dam vs SBC [league]
3.30pm-? work

might be a sleep-in tomorrow. yay!

a short one

this is what I managed to run today. ended up in the bowl so I could give Josefine a hug before she is leaving to go to Skövde all weekend. walking back cause I can feel my leg, still hurting a bit.

shopping new workout clothes
work 17-late


I cooked both lunch and dinner, AT HOME by MYSELF today. might be the first time ever! haha proud of myself. Im not very good at it but at least im trying.

after two hours of bowling/coaching and analysing the past week with head coach of team sweden, this is what dinner looked like:

now spending the evening on the couch. my legs are hurting (like inside, not sore from working out) a bit so im resting tonight and hopefully tomorrow morning im gonna be ready for a run. fingers crossed.

morning workout

another day with 8.30am workout. today I did Tabata. 20sec work, 10sec rest x8 on each exercise and 10 different exercises that covered the whole body. awesome 45mins really pushed myself hard today.

when I came back home I took a nap before I made some lunch. 2h nap and then jump up and made lunch. first time in my life I boiled potatoes. go me!


tried a new session at the gym this morning.
8.30am bodybalance. I liked it, alot. its the yoga, tai chi, pilates workout that builds flexibility and strenght. very nice way to start my day and its for sure not the last time.

came back home and made some breakfast and laid down on the couch for a little while before I was gonna head over to the bowl.

practice before lunch. first 30mins of full approach practice. worked on my foot work, think ive found a way to control my right foot a little easier - by bending my knee a little more. not sure about it, gonna see if I can film it on tonight's practice.
the last 30mins was spare practice and wow is it true that hard work pays off:

happy girl! (except the 7/10, two bad shots.)

left to do this day:
coach the kids
bowling practice #2
going out for a run


until 2pm today I thought it was monday. I planned my day like it was a monday.

walked to mom and dads to get the car and drove to the store to fill up my fridge. this was done right before lunch.
went to the bowl to eat and practice, me and John practiced for about two hours. spareshooting, worked on increasing speed, 4step approach. good practice. I have to keep in mind to not fall back with my upper body when increasing speed.
after bowling I went back home and made myself a fruit salad with some strawberry quark to prep for the gym.

grit strenght and cx worx. I thought I was gonna do bodypump (monday-schedule). anyways. I felt so weak on the grit strenght today. I really need to get my eating habits together. stop skipping meals. I need more food!! I miss that fighter feeling in the gym.

or is it just a bad day?

food, sleep, a smile and tomorrows gonna be better.

ice hockey

got back home around lunchtime today and fell asleep only a few mins later. a 3h "powernap".

I set the alarm before I fell asleep on 3.30pm, had to get up and get ready for the hockey game. me, my brother, his girlfriend, my nephew, my dad and two close friends to the family went to the arena for 3course dinner and to see the hockey game. it was the last game of the season and a very important one, the home team had the chance to qualify for the highest league but even though they won this match they fell short on the goals. 2goals short to make it through. such a nerv wrecking match to watch! haha it was fun.

back home now, watching some tv before going to bed. tomorrow is going to be a busy day if my schedule gets to choose. I hope my body allows it. :)

refreshing SPA days

Happy belated birthday Frida & thanks for making these two days amazing. Frida, Johan, Mattias and William - much love.


going with this lovely lady, her boyfriend and one of our close friends to Ystad for two days at SPA Ysb.

another day

has past by. not all of them are special and fun to remember but this one was. it was all about bowling. alarm went off right before 7am, had to get ready for a day on the lanes. one of my team mates, William, stayed at my place so we took his car down to the bowl right before 8am to meet up with the rest of the team. packed all our bowlingballs and drove to Bjuv, about a 20min car ride. our first match started at 9am against team bjuv on the pattern called the moose, long oil pattern. it was so tricky to bowl there, I struggled in the beginning, I was not really present. as a team we bowled pretty bad but good at the right times, we got lucky and won that match with 11-9.

ran out of the center, jumped in the car, rally otw to Helsingborg. my ladies team started their match at 11am and we almost made it from frame one. watched for two games and then coached them the last two. already a win after 3games, awesome job. scores were not that impresseive though, they bowled on the same pattern as we did in Bjuv.
and we were gonna bowl on that same exact pattern too, burned. game 5-8 on burned long oil pattern is not the most awesome thing but I feel that I bowled very well! I got a little unlucky in the last game but ended up around 870. helped my team for a nice 11-9 win!

this means two bowled wins and one coaching victory. :)

and oh. when we bowled in bjuv two spiders attacked, one came down from the ceiling and one running around on the approach. f*cking hate spiders. I mean, not one, but TWO?! I chose an indoor sport for a reason!!


holy crap. this week just flew by! I cant believe its friday already.

it has been a good relaxing week. just the kind of week I needed. today I woke up and got my apartment back on track. or almost, have to do the dishes when I get back home but I got all my laundry in the right place and all the stuff away from the floor.
took a long shower and got dressed. and got undressed. and dressed. and undressed. and finally I found something I wanted to wear, haha!
walked downtown for a lunch with Josefine. we sat outside in the sun, lovely weather!
Unfortunately we had to leave our seats after an hour to walk down to the bowl. Josefine were gonna work and I was gonna plan some trips for this summer.

got a ride home by Johan, changed clothes and went out for a run. it was planned to be a short one but ended up running 10km! it felt so bad in the beginning, my 60kg-ish felt so heavy. I just had to keep going until that feeling left my body. and it did :) so happy!

now im in the bowl again, watching a hockey game. my home cities team is qualifying to get back into thw highest league. go RBK!

grow boobies grow

3/4 things that were planned are now done.
morning practice [check]
afternoon practice [check]
gym with david [check]
4h of work. only a short run left.
that is the plan at least, my legs are very sore though so I might save it for tomorrow. I kinda did enough already today.

morning practice was with mom. we talked about what I have been working on lately and discussed new ideas and how to work on some stuff. 1h went by pretty fast.

afternoon practice was together with Johan so we played a 3game bet on the pattern that was out. 650, one bad game and I lost. haha he was just lucky ;)

the gym session with David was focus on breast and triceps. he killed my boobs! haha it was fun having him over at my gym. we finished of playing a little, tried some handstands. havent done that since I was a kid and david was much better than me at it

right now at the bowl. ate dinner, my favorite, buffet! haha. starring to get hungry again. best part about working out is that I can eat. ALOT! 😍

getting dark outside. think ill save my run for tomorrow.


the sun was out earlier today so I decided so put some lighter clothes on today, skirt, jackets, skarf and my new shoes I got from my mom the other day. great feeling walking downtown with sunglasses and the sun warming. met Josefine, Rasmus and Emelie in the city for some lunch, chinease buffet. delicious!
after lunch the mandatory swedish fika was on the schedule, quick stop at espresso house before I had to head over to pick up kiddo at the day care centre.

we walked over to the bowl. I borrow moms car to take my cat to the vet to get the last vaccination done. she did great!

back to the bowl to say hi to the kids. mom is back coaching now! so happy for her. she got permission to get back to work yesterday when she did her final visit at the doctor. yay!
gotta love the feeling when the kids are running and jumping into your arms to say hi! awesome.

mom and I had dinner together after she was done coaching and before my practice.

6pm practice time.
full approach, tried to loosen up. sore after yesterdays workout.
spare practice, new spareshooting system - very interesting!
1.5h [check]

got a ride up to mom and dads to the some laundry, the dryer in the bowl is broken so mom helped me out. ♡

and from theirs I went on an evening run. pretty good feeling I must say. I can finally start focusing on how to run, faster and techniques, today I tried to be more explosive in my steps. to actually push away. good feeling!

quick snack

9.30am morning practice
3.30pm after noon practice
5.30pm gym with David
a run
some errands


yesterday I was challenged to post a no make-up selfie for cancer awareness. today I also donated a gift to the swedish foundation Barncancerfonden, cause I wanna make a difference. can I get any of my readers on here to do the same thing?
I challenge you.
You choose where, to who or to what foundation you wanna help make a difference. the smallest gifts makes a difference. one day it might be you reaching out for help.

its not all about money. just help someone today, be kind, say something nice to a stranger or even smile to someone you dont know.

thank you wifey who inspired me to donate a gift.

GRIT Strenght


I need to get my daily routines back on track. not only the workout-part but eating and sleeping too. especially the eating part. I need to get up earlier and get some breakfast to not skip lunch. the last few days I wake up, stay in bed, eat breakfast around 1pm, get my workout done and then eat one meal. I need more food than that! im tired and im close to a head ache cause I dont get enough water either. baaah. come on Sandra! anyhoweven if I was lazy and tired today I got one bowling practice and two sessions at the gym done. bowling was focus on the new stuff, my foot work and my left arm/hand. also very strict with no re-rack and to make the spareshots when im practicing. walked over to the gym and did a Grit Strenght session first, 30mins. 1. uppvärmning
2. challenge 2min
-burpees with slow motion push up and jump up on the step-up.
3. 4routines à 1min (30sec rest in between)
-hang clean/push press 15kg
-squat/front squat 15kg
-rowing 15kg
-jumping lunges x2
4. tabata 20sec x3
-squat push press 5kg
-jump squat on step-up
5. challenge 2min
-burpees with slow motion push up and jump up on the step up. 
6. abs-routines 
then a quick break before the next session, Core. abs, back and some yoga-stretching routines. 
ready for some sleep. gonna try and wake up early. 
wish me luck!



pic of my tiger a few mins ago. cant stop laughing. hahahaha


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