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work it

yesterday I decided not to set an alarm for today. what happens? I sleep so bad, keep having nightmares and I keep waking up the whole time. so when I actually gave up around 10.30am I was so tired it felt like I only slept for an hour. so weird.
made myself some breakfast and went back to bed to watch a movie.

got up around 1pm and went out for a run.

phewww. tired as f*ck afterwards. haha cant believe im gonna run 21km in 47days.

just got back after my round. ended up at moms so I picked up little tiger on the way. missed her 😻

gonna make myself some lunch now and see if I can get some energy to head to the gym in an hour for a body pump session. hope so!
bowling house league later today too.

this girl is gonna fall asleep like a baby tonight

play-offs, here we come!

another game today but this time we ended up winners! love it. thanks to our win today we are now garuanteed a spot in the play-offs. yay! so happy.
I bowled well today too and did the highest 4game score of the game. haha it was "only"about 830 but still. im happy with my performance. confidence boost!

we hurried back home after the game so we could watch a game or two of FH Engelholms match against Team Pergamon. we managed to get there after two games. there was a small chance but Unfortunately FH lost in the end.
two of the guys from gothenburg stayed for a while so we went out for dinner and then back to the bowl for some cosmic bowling bets. as always on sundays!
alcohol free ciders and shots of apple juice concentrate. hahaha feeling it

11.30pm and im in bed ready to watch a movie and then sleep. is that being old and boring or just dedicated and responsible right now? #dedible

bring on a new week!

run for your life

ended this day with a 5km run on the treadmill, took me less than 30min. pretty good if you ask me. :)
im dead tired now though.
gotta get better at it, running. only 49days until im gonna run 21km and ON time. baaah

how do I make it fun?

game day

we bowled today. league in Nässjö, we couldnt really figure out what to do in the beginning and when we finally did it was too late. we bowled on a longer pattern and I was best on out team on 798/4 had a shitty last game. still happy about how I bowled. felt I had control the whole time. progress!
we lost, 13-7.

now in the car since 2h back, on our way to the next stop for 4games of bowling in the morning. Kalmar!

tonight is probably gonna be dinner and hopefully a cardio session at the gym. gotta step it up, not long until the half marathon im gonna run. holy crap. nervous

us against the world

everything happens for a reason.
we know that we are meant to conquer the world together.
we have had our ups and downs but it only made us stronger.
true friendship right here.
love you to the moon and back, Frida.

friday is here

the weather was amazing all day today in the south part of sweden. sun was shining, the sky was clear blue, not a single cloud as far as I could see.

my day started at 7.30am with a morning jog. 30mins. slowly getting back on daily routines. can still feel a little off my cold but it is so much better than last week.
I had to make it early, mom picked me up at 9.30am to drive me to the train station so I could jump on the bus that was gonna take me to Hässleholm, I was gonna take a train from there to Nässjö and from Nässjö another train to Mariannelund where Frida and Milton picked me up. so good to see them again!
we started out with driving way out on the country side to say hi to Frida and her kids. we had a swedish fika with home made cinnamon/vanilla buns and tea. so yummy and with great company. thanks to Frida for having us.

on the way back to the civilisation we went by the store to get what we needed to make dinner and dessert.
played some games and watched tv.
right now some friends to Frida and Johan are over to say hi. sweet!

gonna get some sleep soon. tomorrow is a big day. league against my best friend and my aunt. looking forward to it :)

back on track

did my first jog since I got sick. not a very long one but I didnt feel anything of the cold while I was out. yay!

morning jog down to the bowl, practiced for an hour by myself. 30min full approach and 30mins spare practice. not very happy with my spare making.

one total black out.
one unfocused.
the other opens were just bad shots.
oh well. you practice to get better so hopefully next time it is better.

jog back home, showered and got ready to walk down to the city to me Josefine for lunch and some shopping. chicken salad with a baked potato did my body good. holy, it was good!
found two pairs of shorts, one sweater and one top. finished our day with a fika before it was time for me to walk over to the bowl for a coaching session with the kids.
btw - yesterdays session started out great! the first 17out of 22shots were spares or strikes! they are improving. im very proud of them :)
kids today were also doing a great job. watching and helping them makes me so happy. they never give up.
when i was done with coaching session, it was time for me to become the kid. second practice. and oh dear, that was one hell of a practice session. I bowled very well. focus on my startposition, my hip and also my hand in the swing. so happy to finally have one of those good sessions. :)

second practice check! now some rewarding dinner. pizza, candy and me and the girls rented a movie: bad grandpa. hahaha so weird and funny movie. a nice ending to this day.

bags are packed. only one more sleep and then off to see one of my closest friends, Frida. ♡ cant wait.

just a normal day

today was a typical day of my bowling life. I woke up and got in my workout clothes, took the car and drove to moms to pick her up so she could get the car back. she dropped me off at the bowl and this was around 9.30am. had breakfast with Amelie and Josefine before Amelie and I were gonna practice. we were down there on the lanes for 1,5h, which is alot if you're by yourself. haha at least for being me. did spare practice, also some full approach shots to get the feeling. focus on start position and right foot-movement.
after practice I started cleaning up in our proshop, looked like world war 3 happened in there.
had lunch
finished cleaning and plugged two of my old bowling balls
at 4pm I coached my kids
at 5pm I relaxed for a bit, my daily fb, instagram, twitter and snap-chat moment.
6pm another practice session, not as good as the first one. my foot work was not as good, I kept pulling my ball down in the swing. na, no good. looks like its gonna be two sessions tomorrow as well.
done after about an hour, packed all my stuff together and sat down for dinner with Josefine.

3meals today and all of them in the bowl. got home about 20mins ago which was 8.30pm
11hours in a bowl. just a normal day of my bowling life.

and you know what?
I didnt even realize all day passed by.
I love it.


today was one of the better days of the last week. im slowly getting my energy back, im not sure if I can start working out soon or what. some people say you can even with a cold and some say you shouldn't? I miss the gym :(

I spent a few hours with mom getting some errands done. and my mom is the sweetest ever. she gave me a pair of shoes today as a "youre a fighter and you never give up"-gift, pretty much. how sweet?

after we got everything done I dropped mom off at home and then borrowed the car for the evening. I invited my girls to come over to celebrate the national waffle-day. waffles with jam, nutella and ice cream while watching the lion king 2. :)
later on we went down to the bowl to watch the hockey-game Rögle BK-Örebro. RBK is from my hometown and they are qualifying to get back into the top division. so far so good. they won today!

now im back home. in bed ready for some sleep. tomorrow im gonna get back on track. bowling, work and some kind of workout. EXCITED!


im starting to get really annoyed of this cold. I really want it to go away. I miss practice, I miss going to the gym, I miss my energy. my whole body is aching. booo

im not sure what my day is gonna look like. I was hoping I was gonna feel better today. I think my body needs some rest. yesterday was bad after I bowled 18games on saturday. but I hate not doing anything!

any suggestions of what to do?

Quick update. HA!

UsA, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Germany in less than two months. Thanks to my awesome friends for making it superfun. ♡


made it munich and I bowled one squad yesterday. problem here is definitely not hitting the pockey, problem is to carry. I bowled ok but struggled to get the last pin sometimes the last two pins off the deck. my marvel s looked good yesterday so im gonna give that ball a go now at 8am when I start my second squad. 1293 in my first. time to improve scores! :)

this center is beautiful btw.
I will show you pictures when I get better wifi :)

next stop: munich

off we go!

best part: mom and dad are there waiting for me 😍

next stop: munich

off we go :)

best part: mom and dad are there waiting for me! 😍


another day feeling sick. tried to get out of my apartment to go practicing and for work but after about 20 shots I decided to put my stuff away again and go back home. the shots I made were good which feels awesome for the weekend. but my heart were beating so fast and I was cold sweating. oh well. I think I will survive this.

my bags are packed again. leaving tomorrow to go to Munich for another world tour stop. excited to see some friends too that I havent seen in such a long time. gonna be a good weekend im sure! new stuff from loudmouth too!
heres a sneak peak on my (hopefully) new lucky skirt.

but now I need some sleep.

my home

dont think ive showed my new home?
starting to get everything together. few things missing but this is what my home looks like so far:

entrance, what it looks like walking in through the door. first left is kitchen, second is walk in closet, third is bedroom, straight ahead is bathroom and to the right is living room.


kitchen, sorry for the done dishes.

kitchen from a different angle.






living room

living room

living room



so tueday didnt really end up as planned either. well everything except tropikariet happened. we just couldnt find the time for it. next week!

evening was spent at emmas first for some movies from when we were kids. ive known emma my whole life. she is one day younger than me and we have been friends pretty much since then. :) haha so much fun and a little bit of embarrassment watching these movies. I picked up a few more from my moms and I think im gonna watch them today since im probably gonna spend all day in bed. not feeling very well and I kinda need to get better before tomorrow.

woke up and started the day with tea and some quark, all I can eat right now. stupid cold.

hope to feel better later so I can go coach the kids and practice but it kinda feels like a stupid idea when feeling like this. we will see.

now: movies and tea.


Monday didnt really end up the way it was planned. Tropikariet was closed for some weird reason, I mean on a Monday? come on! so we had to go to väla, a shopping center for a swedish fika and to look through the stores. bought a pair of shoes & two rings of the brand Edblad. one is a silver ring with a big star and the other is 8rings combined in silver and rose gold. I love them! you can see them on my picture from yesterday on here.

after our shopping spree I went back home to clean my apartment, get some rest and get ready for house league later on. haha good to be home, 971/4 with 3opens. two splits and one 10pin. I hope I can bring that game to munich (well, pattern is a little easier back home I guess ;)).
10pm I was dead. fell asleep right away when I got back home. woke up at 10am today. nice 23h nap. still feel a little shitty though. but no time for being sick.

11am - united to get my hair done
1pm - lunch in the bowl
2pm - tropikariet with nephew and mom
7pm - hangout with my girls



middle east

some pictures from the last 3weeks.

found myself in the newspaper in kuwait

marina area in kuwait

me together with Keith Saw from Singapore in our loudmouth outfits

kuwait - country of nice and expensive cars

arabella food area in kuwait

sunset in bahrain

gift from a friend from kuwait

me and superstar shayna in qatar

me and superstar jazzy in qatar

bowling center in bahrain


it is monday. monday means new week.
today im gonna pick up kiddo and we are going to a place called "tropikariet" to visit all the animals. :)

later on im gonna bowl and maybe hit the gym. not feeling great today. I went to a bodypump class yesterday and I did a good session. heavier weights than before I left which is awesome. also was able to get the lunges to feel right. progress!
but by not feeling well I mean a little tired and sore in my body, also feel that I have a cold coming my way. I hope its just a false alarm though.

breakfast done, its 11:42am and I get picked up at 1:30pm. should I clean my apartment or take a nap?

March 16

Last few weeks

bye kuwait

ended up second in the women's stepladder

tough 3weeks

I will give you a bettee update later on - struggling to stay awake. right now in istanbul. on my way home



very proud of myself. so god damn happy I pulled it together and bowled a good block. every single shot was controlled and I could do the changes and still bowl good. omg I dont think you guys understand what a relief it was! I was smiling the whole block.
I bowled my highest game of the last 3weeks on national tv. ha!

happy happy happy

second seed for the womens stepladder too. bowling tomorrow at 5pm local time on live-tv! fingers crossed. I have to defend my win ;)


right now I feel good.
or kinda.
my back hurts like a b*tch from sleeping on a couch but bowling is getting better.
I know that changes takes time and that has to be ok. changes are made to ger better and I really believe its gonna get better but im not a very patient person. I want it to happen over a night. and what is even harder is being on the road and bowling for scores when this goes on. I just gotta stay strong. mentally strong. even though my scores are nowhere close to the others I just have to shake it off and compare my scores and my performance with what I did the last time I bowled.
today I bowled so much better than I have done the last 3weeks. I am very happy with my performance today. I cant do anything about the score every s right now. all i can do is to get better day and today I proved that I am.

trip is not over yet. 5more games to bowl tomorrow. there is a ladies stepladder to bowl for too. make the best out of it. all I can do is to make good shots.


well hello there kuwait

first of all wifi is very bad around here. I tried to make an update last night but it wouldnt let me post anything. its not that I forgot about you guys!

so we made it to Salmiya. we practiced, went to the gym, went out for dinner and went to bed early yesterday.

I love our hotel, we are staying at the palms. its right on the beach, there is a big gym and right next door they just opened up a big restaurant area with red lobster, olive garden, texas roadhouse, starbucks and so on. this is where we went for dinner, at olive garden.
I will show you some pictures of it as soon as I get a wifi good enough.

MONDAY I bowled my first squad. still bowling bad. kinda figured it out in the last game. gotta remember to get my body around the ball and not ball around the body. have a long way to go the last 10games. I really need to step it up. one shot at a time.

bye Bahrain

its sad we are leaving Bahrain tonight. this country was so much better than I expected. such a beautiful place. thanks to everyone for making this week a great week even though bowling is not on the level I wish it would be. big thanks to the guys taking good care of us in the bowl and at the hotel.

after a day shopping yesterday and believe it or not but we went out to a club last night. live band and everything. had a great time! still no alcohol but as always I feel hungover today. so unfair! been a lazy day today. woke up and checked out our room and put the stuff at the others hotelroom, some of the guys are not flying out until tomorrow.
I changed and went to the gym and killed legs, ass, bicep, tricep and some shoulders. worst thing is I cant stop when im there. just keep going. oh well. can be that bad huh? ;)

took a nap after the gym
went out for our last dinner
and now sitting at the airport. waiting for our delayed flight that is gonna take us to Kuwait. the last stop for this trip!


so I did worked after my plan today. I went back to the new stuff. I bowled much better, could for the first time during the week get a VERY good ball reaction at times but still came out short for being a little insecure with the changes. I gave it a go and it was a huge improvement compared to earlier this trip. getting better!
big thanks to mr. Rick Benoit for helping me out today. also frida & dennis - lots of love. and also to the rest of you guys for supporting me even when im in low scoring pace haha. I know im gonna get out of this, the sooner the better.

halfway through the trips counted in days. I feel a little homesick but its not the worst. I actually like it here in Bahrain. this is probably my favorite country so far in the middle east, maybe tied with UAE Abu Dhabi. Kuwait is good on the bowling part, I hope its gonna continue that way ;)

so a day off tomorrow.
watch bowling?
so many things to choose. what to do?

thanks mom and dad

sometimes is good being a girl. I admit it. its actually very good sometimes. today was one of those times. not only do we get 7pins per game, we also get one spot in the finals. this is knew before I started so you could say I had room to try a little. I am a little insecure of my bowling at the moment. I dont feel 100% comfy. I guess it is only cause I doubt whats going on from the foul line to the pins, I just assume its me doing something wrong. since qatar wasnt really a big hit I thought I was gonna put the new stuff on ice and not do it all in cause when practicing in qatar that felt like the best decision.
now let see it as an extra chance in this tournament, I was just playing by the rules. Ive been trying a few things. I know whats NOT gonna work and im pretty sure whats going to work.

tomorrow is all about trusting myself and what im about to do. every single shot. believe in yourself, Sandra. bowl for that little girl who fell in love with the game. its me against the boys. one step at a time.

we start at 10am. scores on: www.abf-online.org

come on girly!

1st day of qualifying

believe it or not but today I am happy with my bowling. with how I bowled, not how I scored. it was tough out there. scores are not very high. I bowled around -60 with bonus. two games of 150. one very bad 150 and one very good 150. one with 4splits and the changes were so hard/quick to see/understand, that game felt like it took 2seconds to bowl. the other one I couldnt figure out what to do. it was the last game and it hooked very much and early. I guess tomorrow plan is to just do it a little better, be a little more quick with the decisions and try to loft it in the end. it should be ok.

bowling again at 10am tomorrow out time. fingers crossed :)


always believe in yourself.

end of vacation

tomorrow its serious business again.

today was a relaxing day except the 1,5h spent on the treadmill.
speed: 6km/h
0 - 5mins warm up
2,5% - 5mins
5% - 5mins
10% - 5mins
speed: 10km/h
incline: 0 - 5mins
finishing off with a 3,5km on speed 10,5-12,5km/h.

800cal BAM

thats the most exciting thing I did today.

now bed
tomorrow bowling
follow scores on www.abf-online.org

wish me luuuuck


so far, I love this place.
rooms are very nice, it is absolutely beautiful to be driving close to the water and there is things to do around the bowl with games and so, also a long Street close to the hotel with many good restaurants.
when driving to the bowl today I saw this:

I hope I can go down by the water and get some more picture during the week. was told the neighbourhood around the bowl isnt the best so im gonna see if they allow me to go.

bowl is smaller than I expected. not much room for an audience but it looks nice and fresh. right next to the bowl is an entertainment center with pool tables, snooker tables, laser tag, games etc. I think this week is gonna be a good one :)

who knows what tomorrow will bring. did some grit - inspired exercises at the gym today so im gonna have a day off from working out tomorrow. gonna set the alarm so I can have a look on the breakfast buffet. then who knows? any suggestions?

question of the day

what city am I in at the moment? picture below gives a clue.

me, myself, I think its hilarious I brought this shirt here.

workout in bahrain


one of those lazy days on the road. we now have a few days off. not bowling until tuesday. hopefully be able to get some practice before this.

woke up LATE today. we also fell asleep very late so that kinda fell hand in hand. left bed around 2pm to go downstairs and see if my room was ready. I flew out a day earlier and squeezed in on one of the rooms that were booked from yesterday.
got my room and moved all my stuff.
went out to get something to eat. we found Bennigans. not really a place I would prefer, it felt typical american. dont know if it is. what i wanted to share was the new dish I tried today, a deep fried club sandwich. the sandwich was deep fried!! The worst thing about it: it was good too!! only took a bite, one of the guys ordered it and I just had to try. served with strawberry jam. what a f**king combination if you ask me! haha. my body would probably shut down if I ate that. the whole dish was 4pieces of deep fried sandwich served with fries. talking about calories! I ordered a Cajun chicken pasta in lobster sauce. mucho better!

after this meal I felt very needing for the gym. said and done. warm-up on the treadmill. bicep, shoulders, upper back and tricep. finished with a 20min run on the treadmill. feeling fresh! best thing about the treadmill was the games on thw screen. did some soduko while running, haha. :)

evening spent on thw coach, saw Shooter and Coyote Ugly before, ordered room service. and about 20mins ago my roomie showed up.

tomorrow is probably gonna be gym and pool. maybe go watch some bowling. :)

Elite Crystal Hotel

hello there

country #22!


This is me. Sandra Andersson. In this blog you get to follow me on my adventures all around the world for bowling.

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