H.H Emir Cup

winner is: Chris Barnes!

welcome to my life

did an interview for Talktenpin.net and her is the result:


go hard or go home


my days are a bit lame at the moment. no bowling and there is not much to do around here.

I went to the gym this morning. did a little bit of everything, back, shoulders, abs, quads, tricep. I could go on forever today it felt like. mucho energy!
I hope tomorrow will be the same. thought I would pump it up a bit tomorrow with bowling and some grit strength inspired routines in the gym.

other than that I havent done much. watched two movies and watching the 3rd right now. shutter island, hit and run and now pitch perfect for the 19393938 time. haha love their singing in that movie. just found it on Spotify so now I dont have to watch the movie all the time. ;)

tomorrow is the final.
who do you think is gonna win?
www.abf-online.org results can be found under calendar and H.H Emir Cup.
im thinking Jason Belmonte.


my room

this is the huge room I got:

a big bed, big shower, two tv's.

the end

of this tournament. bowled my last 5games of qualifying and desperado. the only thing I can be happy about is that I started throwing it a little better than before.
my biggest problem at the moment is that im thinking too much, im not enjoying my time on the lanes. I feel like im rushing a problem that is not there and that way im making it one. I feel that im a little afraid to just bowl. afraid that I might succeed. why is that?

ordered room service, I was starving and I knew that this hotel has a great pasta bolognese. ready to get some sleep. 3days off in this country. I will be practicing, I will be going to the gym. but then what?

1 Block Squad B

that didnt really turn out the way I wanted it too. too many bad shots which ended up being open frames. I have never before bowled good in this boqling center and im afraid its not gonna change this tournament either. scores are VERY high and I bowled 1019 with bonus. I need a huge block today to even be close.
plan is to do a good block, get that conficence up on the levels it needs to be for the coming tournaments. relax. and enjoy the last 5games of qualifying.

after bowling yesterday we went to Villagio, the best shopping mall ive ever been to. not for shopping though, we had dinner at TGIFridays me and the boys. salmon and shrimps with baked potato and steamed broccoli, dessert at coldstone. delicious!
came back to the hotel, showered and watched a movie.

just woke up 40mins ago. trying to make up my mind if I should go to the gym today or not. im super hungry so I might just save it for the days im not bowling.

next 5games at 4pm our time.

H.H Emir Cup

I made it to Doha. everything went well with the trip. long night though, flew all night and arrived this morning at 5:30am local time. got picked up at the airport and went straight to the hotel to check-in. I took a quick look at the breakfast and had some cereals but couldnt really eat. too tired so I weny upstairs for a nap. powernap. a 4h powernap! haha best thing today.

in the bowl right now getting ready to bowl my first 5 games. its a 10game qualifying. 5games today and 5tomorrow.

I will show you my huge room and huge bed later on but now you have to have your fingers crossed for me!!

lets go!

challenge of the year

pack for 3weeks in one piece of hang luggage of 8kgs.

challenge completed.
at least I got through check-in ;)

first flight is done. im in istanbul at the moment waiting for my connection flight.
and for those of you who missed out on my schedule im on my way to Doha, Qatar for the first out of 3 WBT stops. I arrive at 5:35am and I bowl at 4pm. I hope I get my room, a comfy bed and some sleep in between.

also a interview with Talktenpin on the way! I will post it on here as soon as it is up. :) have seen some nice pictures and fun questions. soon very soon!

el stockholmo

what did I do?
☆ I turned my hotelroom into a gym. a chair worked just fine to do bicepcurls with and floor was big enough to make squats, sit ups and push ups on.
☆ I went to the bowl to watch the finals and to hang out with frida. wifey won - congrats sweetie!
☆ took the train to the airport and said bye bye stockholm and hello home!
☆ Got the best surprise at the airport, my girls emma, amelie and josefine are so stupid! hahaha they were waiting for me with this sign "congrats on your olympic bronze medal, Sandra" with balloons and started cheering on me when I arrived. so stupid and so funny! love them. so glad I got to see them before im leaving again.
☆ dinner dated these lovely ladies over pizza. catching up!
☆ quick visit at mom and dads to do somw laundry and hang out for a bit.

now back home. gotta unpack and pack again. only a few hours at home.

hahaha I cant stop laughing. they really did do this. no doubt about it, I have the best friends EVERRR

morning guys

I got to sleep in this morning. no finals for me. I bowled well but no confidence at all when it comes to make spare shots. I have so many opens. I guess the changes ive done lately affects my spare shooting. obviously.

im disappointed but I gave it a go. I couldnt do more at that point. im saving it for the next 3weeks I believe. :)

just woke up. deciding what to do with this day. I wanna go practice but I dont know if I can. flight is not until 6pm. a whole day in stockholm - what to do?

squad 1

1180-ish. middle road 39ft.
too tired and couldnt really make the best decisions but I have a clue for tomorrow. lots of splits today too. all bad in one squad and hopefully all good in one squad tomorrow.

after the squad me and wifey went back to the hotel for dinner. we decided that we wanted to have the dessert back on the room instead of down in the restaurant. so we took a evening walk to Heron City to buy a mud cake and whipped cream.
so damn good. we ate the whole cake!
frida came by the room too, with a surprise. all started with a letter that made me cry happy-tears. words that mean so much to me. our friendship is indescribable. then I got a Tomas Sabo-bracelet in rose gold. I absolutely love it. ♡

time to get ready for bed. feeling verrrry tired, laughing too much, so I really hope this is the night when it all turns around.

bowling tomorrow at noon.
gnite x

Feb. 21, 2014

the capital of scandinavia

im not sure this airplane arrived to the right destination. feels and looks like I arrived to the north pole. it is snowing like crazy and cold. makes me miss home a little. and it makes me look forward to tuesday even more!

flight was good.
BREAKING NEWS: I was awake the whole flight!

all checked in at the hotel, sneaked in for some breakfast too. love scandic hotels breakfast buffet!

probably gonna go for a nap after this. not bowling until 3pm. :)


I'm a little tired.
I'm a little excited.
I'm a little bored.


I'm very happy!
its time.

first stop Stockholm!

another late night

alarm goes off in 5h and 15mins.

today was another tough to wake up to. didnt sleep very good but I was still stupid enough to hope I would have energy to head to the gym. big NO.

I went to my hairdresser to get my bangs cut so I can see something the next 3weeks. straight from there to the bowl to have a quick lunch before bowling an hour. after bowling I went out for a run up to moms to get my insurance fixed. then back home for a shower and then off to the bowl for two coaching sessions.
just bam bam bam with stuff. off to that then this then that.
done in the bowl, home to pick up my little tiger and leave her at moms where shes gonna be staying the next 3weeks. then home again to pack.

today was the last whole day at home. schedule is:
tomorrow Stockholm
monday Qatar
saturday Bahrain
saturday Kuwait
back home again the 15th of march.

are we ready?
Hell yea! bring it on!

dinner dates

spent the afternoon with my bestie. some tea and girls talk.
picked up John and Rasmus and went to Helsingborg for dinner at a fondue-restaurant. so delicious!
two kinds, one with 3different types of meat and for dessert a toblerone-fondue :)
im so full right now, im so ready for bed!
great way to end the second day at home. one to go!

follow your heart

bestie surprised me with presents today. one framed picture and one bracelet with the words "follow your heart".

I love it ♡

j to the et, l to the ag.

today I feel like someone run me over with a truck. a big fat truck. not once but twice. this is so not my favorite part of traveling. I love sleeping and I need my sleep to function.

I turned off my alarm this morning and fell back asleep cause when it went off I had only slept for about 2,5h. gym did not sound like the best plan at that time.

back up again at 9:45am. whole body was aching but ive been awake since then. have to survive this day!

plans today:
practice with mom
quality time with my best friend
dinner with some friends tonight
and of course to stay awake

one down two to go

even though I fell asleep pretty early last night I could sleep through the whole night. I had problems waking up around 11:30am. seriously thought someone was kidding with me. but no. no joke. it was just me being tired after 11h sleep.

got up and went down to the bowl for a lunch date with my bestie, some practice and some coaching. I didnt have a choice other than to stay in the bowl all day to stay awake. two sessions of practice. working hard on the stuff we changed in texas! both on burned and main focus on the start and to work my right foot in the right direction in the end. work work work.
to finish my day in the bowl I had a coaching session with one of the teams in the center. fun!

I decided to skip the gym today, I wasnt feeling that great in my body and I think there might be a cold on the way. hopefully by taking a relaxing day its just gonna pass by. only did a few bicep-shoulder-tricep routines when I got back home so I didnt have to feel guilty.
clock is set for an early wake up call if my body allows it. 8:30am at the gym for a new class - body balance. really hope I can fall asleep soon.

Chicago O'hare Airport

I am pretty sure that Chicago hates swedes.

let takes it from the start. we went to the zoo, spent a few hours there. decided to leave around 2pm so we could eat and leave our rental car before our first flight to chicago at 6pm.
we ate lunch and headed to the airport but a car accident stopped the traffic and we stood still for a long while. time was running away and we felt that we had to do something to get to thw airport in time. something in this story is driving like we stoled the car over the grass and up on an exit road to find a different way to go. said and done. racing to the airport, checked in and went through security.
flight was delayed an hour.
and this was no good. we only had 2h in chicago from the start and now we lost one.
the flight was good though.
when we landed in chicago we only had about 40mins to get to a different terminal, through passport check, through security and to the gate. and for those of you who has been at ohare nows its a big ass airport. we got into terminal 1 and our next flight was at terminal 5.
we were running for our lives! I was determined that I was not gonna miss the flight at this stupid airport again.
I made it.
8 out of us 10 made it.
Isabelle and Peter are still in Chicago.
flight between Chicago and Copenhagen was good and all the bags made it. Unfortunately not in the same condition as we checked them in but still.

only a 1,5h train ride from being home. jumped on the train and it was gonna take me straight home to Ängelholm. few mins later they announced a change of plans, I had to change train in Malmö and from a 2sets train to only one set with seats. it was packed! I had to stand up the whole way. so stupid.

at least im home.
right now im very satisfied.
lit some candles, started a movie and cuddling with my tiger. missed her so much!
now im just hoping jetlag is gonna treat me well :)

the Dallas Zoo

at breakfast this morning we decided that we were gonna spend the day at Dallas Zoo. the weather was amazing, walking around looking at the animals when the sun was shining. I didnt mind!

we are now all checked in at the airport. our first flight is delayed so please have your fingers crossed that we are gonna make the next flight in chicago. last time we flew threw there we missed our connection and got delayed 24h. hoping for better luck this time!

all good things come to an end

a little sad that this week is over. I really loved spending time here surrounded by great people, great coaches in a great enviroment.
cant get enough.

today we worked on speed, how to increase it and slow it down. some more videos and had a final classroom meeting were we had the chance to ask some more questions.
after lunch we took a break from the bowl and went over to the bowling museum and hall of fame to look at our coach's picture. he got inducted 2years ago. we went through it all, some pics:

unfortunately we never found him. they havent updated it since 2009 I heard, which is sad. we were looking forward to see him in there!

anyhow, I forgot to tell you guys about yesterdays adventure. we were allowed behind the secret doors were the magic happens. we met Earl! earl is a robot who tests bowling balls, patterns. it can be programmed into copying any bowler with tilt, rotations, speed, rpms. so cool! you can search for it on youtube. they also tests bowling pins.

finished our day at the itrc with putting up the nicest flag out there:

mongolian for dinner
comfy bed for sleep
sleep-in tomorrow
visit at the gym
spending a few hours in dallas - what to do?
long flight

day 4

last day here at the itrc.

day 3

I feel very lucky to get the opportunity to be here in texas at the itrc with these girls. we are having a great time. it is long days on the paper but the hours are seriously flying by every day.

today was all about ball motion and laneplay. how to understand and how to attack different patterns. we got to do different presentations and we got to try it out ourselves on the lanes.
sure is a little tricky to keep all the new things together at the same time youre playing the lane. just gonna focus on whats going on from the foul line and down.

another succesful day on the lanes.
the evening was supposed to be spent at cheesecake factory but the place was full so we had to eat at the mall, bummer! haha

really really really tired now. gonna get some sleep so im ready for the last day when the alarms goes off. :)

day 2

"talent is practice and practice is talent."

what a great day. im pretty sure we all agreed on that. today was the day for changes. today we looked at the videos and stats from yesterdays bowling and analyzed it and started working on things.

my things:
armposition in the start.
push away straight forward
let my left part of the body "lead" the way
keep my left arm down in the release

sounds like many things but its really not while bowling. it makes sense to my body. looking forward to see how far this will take me.

we also went through the stats from yesterday, how good and bad we were compared to the group and also the groul against other teams/groups like international women that had ever visited ITRC, team usa 2013 and also elite in general. looking very good for our team. we are not that far behind team usa and are above the other two in many categories. :) hard work will take us even further.

after practice today we went shopping. chocker huh? ;) im gonna show you all the things I bought on this trip later on. who knows, we might find more.


im already in a bad mood and that my whole update I just wrote got deleted didnt really make me feel better. one thing I hate about this phone, havent figured it out yet cause sometimes it saves the text in some apps and sometimes it doesnt. so annoying.

today was out first day here at the ITRC and it was all about meassurements. speed, versatility in hand position, hitting target, spareshooting, running and flexibility. I was pleased with my reasults on flexibility/strength, bowling was ok in the start even though I felt a little insecure and nervous. but it all had a big turn when it came to spareshooting.
3-10, 2-8, washout, 10pin and 7pin. 30shots on each. a little tricky the first 3, cause 3-10 and washout is nothing I normally practice on. 10pin felt very easy and when I changed to 7pin I felt confident and made good shots. after my 120shots on the other spare conversions and the first 18on 7pin everything felt good in my hand. 19th I said to vicky: next one is gonna hurt. and yes sir, I was right. big freaking blaster on my thumb. a deep one too! (went over the equipment afterwards and found what was the cause). stupid spareball.

and as the cream on top we were gonna do the running test after this and I failed totally. not as in not completing it but as in miscalculating on the miles/h vs km/h and had no idea how fast I was running. felt that I could've done alot better. disappointing to say the least.

oh well. day one is over. right now I just wanna go to bed and wake up ready for a new day with 8,5h of work :) it is so much fun over here. I guess it was just a bad day. and we all have them.

just came back to the hotel after a delicious dinner. best baby back ribs ive had for a while.
fluffy pillows taking over.



girls are excited to get started!

hilton honors

you just gotta love these fluffy pillows after 13h flight!


we made it! felt like the longest trip ever. whole body was sore after sitting for such a long time. baaah. I thought I was used to this but obviously not.

we checked in at the hotel around 11pm, Hilton Honors. amazing beds. I almost cried happy tears when i saw the fluffy pillows and big bed after so many hours sitting in an airplane. fell asleep an hour later and woke up 30mins ago. its 8:30am at the moment. think it is 7h time difference?

gonna get up and take a shower before breakfast. so hungry!

we have the day off today so if I know these girls enough im pretty sure we are gonna go shopping! :)

cause im leaving on Monday morning

bags are all packed. packed like a pro today. getting better.

34 out of the next 42days are gonna be life in a suitcase. 34days on the road.

first stop: amerrrrrica

training at the international training and research center in Dallas, Texas with team sweden. gonna be pretty cool!

girls night

saturday was a good day. it was a good and lazy day. I stayed in bed until noon and went from bed to the couch. just relaxed, took a few power naps and finally got my ass off the couch at 2pm.
got up and got ready for the gym. I was gonna try a new class, grit plyo.

I almost died.
worst freaking class ive ever attended. worst as in tough, hard and there was a few times I felt like quitting and I wanted to throw up.
luckily I survived. probably gonna take a while befor im going back to that class. haha!

home, showered, dressed up and got picked up by amanda. girlsnight was on the schedule.


lazy morning in bed. snoozed a few times. my favorite. went out for lunch with mom and two friends, chinease buffet is soooo good down town. both sushi and all different kinds of chinease dishes. yum. still looking forward to the day I can enjoy sushi. I really want to like it but it is, so far: impossible.

walked up and down the big street to look in some boutiques. found what I was looking for pretty quick so we could head down to the bowl instead for some practice.

I shouldve stayed on the big street shopping instead. damn today was terrible. already when I woke up I felt tired and a little sore in my body and I didnt have the energy to bowl today. so two games was enough. better luck next time.

a little mad cause it went so bad, I took that feeling with me to the gym and let it all out in there. shoulders and bicep session together with one of the gyms at the gym, Daniel. really enjoyed it and im looking forward to our next workout.

probably gonna be a little sore tomorrow..
finished todays workout with 20mins on the crosstrainer.

mom picked me up when I was done, drove me back home so I could shower and then go to the grosserie store to buy everything we needed for dinner.
on the menu: the swedish national dish! taaaaaco! haha
so good. dessert: ice cream while watching the movie "bad teacher".
nice end to this day.

tomorrow is saturday.
one plan tomorrow: spend the evening with Amanda!
oh wait, two plans. how about a sleep-in?

harder better faster stronger

some sessions sure are better than others. and today was one of the best ive had so far. first CX then todays grit strength was:
quick warm up

-hang clean
-push press
30sec on each = 1set
15kg bar

10 front squat with 5kg
10 push ups
10 tuck jumps
as many as possible in 2mins
10 front squat press with 5kg
10 burpees
10 180degrees jump squat
as many as possible in 2mins
all x 2

2abs exercises


well not for the day. coaching and practice after this.
we bowled 3game betting on 2012shark pattern. ended up second out of 3, high scoring. we did good!

now im ready for bed

2down 4to go

my first bowling practice and my first coaching sessions is done. only CXworx, grit strength, one more coaching session and one practice sessions left before this thursday is done.

first practice was all about spares. 45mins - 20 shots with two pins left and 20 shots with one pin left.

getting better! the once I missed were bad executed shots. need to be better in the start and not slow it all down cause I feel safe. be aggressive!

kids were really good today too.

now it's time to kick ass at the gym.

pump it up

not much to say about this day. just one of those days spent in the bowling center and at the gym. oh wait. did I tell you it was a great workout? and coaching the kids made me very happy. "just one of those days". ha! just another one of those very good days I would say.

coaching the kids is not hard when they keep pushing themselves to learn more. today we had some problems with our scoring system so I thought we would be in trouble but the kids took the opportunity to learn how to calculate and write the scores themselves. and they did great. even I think its tricky sometimes cause im used to having the scoring to do it for me since we barely even write down our scores anymore. one hour went by fast today.

after their class it was my turn to bowl. only made a few shots and then we had a meeting with the team about practice routines. to get more aware of what we are really doing on the lanes for our two hours. good talk and I hope to see some progress. team is doing very good so far in league.

had to rush from the bowl to the gym to make it to the bodypump class. was a really good session and I felt I had control in every routine. think I can finally start to put on some higher weights soon. goodie!

tomorrow im gonna push myself even harder. practice, coaching x2 and two session's at the gym. CXworx and Grit strength. we have a challenge right now at my gym - to attend 6different classes in februari. so far ive done two. tabata and bodypump. tomorrow are to two new classes. wonder what my last two will be? indoor walking? spinning? or maybe try a whole new thing. body attack?

laughed alot when I saw this picture. #truestory


today was the first day since 19 days back I had a day off from any activity (gym/bowling).
nineteen days.
and the thing is that I had to force myself to stay away from the gym.
37h of fighting the last 19 days.
and tomorrow I'm gonna start it all over again. why? cause I love it. cause I feel good when doing it. cause it makes me happy.

instead of gym me and mom getting a few things done in my apartment. and once again we had to stop halfway cause we had the wrong tools for it. :( oh well, hopefully one of my friends can make it over here later this week and help me out. fingers crossed!

after this mom went back home, dad was making dinner and invited me too but soup is not a favorite so I decided to make my own dinner. easy choice:

tuna-pasta salad a la Sandra.
tuna, pasta, maché-salad, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, corn, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. also two hard boiled eggs on the side. mucho better than soup!

tomorrow looks kinda like any other wednesday. work, coaching kids, practice, gym. bring it on! :)


favorite moment of the month. getting my hair done at united here in my home city. nothing better than getting taken care of like this. new color, fresh ends and a cup of tea. how about that start for a girly day?

im gonna continue this girly day with lunch with my bestie, get the apartment done - last time we were gonna put up all the shelves and stuff, everything fell down cause our way of putting it up there didnt really work out the way we wanted it to - and last but not least dinner with my mom. I'm gonna be the chef, but what to cook?

Samsung galaxy s4

ok. got myself a new phone today.
it is not cooperating.
im about to throw it through the window.

if anyone of you gets weird messages from me then it is my phone living its own life. im sorry!

other than getting a new phone my day looked like this:
8.30am Tabata HIIT - high intensity interval training - felt weak but I keep reminding myself that the only bad workout there is, is the one you didn't do.
1pm lunch with mom
afternoon shopping with mom
6pm house league - bowled GREAT! 960 and we won. so happy about it. have a good feeling about my bowling!

now: paradise hotel
later: sleep
tomorrow: get my hair done, practice.


yep. that felt gooooood! my body wasn't really ready for the BPclass but thanks to my mind I survived it. 

comments like the one in the video with me makes me determined and motivated, no doubt about it. but it's so sad, why would anyone be so mean? I'm glad I'm confident enough to shake it off but what about the other young girls and boys who wants to try it out and sees or even gets comments like that? seriously! young girls and boys who are putting there heart and soul into this sport. Just stop it! cause its not fun. get out there yourself and try it before you judge us who are willing to fail, fall, learn, work and win. 
It's not easy. 
It. Is. Not. Easy.

If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you. 

while I'm at it, I might as well thank whoever it was for a contribution to a better body. :) 

thank you!

Just when I thought I was gonna have a lazy Sunday on the couch, not feeling motivated enough and tired, I found this while watching old videos:

Thank you for motivating me! Cause that was exactly what I needed to hear. :) can't believe I'm out on the tour making myself look bad like that. in a world tour ranking final. ending up second. at the age of 19. ;) 


Already second month of the year. second month and second day of the month. I'm waking up feeling awful! why do I feel hungover without even drinking? cause I'm still sleeping pretty much the same amount of hours. Any ideas why? 

I'm hoping to feel a little better soon, maybe a nap will do good so I can go to the gym later for a bodypump class. Other than that I'm just gonna be lazy all day I think. Cuddle with my little tiger who is snoring me in my ear right now :) 

Bowling x 2

Gotta admit that my body felt a little tired this morning when I woke up. Not sore but tired and I'm pretty sure I know the reason why! Haha. 

I bowled two matches today, one for the boys and one for the girls. Won both and I bowled very good in the first one and good in the second match. Overall a good day on the lanes. My spare shooting is slowly getting better too, I feel more confident and I make more spares. Today I only had two open frames for 7games, including splits. :)

after I was done bowling I drove back home to shower and get ready for fridas 25th birthday-party. such a nice evening! I just got back home like 20mins ago. we started in Höganäs bowlingcenter with dinner, drinks and some bowling of course ;) then we decided to head into the city to go out dancing. my stomach and cheeks hurts from laughing so much! big thanks to Mattias for putting it all together and to all of the people attending for making it a rememberable evening. 


This is me. Sandra Andersson. In this blog you get to follow me on my adventures all around the world for bowling.

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