World Championships 2013

It took me a while to do this. It feels so unreal that it is done. Over. Finito. I don't really know how to feel about it either.
Lets sum it up:
Singles 11th
Doubles 31st
Trios 6th missed finals by 100
Teams 6th missed finals by 28
All-Event 26th missed top24 masters with 8
Medals: zero
I wish I bowled better during the week.
But I'm gonna go back home, try to figure out what to work on for the next two years until the next world championship. I will get back with this.
It's hard, it's tough out there. It's heartbreaking actually. We were so close. So close. But close is not enough. It's time to work even harder.
But right now I need to stay focused for this next tournament. Which is starting today. We have practice in two hours. Leaving the team Sweden outfit in the suitcase for now and putting on some other colorful clothes. Loudmouth. Team Loudmouth it is. The best tournament of all year is coming up, USBC Queens. You know why? Cause this tournament can make every little girls dream come true. We are all dreaming about being a queen with our own tiaras. And that is exactly what you get if you win. A tiara.

I wanna be a queen.
Lets do this!


We finished 6th in teams, only 30pins short from a medal. And I came out 8pins short for the masters. Last night was one of the hardest moments of my bowling career, it was heartbreaking. I'm gonna give you a better update later on, right now I need to take it all in, understand what happened and do it better next week. Only two days left before our next tournament.

Thank you all for the amazing support!
Lots of love

Team event!

Lets do this ladies!!
Last 3games of teams, medium pattern.


Team event

Today was the first day of the team event. We bowled 3games on the short pattern. It was tricky in the start, we struggled a bit but finished ok in that game and save it to -98. We bowled better the second game and managed to stay over that game, +30ish.
But then all of us woke up and it was out time to shine. BAM 1102 in the last game with no opens!! Amazing finish and we are now sitting 5th, with only a few pins up to 3rd and 4th. Should mention that we were 19th after the first game.
Well done, ladies!

Tomorrow is the last 3games on medium. Fingers crossed!!



Last night didn't really end up quite the way I though either. Haha!
We went to Hard Rock for dinner and then straight to Stratosphere to go in the rides they have on the roof.

We started out with X-Scream.
866ft above the ground. X-scream propels you, head first, 27ft over the edge. After being shot over the edge you'll dangle weightlessly above the Las Vegas Strip before getting pulled back and propelled over again.
Picture below.

Then on to Big Shot.
In a matter of seconds, the Big Shot trill rides catapults you from the 921ft high platform up the towers mast to a height of 1081ft and down again.

And the last one was Insanity.
A massive mechanic arm extending out 64ft over the edge of the Stratosphere at a height of over 900ft! This ride will spin you in the open air at the speed of up to three 'G's. you'll be propelled up to an angle of 70degrees(!), which will tilt your body into one position - straight down.
Pictures below.
And that was the end of it, at least I thought so. We went "downstairs" to watch the skyjumpers.

Skyjump is:
The ultimate Las Vegas free fall from the 108th floor. The highest controlled free fall in the world.
The elevator up, the jumper is connected to a high-speed "descender" and led to the edge of the platform. Just take the last step and plummet through the sky 855ft or the equivalent of 108floors.

Well, I thought I was gonna watch. The girls and my coaches surprised me with a belated birthday gift. A skyjump.
17seconds, 855ft.
I did it.
And it was AMAZING!

Some pictures from the Stratosphere:

#skyjump from #stratosphere #lasvegas


That didn't workout quite the way we wanted it to. Finished 6th and only 100pins from top 4. It's easy to find those 100pins when you are 3players and bowl 6games. The other team finished 7th. Which actually shows that we are doing a good job over here. Both teams are in top10. Hopefully we can take that with us into teams event. I know we can do it!!

We start team events tomorrow, first 3 games on short. Fingers crossed please!

Went to the gym after bowling was done, had 1,5h to kill. 40min on the crosstrainer. Result - sweating on places I didn't know I could sweat on:

Live - laugh - love

Unfortunately it didn't work out for the boys in the last game. They struggled and came about 100pins short. Which is not that much if you think about is as a 3man team x 6games = 18games. Anyway.

After the boys were done bowling I went upstairs for a nap. I started a movie and two hours went by a little too fast.
Me, Caroline and Victoria decided to get something to eat. Pasta from Dominos. That pasta never made it here. So we took the car, drove to mc Donald's for a fancy dinner and then back again, to bed. We had so much fun, cause we love hanging out, but also cause we were so tired. I almost peed my pants, for those who wanna know.

When we came back we watched some short videos on YouTube before realizing we were to tired to stay awake. I went to my room, took a shower and now I'm in bed. Ready for some sleep. Ready to wake up early to kick some ass in the morning. We are bowling the last 3games of qualifying for trios. Fingers crossed!!


Also got the cutest video sent to me from my nephew, saying he missed me. made my heart melt. Miss him mucho.
This is the picture he send me after the video, sending me a kiss!:


Alarm went off early.
Got dressed, packed my bag and went down to the bowl. The Swedish guys are bowling trios today, last 3games. One team bowled at 8am, the other team started at noon. First out was Martin P, James and Jesper. They did ok, not better not worse.
After watching them for a bit me and Rebecka went practicing at South Point. Oh boy, did that bring back memories!!

Back in the bowl now. The other team though, they are killing it!
Watching right now, they are +248. Need a good game in the last game to stay in top 4!!

Go Sweden!!!


We are sitting 5th after the first 3games on the short pattern in trios. We finished with a great game of +66 and total +33. Only a few pins up to 4th and medal round. Very good feeling the last game for all of us and we are looking forward to bowl the last 3games on medium on Monday! The other Swedish team also did good today and are 9th.

Going out for dinner with the team now. Brazilian restaurant.
Wearing a skirt, abs and dots.


It it time to bowl.
Trios with Victoria & Caroline!


Hoover Dam & Lake Mead

a day with the girls.
we drove to Hoover Dam.
we rented a boat and went out on Lake Mead.
we relaxed.
we laughed.
we enjoyed the sun.
we enjoyed the turquoise colored water.

Q: what is the best..

..medicine for frustration?
A: gym

ended this evening with a cardio session. had so much anger in me so I had to take it out on something instead of someone. so, treadmill got it. and my body. 6,5km - 500cal.

I think I'm gonna sleep like a baby tonight. I hope.

Doubles with Isabelle

That did not go as planned. Frustrating. I bowled good at times and bad at times. Struggled to get a good reaction and got a little stressed. A few splits.

Having a day off tomorrow.

Birthday gifts

My alarm went off at 6.30am, wanted to get up in time to hit the gym and to be able to watch the boys bowl doubles. Another cardio session, 15min spinning warm up, 2.5km jog with incline 2,5 for 5mins, 4km pw with incline 2.5-5-10 (increasing every 5min). And finished with a 3.5km jog to get to 10km.

Watched some bowling before heading across the street for some shopping with mom, this is what I got for my birthday - this girl is gonna look awesome in the gym!

Singles event

Right now, about 5,5h after our squad I can say that I'm happy with today's bowling. I bowled good and I stayed with my plan. I made my spares and I did some good shots. Unfortunately it was not as good as needed today. Or maybe as lucky as needed today.
I bowled 1266/6 with no opens. 4-5splits were the only ones. Didn't do much changes, until the last game where the pair was weird. Some of them are just "very bad" with a better way of saying it.

I bowled with my Disturbed today, pretty much the whole day. Except that last game, my Defiant Soul came into play.

Having a day off tomorrow and bowling doubles on Thursday together with Isabelle Hultin on the medium pattern. Then it's time to kick some ass!

Now it's time for some sleep.
Alarm goes off early even on the days off bowling-duty.


För mina svenska vänner kan ni läsa om dagens spel på

Thank YOU!

Wow! I wanna thank all of you who took your time to wish me a happy birthday yesterday. You guys are the best! Ive read each and every one of the messages I got. Blessed to have so many friends from all around the world!
Got to celebrate my 22nd birthday in Las Vegas. Not bad! Had an amazing day with great company. Went to Benihana, a Japanese steakhouse for dinner at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel.
Thank you!


Spending the day with mom and dad and the best team here in Vegas. Started out with a cardio session at the gym before a lovely breakfast with wifey. As in lovely, I mean different. I had one burger and some spaghetti bolognese. That was what I found on the buffet this morning. Great if you ask me. A little tired of bacon and omelets now.

Got to watch the last game of the first squad of the men's singles. Swedish guys were struggling a little.

Going out shopping now with the girls before dinner tonight on the strip! :)

Good morning

Guess what day it is?

My birthday!! :)

Official Practice

So, I had a plan about what bowling balls to choose for the worlds. I brought 9 but we are only allowed to register 6. My plan was changed the first shot today on the official practice. The short pattern turned out to be just like a short pattern should be. Tricky, makes you play the gutter and you have to throw some good shots to stay alive. The medium pattern felt a little easier and a little more forgiving. But it's only practice and it can turn out way different when you get on it for real, when people start throwing spare balls and so on.
But I feel like we have a good look on both patterns in the team!

So tomorrow it starts with the men's singles. Good luck guys!! Go get them.

What team are you rooting for?">">">">">">">" class="image">


Me, mom and dad went to one of the outlets around the city. They have a few and they are all heaven on earth for us swedes. It's normally way cheaper shopping here than back home and an outlet makes it all so much better. Got a little unlucky today cause pretty much everything I wanted to have was either too small or too big. Shoes, shirts, dresses. But I found one pair of Levi's Jeans and a brown belt for about 60$ which is less than 400kr.

We spent almost 4h at the outlets, including a dinner at Chilis. Chilis is one of my favorite restaurants over here, a little like TGIF. I had the fajita. It was good to get out of the hotel area with subway and Panda Express, even if those two have very good food, you can get tired of it when you've had it at least once a day for the past 3 or 4days.

When we came back to the hotel I went straight to the bowl to watch the girls first squad on official practice. It looks a little tricky on the short pattern. Can't wait to get out there myself. 6pm it's our turn.

And today was also the day I finally got an answer to a question I've been thinking about for a while, a long while.
Q: Can it rain in the desert?
A: Yes.


What a day.
We started the day with standing in line to the breakfast for 45mins!!
It was worth it though, breakfast is good over here and there is so much to choose from. All the "normal" stuff, like a regular breakfast in Sweden, bread, fruit, yoghurt. you can also get omelets, panncakes, egg n bacon, Asian food, make you own salad, desert and so on.

And after breakfast we went straight to the pool. Amazing weather. We stayed there for about 2h. On that time we were tanning, swimming and creating the most awesome photo ever (you can see it in the post before this one).
The one posted in this is made by Dom Gall. Thank you for this version :)

We also got to practice for a bit today, on Athens. Went very well. I just want it to start now. We now know the patterns for the WWC, Sydney 33ft and Seoul 39ft. Interesting. Looking forward to our official practice tomorrow at 6pm our time.

Just got back to the hotel after dinner, went to a fish restaurant. I had the Salmon with garlic whipped potatoes and steamed broccoli. SOOOO good.
I'm full, happy and sleepy. Ready to go to bed.
Our day tomorrow looks like this:
9am breakfast
10am-later pooltime
later shopping
6pm official practice



Having fun in the pool!

Opening Ceremony

It was true, the thing about having the opening ceremony outside. It was a 10min drive from the hotel and when we got there the car showed us 112F/44C.

OC was outside, in the sun, in the desert.

One word: miserable.
I just can't handle the heat. Other than me almost burning up, the ceremony was just like you wish for. Short, interesting and a nice finish with a live band.

What if we would arrange a championship in Sweden, lets say in January. In January we can easily get -30C/-22F up north. So, -30C/-22F and an opening ceremony outside? Would you enjoy it?
Just a thought.

Well, it's done. So I'm happy. Happier.
Just need a shower and ill be ready to get some sleep.
Tomorrow we are gonna spend some time at the pool and maybe some shopping if everything goes as planned. Don't know if we are gonna practice or not yet, hopefully!


Pool area



Practice [check]

Both of our sessions today are done. We bowled on a short pattern today. yesterday felt good, today was even better. I threw it good all day.
About the patterns, all we know is that we practiced on a medium pattern yesterday and short today. They are using a different lane machine and a different type of oil in the championship so it's gonna be different. First time we get to bowl on the patterns with the right machine and oil is on official practice on Sunday.

Just had a late lunch, gonna changed to my bikini and go to the pool area to try to enjoy the 108F/42C heat.

Later today is opening ceremony, ill try to take some pics from it.
Rumor says that it's gonna be outside. If so, then this might be my last post.
Fingers crossed for an inside opening ceremony!

These bowling balls rolled very good on the short pattern today:
#teamloudmouth #brunswick #storm


I'm tired. My plans for the evening changed a little. I visited the gym for a while, running 5,5km with incline 2,5 10 out of the 35mins on the treadmill.
So hot in the gym!
But I did it, first workout here in Vegas (and hopefully not the last one).

So now it's bedtime. Just wanted to say gnite really.
Oh yea, and I want to welcome my parents to this side of the pond! They just arrived and hour ago, can't wait to see them in the morning :)

Sweet dreaaaams!
And for all of you back home in Sweden/Europe - have a nice day :)

First practice done!

Practice went well, we bowled on a medium pattern. Feels good to finally be on the lanes here. :)
We bowled for two hours, to get some impressions of the lanes and the bowling center.

The rest of the day was spent on Walmart and Panda Express. Best store and best fast food place here in America.
We "saved" a lot of money at Walmart today, bough lots of make up which is way more expensive in Sweden. Our way to save money. Haha! :)

Gonna go back to the room now, play some cards and just hang out. Tomorrow is practice at 10am and 2pm and opening ceremony at 7.30pm. :)


Las Vegas, babyyyy

After spending the whole day at the best place ever, Six Flags, we had a long drive to Vegas. Yawning the whole way, 4,5h, but we made it here just fine.

Six flags was so much fun! Been there one time before, but that was when I was a kid so I didn't remember that much from it.
I'm 21years old (for 4more days) and I felt like I was 12 again. Roller coasters are the best. If you guys ever get the opportunity to go to a Six flag park, then GO!

We left the park around 8-8.30pm and started our drive to Vegas. Got here at 1am and went straight to bed.

Woke up at 9.30, the time difference is not a problem for me going this way.
Team had breakfast and lunch together before getting ready for practice.
We are right now on the lanes, both men's and women's are practicing. Gonna be fun!


Hello LA!

We made it!
We are right now in Los Angeles. The trip went well, no problems and I slept pretty much the whole way (surprise huh?). We got here in the afternoon our time last night, took us a while to get our rental cars and get to the hotel.
Our hotel is not far from the famous star street, Hollywood blv. Only a 10min walk so we went down there last night to see the stars, the Chinese theatre, for some food and for some shopping. Went to an Italian restaurant and had the best pasta in a long time. Chicken, broccoli pasta with sundried tomatoes in a creamy sauce. YUM. Like if it was made just for me.

Struggled to stay awake at the end of the shopping spree, came back to the hotel around 9 and went straight to bed. And I just time up 30mins ago. It's 7.30am over here so that's means a 9h time difference.
Feels so exciting that this trip is finally starting. I've been looking forward to it for so long now. Unreal but exciting.

Today is our last day in Los Angeles. We are going to the amusement park Six Flags just before noon, spending the whole day there before starting our drive to a warmer city in the middle of the desert. Las Vegas, baby!


Lets go!

Bye Sweden!

And off we go!

Bags are packed, bowlingballs picked, I'm in the car on the way to the airport.



Copenhagen - Frankfurt - Los Angeles.

I will give you an update when I can.

And hey hey hey, our senior team is in Vegas already bowling and they are kicking ass over there. 3medals in singles.
Huge congrats to Christer Danielsson who won the gold medal. World Champion, way to go!!
Also congrats Christel and Christer for silver and bronze.



I started the morning with walking over to my hair dresser to get my hair dyed. When my hair was all red again I went down town to get some errands done before meeting my mom, Josefine and Frida for a Swedish "fika". A sad one, cause I'm leaving for a month and Frida is moving back to Stockholm. X

11h left before we leave. 11h to get everything together, I'm gonna do my last practice. I'm right now at the gym doing my last session before we leave. I have to finish packing, get myself ready for leaving and also spend the last few hours with my best friend.

It feels weird to be away for a month. Like a weekend, a week or even two is nothing weird for my situation. But a month! It feels unreal. Just imagine my suitcase. All the shoes I wanna bring! Haha
Somehow I need to sort this out.

Now I'm gonna kill it on the session.


2h bowling practice
30min crosstrainer 400cal
25min treadmill 250cal
quick snack - protein and rebuilding shake
hugging my couch for a bit
dressed up
saw a rainbow
went to the movies - The Heat
laughed my ass off
car ride
dressed down
brushed teeth
hugging my bed

that is one great Sunday.
I can't remember the last time I laughed as much as I did today, at a movie. you need to watch The Heat.

so one day left of this month, this summer. gotta make this last day count.
how to spend it?
- dye my hair
- run some errands
- gym
- bowling
- spend time with roomie
I have to figure out what a typical summer-thing to do is before tomorrow and get it done.
Any suggestions?

sleepy time


Den lokala tidningen för Ängelholm har gjort en intervju om mig, ni kan läsa den här:


Läs här vad Martin Larsen har att säga om VM:


I woke up today, feeling satisfied cause I slept through the night. Probably the first time since I got back home from America. I started looking for my phone to see what time it was. 10.17am. WHHAAAAAT?! I had a massage scheduled at 10.30am. I can't remember when I got out of bed that fast the last time. But I made it. I was there at 10.30.
I forgot to set the alarm last night. I tried to remember what i did when I got back home from dinner but no memory. I read my last post and I was laughing. Did I write that in my sleep? Wow, I must have been tired last night.

Massage was great anyway. I made myself some breakfast when I got back home, had some papers I needed to fill in that I need to post before I leave on Tuesday.

Right now I'm just being lazy. In bed watching tv. Gonna start packing later on. Tuesday is almost here. 3days.

Here's a pic from last nights dinner at moms and dads.

day filled with bowling

like I said, I started the day with a morning walk with Amanda. a little over an hour and a total of 6,5-7km. had some breakfast before getting my ass off the couch to go meet Joline in the bowl for some practice. First session was not so good, didn't take the time I needed to listen to my body. Took a quick break, for some lunch, and then back on the lanes for session number two with Robert, Jesper and Martin - 3of the guys that will represent Sweden at worlds this month. We bowled on 4different patterns today: Stockholm, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Montreal. Second session was way better. I took my time! We bowled doubles team and me and Martin won. :)
So practice from 11-13 and them 14-16. Grreeeaaaat!

After dinners hurried back home to shower and get ready to be at my parents house for dinner.
Ate lobster, shrimps and crab :)

But it's late now and I can't keep my eyes open. Ttyl

Gooooood morning!

This girl woke up with a smile.
Still trying to figure out why though, haha! Maybe cause I spent all day yesterday at a shopping mall with Josefine, Jenny and nephew? Maybe cause I went to bed at 9.15pm? Maybe cause I went out for a morning walk with Amanda who I haven't seen since forever? Maybe cause wifey is in town to practice with me? Or maybe all of it as a combo. :)

Time to bowl!
Ttyl x

Oh sunny days

I've had a lot to do the last two days. Yesterday we spent the whole afternoon in the bowl practicing. We got some new pattern for our Swedish league so we had to put them out and try them, also bowled on a pattern that might be one out of the two we are gonna bowl on during the worlds - Stockholm 34ft I believe.
6people on a pair, one game on each pattern, doubles team. Fun way to do practice.
After practice I went out for a run, 4,5km in the heat. Felt so good. Finished my evening with dinner together with my brother, Frida and Mathias. Reunion.

Today I woke up at 10, mom picked up Jenny and I so we could go to the store and get some food. Lunch date at moms.
After lunch I had a meeting with the local newspaper, they did an interview about the upcoming trip! I think it will be posted this weekend, I will let you know :)
Took us about 1,5h. When we were done I had to go to another meeting before it was time to see my team at practice.

I was home early though, 7.30pm and ready for dinner and being lazy on the couch with my bff.
I'm ready to get some sleep.
Tomorrow is a new day. Gonna spend it with Josefine. BFF-day. Haha :)


Glöm inte!!!!

Glöm inte att köpa tidningen idag, Expressen, Kvällsposten eller GT!


Boat trip

We spent all afternoon on the boat.
Sun was shining, no wind and water had good temperature.
Worked on my tan, jumped from the boat and also tried riding a water donut ring behind the boat.
Oh happy days!

Ended the day with a one hour bowling practice. Now I'm dead. Ready for some sleep!


What an amazing weekend.
I miss out on a lot of fun stuff since I'm away so much. That is probably the only bad thing with this life on the road.
But I'm surrounded by the best people and they understand why I want to do this and why I need to be away. They always make time for me when I'm at home. I am so lucky.

So this weekend was all about catching up, with family and friends. We went to the beach as I told you. After the beach we took the car and drove to Saxtorp, about 35min away from my hometown. We went there for soccer-golf. First time I tried it, it was so much fun but it was hard! 18holes and they were between 50-120m with trees and moats in the way to make it harder. Took us about 2h to finish it and was a great thing to do with family and friends.
We drove back home, showered and got ready to go out for dinner before having a few drinks.

Sunday I was tired, but woke up in time to go with a few friends, family and my nephew to this pool place. Weather is amazing right now in Sweden. We are talking a temperature between 25-30c degrees and sun is shining like never before. We spent the whole afternoon there before going to the store to buy everything we needed for a BBQ. Went to my moms and dads to have dinner and play a outdoor game called "Kubb". That is a bit harder to explain so for those who don't know what it is, google it! ;)
Ended the weekend with sharing a bottle of wine with my best friend and we talked about everything and nothing.

Today is Monday. Monday and only one week left before we leave for World Championships. I'm excited and I'm looking forward to spending this week in the bowl, to prepare. But that's not gonna happen until in the evening.
Today's practice starts not earlier than 6pm. We are first gonna enjoy the weather on my brothers family's boat.


Sun is shining!

Holy macaroni, it's hot outside! Sweden is boiling. It's 31c degrees and the sun is shining. Makes it even better to be home! :)

Me and roomies family went to the beach earlier. I decided to jog down there, it's about 3,5km and that was 3km too much in this weather! Haha. But it felt good when I got there and could get in the water.
We were there for two hours, just enough cause I hate sand. And there was a lot of bugs flying around.

Now we are getting ready to go play some soccer-golf. Never tried it! Ill take some pictures and explain how it works later ;)


Wow, that massage earlier today was painful. But in a good way, that means the massage is working/helping.

After the massage I went to pick up mom, so she could drive me back home. And I haven't left the apartment since then, just being lazy today. I cleaned my room for a bit and then laid down on the couch again.
Just made myself some dinner, grilled chicken with wild rice, curry sauce and a fresh salad of apple, pineapple and nectarine. So yummy! I missed home cooked food when I was away.

Not planning on doing anything special tonight, maybe go out for a walk in the nice weather. :)


August 1st

Can you believe it's already August? I can't. Where did the summer go?
I'm hoping I will get to see that beautiful yellow thing on the sky the next 12days. I think that could be a good way to prepare for the next 3-4weeks after that. Las Vegas. In the summer. It's gonna be HOT!

Since its only 12days until I have to leave this time zone I'm actually thinking about staying on their time schedule. Will that make it easier the next time or is it gonna get messed up anyway?
Right now I can't even say what time zone I'm living in. My body is living its own life. I couldn't wake up until 2pm today, even though I tried. I was up two times before that, had a small breakfast and then fell asleep again.
I then went to the bowl for some practice with mom, then off to the gym with David. (You can see pictures of him below the text, he inspires me a lot! Great guy in great shape) and when I got home around 8.30pm we made dinner and then I past out on the couch for an hour and now here I am, still tired at 11.50pm. But will I be able to sleep? Who knows.

Anyway, practice went well today. Still got that good feeling from Us open even though I haven't been bowling since last Friday. Gym was tough though. Backday, was a good session but my body was tired. Still happy about going there and doing the things well.

Tomorrow they say is Friday. I have no idea. Haha. Lets call it tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and then 3days from the day and so on. Jk
So Friday, I'm gonna get some massage right after lunch. probably go out for a walk/run if the weather is nice or else it's the gym. Maybe even bowl tomorrow, depends on how my body is feeling. :)

But now I'm gonna try and get some sleep. And gonna try and sleep through the night, wake up at 9 or maybe 10 and feel like a whole new person. The chances of that are not too big. Fingers crossed!

Gnite x


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