The best sentence in the whole world:

I made it!

What a relief. I bowled this morning, started out good but not enough, finished +36. I was very upset and I knew I couldn't bowl the squad at 1pm, I needed to clear my head, get some more scores and get myself a plan of how to make it.
We went downtown for some shopping, me, Joline and Jesper. Madrid is an amazing city, probably the most beautiful city I've ever been to with their old buildings. Madrid is heaven on earth. Not only for their old buildings, but for what you can find in these buildings. SHOES!
For those of you that know what Jeffrey Campbell shoes are, today I bought two pairs - makes it number 4 and 5 in my collection back home - for 50€ each!!!!! Insane.
Bought one more pair, sandals - makes it number 1?? in the collection of shoes back home. Hahah!

we've realized we need another bag to get everything back home. just perfect!

and after the shopping spree it was time for bowling. this made the day even more perfect, I made the cut. I bowled so much better, I could tell the difference between my bad shots and the difference on the lanes. I stayed calm and focused on my spare shots. 1281.
The cut to make it 1239.

I'm so happy.
Now: sleep
Tomorrow: finals at 9am

Wish me luck!!!

Tour Bernabéu

Home of Real Madrid.
Enough said.

Haha no, really. The stadium was huge! I have been to Camp Nou in Barcelona before and I'm amazed every single time I walk into these big arenas. I can only dream of the feeling walking in the players isle before entering the field. Wow. I wish we had that in bowling.

On a tour like we went to today you get to walk around the whole stadium, you get to see the audience seats, the media part, the conference room, the lockers for both teams, their museum with all the trophies - history and movies.

Straight from the tour to TGIF for dinner and frozen yoghurt with fruit and chocolate for dessert. YUM

Now I'm ready to get some sleep, bowling in the morning. Wish me luck! X

Squad 2

An improvement but still not nearly as good as I can bowl. I know I can do better than this. 1211 with one 140game. It's tricky. And it hooked a lot more today than yesterday, the AC is on again. But I'm feeling better, this squad helped me a bit so tomorrow morning should be good.

Could wish for a better way to prepare for bowling though, hotel is not very good. Not good at all to be honest. Beds are bad, breakfast is terrible, rooms are not very isolated so I can hear everything for the ones next doors. Luckily it's only a few days left here.

Right now getting ready to go to Real Madrids soccer stadium. Not sure if I'm going on a tour or not, we will se. Need food and something fun to take bowling out of my mind for a min or two.

Ttyl x

Hard Rock Cafe Madrid

Bowling was bad. A combination of bad bowling, slippery approaches and a very high temperature inside. It was tough. Enough said. It was bad.

To cheer us up a bit we decided to go to the number one place in the whole wife world. Never been to Hard Rock Cafe here in Madrid so it was not a hard choice to make. We are here. We are home!

Tomorrow is a new day. Bowling at 1pm :)

Good morning!

Did you sleep good?
I did. Like a little baby. Went to bed at 2am, I was awake for 21hours. So it was no problem at all to fall asleep.

We just had breakfast, not so impressed by it but it was ok. Hoping for a better breakfast at the other hotel I'm changing to today.
Gonna get ready now to go to the bowl, we decided to bowl at 1pm today and go downtown tonight. There is a football game and Spanish people are crazy about football so I'm sure there will be a great atmosphere at any sports bar.

Have a great day peeps and ill update when I'm done bowling!

Hello YOU Spain!

We made it! We are finally here.
It's so freakin hot over here. And I'm not talking about outside. I'm talking about inside the bowling center. The AC is broken, they opened the doors to get some "fresh air". Haha I'm happy I'm not bowling right now, hope they will fix it in the morning - at least they said so. Fingers crossed!

Flight was good, except my cold hurting a bit with the pressure. We got all our stuff so can't really complain.
Ah yes I can. They "forgot" to make the girls reservation at the hotel next to the bowl so they had to move to a different hotel 10mins walk from here. I'm just gonna spend one night over there, Joline gets here tomorrow and we are staying at the first hotel. Other than that, we are doing just fine for now!

Jesper, Magnus, Ida and Jenny are bowling right now. It's my turn tomorrow. Wish me luuuuck x

Hola #espana #bowling

Here we go again!

We had to leave a little earlier cause of my brother, he's not used to this life on the road and realized only 30min before we left that his passport is expired. Haha! lucky me, I got up at 5am to go out for a walk with Amanda, drove the guys to the train station and then went to the bowl for breakfast and practice so I was ready for this surprise!
Now we have to go to the police in Malmoe to get a temporary passport for him.

Mom and Jenny, if you read this I promise to give it a try to take care of him on the rest of the trip. Hahaha

Well, if We make it on time we have a layover in Amsterdam and we get to Madrid tonight at 8.45pm!


Getting ready for #spain and #italy

Gnite from Sweden!

Next time I say gnite will be from Spain.
Jesper, Ida and Jenny are here. We went shopping, We went to the bowl for some practice, we had dinner, we rented a movie "paranormal activity 4", we got scared and had to watch a comedy for a while. and now we say gnite.

My alarm will go off at 5, not cause I have to leave early, but to say bye to a dear friend - Amanda. We couldn't find any other time to hang out so we planned a powerwalk in the early morning.
Gonna drive the crew to the train stations around 6.30 and then it's time for me to get all my stuff done. Like, packing and maybe practice one more time before leaving.
Flights at 2.45pm and we are leaving from here around noon so, better get my things done quickly.

But now I need to sleep, looking forward to my 5h sleep.
Gnite x

#midsummer #miniaturegolf #champ

Wake me up when its all over

Having a cold that is killing me. Slept almost all day yesterday and woke up at 10.30 this morning. I don't mind but I was surprised, I thought that after spending all day yesterday in bed feeling sick I wouldn't be able to sleep through the night. Haha I was wrong. 12h sleep. Thank you very much!

So, wanna know how I've spent my weekend?
Friday was midsummer. We started with playing miniature golf, if you ask me then my team won. We also made some lunch before walking over to the park next to the miniature golf, to do the traditional dancing around the midsummer pole. I can't remember when I last did that, the past years I've been abroad so not being able to. So much fun and especially with the kids there with us.
And not to forget the amazing weather we got! They said we would get rain all day but no clouds, sun was shining and it was so hot. So we went straight from the park to home for a shower and to get ready for the evening.
We were invited to my brothers place for dinner and some drinks.
Ended the evening at bahnhof, a club in town.

Saturday started at 9am. Alarm went off and we had to get up right away to catch the train to Denmark. Another traditional thing. Bakken all day. Roller coasters. Was excited like a little kid on Christmas Eve. We got home pretty late but one more drink and we were ready to go out again. Tired like never before. But that mood changed at the pool-place. Damn, what a great evening! Absolutely amazing.
Sunday. Sunday I've no words for. Holy crap my body was tired, I got a cold, I was hungover.

and today is Monday. I was doing laundry today so everything is ready for Wednesday. It was also time to go the bowl to do some practice. Went ok, not better, not worse.

On tomorrow's schedule:
10am meeting
Pick up the best road trip partner
Do some stuff in town

Wednesday: SPAIN!!!

What a weekend!

I'm dead.
My weekend was amazing.
Been out of the country for the celebrations and traditions so the updates have not been the best.
And I need this Sunday to catch up with myself and my own body. Woke up with the worst cold, coughing like never before and my throat is killing me. But I'm still smiling! Got to spend the weekend with amazing people and instead of the gym, laughter made my abs grow.

I will be back on here tomorrow. Tomorrow is Monday, and the day after Monday is Tuesday, and after Tuesday comes the day I've been waiting for since a few weeks back. BACK ON THE ROAD!!!


Glad midsommar!


Hey babes

How was your day?
Mine was amazing. Just a day off. I woke up around 10, made myself some breakfast and joined Josefine and Rasmus on the grass outside our apartment in the sun. It was a beautiful day today! We played some "kubb", a Swedish outdoor game. The girls won of course!
After a few hours in the sun I felt ready to go inside and yesterday I planned a shopping day today with my mom so that was perfect timing. Found one dress, one skirt, two tops and some earrings. The best shopping in a while so I'm happy!
When I got back home me and roomie made some plans for tomorrow celebrations, Swedish midsummer. (Wanna share a funny movie for you that doesn't know what midsummer is;
Super excited, the last few years I've been out of the country and not able to celebrate this the right way. Looking forward to it!
After we got the flowers needed for our headbands (I will show you the result tomorrow), I went to Hasslarp to watch some soccer. A friend of mine where playing and a nice 5-4 win!

Now I'm back on the couch, feeling a bit hungry. Maybe I should eat before going to bed? Mmmmyea ok.
Gnite x

Tricep & Breast

I heard the best quote today "if god didn't give me breasts, I'm gonna grow them myself" hahaha

At least I survived. That was tough. I felt weak. It was a long time ago I lifted weights like this, like for real. "Heavy" stuff. It was fun and I was glad to have David by my side to help me through it. Im afraid im not gonna be able to lift my arms in the morning. So worth it.
I hoping for many more times to workout together. Not so easy right now since I'm away much, but as much as possible. Getting some inspiration.

Tomorrow is a new day. Gonna start the day with some cardio I believe, then spend some time with mami. Fingers crossed for some sun! Me wants to get a tan :)

also want to say thanks to the great person who wrote the nice words in the pic below. means the world to me to read something like this. X

Home sweet home

After spending almost 2 weeks in Stockholm I'm finally home. Damn I've missed it so much. A trip I didn't plan on being so long. But I like spontaneous trips and this sure was one of them. Took the train up on Friday two weeks ago, flew back home on Thursday the week after, then drove back up to Stockholm on Friday and back home on Sunday afternoon. And then got back on the train Monday afternoon and just arrived to Ängelholm about two hours ago. All for bowling, in some way.
It sure was fun and I learned a lot. But I was so ready to go home today. It's so nice to be back, dad picked me up at the train station and the first person I saw when we walked into our bowling center was my little favorite, my nephew. <3
I'm leaving again next Wednesday but I'm gonna enjoy this week at home to the fullest! Just hoping for some good weather. Right now it's raining so I might as well just go to the gym. Meeting David in a few mins.

I'll give you an update later if I survive!


I think I told you about my thumb not being too happy about my one week off, and then get back on with many hours of bowling this weekend and today. Been bowling all day and I'm not done yet.
Just wanted to show you a picture of what it looks like now:




Where did the time go?
I can't believe it's been two years. Two years since I got the phone call that changed it all.

We will always remember you. We miss you and we all hope life is good wherever you are!

Sending the biggest hugs and lots of love to Frida and her younger brothers today. <3

Good morning!

Why do I always wake up early when I can sleep in? I don't get it. I always wake up before my alarm and even if I try to go back to sleep its not working. So stupid.

I'm still in bed, watched an episode of GG and I now feel ready to get up. Well, I kinda have to get my lazy ass up, and go do some workout. Leaving in 4h!
And to get up easy I'm gonna put on some muuuuusic!

Hello there lovers.

I am back on track. Busy weekend with bowling and gym. Gym was crazy, so hot inside (look at the pic below)
I'm bowling so much better now than I did 3weeks ago, even though I had one week with no bowling. Feels so good to be on the right way again. My thumb is a little sore, one week off was not a good idea if you ask that little creature. Haha and talking about small things, for a thumb to be that small, it's freaking painful! So bowled 3days in a row, tomorrow I will have a break and just go to the gym.
I have a train to catch tomorrow also, going to Strängnäs for some practice with Joline, my coach Peter and one more guy, Sten. so bowling again on Tuesday.

What else is going on right now?
I get back home on Wednesday. Thursday is a normal day with gym and bowling. Friday is a little more special, it's "midsommar" (midsummer), a day we celebrate here in Sweden, when the day and night is exactly the same amount of time. And as tradition we are going to Bakken on Saturday, an amusement park in Denmark.

Talking about adventures....
Madrid/Asti in 10days
USA in 30days
World Women Championships in 58days


Busy weekend

I will be back on here tomorrow evening!!

So sorry guys!

I have one thing to share:
A man came to me to other day to talk about my bowling. after a few mins he asked me if I just bowled or if I went to the gym aswell, cause he though I looked just the same as I've always done. I didn't really know what to answer him and our conversation ended very quickly after that comment. That old man made me a little insecure, not a feeling I'm used to. But is it me or him being crazy? I'm not in my best shape but hell no I'm not back to the old body.
Anyway. This is from today. Day one. 4weeks of clean eating ahead of me. It's time to get lean again.


I was home around 11pm. Tired and ready to have a date with my bed, I was a little hungry though. Lucky me, I have the best roomie everrrrrr, she surprised me with an evening snack, melon, pear, shrimps, bread and some cheese. And not to forget some candles lit up.
So sweet of her!

I'm so lucky.
Thank you soookis <3

now I'm ready for bed. think this girl is going to fall asleep fast.


El stockholmo

It's time to go home!
Just a quick dinner at our favorite place in Sundbyberg - Greens. Have Some good memories from this place, oh yea and some bad ones. Hahaha all I'm gonna say about it is that I'm drinking water here, as always.

Flying out at 9pm and can't wait to see my Roomie when I get back home.

Oh yea and earlier in the bowl I met a man, a bowler that started a conversation with me about my bowling career and stuff, we had a good chat. until he asks me about the gym, if I normally go there or not and continues "I've seen you for many years but there is not big difference I must say"
I didn't really know what to say.
I'm not saying I'm fit as in no fat at all, slim, body building edition. But come on, there is a difference.. I'm not sure i convinced him though.

Oh well. Can't wait to get back at the gym and bowling again now, 1 week without bowling. I miss it!!
Lets get back on it!

Did I tell you?

I'm surrounded by the best people. So lucky! Thank you brother and Ida for surprising me <3

Oh hello there!

This day started out pretty bad, I was a little mad about Ida not wanting to come here so we could go to the amusement park. We were 3people and you just can't go on the rides all by yourself. So last night I texted her but she said she couldn't make it. This girl got sad and mad. Some stupid meeting she had to go to was gonna ruin my day.
Oh damn I was wrong about it. Five hours later (around 1pm) she walked into the restaurant were we sat. Holy crap, did I look surprised!
She planned it out with my brother the whole morning, so sweet of them.
Made my day!

So, we spent the whole day at Gröna Lund. So many people at that place and with their new ride we broke a new record, longest wait: 1,5h in a que for a 2min ride. But so worth it! See picture below

Ended the day with some food at our third home, Hard Rock Cafe! Enjoyed my last day with crappy food by having a hot fudge brownie for dessert. Now looking forward to a month of clean eating. Oh not really but it will be ok, rules: no candy, no sodas, no fast food. clean eating and lots of workout. this month includes 1,5week abroad, that's gonna be a challenge!
Who's with me?


Marion's Gastro Diner.

Officially the coolest bowling place I've ever been to. I just had to bowl!


I'm so sorry for the bad update while I'm in Stockholm. There is so much going on the whole time.
The weekend with the girls was great! We had a lot of fun as you can see in the video I posted before! Haha
Friday we had a BBQ at Dennis' place and Saturday we started at Caroline's apartment and then took the subway down to Stockholm City to go out clubbing.
Sunday was not fun. At all. Haha I was sleeping pretty much all day. Except when I was eating one pizza and dinner in the late evening.

And the days are filled with stuff to do so far, I'm here for one special reason (I will tell you more about that later on, not official yet) I've been busy with it all day yesterday and all day today. Having a day off tomorrow so we are going to an amusement park, and then continuing with our busy schedule on Thursday then going back home.

We are right now at TGIF for dinner with some friends, me and my brother. LOVE IT!
Since I'm having a day off tomorrow i promise to keep you updated! It's gonna be so much fuuuuuuuuuuunn :D

And thanks guys for not giving up on me even if this week has been bad with updates. You're the best! <3

#yum #chefshelg

Friday in photos

Pictures says more than words.

THE friday is here!

And I'm on my way to Stockholm! It is time for one week without practice, one trip without bowling balls. Can't remember last time that happened?
and the last time I took a break from bowling for real is probably 2-3years ago. It's been 2days and I seriously can't wait to get back out on the lanes. I miss it already. It's crazy! But I love the feeling. That's the exact feeling I want and need.
So this trip to Stockholm without bowlingballs is perfect, going to spend it with the best company - Caroline, Joline, Victoria, Rebecka (a few other people) and Stockholm it self. I'm sure there will be a few photos taken this weekend so I will deffo keep you updated. I'm so excited!!

I'm staying in Stockholm until Thursday next week, Friday-Sunday is great fun with the girls and Mon-Thurs is serious business - more about that later.

Only 2h left on the train. Sounds to me like 2gossip girl episodes and some subway for lunch. Yes sir!


Congrats Sweden on your national day!

We went to the play yard to "celebrate" and to see the animals, play for a bit and of course for a Swedish "fika".

We are gonna continue our celebrations tonight but not for sweden, for my roomie who turns 24 on Sunday!

Right now getting a new color in my hair, everything needs to be perfect for this weekend ;)

I will give you more details tonight!



To all the girls and boys who graduated today in my home town. I'm so unbelievably jealous of you, all of you running around and celebrating all day. I missed out on my day, cause of bowling. We all make a choice, either we are in it to win it or we might just quit. But once a year there is a big whole in my heart, and today is that day. I wish I got that chance.
Lucky me, I got other chances, way better and way bigger. And for that I am happy. But still.

Ida went back home today. Will see her again on Friday, great weekend ahead of us!
So when she went home, then I went to the gym. 25mins on the treadmill and then a crossfit inspired workout 55mins. It has been a few days without any weightlifting so I'm pretty sure it's gonna hurt a bit tomorrow. Haha!

Had a nice dinner with some friends after my workout. A nice way to end this day. A little chilly but still good summer weather.

Watch bowling (hopefully bowl myself)
Celebrate roomies birthday (birthdaykid on Sunday)
Start packing

Two words - watch out.


Oh sunny day

Started the day with an early wake up call, bowling practice in the morning is the best - except my body still sleeping, but for the weather, it's not that hot which makes it able to actually bowl. So me Ida and mom went to the bowl at 8.30, practiced until 10. Then I had to leave to go get my monthly massage, for my back, this month has been ok - only one day in Aalborg that felt bad. Other than that I'm feeling good.

After the massage I decided to show Ida the city. She's been her many times before but never at summertime and never to this part of the town. 1,5h powerwalk around the city, down to the beach and through the small boat harbour. It's so nice out there at this time of the year. And she loved it!
Ate lunch with roomie and took a nap after that, had to get some energy before going to Höganäs for a BBQwith some friends.
Great evening with good food and lots of laughters. Just got back home, went to the graveyard to say hi to Fridas dad as well, a must when I'm in the town. Called Frida when i was there so she could keep us company. So peaceful. Couldn't keep the tears away. <3
"And I hope life is good wherever you are!"
Almost two years. Crazy. We miss you!

Now time for bed.

Artiklar & filmklipp

För er som är intresserade så finns det en artikel sen helgens bowling här:

Och även ett filmklipp med en intervju på:
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Odense International

Finished 6th

It was hard out there on the finals. I struggled to get the last pin out the whole day. I bowled ok but this made me stressed and a little angry, which didn't always help but overall was good. At least I looked good in my amazing loudmouth outfit!

So happy my mom came with me this weekend. Was great to spend time together.

Ida and Christoffer came with me back to Ängelholm, Ida is gonna stay until Wednesday I think. Gonna hit the gym and practice together and just enjoy the good weather!


Odense Zoo

with Mom and Ida <3

Squad 2

Who cares about my last game! So happy with my performance today!!

Squad 1

It is Aalborg all over again.
I bowled good, still not confident with the changes but it feels so much better. Little stressed in my approach but still ok.

Bowling my second squad in a few mins. #fingerscrossed

Pic below shows Ida's amazing parking spot she found last night.


This is me. Sandra Andersson. In this blog you get to follow me on my adventures all around the world for bowling.

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