Im terrible at updating cause the wifi is so bad around here. there is no wifi at the stadium and only works when it wants to at the hotel.

we have bowled our first 5games of qualifying here at the stadium and usbc queens. I drilled a new ball for the pattern too, roto grips asylum. thanks to storm/roto for helping me out.
I bowled a squad which was on fresh - it was tough in the beginning, I started out using the wrong ball too and that didnt make it easier. I do have a plan to next time we bowl on fresh though. so I started with my asylum and it was too strong in the beginning, in the fill ball I tried my hammer deadly aim and that ball was much smoother so I kept that one for a game then back to asylum. really liked the look of that ball. that ball might turn out as a favorite in the bag.
I did ok the last few games. ended up with +13 which is about 60pins behind the cut.
cause yes, we got the great news yesterday they changed the cut from 64 to 32!! so stupid.

so im getting ready to bowl the open championships first and then the next 5games on burned. scores went up on burned to im hoping to post a high 5game block tonight. fingers crossed!

result can be found at: www.bowl.com - tournaments - queens

National Bowling Stadium

and look who came out to Reno to see me:

you guys remember Saphyre? I met her at the World Series of Bowling in Vegas last year. we practiced together and now her and her family came out here to say hi and watch me bowl. great support! so much fun seeing the family again. thanks guys for coming out here and see you again on sunday!

this city feels so old. it feels like I flew back in time. like the old part of las vegas. pretty cool. gonna do my first practice in an hour at the stadium - the small center downstairs - yes there is two haha. and then official practice later on today.

good morning sweden, goodnight reno

vacation is over
back to rutines
back to bowling
back to blog
back to all the fun stuff I love

its been a needed break and I feel more ready to get back at it and bowl again. good to get perspective.

today was a travel day. 5am wakeup call, left the hotel at 6am, flew from orlando to vegas at 8 and from vegas to reno in the afternoon. flight was very bumpy but it went great. got all my bags too. :)
when I arrived to the hotel I met up with the singapore-girls, went to the supermarket to buy some stuff, to a shoppingcenter, then off toconventiom center to watch some bowling. great to see them all again

evening was spent across the street at this place

just WOW! this bowling centre is unbelievable..

I will show you more picture tomorrow, now bed time! 9am breakfast :)

magic kingdom at disney world

so the last few days has been "busy". last time I updated here I was getting ready to practice. first time in over a week. brunswick were having a mini camp with Sean Rash, Parker Bohn III, Jason Sterner, Chuck Gardner and David O'sullivan. im lucky to be surrounded by amazing people and they took care of me all day. I got to bowl next to the camp as much as I wanted to. practiced by myself, watched other kids bowl and around noon when the camp took a lunch break Parker came over to me and asked why I have changed a few things and thanks to this I realized I had been overdoing one thing - when I then started doing what I was supposed to do it all seemed so much easier. Thank you Parker!!
I was one happy girl after that practice and im very excited to be going to queens now. :)

other than bowling ive spent some time by the pool, im sunburned! haha normally I have a hard time getting a nice tan but red counts as a color right now ;)
two nights out with great friends. enjoying my time off and some vacation. we are right now at disney world - I will post some pictures later on.

tomorrow is bowl expo! fun stuff :)

brunswick wekiva lanes

finally get to practice. early wake up call, 7am breakfast. took a cab from the hotel right before 8am to the hotel where Sean is staying. together with Sean, Sara and little cutie Kaylee we drove about 45mins from orlando to this place Wekiva lanes, brunswick is doing a minicamp and I get to practice all day. so good to see my roomie Jason again too!! #blk


Texas de Brazil

guys, this place is amazing. ive said it before and im gonna say it again: heaven on earth. if you like meat and youre in the states do not miss out on this restaurant. brazilian steakhouse where they serve everything on skewers. filet mignon, sirloin, pork, chicken, sausages, ribs, lamb etc. together with a big buffeet of salads, cheese, salmon, chicken, sushi, potatoes, rice, sauce and on and on. as if this was enough they had a few delicious cakes and desserts to choose from. you wont leave hungry from this place!

and I got to wear my new shorts together with my new clutch from Michael Kors. absolutely love the green color!

btw.. how fair is it to be sore from the gym AND get sunburnt? hurts like a b*tch.


so AGAIN plans changed
we tried to find a bowling center without the cosmic bowling but it seemed impossible so we gave up after two different places. instead of bowling we went shopping. rough huh? haha.

I found my favorite store.
Michael Kors.
and I couldn't leave without a new clutch. 😍

6am gym
8am breakfast
spending the day by the pool
dinner tonight at texas de brazil


as usual the plans got changed for the day. all of us felt like we wanted to do something today, not just lay by the pool. so after eating breakfast (which was AMAZING) we decided to go upstairs, get changed and then back down to jump into a cab, that took us to Gaterland!
we watched shows - alligator wrestling and jumping competitions, we have pet them, took photos with alligators and snakes, we fed alligators, birds, goats, fish, we went on a train ride. sweaty but fun day!

now off to practice!

good morning from Orlando!

we made it to the palm trees!
we landed around 3pm our time (9pm swedish time). the flight over was good. im glad we were going to this side of the country so cause my ass started hurting after about 5h. luckily it was only 3h left then :)
we got through all thw security thing without any problems. I got through with a big smile. I dont know if americans are desperate or if is there is any chance I look cute after flying for 10h but first one guy at the immigration asked me what I do for a living and also what did on my sparetime.. I said that I work in a proshop and I just hang out with friends and stuff. "I think you forgot something, you must be working out a lot?" WELL THANK YOU! haha I never get tired of hearing it 😍
when I got through there and off to the baggage claim, for some stupid reason you have to go upstairs to get out of the airport. and I went out there before the others with my 2 3ball bags and one big suitcase.
there was two guys and of the guys offered to help me with my bags but I nicely said thank you but I can wait for my family. they discussed my bags and the same guy asked if I was a football player (and this is not soccer in the states, this is american football) but the other guy corrected him that it was bowling balls I was carrying around.
again he said: you look like a football player!
I laughed and said: no this is what a bowler looks like.
and the answer...
in that case, I wanna marry a bowler!

good start if you ask me!

hotel is awesome, weather is awesome, room is awesome and I can see palm trees. I love palm trees.

jetlag woke me up at 6am our time so I got up and off to the gym. grit strenght inspired 30mins session. great start to the day. gonna spend the day by the pool and later today im gonna go practice. anyone of my readers that can recommend a center? I am located on the universal Boulevard :)

pics from EWC 2014


since monday was fun and I woke up feeling fine we decided so get starting again yesterday. wine in the sun and a delicious dinner with a few friends. weather was great and we could really enjoy an outdoor meal.
after dinner we went back to my place to play some board games and beerpong. we had such a great time and I was laughing soooo much. really needed these two days with my favorites and not thinking of bowling, working out, no needs and nothing to "care" about. just having fun for the moment. relaxing. ah! and now I feel more ready to pack my suitcase again and head off on another trip.
tomorrow morning I get picked up around 5.30am, me and my family (except my one brother) and my other brothers family are going to Orlando, Florida. some vacation, practice, bowl expo, disney world, sea world and so on. I will stay there with them for one week and then next thursday im heading to the other side of the country to bowl one of my favorites tournaments in one of my dream bowling centers. National bowling stadium in Reno, Nevada.


june 16th

6months of hard work, dedication, sweat, tears, laughter.
6months of "why, are you crazy?"
6months of standing strong, fighting for what I want and believe in.
6months of progress.

a better body
overcoming fears
a half marathon
sucessful bowling practice/tournaments
european champion in trios
european silver medal in teams

yesterday I was celebrating.

bakken amusement park yesterday with the people that works in our two bowling centers. had an amazing time!

and guess what? I woke up without a hangover. ;)


when I got home, I was home for max. 2h before my bff knocked on the door. aaaah, love it. we talked, we talked and we talked a little more. a lot can happen in two weeks. no doubt about it. ♡

we decided to go play miniature golf with the guys in the afternoon. we got there a little later than planned cause we had so much to talk about but we catched up and finished the same time as the others. me and rasmus were betting an ice cream and guess who won? ;)

HA! I hate miniature golf but today I was gooooood at it haha. unbelievable.

after playing golf we headed over to mom and dads for dinner, all of us. the whole big family. yummy burgers and potatosalad in the sunset. played some "kubb" and football with my nephew also. so good to see him again :)

just got back home again, in bed, planning on getting some sleep and catch up on the sleep I was left out on last night. early wakeup call tomorrow but for fun stuff. its a special day tomorrow - anyone know what date it is?
breakfast and off on adventures with a few people. cant wait!!

Masters, Banquet and goodbye Berlin

lets start with masters.
since I finished in the top 8 I got a bye and came in first in the second step.
I bowled sasha wedel the first match and won easily with 2-0.

second match - the match before medals I bowled against Mai Ginge Jensen and she won easily with 2-0. shes been a striking machine the whole week and I wasnt close of getting the reaction she got. I gave it a go, I was not afraid of trying but this time it was not enough. finished top 8 in masters too.

so our day of bowling ended early. we recieved our medals for teams and then we went to the shoppingcenter to get ready for the banquet. first of manicure and pedicure!
then hurry back home for a shower, make up, hair and dress on.

we had a great evening and it was a nice way to end a looooong week.

4h sleep

almost home
sweden, ive missed you!!
4more days together before I leave again.
usa on thursday!
#lovethelanes #lovinglife #lifeontheroad


its not only "sad" news today.

I am so incredibly proud of my friend, team sweden and spader dam-team mate Jenny for winning the bronze medal in all-event. her first year on the team and she has been kicking ass the whole championship. great bowling sweetie!!

team sweden

the team-events are now over. today was the last day of qualifying. we bowled so good today, the whole team and again won the qualifying. we were up against team denmark in the semifinals and we really took care of our frames. one by one. good team effort and we won.

the other semifinal was played between team england and team germany. which ended up being a very close match that england won.

sweden vs england
twentyfour pins away from the medal we have been working for. two years in a row where we win the qualifying and still no gold medal.
I feel empty, to be honest.

after such an amazing performance by the team in trios qualifying, trios semis and finals, teams qualifying and teams semis. that is just heartbreaking.


one last event to bowl. masters! we have 5girls in the masters bowling for four medals. come on girls!!


today felt like it flew by but at the same time like it took forever to bowl. it all started with a sleep-in, no alarm to wake us up and I slept through the night. woke up only twice but could fall back asleep right away. first night since we got here.
started slow but finally at 2.30pm it was our time.
well, think about it. we bowl 5on each lane and with easy mathematics makes it 10on a pair. 10people bowling one game each. waiting waiting waiting before you make you shot for 15seconds and then waiting again.

it wasnt only bad today like it took time, there is good news too, like we bowled around 70-80 over and sitting 3rd so far. halfway through the event. the firdt two games were very good but the last pair slowed us down a bit, but compared to what other teams has bowled on that pair so far - we still did a good game. another good thing is that we dont have to bowl on that pair tomorrow. :)

3more games tomorrow at 1.30pm. going for another medal! fingers crossed


that was just an amazinf performance by the whole team. not only did we manage to be 1st and 2nd in qualifying so we didnt have to bowl against each other in the semis but we actually won our semis and ending up bowling a swedish final. all six girls in the finals.

our semifinal was a little more nerv wrecking than the other teams semis. we were 50pins behind going into the last 2frames I believe but we stayed calm and strong and turned it all around to a win by only 5pins! Oh My God! my heart was beating so fast in the last frame.

the final match was so weird to bowl. sweden against sweden. but we did all we could, we took it very seriously and ended up as winners -all of us.
again it was all in the last frame. Joline was such an amazing bowler yesterday. mentally strong. she finished with a messenger and 9spare to capture the gold for us.

gold and silver. all 6players got a medal. holy crap girls!! cant wait to bowl all on the same lane today. we are still looking for that team-gold.. fingers crossed!!


leading trios

we bowled excellent this morning and are now leading the trios event. me, jenny and joline bowled 2037 in our first 3games and we are 99pins ahead of number 2.
personally I bowled very well and the ball changes we did matched up better than I was hoping for. awesome!

cant wait to bowl the last 3games with these girls!

our second team did ok, they are 29pins from the cut so a good day tomorrow will do it. come on girls!!

berlin in daylight

we spent the afternoon/evening strolling around in berlin. did the important sightseeing. been to berlin before but never seen the "must-sees".

we went to the brandenburg gate

then walked over to the monuments. the memorial of the jews.

next stop was the berlin wall, the wall that seperated east from west. terrible times. the wall was standing strong from the 60's until as late as 1989.

it was superhot walking around to watch these historical pieces. the sun is still shining like never before and the temperature is way above 30degrees. walking around and the hot weather made us both thirsty and hungry so we found our way to a steakhouse with the name Block House. best garlic bread ive EVER tasted. the steak was amazing and I cant remember last time I was too full for dessert. so delicious. finally found a decent place to eat on!

metro back home to the hotel took us about 10-15mins.

took a bath so I started sweating again and then a cold shower to cool down. now ready to get some sleep.

two events = no medals

last european championship we had two medals after one event. this year we have zero medals in two events. and YES we feel just as frustrated as all of you watching. it is hard out there. the scores are not very high and we know can do much better than we have. all of us! and we will. cause I believe in us girls. we are fighters. we have the will, the capability and we are gonna do all we can on the lanes. we have put our hearts and souls into this sport and now its time to fight for it.

tomorrow is the first day of trios.
me, jenny and joline are first out at 9am and then squad two is isabelle, ida and rebecka is on. we need all of you to keep your fingers crossed.

come on girls!! lets do this!


today has been one of the worst days in a very long time for a little girl like me that HATES when it gets too warm.
today the temperature was 36degrees and sunny. it was painful being outdoor AND indoors. it was so humid, from the early morning when we were gonna bowl until the evening. started to clear up a bit now later in the evening. the sweat was pooring down my back and between my boobs (fyi). a little disgusting! haha hate that kind of weather. sun - sure. heat - sure. humid - fuck no.

the air in the bowl was so bad I couldnt even stay there the whole afternoon to watch, I started to feel bad so I went back to the hotel and decided to check out the fitness area.
so small and nothing to do..

used my imagination to put together a 30-40workout session for back, abs and shoulders. perfect, I have slept so bad the last couple of days so im hoping this is the solution.

Talking about sleep, im ready for some. gnite babes. x


ida: 1141
me: 1241

it was pretty similar to yesterday but it was easier to follow the changes today. it felt like yesterday we had to jump around alot but today it was more smooth just moving a little left or change ball. somehow it felt easier to read the lane but still tough to get the last pin out. im bowling very well today again. I have a few bad shots and a few bad breaks and cause of that I stop on 41over. I was hoping and aiming for a higher score today but still I think I did an ok job.

after two squads the swedish teams are 7th and 9th and our last hope in this event is team #3 rebecka and joline whos bowling tomorrow at 9am.

end of the first event

first of all congratulations Dasha for winning the singles gold medal!

no medals for team sweden but we all did a good start of the championship.

the day was spent in the bowl and in the shoppingcenter, it was nice to get out of the bowlingcenter for a while and just hang out with the girls. shoes, make up, nail polish, clothes. 😍 perfect way to prepare for the doubles event.

9am sunday me and Ida
second squad jenny and isabelle
9am monday rebecka and joline

time to defend some titles bitches!


successful shoppingday



just wow.
im going from being happy to being confused to being frustrated and then back to being happy/satisfied again. I had a really good look for 3,5games and then it all started to look a bit weird. I could go from being totally in to totally out.
i bowled well for 6 games but I couldnt figure out the last game at least. I changed ball 4times in the last game, 8 good shots and 2 bad shots. 160. left the tinpin 5times. oh well.

it was a nice start of the championship even though it sucks knowing that both me and isabelle are gonna be close to the cut.

jenny is 4th 1270
isabelle is 5th 1266
sandra 7th 1265
ida 30th 1157

joline &Rebecka are bowling tomorrow at 9am, hoping for good scores :)

official practice & opening ceremony

practice went well. the pattern of the championship feels ok, there is alot of friction in the lanes so they chose the ice-oil.

I think I can speek for all of us girl when I say we had a good look on the practice. we have made our ball choices and we are all ready for the first event. singles starts tomorrow at 9am and Ida & Jenny are bowling, second squad its Isabelle and me and on saturday morning its Joline & Rebeckas turn.

all the boring stuff are now done. let the fun begin!

but first.. let us take a selfie!

new website

its gonna be easier for you to follow the scores on the following website:


guten morgen!

Was that even correct german? hahaha
well good morning anyways.
laying in bed being lazy. felt like I slept for 5mins, but reality says 9h. so unfair! im tired. gotta get ready to up and eat breakfast in an hour, maybe ill go back for a nap after ;)

found this today in the local newspaper, an interview I did before leaving:



hello berlin!

we made it! haha we have been here for a few hours and our schedule has been pretty busy since we landed. our pick-up at the airport was not the best organised so it took us a little while to get out of there. too much luggage to fit in the cars so they had to call in for an extra driver.
when we made it to the hotel we found out our rooms were not ready and we had to wait for about 1,5h. which in the end ended up being 2h but we went out on the bigger street close to the hotel to get some food. absolutely nothing looked inviting. we are not in the finest areas so to speak. finallt found some burger place that looked alright and food wasn't that bad either.

practice between 1pm-3pm was ok. lanes are hooking alot! it is unofficial practice but still. alot of friction in the lanes. the approaches are veeeeeery slippery. it took a while go adjust to it but its gonna be ok for all of us, im sure.
practice session 2: 4pm-6pm was better. tried a few other balls and matched up much better.
haha got a fun picture while practicing. me throwing a good shot and almost got a messenger. it is close ;)

better luck next time I guess!

had a delicious dinner after practice at a restaurant right across the street from the bowl. italian place that made everything from scratch, including the pasta. soooo good! I had a fettuccine pasta with chicken & pineapples in currysauce. 😍 definitely not the last time we are eating there!

spent the rest of the evening on the bed playing cards and chatting with my roomie Isabelle :) now its bedtime.

tomorrow is the day of official practice and opening ceremony. practice is at 1pm. cant wait to get started!!

good early morning!

my real bitch-side came out this morning when we were gonna take the hotelshuttle to the airport. the driver told us it was full cause he was too lazy to take out the few bags that were already in the trunk. such bs! I told the hotel what I thought about that and them. ending up taking a taxi to the airport.
the check-in went well, they looked as us when we said we had 14bags to check in on 4 people. nothing weird about that? haha what they didnt know was that we had sent a few pieces with out coaches so 14bags is not all of our luggage. crazy how many kilos we are dragging around!

just waiting for our flight to board. ready to get out of this country!


I have finally found the official homepage of the championship:


there is always a first time

got a good night's sleep.
had lunch with mom.
ran some errands.
finished packing.

mom drove me to Hässleholm, my train got cancelled so we had to change my traveling plan and drive to a different city. This city is the city of Jennys dads bowlingcenter so I went there a littlw earlier to practice together with Jenny. final practice before take-off and it felt gooooood.

order some take out to bring on the train and then off to the train station. train was delayed about 30mins but when it finally came in it stopped waaaaaay down the station. we had each 3 3 ball bags and 1big suitcase and the take out food. we were running with 46kg in our hands and throwing every single bag on the train to make it. haha. I have never done that before.

we are now on the train, me, jenny and ida. spending the night in copenhagen and our flight is in the early morning.

lets get this journey started!!

dude perfect ft Jason Belmonte

this is awesome!

bowling trick shot video.


I "forgot" to set an alarm last night and I kinda fooled myself to sleep in. always when I allow myself to sleep in I wake up early and feel wide awake. not this time! I felt refreshed and that was a long time since last time. I hope this is going in the right direction. im back at the gym, I have more energy, I feel better and now I get to sleep more/better. I dont mind :)

breakfast today turned out to be lunch, delicious chinease food. me, Christoffer and Josefine met up for a lunchdate.
after lunch me and Josefine had some errands to do and we got done just in time for her to make it to work and for me to make practice before the gym.

bowled a coffee-bet against the boys. 40ft pattern and it was tricky in the beginning. hooked very early but after a few frames I got really into my bowling-mindset and found a solutions and did some very good shots. didnt win, didnt loose.
did some laundry in between my bowling practice and my gym session.
borrowed Rasmus car so I could make it to the 6.50pm core class. I did. holy my abs were sore afterwards. hehe. awesome!

it is now 11.50pm. im almost done packing(!!) and im feeling ready to call it a night. tomorrow the journey starts. around 6pm im gonna leave home and start my travel down to the airport. gonna spend the night there and then fly out wednesday morning. European women championships on schedule. I am EXCITED!!

I will post the website and everything for the championship on here as soon as I get the information. and I will of course keep you posted too :) videos, pictures, text.

now off to bed. countdown: one


3 courses with the family ♡



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