day 3

yesterday felt like one of the longest days of my life. When the alarm went off at 5am I just wanted to turn it off, roll over and fall back asleep. I felt sick cause I was so tired. no time to rest though. left bed, got ready and started my trip down to Malmoe for school.
day 3 was about dying and shaping eyebrows and dying eyelashes. fun times!
met up with josefine after school in helsingborg for lunch and then we took the train together back to Ängelholm. We sat down in the sun and had a cup of tea and talked for a bit.
reality called after an hour, I was gonna coach the kids and then practice for a while.
I was dead tired last night when I got back home. I fell asleep like a little baby.

I got to sleep in this morning. But only until 8am. had to pack and get ready for a weekend with Team Sweden in Nässjö. 2,5h drive. 2h workout. now dinner and then 2h bowling. lucky me I get to sleep in tomorrow. can't wait. :)


my alarm was set for 4.30am. It was my first day traveling to school and I wanted to make sure I had time to do everything.
I woke up by myself and felt that something was wrong, checked my phone and yes. It was off. my phone somehow shut off in the middle of the night, my alarm did not go off but lucky me the clock was only 5am. I had 30mins to get ready. I got up showered, got dressed, made breakfast and packed up everything. must have broke some kind of a record for being me this morning.
I made it to the trainstation about 5min before my train was leaving.

The train takes about 1,5h to get to school, which is fine cause I can study on the train.
day two. or pretty much the first day cause we started playing with makeup today. It was all about colors, matching, blend into new colors etc. from eye shadows, to lipstick to foundations. find the right color. It was fun and challenging. also modeled for eachother which means I have officially done my first (half) makeup on another person. haha! it was a bit scary actually since we don't know eachother that well yet in the class. luckily it's a small class with only 5 girls so I'm sure we will get to know each other soon.

tomorrow we are gonna work with eyebrows, shapes and color.

when I got back home from school I got everything done for tomorrow and then sat down on my couch for a while. watched some TV and realized I've been up for sooo many hours and it's still only 3pm haha. good feeling actually.

now I'm back on the couch after doing cardio. 4km, stop at every 0,5km for 10 squats and 10push ups -on toes. first time doing it and it was fun. felt a little awkward when there was people around me but I stopped caring after 1km :) got the inspiration from an old school mate. He did 5km and 25squats/25pushups every 0,5km. I Deffo have something to work for!

now: shower, dinner and evening on the couch. :)

congrats Osku

congrats to halfswede on your world tour /PBA title!

bye bkk

so i changed both my plans and my flight. I decided to back home a day earlier than planned so I could make it to my first day of school. haha busy schedule for sure but there are so many great things going on at the moment.

so yesterday I was in Bangkok already planning my next flight and my next trip. It is now official that I made the World Bowling Tour ranking finals in Vegas this year!! This will be my second espn TV show in my career. PRETTY AWESOME IF YOU ASK ME! haha. my goal the whole season was to make it back and I did! 3rd on the WBT ranking for 2013-2014. 1st is Kelly Kulick and 2nd is Liz Johnsson.

another exciting thing was my first day of school today. Nervous day but one step closer to make my dream come true! name of the school is International Makeup Center, IMC in Malmö. so this blog is gonna be a bowling, traveling, workout and makeup blog. how awesome is that?

haha but anyways. no time to rest. landed around 7am, school at 8.30am-10.30am, 1h travel time, 11.30-3.30pm shopping complements to my schoolwork/makeup bag, 3.30-4.30pm studying/fixing my makeup bag, 5pm bodypump class, 6pm dinner with josefine, 7pm - sleep?

TIRED but let's gooooo!

Bangkok thailand

Now I know.
today when we had dinner on the 6th floor facing out towards the high buildings and busy traffic I realized how much I love/hate this city.

There are so many memories that comes back to me every single time I'm here. It is by far the city I have the most emotions connected to. One of the happiest moments in life took place here 3 years ago. Two years ago I was devastated going back here cause the reason of happiness were now a heartbreaking situation. luckily this year I made a friendship that was gonna mean alot to me. a bright moment in this tough trip.
last year I didn't even go back. I was not even planning on going this year. It's not that I don't like it here but I just can't handle being alone here.

today is a good day though. I gave it my all on the lanes and it was not enough. I can't think of anything else I should have done. I just wasn't ready yet, I couldn't get a good look here and that's OK. why? cause this city brought me some good in the bad. I will explain more tomorrow. another reason why it's a good day is cause I have this amazing app called skype. still smiling after my last call on there a while ago.

so bangkok.
I hate you for all the memories you bring back to me and I fucking love you for the memories you bring back to me.

and to J, my long lost friend. dont know if you will ever read this but i want you to know that I miss you. I hope you are doing good wherever you are. It's been over a year now. Thinking about you always but today brought back happy memories where we challenged each other eating brownies, making videos and listening to music in the bowl. ♡

sentimental Saturday.
going down to the lobby to enjoy a glass of wine and celebrate the good times and the bad times and everything in between.


Not even here not even this trip. I almost forgot how much I hate the feeling of being homesick. baah today reminded me. I thought I had a good day until I got more tired at the bowl, didn't get the squad I planned on bowling and when I finally got to bowl I messed it up twice and that cost me big time.
I know that I am so close of overcoming my fear. my fear of being good enough. and that is what is making me so frustrated. I'm finally bowling good. I execute my shots very good even in a bowling center i don't like. that's not very common. I felt confident in executing my shots but somehow I'm still able to mess it up.
god damn it Sandra.
I'm gonna bowl my heart out tomorrow.
I'm done with doubting myself.

I need two good blocks. come on!

Thursday in thailand

Finally a block that felt OK. +50 but still too many splits. I am one step closer to finding the high scores though. bowled 190 240 190. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I need two high blocks. my asylum and hyroad pearl did alright today.

Other than bowling today me and kim went to hard rock, of course, for dinner. Two nights in a row with Korean bbq was enough so had to try something "new". ribs and brownie. yum! This girl needs to go back at the gym when I get back home. haha to much delicious food lately. oh well.

We also went to the night market for a short stroll. found these beautiful pictures that I wish I could buy but unfortunately I don't know how to get them back in one piece. so sad. maybe I can figure it out.

Also got asked like 20times if I wanted to go on a ping pong show, but they didn't ask Kim. I guess he looks local and I look like a lesbian 😂 hahaha but I Deffo wanna go before going home. see if I can get someone to go with. craziest thing EVER!

bowling again tomorrow in the afternoon. hope to score two good blocks! fingers crossed. I wanna get in the cut!


my birthday was better than I dared to hope. alot better.

It is overwhelming to read all the posts on Facebook, instagram, messages and phone calls. I am blessed to have such amazing friends all over the world. Thank you all so much for taking time out of your day to wish me a happy birthday. I have read each and every little post. I recieved gifts, cakes and a beautiful birthday song.

also a big thank you to Kim Bolleby for making the day even better. dinner at a Korean bbq place and then drinks at hard rock cafe! I had a blast. :)

not feeling too awesome today though. haha jetlagged, a little hungover. not bowling today just watching and learning. goal is to stay awake all day. wish me luck!

birthday girl

Good morning bangkok!

I made it and they did let me into the country! go me.

I landed this morning at 6am local time. I believe we have 5h ahead of Swedish time. hate to travel this way cause of the time. anyways. flight was good, 10h and I think I got an hours sleep. watched the other women, red riding hood, many episodes of two and a half men, ate, read my book and some sleep. yea that's pretty much what I did.
I got picked up at the airport and they drove me to my hotel where I met Kim for breakfast. delicious! I was so hungry. hate airplane food.

After breakfast I went upstairs for a little nap. I was supposed to meet kim again at 1pm but my alarm never went off so I overslept half an hour. why does that happen? I don't understand. stupid phone.

still in bed, feeling shitty right now. trying to get some energy to take a shower and the get over to the bowl and watch. don't know if I'm gonna bowl today or just try to stay awake the whole day, hopefully get a good night's sleep and then bowl tomorrow instead. We will see

scores can be found at under calendar you can find the PBA and world tour stop event in Bangkok, Thailand. :)

travel day

What a horrible start to this trip.
I am flying with Thai airways for the first time and if it wasn't for the pretty Thai girls on the flight that is so polite, this would Deffo be my last time.
As you all know, bowling balls weight alot. I'm normally traveling with 6 balls but cause of the rules of this airline I can only bring two balls on my ticket. I called the airline to make sure it was possible for me to buy one extra bag a 23kg on this trip. I got a yes and a prize that was close to what we normally pay, around 600-700swedish kr.

This i tell the girl at the check in counter and she tells me no. We only do pay/kg. so she calculated and gave me a 1100$ bill. WHAT THE FUCK?!
insane. In the end I had only myself to blame cause it's my responsibility to read the home page to find out the charges. truth is I tried, called two other friends to get some help and last the airline to figure it all out. and this was before I even bought the ticket.

I am furious.
550$ bill and I could only bring 5balls.
I would have never picked this airline if I was told the actual rules.

At least I'm boarded and ready for this 10h trip with my new book: 50 shades of grey. bring on rain, bowling & good food please.

and maybe a drink or two tomorrow, special occasion!

Today: work. tomorrow: thailand.

I've had big problems with my blog app. I tried to post and every time it either shuts down or I loose service. so annoying!

since last time we spoke I have done some pretty fun things, I have watched a soccer game love, played beerpong, worked, danced, dinner celebrations with my friends and parents and bowled.

Milton came here after work on Thursday and we decided to go see my favorite team play. me, josefine, Alexander and Milton. its was a fun match and my team won! After the game we went back go my place for some beerpong and to hang out for a bit. Amelie joined us. had a blast!

work on Friday for an hour and a half. ran some errands and then back home for a powernap before dinner. showered, changed and got picked up at 6pm. pre-drink and dinner with my closest friends back home to celebrate my 23rd birthday in advance. ended the evening with dancing but left downtown pretty early.

Saturday I spent pretty much on the couch all day. I was so tired. actually went practicing for an hour and that was pretty much it. rented 3 movies on the way home: runner runner, 2 guns and make a move. anyone seen them?

today was work between 1pm-7pm. so busy cause the weather is bad over here. Did laundry at the same time too. phewwww

but now it's all done. I'm packing my things cause tomorrow is a new adventure. Thailand is on the schedule. can't wait! really looking forward to get the season started :)

first some sleep then off to practice in the morning and then train ride to cph to catch my flight straight to bkk.


goooood morning peeps

yesterday was a busy day. I had work, coaching, errands and practice all day. Not a minute off until the late evening. I got home pretty late too cause I went by josefines on the way home to say hi. her brother was there visiting and I haven't seen him in forever.
came home around midnight and couldn't fall asleep until like 1am.

but even though I knew I wasn't gonna get that much sleep I still put the alarm on 6.45am to go out for a morning run. The first this summer I believe. 6km! better than expected :) could feel my knee a bit the first km so I think I need to warm up a little better next time. otherwise it felt pretty good. weather was amazing!

now ready for work 9.30am-2pm and after that.... MILTON GETS HERE :D happytimes.

bad boys

day one out of 6 workdays this week
it was a busy day today. The weather was pretty bad so that was good for us!

even though I have been standing up and walking around all day the first thing I did after work was to meet up with Josefine and we went out for a powerwalk. poor kid got a blister from her shoes first time working out this summer. hahaha I guess next time im gonna ask shes gonna say no. soooorrry

made dinner when I got home, spaghetti bolognese, my favorite! ate and then took a looooong shower. refreshing! gotta do all I can to feel good tomorrow. I feel sore already from yesterdays bp-class so I doubt that im gonna feel better tomorrow.
soon gonna get some sleep, tomorrow is a busy day!

9.30am-3/4pm work
4pm errands
5pm bodyattack class
7pm-9pm bowling practice

wish me luck

now: bad boys on tv 👌

golden boys

what a fantastic start to this monday! I was sleeping in, woke up right before noon and watched a movie. when the movie was over I took a quick look through fb and saw the guys were in the top4 in doubles at the world youth championships. changed from movie to live streaming by I was so nervous but the guy did a great job on the lanes and ended up with a gold medal! so excited for them. :)

teared up and I had goosebumps all over! congrats Markus and Pontus!

this gave me inspiration so I was off to the bowl for a practice session. focus on hitting my target and also speed adjustments. must say ive been bowling very good lately. very happy about this - looking forward to thailand in 7days. :)

my mom picked me up after practice and we went to the gym for a bodypump class. and guess what? I could finally put on more weights on the leg part!! yaaaay and my knee is not a problem anymore 😍

when I got home I made some food, baconwrapped chicken filet with rice, sauce and pineapples. yum! now ready for a shower and to spend the evening on the couch. tomorrow is back to work :)


I was wrong about how I was gonna spend my saturday evening. Amanda texted and we decided to go out for a long powerwalk. from my place down to the beach, by the small boat marina, through the woods (dont ask me why we went through there cause we had no idea where we were, haha) then back home. 2h walk and we chatted the whole way, catching up. I dont get to see this girl alot but the amazing part about our friendship is that no matter how long it has been, our friendships remains the same. ♡ this girl is amazing.

view at the beach during our powerwalk yesterday. home sweet home

I was back home around 10.30pm, started watching a movie, then another movie, then the third movie. fell asleep around 2.30am. which was stupid cause im sooo tired today. at least I got to sleep in. 1pm-6pm work and also practiced for about an hour, on short. thank god for urethane balls. 👌

now back on my coach, just ate and cant make up my mind if I wanna go downtown to meet with my girls or not. well I want to but do I have the energy?

world youth championshipS

I can with a big smile share the great news of two bronze medals in singles this afternoon. my awesome team mate Jenny Wegner and one good friend of mine Jesper Svensson bowled great today. I am so proud and happy for you guys. you two are two very talented bowlers and you totally deserve it. kick ass the rest of the championship! go for gold!


had an amazing day from the moment I woke up til bedtime. first work for only 1,5h. just perfect if you ask me ;) then I met up with my bff Josefine, ran som errands and then sat down at a outdoor restaurant to cool down with a beer. one beer turned out to be four and also a few other friends stopped by. sat there for a few hours, lovely!

went home to my mom and dads to walk the dogs, I was gonna watch their house over the night. had some friends over later on for wine and to play some games. had a great time and my tummy hurts from laughing so much yesterday!

today when the dogs started barking at 7.30 I was not happy. haha so not used to it. took them out for a long walk and then got ready for my 2h work shift. did I tell you I love my schedule at the moment? haha. after work, back up to my parents for another walk. the dogs have so much energyyyyy. right after that walk I went back home, ate and then took a well needed nap.

now watching one of my favorite movies, honey. love dance. gonna be stuck here probably all day. tomorrow is work and practice :) only 9days left!


9.30am-2pm work

not feeling too great today. I have a cold, sore throat, coughing and a little head ache. I felt ok this morning, went to work and thank god I had my nose spray with me so I could breath normally. haha
when I came home from work and sat down on the couch I could feel how I just lost all my energy. fell asleep.

woke up an hour later, body is aching. probably just gonna spend my day at home and rest. I would be very happy if I could wake up and feel great tomorrow!


9.30am-4pm work

just signed out with a big smile. ive been baking pretty much all day, banan cakes and chocolate cake with coconut topping. yum. kitchen smelled so good earlier.

but it was not really that part that made me smile today. I just booked a ticket to thailand a few mins ago. leaving in 12days, world bowling tour event! as I told you yesterday I recieved a message that was gonna change my plans in the near future. this is it. a trip I was not expecting to go on, but I guess things change. haha I dont mind. I got the great news that I am 3rd on the world tour ranking going into the last tournament. I totally miss counted before usa. I thought it was two more tournaments and that I was too far behind, turns out its only one tournament and im ahead. need to go to thailand and do a decent tournament to stay in 3rd.
and if I do; that means world tour ranking finals in vegas later this year. same tv-show I bowled 2011..

one of my goals this season was to get back on there. lets make this goal happen!!!


woke up with a sore throat, cancelled my morning run and did a few bicep, abs and shoulder routines at home instead. any workout is better than no workout.

took a shower and got ready for my lunch date. josefine and john came over to wait for the rest to show up. when mathias and elin showed up we jumped in the car and started the drive to höganäs where they have a big buffet of pancakes. 😍 we spent an hour there, pancake after pancake. yum

when I was there I recieved and email that is gonna change my schedule a bit in the near future. I need to get everything sorted out before I tell you all about it but it is GREAT news for me.
things are really going my way at the moment. I can now share other news.

first off lets get rid of the sad news:
my year at loudmouth has come to and end and unfortunately we could not continue our partnership together. I wanns thank loudmouth golf for a fun year in colorful clothes!

onto the good news:
I am making one of my dreams reality in a few weeks. I have signed up for a course, I am going back to "school". starting aug25th and 10weeks later I will be a certified make up artist! I am super excited about this and it is really a dream come true!

I cant stop smiling every time im talking about it :)

nuff about that
I also practiced today, actually starting to get back to a good feeling. not all shots but the good ones are better than they have been for a long time. practice again tomorrow. hard work pays off they say. :)

making plans for the evening at the moment. well see what happens, nothing too exciting since im going back to work tomorrow :)


Hörby camp

thanks to Skånes Bowlingförbund for the invite and for having me today. it was a fun and exciting day together with the next generation of bowlers. makes me a happy bowler to see such will and talent amongst the youth bowlers in the south part of sweden.

today I got to share my story and also hear their stories. we bowled against each other and we bowled with each other. we did some team work challenges. I must say im impressed they could do the long days in this weather, it was hot in the bowl and they didnt say anything about being tired or any fingers hurting.

again, thanks guys for having me! I hope to see you all soon again :)

back on track

august 4th.
I am ready to get back on routines, bowl, work and workout.
I have had one of the best summers ever. I have been surrounded by my closest friends and family, made some shorter trips, done spontaneous things, wine-dates on rooftops, beerpong under the stars, midnight swims in the ocean, poolparty, bbq's and sleepover with the nephew.
I have bowled and worked out a few times, when I have felt that I missed it, to stay in shape.
I now feel that I miss the game, I miss the routines, I miss hanging out in the bowl and im excited to get started again.
and what better way to start the season but to get invited to a camp and visit them today, 10-15youth bowlers, to talk about my journey. im nervous but I cant wait to share my story on and off the lanes. after all im 22years old and ive been competitive since the age of 5. :)

arrived to the bowl in Hörby now, just wanted to do a quick update and let you know im alive :)

will update you all later on how we did today and a also share a some good news.



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