Day before Friday

Bowling 2,5h [X]
Jog/run 5,7km [X]
Christoffer made it here [X]
Packed [X]
Ready for sleep [X]

Tomorrow is Odense, DK.

#bowling #practice

Two days in one

I was on an adventure yesterday with my dad, brother and also his girlfriend. We were invited to the most exciting soccer game in the south part of Sweden were I live. Started with a dinner and some drinks before getting picked up and off to the stadium. It was not the best match but the atmosphere in there was amazing. I wish we had that in bowling.
After the game me and my brother decided to go to the casino since I've never been at one in Sweden.
Fun day with great company!

Thursday started with a meeting, and now I'm back in bed again. Ready for some breakfast and maybe a quick nap before today's practice and workout. :)
Christoffer gets here tonight and tomorrow we are leaving for Denmark again. Can't wait! X


This is July 2012-May 2013
It's getting better, it takes time obviously but it is better.


And my plans changed again. Have some meetings and other fun stuff that got in the way so I decided to go home anyway. I thought I could work it out but obviously not. But I didn't mind. Still spend the whole day in Gothenburg with wifey, went to the bowl for a 3h practice and made some changes with my bowlingballs. Felt pretty good about our practice, can't wait to get out on the lanes again.
We were done around 3 so I decided to go straight from the bowl to the train central and then home.
Two hours later I was home. And when I decided yesterday to go back home, I wanted to surprise my roomie with just showing up. Haven't seen her for 1,5week, missed her alot.
The surprise worked out great, I prepared a nice evening snack and she was so surprised when she got back home. Ran towards me, yelled heeeeeeeey and gave me the biggest hug! Haha just a lovely way of saying welcome home :) she's the best.

So yes, I'm back home. In my own bed. I missed home. A tiny bit.

And my days are all busy now, tomorrow I'm gonna start the day with gym/pw and then get on the train around lunch to go to see a football game with my dad & brother.
Thursday is bowling and gym all day.
Friday-Sunday is on the road again, back to Denmark but Odense this time. With mom. I can't wait!

But now I need to get some sleep, gonna be a long and fun day tomorrow!


I finished 13th in BAI 2013, which I'm pretty happy with since I didn't expect to be bowling the finals. I bowled good in the finals and kept it together when it was a little tougher.

We had some beers together on the boat back to Sweden and I stayed in Gothenburg cause we got home late. So today I woke up in Gothenburg, my plan was to go home today but that changed. Me and Joline started with watching a Disney video and decided to go out for a walk and brought pancakes with us, went Down to the small lake and sat down in the sun for 2,5h. and now im not going home. I'm gonna stay here until Thursday actually. I will keep you guys updated during my time here, doing some serious workout and practice :)

Just had dinner and gonna watch some tv before bed.

BAI 2013 final step 1

Fingers crossed please!


Happy Mother's Day!

This one will be in Swedish:

Grattis på mors dag, världens bästa mamma! Jag & mina bröder är lyckligt lottade. Det finns få människor som just vår mamma, som bryr sig, engagerar sig, tar hand om en. Tack för allt du gör, för mig & för familjen. Önskade jag kunde vara hemma och krama om dig just nu, men får göra det värt de här över först. Hoppas du får en fin dag <3

Squad 3&4

Nothing to say about them. It was not a good day for this lady. I was not really there mentally.
Well it is better now, cause I made the finals through the extra spots from the early squads. Very happy with this!

We start early in the morning, 9am, if you wanna follow me and the other girls:

Wish me luuuuuck

Friday in Aalborg

Woke up early, some of the girls were going to bowl the first squad today so we all ate breakfast and got ready to go to the bowl. Victoria and Rebecka bowled, coaches and Joline were watching, me, Caroline, Markus and Isabelle went to a shopping centre. Not a good idea, we didn't find anything good enough so we went back to the bowl after about 30mins.
Had lunch together before going back to our house. There was a miniature golf bet going on during the afternoon, boys vs girl, video below will tell you who won ;)
The evening was spent back in the bowl on a seminar with Kegels Ted Thompson about Lane Topography - veeeeery interesting!
And dinner was ready when we got back. I'm now ready for some sleep. Bowling at 11am. Need a good squad now to be sure of a spot in the final. Fingers crossed!!

#hoppetihopp i #vassen

Squad 2

I bowled much better today, but I can't carry. I have so many pins up my butt right now that its painful. 248 and the rest between 193-208. COME ON! The back row is not nice to me at all.
If I get lucky I will make the finals anyway, there was extra spots from today's two squads, the best 2 results outside the finals makes it through. And for me the miss the cut must be higher than 1330. Fingers crossed!

finally the team has come together. all the girls are here. as you can see on the video in the earlier update we are having some fun over here! dinner, dessert, a swim in the pool and a movie. fun fun fun!

I'm taking the day off tomorrow, to see some results. My plan is to bowl Saturday 11am. I'm guessing we are going to a shopping centre tomorrow. Yay!

And yea, some people (as in Kim Bolleby) struggled more than me in one game. Pic below



Squad 1

Bowled with my Versa Max and IQ Tour Pearl today, first game 236 and the rest between 191-202. GOOOOSH I'm so tired of this sh*t. I have to start believing in myself. I can do this. I know there's a few changes I'm gonna do but this is what I have for now and I have to make the best out of it. And I can do so much better than this.
Come on girl!!!

I'm bowling again tomorrow.

Back at the house now, we ate some leftovers and then we enjoyed the goodies - chocolate, pineapple slices, strawberries and raspberries. Probably the best way to end this day (and still be able to bowl tomorrow ;) haha)

Gonna cuddle up in bed and watch some episodes before sleep.

The rest of the team gets here tomorrow! Can't wait :)


5,7km in the rain

Yes! I got to sleep in. Woke up at 10am, with breakfast on the table. Ate and then went back to bed and watch one episode of GG. While I was there relaxing I heard the others from the kitchen talking about doing some cinnamon buns. YES PLEASE! We planned our meals for the day and took the car to the store.
When we got back I decided to go out for a walk even though it was raining outside. 5,7km walk and wet like if I jumped in the ocean on the way. A hot shower later, the buns are just about to go in the oven and the dinner is about to be started. Great timing! I had a small chicken salad while waiting for dinner to be done.

So left on today's schedule:
Squad 1 at 7pm
A Swedish fika with homemade cinnamon-buns


Tuesday evening

First day and evening in our house. Already found and killed (not me, I ran away) the first spider in our room. Already tried the pool. We actually deserved it after our day - ass. coach and his son was gonna bowl today so we decided to go with them, to watch the first game and then go out for a walk/jog. we told ourselves we were strong enough to jog so we started. 47mins & about 8km later (after we stopped and asked a guy for the way) we finally made it back. And we actually thought Denmark was flat, no-mountains-just plain open fields. HA! Shame on us. We were running uphills and downhills the whole 47mins. It was crazy! So I can say that we deserved a swim in the pool and also the blueberry/raspberry pie we got as dessert.
Amazing start.

Well tomorrow I'm in the squad at 7pm. So I'm guessing a sleep in is on the schedule, and I'm gonna start now!

BAI 2013

Hello Aalborg!
The boat trip went well, there was a big breakfast buffet waiting for us, so good! I took a nap after breakfast, me and Joline went to bed at 1.30am, lost track of time and all of a sudden it was in the middle of the night. Didn't really matter for me cause I'm not bowling until tomorrow anyways but still, haha I feel old and tired today cause of it.
The boat trip took about 3h and then a drive on 40mins to get to our house. Probably the nicest house we've ever had here in DK. You can see pictures below. Pool, jacuzzi, sauna, big back-yard and view down to the sea. Hello YOU!

The rest are making late lunch/early dinner right now, having tacos before the others are gonna bowl. I guess I have to get out of bed and help them out ;)



once again I have my bags all packed up and bowling balls picked. this time it's DK on the schedule. I'm halfway there, in Gothenburg at wifeys place. Leaving early in the morning to go to Aalborg with Team Sweden. This weekend is going to be awesome.

Just ate dinner and now watching some tv, a relaxed evening with great company.

Time for some tea
Tea time


Super excited to announce that I'm now a part of the Loudmouth family!

Play Loud!


This weekend was both good and bad. And I always start with the bad to end it with the good part. So the bad:
I bowled shitty. Still working my material and everything around it, gonna change some stuff after Aalborg this week. And I couldn't get in another squad so I decided to drive back home early yesterday so I could spend the evening with my team. And that's the good part, BBQ evening with team mates and family. So much fun!

Sunday was spent in the bowling centre. Gonna watch the ice hockey game with some people later. First some Chinese food :)

Not to forget:
Wifey won another title today. DAMN she's good. Sure did pick the right wife. <3

Ed bowling centre


San Miguel Tournament, Ed

It's with a big smile I enter the door to this bowling centre. Why? Cause I've never been here before. And my smile got even bigger when I got to see what the centre looked like. Not many bowling centers looks this nice and fresh. I'm really looking forward to spending my weekend here, even though the weather is amazing outside.

The drive here was fine, took me 3h and 45mins to get here. I was Singing the whole way to keep myself entertained haha.
Right now waiting for Ida and her brother (my bowlingpintwin) to get here so we can eat something before bowling at 4pm.
Wish me luck!

I will upload some pics later :)

Tack Lokaltidningen!

För ett fint reportage i tidningen!


First day this year in sweden im wearing shorts and a top outside with the real summer feeling. Had lunch and ice cream in the sun - what a lovely day!

Enjoying my day off, no bowling, no gym just letting my body and my head catch up with itself so I'm ready for this weekend and next week.

I'm meeting up with Amanda later, maybe going out for a walk, just to do something good while we are chatting ;)
Have to pack up my things to, leaving in the morning. And we all know how that normally turns out. I'm very happy with myself if I get the part with packing done tonight haha!



Powerwalk/jog 1h
Bowling 45min
Gym 1h
Bowling 1h

My body is sooooo tired now. My legs were shaking when I bowled before, haha. And again, I'm gonna sleep like a little baby tonight.

For my Swedish readers:
Har precis börjat använda mig av shapeup-appen, där man lägger till all träning - går att synka med runkeeper samt all mat man äter. Kan användas för viktnedgång, för att hålla vikt och även att gå upp i vikt. Man får någorlunda koll på hur mycket protein, fett osv man får i sig om dagen, även kalorier - hur mycket du bör och hur mycket du har ätit.

I'm gonna take it quite easy with workout and bowling tomorrow since the next week and a half is going to be on the road with a lot of bowling. I'll see how my body feels but I'm guessing a light cardio-session.
Hope we can get some nice weather tomorrow, if I'm taking the day off, would be great!

And btw, you can now find some videos from the playoffs on


i wont give up

its wednesday.
my back is sore from yesterdays massage. been too long between my last massage and this one, so this time im only gonna wait 3weeks and see if that feels better. otherwise i feel that getting backmassages helps a bit.
and i finished the day yesterday with bowlingpractice with mom, we were filming and i worked on some details in my start. 1,5h just flew by. haha
went straight from there to the gym for my first session, 55min cardio with flex - stretching out your muscles, which is very important when you train alot.
after a quick snack i was ready for part two of my workout. 75min box - pretty much kickboxing.

so today. today is a new day. and im gonna spend this day this way:
powerwalk in the sun

not baaaaad for a wednesday. :)

Good morning

The best weekend out of the year is now over. What we did as a team is amazing. Out youth bowlers stepped up and did incredibly good, when they had to. With all the pressure. I'm impressed and so proud!

And as I said, this weekend is now over. It's time to face forward. It's a new week. My voice is not with me just yet, but I hope for a reunion very soon.
I'm gonna start my new week with a massage in an hour. And later today I have bowling practice and gym booked. This is what most days are gonna look like this week, I'm leaving for a tournament in Ed this weekend so I gotta prepare the best way.
Friday - Sunday: San Miguel Tournament in Ed
Monday - Sunday: Aalborg International

Busy time ahead! Lets do this :)



Had lunch with some friends and found the newspaper on one of the tables. Though I recognized the girls on the front page, do you?

Spader Dam

Svenska Mästarinnor för 12e gången.
Bara det säger en del.

För er som vill läsa lite artiklar:

Längtar tills reportagen kommer upp på

Vilken bra helg.
Vilket bra lag.
Vilka bra lagkamrater.

#swedish #playoffs #bowling

#swedish #playoffs #bowling

Official practice done. Lets do this!


Spader Dam
Sveriges bästa lag
Ordningen återställd

Well done, ladies

We made it!
Bowled on the 40ft pattern today, and it was quite hard. I struggled to find the right feeling. But we won the match and that was all that mattered. Last year we didn't make the finals so this years improvement is very good!
We are bowling the finals tomorrow at 9am - tune in -

Go Spader Dam!

Going out for dinner tonight with the team, and its gonna be an early evening. So excited for tomorrow!!

Spader Dam

Tried to upload a video before, from practice but it seems like it didn't work out very well. I'm gonna try again!

We bowled our first match today on the 44ft pattern against our chosen opponent Skrufscha. A nice win. We did great except for the second game, the lanes changed a lot this game and we had a hard time figuring out what we should do. But we were back in the 3rd game again. I bowled with my Disturbed and IQ tour pearl, finished +97 over. And team won with 14-6.
Great day on the lanes with my team.
We need another win to make the finals. Bowling again at 9am. Don't forget to watch it at

Fingers crossed!

One long bus ride

We are almost in Nyköping. It has been one long bus ride, watched a few episodes of Gossip Girl and chatting with my team mates. All of us are excited about this weekend! It all starts tomorrow. First official practice in the morning then the opening ceremony and to end the day we bowl our first match. :) I will let you know more during the day tomorrow.

I also found the best spot on this bus:


The bus is ready, driver is ready, we are ready - LET'S GO! Swedish playoffs in bowling this weekend. Best weekend of all year in Sweden. This is what we bowl for all year. Bring it on!

Count down: ONE

Leaving tomorrow!!


Wednesday: Woke up pretty early, my body was sore after yesterday's workout. Sore in a good way.
Had two meetings today, one before lunch. Went well. After the first meeting I had my first bowling practice for the day. Was ok, still a little off track since Berlin. Then I walked home to eat some lunch and to watch some episodes of Gossip Girl. Had my second meeting at 3pm and went straight from there to the gym. Gym was great, and my second bowling practice for the day was even better! I finally figured out the worries from Berlin. YAY! Just in time for this weekend :)

Now eating dinner in the bowl!

Later: sleep.
Tomorrow: practice, pack and leave for the best weekend in Swedish bowling.

Svenska Mästerskapen i 8-manna lag

Kan du inte finnas på plats? Missa inte denna information!!


They were right! Sun is shining, its already 20degrees outside, I'm wearing shorts and a big smile. I missed this! I missed complaining about it being too hot outside. :)
I'm probably gonna complain even more when I go to the bowl today to practice. It's gonna be miserable. Haha!

Just got back home after helping a friend a little, thinking about what to eat for breakfast. Any suggestions? :)

One down

Haha now it's only 2days left before the team-bus leaves for the playoffs.

This day went by pretty fast. I woke up, watched some tv and tried to get my body together. A little sore today, don't know why. My back normally gets sore from spending a whole day on the couch (some Sundays can end up that way ;)), so I though yesterday - lets not do that. I was outside pretty much the whole day, walking enjoying the sun. and still. this happens. suuuucks. but it will be ok tomorrow.
so when I finally felt ready I went out for a 6km jog in the sunny 17degrees weather in shorts and a top. No sweatpants, no sweatshirt, no gloves, no scarf - just the summer spirit workout-outfit. Haha!
And ended the day with a short time working and bowling house league.

talking about the weather. they say we are getting 21degrees in the morning, 21DEGREES!! Hello YOU, summer! Haha

Bowling practice
Gym 2sessions
Maybe enjoy the sun for a bit?

Bring on Tuesday!


It's a new week. And a very special one. Or at least the weekend. The most important weekend of all year in Swedish bowling league, the playoffs!!

But it's only Monday.

There's a few things that has to be done before leaving on Thursday.
Practice, gym, practice, gym. Haha practice even more.
Aaaaaaaah I can't wait!

I will give you all the details tomorrow. There will be live streaming the whole weekend.

Ok, now back to reality. Time to start moving. This apartment needs to be cleaned. And then gym, work & bowling.


en lördag med fina vänner


Hej helg

Ja, det händer ju inte allt för ofta att dom skriver något i tidningen om bowling. & när en stor uttagning har skett så bör dom ju skriva en rad kan man tycka. Jag, personligen, tycker att det är rätt tråkigt att gå in och läsa mer om de som inte blev uttagna än de som fick en plats. Jag förstår fullt ut att man kan bli förbannad & besviken, det var inte längesen jag fick samma besked. Men jag känner mig lite besviken jag med, på att min glädje inte ska få synas. Jag är vääääääldigt glad över att jag fick fortsatt förtroende i laget. Jag är också vääääääldigt glad att det inte är jag som är debutant i landslaget i år med tanke på artikeln.
Det kanske inte är så speciellt längre när man kommit med något år? Kan väl säga att vi isåfall ser på det lite annorlunda. Jag har slitit som ett djur efter att jag fick tråkiga besked vid en uttagning för snart ett år sen, och det har gett resultat. Jag är oerhört, fantastiskt jävla sketa glad för att jag blev uttagen. Jag ska få bowla ännu en VM. Hur grymt?!
Tackar hjärtligast för alla sms, mejl & inlägg på Facebook! Ert stöd är grymt.

Vill tillägga ett stort grattis till årets debutanter! Även till Victoria Johansson som tagit sin plats tillbaka. :) slänger in Rebecka & Joline här också, mina guldkompisar sen EM, välförtjänt & jag är glad att ännu en mästerskap delas med er!

Jag har iallafall en dejt med lokaltidningen senare idag. Jag kan bara hålla tummarna att deras artikel kan bli roligare.

puss på er

Team Sweden


Senior Tour

Längesen jag körde ett blogginlägg på bara svenska. & idag orkar jag inte tänka så nu får de bli såhär.

Det började med att grannen hade både fest, tjafs, slagsmål & besök av ambulansen mitt i natten. Tackar hjärtligast för 4,5h sömn inatt!
Klockan ringde 7, lagom pigg. En dusch och sen var det dags för jobb. Vi hade Sverige-final av senior-touren och en hel del skulle förberedas & underhållas under dagen. Var mycket att göra men det gick superbra i sällskap av sambo! Jag slutade som alla andra onsdagar vid 14, satte mig i bilen och styrde mot Helsingborg. Träff med mina spader-brudar. Minigolf & middag tillsammans. Allmänt mysig eftermiddag/kväll med tjejerna. :)
Lämnade Helsingborg vid typ 19.30 för att hinna hem i tid och möta upp Amanda för en kvälls-powerwalk. 1,5h kan det nog ha gått, haha. Det går fort när man har roligt!

Har precis klivit innanför dörren, hoppas att sambo kommer hem snart så jag slipper vara själv :)

Imorgon är en speciell dag.
Imorgon presenteras landslaget för VM i Las Vegas i Augusti.
Ni kan hitta det här, eller också på:

Håll en tumme!


Sorry babes, too tired to think and write in English.
Been a busy day.
Had a great evening with my teammates.
Ended the day with a 1,5h powerwalk with Amanda

Not bad for a Wednesday.

Tomorrow is a big day
National team will be announced
Fingers crossed!



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