First time in the green shirt, we won by 22-10. It almost the same way of bowling as the Swedish league, we are 6(wo)men team and bowling doubles on the pairs. One game on each lane and the last game on the same lane you started on. For each win you get 2p, so you bowl for 32p (2p for each pair and one for the total). 
We are one international team, there are 3girls on the team that has been on Team Denmark, 1 from Team Latvia and me, from Team Sweden. Also 2more girls from the team we bowled against that are on/has bowled for team Denmark. Good bowlers on the lanes! 

It's fun, the girls on the team are young and cheering on each other. 

Also my Danish soldier, Kamilla Kjeldsen bowled a 300 today! Together we bowled 1840/8 on a 37ft pattern. It was hooking a lot. 3opens that are splits. Otherwise happy with how I bowled, have to have in mind my last practice session was bad. 880. 

We bowled in Aalborg but their home center is in Horsens, so we drove to Horsens and made it here about 30mins ago. We are out for dinner now the whole team, waiting for everyone to get here, at a place called Flammen. Amazing place with meat-buffet. 15types of meat and everything you need with it. Looks great, can't wait to dig in! I'm hungryyyyy. 

Stars & Strikes

On my way to the airport. 
Bowling league in Aalborg today.
Bowling league in Horsens tomorrow. 

A weekend in Denmark! 
Looking forward seeing my Danish friends again, especially this girl: 
Team mates in both Spader Dam (Swedish league) and Stars and Strikes (Danish league) 


woke up early, again. but it's good for me, I always have problems waking up/get out off bed. I hate that. It feels so much easier now to get up when I'm a little messed up with time. 

Got ready and went downtown to do some errands before mom picked me up so we could go to Väla, the big shopping center in Helsingborg. Only 20mins away, we went there to get some more Christmas decorations for the bowling center and also to check out some dining tables. I'm looking for a new table for my new place, moving in January (don't know if I've told you that?). Why does it have to be so freaking expensive, everything that has to do with furnishing/decorations? Was also looking for some new candlesticks, almost 100$ for one!! Just a single one you put on the table. Ridiculous. 
Well I'm glad I got to spend some time with mom today, also little kiddo - my nephew. 

When I got back home, I just unpacked my big bag with laundry and then Emma picked me up. Movie-time! We watched The Hunger Games - catching fire. Love both of them and I can't wait for the next movie to come out! If you haven't seen them, then Do! 

Back home now, my bag is packed for this weekends trip. Off to Aalborg tomorrow for Danish league. Bowling both Saturday and Sunday. My first time bowling the league over there and to be honest, I have no idea how it works! I will explain it all to you guys as soon as I know myself! Haha :) 
Alarm goes off early so better get some sleep. Gnite x 


Going to the movies with Emma. Time I watch the hunger games - catching fire! 

Christmas is here

phew. would lie if I told you I have energy left after the last few days. today was another day at work, last one before I leave again - which feels amazing. I had some stuff to do in the pro shop and after that I helped mom with putting all the Christmas decorations up in the bowl. 

I decided to drag my ass down to the lanes to practice for a while but that was not a successful session. bad. like very bad. My whole body is hurting too. Last few shots felt ok but I think I need to just rest for a day and get back on it on Saturday. If I can, I might go down again tomorrow just for a little while. I'm gonna try to stay away from the building tomorrow but we will see. Cause tomorrow is actually a day off and hopefully not cause I'm not feeling well, just a regular day off. and I'm gonna spend it with mom! it is the last day for me at home before I leave and before her surgery. Kills me that I'm not at home the day she's getting her surgery done. I'm gonna be sitting on an airplane back home - at least I know the first thing I'm gonna do when I get back home. 
So tomorrow we are gonna enjoy the last day together, cause the next few months are gonna be tough, especially for her but for me too. <3 she's gonna do great, I know it. 

time to make some dinner and cuddle up on the couch. or should I go out for a walk? we will see. 

Countdown: 2&4

2days until: league in Denmark 
4days until: world bowling tour in Abu Dhabi/Qatar 

loooooong days

very very long Day in the bowling center. 10h - practice for 2,5h/work for 7,5h. I'm guessing tomorrow will be just the same.

Practice Went alright. Me and mom were filming and comparing to old videos of me and it looks like we are on the right way. feels so good!
Cant wait to practice some more again tomorrow, feeling more motivated after last nights-coffee date with a friend. We talked a whole lot and i learned alot from him and hopefully he learned something from me. We were talking alot about experiences, traveling, psychology, self-confidence.

''for things to change, you have to change.''
''dont wish it was easier, wish you were better
dont wish for less problems, wish for more skills.
dont wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.
accept the challenge, cause you cant grow without it''



feeling much better today! I woke up only time time at 6am and could fall back asleep only a few mins later, woke up again at 8.30 and it felt ok to actually stay awake at that time. I do feel a little bit tired at the moment. Probably cause I've had things to do all day and now is the first time I'm actually sitting down, relaxing. 

started the day with a walk downtown to do some errands, lunch with Josefine and also a hot chocolate at one of the cafes so we could catch up for a bit. I haven't spend that many hours at home lately. Went to the bowl for an interview at 1pm, an interview for a newspaper in town. Coming out next Wednesday. 
Checked out the pro shop, not much to do today but tomorrow looks busy in there! Fun fun fun. 
Practiced for a bit with Josefine and John too, was good to get a few shots done. Gonna squeeze in some more practice in the schedule tomorrow!
Just finished my second meeting, got some products to try from Verve/Vemma. Anyone of you guys who have tried their products? 
Have another meeting in an hour, gonna get some dinner in my tummy first. 

Booked my flights for this weekend too. No, no vacation. Bowling! Guess where? :) 

voice, where are you?

this day didnt really go by plans. after coughing all morning I fell asleep again after 5hours of facebooking, twittering, instagraming, watching tv-shows. I just couldn't stay awake. Set my alarm for 10.30am. Alarm went off. Snooze. Set my alarm for 11.30am. Had to force myself to stay awake, I knew I couldn't go back to sleep. I texted my brother and he said it was nothing that had to be done at work today so it was no problem for me to stay at home and recover. Cancelled my spinning-session, cancelled house league. 
New plan: stay on the couch, drink loads of tea and stay warm. do not talk, saving my voice. 

brrr. I'm a little mad a the situation. sometimes all you want is a break, a day off, a day were you can be lazy on the couch and just do nothing. no needs. and every time you get sick you just wanna get well ASAP. ironic, isn't it? 

one more thing that is ironic, right after I wrote "do not talk, saving my voice" I get two phonecalls. 35min on the phone - that worked out well. one interview booked for tomorrow (5min call)& the other call was from Frida <3 (the 30min call, haha!). 

getting back to silent mode now. 

good morning, Sweden

I am wide awake. 
Woke up 1,5h ago and couldn't fall back asleep. If I was feeling good I would jump out of bed and go out for a walk but my cold is not cooperating and my voice is still lost so I figure I need some rest. -3celsius degrees would be a refreshing walk, for sure. 
plan today is to show up at work, hope to feel a little better later on. I scheduled a spinning-session today too but I think I'm gonna cancel it, don't think I will be able to do it. 
I have to bowl house-league later on, so practice is needed. 
At least I have a plan, we will see how the day turns out. 

Home sweet home!

I am dead. Or at least I feel dead. 
One loooooong day. Got back home like an hour ago, sat down on my living room floor to charge my phone, started the tv and I'm still stuck here. I don't have the energy to move. 
The last two days have been alot of fun. Surrounded by some great people. Banquet was a blast. I got to try the Russian way of partying. 1vodka shot became 2, then 3, and so on. These guys are crazy with their Vodka. I decided to stop drinking at midnight cause otherwise I would've either fall asleep or visit the toilet and i wanted to feel ok today when we were traveling. Haha - responsible girl. getting old. 
We danced, we laughed, we went outside to do snow angels, we talked, I made some new friends. Great evening! 

Thank you so much guys for making it a night to remember! 

After only 3,5h sleep I woke up by a phone-call. This girl overslept and had to jump out of bed, get dressed and hurry downstairs to make our taxi. It happens every single time after the banquets. And seriously is the only time I oversleep too! So annoying. 

Well, we made the flight. Trip home was good but long. Left the hotel at 7.30am and 17h later I walk into my apartment. 
I'm gonna shower, get my American flag-one piece on and cuddle up on the coach with some food, tea and a good movie. If I can stay awake that long! 

Thanks mom & dad for coming with me to the place in the middle of nowhere to support me. You guys are the best. Love you <3 


Caroline Lagrange & Or Aviram is the winners for this years World Cup


This is what you guys are missing out on if you're not watching live-streaming right now! Mexico vs. South Africa 290-289. What a show! Tune in on http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=x7fNxLXYnjY


"If you smile through your pain and sorrow, smile and maybe tomorrow you'll see the sun come shining through for you." 

#bowlingstyles from around the #world

World Cup 2013 - countries in the video: USA, Hungary, Reunion, Monte Negro, Singapore, Canada, Irak, Mexico, South Africa, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Ireland, Philippines, Israel, Dominican Republic, Poland, Russia and Norway.


World Cup is now over for me. Finished 10th and missed top8 by 74pins. 74pins is pretty easy to find in 32games. Im very disappointed with my performance over here, not technique-wise but that I didn't trust myself enough to make the moves and decisions that had to be made and in time. I wanted a little too much in the beginning of the week, a little unfocused and insecure. Became better and better during the week but it was a little too late. It was really hard to try and catch up with the top3 girls on this pattern when the scores was as high as they were. When you can only afford 2shots in each game that are not a strike, (they still need to be 9 or MAYBE 8) otherwise you will with a little bit of luck be even or in worst case fall behind. 
Mentally exhausting week. World Series was nothing compared to this, mentally. 
I'm not really the bowler who shots 1450-1500 when its easy. I make my 1250-1350 regardless of how hard the pattern is. Why that is, I don't know but it's something I need to figure out. I think I need to go back home and work on my mental game. I was so mentally strong when I was younger. I didn't care. I did what I loved and I was good at it. Things outside of bowling happens and I guess that affects us on the lanes too, with confidence. I need to start working on it. 

I gave it a try the last two blocks but it's was unfortunately not enough. 

Big THANK YOU for all the support from my family and friends from all around the world. Means the world to me! 
I'm gonna go back home and work hard  to come back stronger! 
You guys are the best. 
Messages, emails, posts on Facebook, everything - I read everything. and watch everything, best video from a friend back home poster on Instagram. Haha. You guys bring back the smile. 

lots of love 


after bowling today I had lunch (with ALOT of garlic to try to get my cold away, i hope that is not just a myth, otherwise i smell terrible for no reason at all.) and then went upstairs to my room to take a nap. 45min nap and woke up drooling on myself. having a cold is no fun. 
showered and got dressed.
me, mom and dad went out for dinner tonight. we went to Harley's. a motorcycle bar/restaurant that reminded me very much of hard rock. they played music from a jukebox and yea, it was pretty much hard rock with another name. 
we got the menu, in Russian. no English at all. easiest to order? burger. 
food was unfortunately not even close to be as good as it is at Hard Rock Cafe. 

a refreshing walk back to the hotel -2celsius and windy. hurried back up to cuddle up in my bed with a cup of tea. 

not much other than food, sleep and bowling is going on over here at the moment - which is good. Means I'm still in. 
Gonna get some sleep soon, early wake up call tomorrow. breakfast at 6.30, can't wait! 💤💤 

Game 19-24

Scores are slowly getting better for me. Today I bowled well. Still have one bad game, split in the 10th but I had a better feeling today. Played with my Totally Defiant pretty much the whole day. 

Even though I bowled almost 200over I still fell further behind top3. That how's high the scores are. 
Top24 made it through, im 10th. We are bowling 8games tomorrow. My plan is to get into top8. Only 21pins up there. 
One shot at a time! 


TGIF on a Wednesday!

I don't mind! I needed something to cheer up. Dinner was planned at TGIF. Finallyyyy a dinner where you know what you will get and it's gonna be goooood. I had the baby back ribs, they were amazing. 

When I woke up this morning I felt that I had a cold coming. Normally I can get the feeling of it and a few days later it goes away, it never breaks out but this time it seems different. I've been drinking 3 cups of tea today and I stayed warm just to make it go away as soon as possible. Having another cup right now, with some chocolate. 
Hoping for a good nights sleep and to feel better in the morning! 

Bowling at noon. 

Game 13-18

This is so frustrating. I have no words for it. I am +371 in 18games, averaging 220 and I'm almost 500pins behind the leader. 478pins. Four seven eight. 
How is this fun? 

Obviously I'm still doing something wrong. I need to figure out what it is and do it within 24h. Bowling at noon tomorrow. Any suggestions? 


Getting ready to bowl. It is early in the morning, 7.25am - I had trouble falling asleep last night but somehow I feel ok anyways. It's time to make some damage, all or nothing. 

Striking shoes on, lets go! 

Game 7-12

A little bit better but still not as good as I was hoping for. I bowled very well in the middle of the block with 279-290. I still haven't figured out what to do the first and the last game, that's where I'm loosing the most pins. I have an idea for tomorrow and I'm really hoping to score even higher to clime a bit in the list. I could really use that. 

I'm bowling early tomorrow morning, 8am out time - which is 1am Swedish time. I need a big block!! Fingers crossed please. 

Day 5:

Oh sweet Jesus, the scores are so high! Worth mentioning: 
Tore Torgersson Norway - back to back 300games for a 1571
Mats Maggi Belgium - 1599
Peter Hellström Sweden - 1517 
Bodo Konieczny Germany - 1481
Christopher Sloan Ireland - 1475

Just to name a few! Not sure i got all the high 6games series but 3 over 1500 in the same squad is ALOT! 

I'm getting ready to bowl now. I think I'm gonna borrow Peters striking shoes! 


Game 1-6


I bowled very bad in the beginning, I was stressed and couldn't get a good feeling and rhythm in my shots. It took me about two games before I could relax and actually bowl. We are only 3on each lane and only leave one lane - which I'm not use too. Back home and normally on tournaments you leave two lanes. It went way too fast for me but after two games I realized I could take my time cause we had to wait for at least two frames after our game. Bowled better, it was easier to make the decisions until the last game. It was tricky. I couldn't really get a good ball reaction, I changed ball and I moved. Nothing seemed to be good enough, ended up with 193. 

Not happy with how I bowled but my scores turned out ok. I'm 16th after the first day with only 30pins to top8. I wonder what my scores will be like when I start bowling good? :) bring on tomorrow so I can do it better! 

I'm bowling again at 4pm tomorrow, Peter is bowling at noon. 


Boys first 6games

Peter Hellström was killing it the first squad. He bowled 1543 and is now in the lead after the first 6games. 

I can't wait to get on the lanes but I have to wait another 3h. 
I woke up around 9am, ate breakfast and went to the bowl to see the last game. He bowled very well. 
After his squad me and mom went to the shopping centre only 15mins walk from here, it was big, we spent a few hours there, had lunch and went back. It's not easy to be out walking here, the traffic is crazy and I can't really understand their rules. And this things called sidewalks doesn't always exist. 
This weather is not making them better.

Back at my room. Just woke up from a nap. I'm gonna see if I can find somewhere to do a few exercises to really wake up - since the gym is too expensive to go to, one day pass is 1000roubles/200kr! unbelieveable. We only got one day for free. 

Bowling at 8pm/13.00swedish time. Wish me luuuuuuck :) 

To do before I die:

- go to the gym in Siberia [check] 
after the opening ceremony I went upstairs to change and then back done to go next doors where the gym is. world class gym. very nice place - might go there again :) 

Opening Ceremony

The hardest part is to be patient and just stand on the approach and listen to all the speeches. I always get too much energy when I'm supposed to be relaxed and just wait. My body just turns the other way and I can barely stand still, I get bored. I don't think I'm the only one that feels that way, but this opening ceremony was really good. We lined up on the approach, they made their speeches and then we walked out again. I think it took us about 25mins to be done in there. The ceremony continued downstairs in the lobby, with live band, live dancers and food. Food was really good and the entertainers were amazing - as you can see in the short video I posted before! 
There was also alot of people watching, I was so surprised. I don't think I have ever seen that many at an opening ceremony before. 
Russia, I must say you have impressed me so far. Even the weather is nice to us. They told us that normally this time a year it's -20degrees Celsius and its actually 5degrees Celsius outside right now! :) 

#opening #ceremony

I've bowled 2european youth championships, 2world youth championships, 2european women championships, 2world women championships, 2european cups, this is my second World Cup event - and I must say this opening ceremony was, by far, the best one.

Official practice

Official practice is now done. 1h and 15mins over 32lanes. I feel ready for tomorrow. 

Now bring on the opening ceremony, get this week started!! 

I am bowling in group B the rest of the week, Peter is also bowling in group B but for men. You can find the schedule on the tournament website or: 

#official #practice

The second squad for official practice is on the lanes right now. :)


We went out for a walk to find a restaurant, about 10-15mins walk from the hotel we found this amazing place called Shelf. 
This might be the most beautiful restaurant I've ever been to. It started with the entrance where they had this big aquarium where you could hand-pick your oysters and crabs. They welcomed us and got our jackets taken care of. Went a little bit further into the restaurant, behind curtains we would find our own room with a long set table. We could probably fit at least 12people to this table so us 5got plenty of space. 
As I told you before, English is not a language many people speak over here which therefor means menues normally are written in Russian. 

So we had to guess a little. I saw the picture down to the right on the menu and found out I was looking at steaks, exactly what I wanted. The waitress said something about File Mignon so I said "YES! I'll have one". Food was so good! The plates looked so inviting. 
We didnt stop there, we had to guess a little bit more. Desserts! I google-translated chocolate to Russian and waiter said "I fix". And he sure did. Yum, it was so good. 

I'm so happy we found this place, I'm from now on guaranteed good food - I'm just gonna have to go back there. 
We got a chock when we got to check. 9700roubles for 5people 1940roubles/person (almost 400swedish kr. 

Great dinner! 

 Time for bed! Gnite world. 

November 16th

Happy birthday wifey! Hope you'll have an amazing day. <3

Day 2

Today's practice also went well. As you can see I posted a video of me bowling a few shots. Also when Peter leaves the 5pin, made him do 3shots - 5pin, 10pin, 10pin. I think he gets nervous in front of the camera ;) 
Tomorrow is official practice and it all starts on Monday! Can't wait! 

After practice I went to the SPA to get a massage. I always get the sport massage so I picked the same today. First time I've ever had a guy as a masseur. Daaaaamn he was hard-handed! I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be sore tomorrow. 
And the weirdest thing ever, he massaged my tummy. Most awkward body part to massage everrr. Felt so weird. 
Other than that it was really good! And so cheap, I paid only 1280roubles which is 260swedish kr or 40US$ for an hour! 
I don't mind at all! :) 

I think we are gonna go out for dinner tonight, to get out of the hotel/bowl. I am a little nervous cause I'm kinda picky with food and they are not very good in English over here, at least not in the bowl/restaurant in this building, so the menu is not always in English and that's a big problem! They have other letters here too so you can't even guess what it says. Gonna show you a few signs later :) 


#unofficial #practice

Answer is yes, I had to put this video up when Peter leaves the 5pin. :)

Good morning!

It was a struggle to stay awake during dinner last night and when I finally made it up on the room I was not tired. Like always. Tired when I time is not right to go to bed and when I finally can - I'm wide awake. I took a relaxing bath and watched a movie and this helped out alot. 
I went to bed around 10.45pm. 
Woke up the first time at midnight with the feeling that I overslept! I was all worried that I missed out on practice. Haha! Managed to fall back asleep, woke up a few more times but I decided to force myself to go back to sleep. Not many times a year I get to do that. ;) 
Alarm went off at 8am, it's 8.30am right now and I'm still in bed. I don't really wanna leave the bed cause its so comfy with a big fluffy cover and fluffy pillows. But I have to, breakfast at 9am with the guys. First practice at 11am, second at 2pm, massage at 4pm. 
a good day if you ask me! 

Time to get this day started! 

Follow us:

Qubica AMF World Cup is gonna be easy to follow this year. You are able to watch the live streaming on the Qubica AMF's YouTube-channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/QubicaAMFWorldwide 
They will cover a pair of lanes showcasing all bowlers as we move across the lanes and have live commentary- including interviews with bowlers and coaches. 

You can find the live online-scoring at: http://www.qubicaamf.com/world-cup/Krasnoyarsk-Russian-federation.aspx and click on the On-line scoring button. 

Like the website on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/qubicaamfworldcup to get updates on high scores, country match-ups, bowler high-lights of the day and commentary from the World Cup staff. 

Follow the tournament on twitter: @QubicaAMF 

You can also follow me on my personal updates on 
Instagram: Miniheffaa_
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And of course, on here :) 


Practice session 1&2

Today's practice is now done. I can feel it in my body that we have been missing out on one night, I'm tired in both head and body. But considering the lack of sleep the practice went well. I'm feeling confident and I'm throwing it very good. 

This is my arsenal for this week: 

I'm probably gonna spend the rest of the day in my room, watching movies and hopefully fall asleep in time. Took a 2h nap before, very much needed but I have a feeling I'm not gonna be able to fall asleep tonight. Fingers crossed! I could really use it. Tomorrow we have another unofficial practice at 11am-1pm. Official practice is on Sunday. 

Time-difference: We are 7h ahead of Sweden. 


Welcome to Krasnoyarsk

We made it.
We made it to this cold place. Like really really really cold place. I'm not used to this. You might think Sweden is cold, but I live in the south part - it gets cold but we don't get that much snow and if we do it never stays on the ground (cause its too "hot"). 

Russia means new country! Never been here before and I have to say its different. Traffic is dangerous, at least if you're not used to it. Hotel is amazing, all new - im the first one to stay in my room. Bowl is probably the nicest bowl I've ever seen.  I think I will be ok here for 10days :) bowl and hotel is in the same building too so I don't have to go outside in the cold. 

Gonna practice in 40mins, and also one session later on today. I will show you a better look on the room and bowl later on in a videoblog later on - dont miss out on that! this is what I have so far: 

Ready, set..

everything is packed. 
I'm gonna get some sleep. 
Alarm goes off at 7am. 

Krasnoyarsk, Siberia in Russia - here we come! 


You can find scores and live-streaming right here: 

2011 World Cup South Africa. 
Finished 3rd. 


Mission completed! 
I love to surprise people. And a few days ago I decided to go to Nässjö to get ready for World Cup together with Peter Hellström, the guys that is bowling too. And one of my closest, dearest friends live only an hours drive from here and me together with her boyfriend set up a plan so I could surprise her. I haven't seen her since August and that is waaaaay too long. We used to live only 20mins away from each other. 
So last night, we had a table reservation at a restaurant. I surprised her by showing up there, made me soooo happy to see how much she liked the fact that I showed up. We were talking a few times during the day about when we were gonna see each other again and since i travel alot and shes workjng alot, it's not easy to get it into the schedule. 
We had dinner, went back home and played some games and had chocolate fondue as dessert. Such a great day and everything worked out perfectly! 

Today I'm practicing in Nässjö again, before going back home to work and packing all my stuff. Tomorrow is next trip: World Cup in Russia. Last time in the World Cup I ended up 3rd. I've made some changes with my game and I hope it's gonna be for the good. 

I was planning on doing video blogs during my trip to Russia, how about that? What would you like me to share in these videos? Trip, bowling, sightseeing? Siberia is gonna be cold, might stay inside the whole time, haha! 


when Josefine woke me up at 8am today I really wanted to roll over and fall back asleep. I couldn't fall asleep last night and I kept waking up, just the same as the other days. To get out of bed is the hardest part, if I get through that part then no problems at all. 
I showered and got dressed, jumped in the car and headed to the bowl. Hard work for a few hours, practice with mom, errands, gym and did some work on the computer before I went back home. Got back home an hour ago. It's 9.35pm and I'm ready to go to sleep.
I got a lot done today. Finally booked my flights for Abu Dhabi and Qatar! Can't wait. Two new countries the next month, Russia and Abu Dhabi. 

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day. 
eeeeeek. excited excited excited 


"strike the match, play it loud, giving love to the world. we will be raising our hands - shining up to the sky. 'cause we got the fire fire fire and we are gonna let it burn." 🎶 

Happy Father's Day!

Dad, thank you for all you do for me. You will always be my number one man. Lots of love x 

We got done early today in DK. I got home around 3pm - left my bag at home, changed and went out through the door again. Dinner planned with the family. Mom. Dad. Brother. Nephew.
Food was great, 3courses. Don't have to eat until Tuesday now! Haha

Lit some candles, made some tea, cuddle up on the couch. It's good to be home. A relaxing evening, with no needs, in my own apartment. I'm enjoying it to the fullest. 

Tomorrow is work from early morning til late night - and I can't wait!! Bring it on. And some practice too! Only a few days left at home. Leaving again on Thursday for the World Cup! Excited. :) 

What did this tea, candles and relaxing evening do to me? Looking out through the window, smiling. I'm at home. 
I feel happy. 

pro shop day

The last few days have been busy. or should I say weeks. Anyways, today it felt like it paid off. I got my certification for doing phase 1 of bowling pro shop certification programs #ibpsia. and I might even be the first girl in Sweden with this certification. how cool is that?! 
Today we did had a pro shop day. Do you know what a pro shop day is? Not a day where you clean the pro shop. A day where you spend all day in the pro shop, doing magic - try new stuff, go out on the lanes - practice. One of my favorite days! 
We finished off the evening with a dinner all together, 6of us that participated and the 2guys in charge of this weekend. 

Tomorrow will be an open day to do what we feel we need to practice on or in my case fix my bowling balls. Gonna make sure I will be done in time so I can go home and spend the evening with dad - it's daddy's day tomorrow! 

Now I need to get some sleep. Gnite 


I survived!

Phase 1 out of bowling pro shop certification programs :) 


1.24am and I'm awake. 
I jinxed myself. 
So I might aswell just study for a bit! 

Pro shop seminar

It's long days in DK. 
We started at 9am today and with only a short break for lunch we were done at 4pm. Might not sound like a long day for you but if everything is new - it kinda is. 
Back in the school bench. 

I'm still a little jetlagged but it seems like it is easier this time than last time. I slept all night, had to force myself to sleep the last 4h. (From 4am-8am). 

Tomorrow we are gonna spend all day in the proshop and on the lanes. 
Gotta love it! 

Thought I would show you a better picture of my new hair color. Cause it's red. Like very red. Like very very very red. 
Freaking awesome! 


So 21h at home was great. I wish I could stay a little longer though. But nope, gotta keep up with this schedule. After working the afternoon, Last night I drove to Denmark to spend the night at wifey's new home. She moved to Copenhagen a few weeks ago and since I was going to a seminar in the early morning today I though I could leave one day early so I got to see her before she left for Florence. 
I got here around 8pm last night, we went out for dinner, me, Joline, Frederik and Anders. Bronx burger. Very nice home made hamburgers at this place. 

Ended the night with watching YouTube-videos. I was laughing so much the whole evening, my cheeks hurt. So much fun. And good to see them all again :) 

This morning was a great challenge to wake up. I felt sick cause I was so tired. Nothing to do, just smile and get my ass out of the couch. 11am was the start of the seminar. Pro-shop seminar. 
Interesting and it's great to be here. I just wish my body was a little bit better with the time-difference. I'm struggling to stay awake. And it's not cause I don't like it. It's great here. 

Just finished up the first day, got to the hotel - the smallest and probably one of the worst hotels I've ever been at. Can't wait to spend 3more nights here. 
Good thing is bowling center is just next door so I'm gonna go practice so I can stay awake in a little while. :) 

Red Head

Have more fun. 
Before - After 

All natural. Only wearing jetlag as make up.

Good morning!

Oh wait.. I lied. 
This is not a good morning. I'm dead. I feel like a zombie and I'm pretty sure I look like one too. This thing called jetlag is one of my worst enemies. I got 2,5h sleep, fell asleep 6.30am. Alarm went off at 9am. It would be so much easier to leave bed if it was sunny and warm outside but no, it's hazy and cold. 

Just got to the hair salon, girls and boys are preparing for this day. I'm the red haired experimental project ;) 


The best thing about coming home? 
Knowing that as soon as I walk out of the baggage claim-area, I know that someone close to heart will be there waiting for me. Today, dad stood there with open arms and said "welcome home". 
Think about home many times a year I go to this airport, 1h away -one way. Think about how many hours my friends and family drive to just give me a hug, wish me good luck and send me away safely or just to be there waiting for me when I come home to say two words: welcome home - and pretty much cause I want/need it. 
I've said it before and I'm gonna say it again:
I'm surrounded by amazing people. 
I appreciate so much what they do for me. It means the world to me. They do.

and it doesn't stop there. when I come home, to the apartment - roomies is there waiting for me, to give me a hug and to say those two words. she stays up late just so we can spend time together cause she knows I'm only home for a few hours. She puts everything away, to keep me company cause Im/my body is I'm a different time zone. 

goooosh. I love home. 
can't wait until I get to hug mom tomorrow. and I also get to see wifey in the morning. it's good to be home. 

tomorrow's schedule
*hair modeling at 10am 
*drill new spareball 
*book flights for Abu Dhabi/Qatar
*book flights for AIK/Ballmasters 
*off to Copenhagen for the next 5/6days 

Las Vegas - London

9h flight. 

fell asleep before taking off and woke up by some guy announcing that we were landing in 15mins. 
8h45min nap! 

3h layover here in London before boarding the last flight to Copenhagen. 


Bye Las Vegas

This trip has come to an end. 

I spent the day on the strip. Just walked around, made it to Hard Rock Cafe - had lunch and a drink outside on the balcony overlooking the Las Vegas Boulevard. Sat there for a while just enjoying my last mins here, in this country. I really like it over here. I know that some day I will move here, if only for a little while, I know it's gonna happen. 

I'm leaving to go to the airport in an hour. It's gonna be a long night ahead of me. 13h in the air and a few on 3different airports. 

I wanna thank all of you who took your time to send me messages to wish me good luck, to support me during this past week. It was a great experience and I'm so happy I went over here. I'm ready to go back home, to practice and to get back here next year and do some damage! 
I wanna thank Del Ballard and Storm bowling who helped me out with equipment and coaching over here. I really appreciate it. 
I also wanna thank Vise Inserts for taking me on their staff-crew. 
and to all new friends and old friends that made this trip great both on and off the lanes, always good to see you guys. 

Ok, Vegas. I'm done with you for now. No more music from the gambling machines, no more sounds of people playing with poker chips, no more scrambled egg and bacon. 
 Bring on Swedish meatballs and cold weather! 



I'm alive. 
Not doing very well though, we had a great night out last night. I can tell on how my body is feeling. I'm not young anymore, that's obvious. Two nights in a row with 3h sleep in between was way to much for me, haha! I've been laying in bed all day today. 

We went to Pure nightclub at Caesars Palace. There was a table waiting for us. Dance floor was packed. Longest line I've ever seen to get in too, lucky us we didnt have to stand in line.  

Going back home tomorrow evening. Can't wait. Not until late though, so spending my last day here. What to do? Suitcase is full already so I can't go shopping.. Suggestions? 

Friday fun

I don't hate being on the road, I love it. I'm not miserable on the road, I'm happy. But it doesn't matter where in the world I am, I am still gonna be me. This is me. And this is my blog. 

For example yesterday I had an amazing evening with the Aussies. We went for dinner at Chilis, went out to this bar - coyote ugly at New York New York. We did the roller coaster, not once but twice! So much fun. 

And right now I'm gonna enjoy Saturday evening. We have a birthday to celebrate. Happy birthday, Tommy! 

Sentimental Saturday

So many thoughts running around in my head. I'm mentally exhausted. Body, heart and mind is not running in the same direction. Trying to convince myself I'm ok with things when I'm not. Feeling helpless. 
I wish I could change things. 
I wish. 

It is just one of those days. I'm never gonna get away from them. One of those days where I sit alone in my hotel room, in a different country, looking out through the window and just trying to get all of this out of me so I can start to enjoy this day. sentimental saturday. 

feeling homesick. 

good morning Sweden!

and good night from the other side of the pond. 
had a nice day, first off was official practice for the PBA regional I'm bowling in the morning. We are bowling on the Carmen Salvino - pattern, think it is 42ft. A little tricky, but it think I can make it work tomorrow. 
(We are bowling 8games, top16 makes match play) 
After practice me and Kim went out for shopping at the fashion show mall on Las Vegas blvrd and later on dinner at Maggianos with a small group of people. Food is amazing at this place. 

Just got back a few mins ago. Getting ready for bed. Tomorrow is back on the lanes. Time to makes some damage! Wish me luck! 


This is me. Sandra Andersson. In this blog you get to follow me on my adventures all around the world for bowling.

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