"Why don't you do right?"

"Get out of here and get me some money too." Gramophonezie - why don't you do right? 

I've been singing and dancing to that song all day. Heard it this morning at the Bodypump class I went to. Gooooood song! and I think it gave me a little extra energy today cause I think I broke my own record of gym sessions/day. not only one, not just two but 3 different classes today! before 1pm today! Haha so stupid. Really burned today. First bodypump, then CX - core and finished with indoorwalking (which is a class on cross trainers). 
I'm gonna sleep like a little baby tonight! 

other than working my ass off at the gym, I've had breakfast with mom, lunch with Jenny and kiddo, dinner on my own. I've done laundry, the dishes, moved every single box with stuff, I had left in the apartment, up on the top floor storages. 
I'm just about to stand up and walk out to the kitchen and get all the candy I can find and just enjoy my Friday night for real. I think I deserve that after today.


one of those days when you go to bed and you feel happy about the things you accomplished during the day. maybe not accomplish but the fact that you accomplished many things. 
today is one of this days. 

started out in the proshop, got a few balls drilled. had lunch before I went back home to make my cat company for a little while. took a quick nap - that one specially I'm very proud of accomplishing today - before heading back to the bowl for more work, coaching the kids and then the adults. squeezed in a CXworx class at the gym between those two coaching-sessions and finished the day with bowling-bets with the guys. 
bowled on two different patterns, 37ft and 42ft. top2 made money and I was second, $$$! haha, tried to have focus on the things I changed earlier this week  with my start position. 
also wanna out in there that my CXworx class was the best one I've done so far. I could really do all routines with good technique and pushed through when it was a little painful! 

back home now. in bed. glad I got so many things done. and that I did them well! go go go to sleep now Sandra. 
Alarm goes off at 7.30, Bodypump at 8.30!! 

Vote for me!

Ok, guys. Got a nice surprise today, someone nominated me to a radio show. Whoever gets the most votes will be the guest of their show. Now I need your help to vote! 

And it is very simple. 
1. Click/copy-paste the link below into the search field on the Internet:

2. Click the box next to my name, which is Sandra Andersson ;) 

3. Click on the button "Rösta" 

4. If you like then please share! 

Big thanks to the person who nominated me! :) 


I don't really know what I'm still doing up. And I don't know how it got so late today? 

lunch was good
work was "quick" but took forever to do it. paperwork and computerwork, and the computer was so slow. ridiculous. 
coaching went great, the old kids are teaching the new once. and they make me smile, every single time. 
practice went very well. having a good feeling about my bowling at the moment. worked on the small changes we did on Mondays practice, different hand-position in the start and just a little more relaxed with a little more feeling into it. I think this is gonna be great. 
and the dinner date with my ex roomie <3 she invited me for dinner so we could catch up a bit. loved it. she made lasagna with salad, and finished off with a cup of tea while watching "paradise hotel", a reality show on Swedish TV. I was a little tired after the show and thought "oh, how nice, I'm just gonna go straight to bed" and then I realized that is not my home anymore!! (They have our/my old apartment) haha. sadly I had to put on my warmest outfit and head out in the snow and walk home. 
Can't remember last time I saw this much snow in this part of the country! It's crazy. 
Lucky me it was only a 10min walk. :) 

In bed, cuddled up, to get the body temperature back. Ready for some sleep. I have a feeling tomorrow is gonna be buzyyyy 


work it

when I woke up today I felt a little sore from yesterday's bodypump class. I decided to take a day off from any kind of workout, to have a relaxing morning, eat a big delicious breakfast and watch some tv and just be the lazy me. 
my day started for real around 1pm, I went to the bowl for lunch and to work for a bit. booked all my flights I need for the next few months, can't wait to live in a suitcase again. 
this gave me alot of energy and a friend of mine sent me a text at the right time and asked if I wanted to head over to the gym for a spinning class. I just couldn't say no! Haha so 55min of cardio was done today. :) 

feeling good about the improvement and changes my body is going through. I feel motivated. Happy. Satisfied. And two of the most important things for me, I feel beautiful and comfortable with my body. I'm proud of what I have accomplished so far. I understand my body better. Just, well done Sandra! work it. 

Now watching tv 
Later taking a shower 
And getting some sleep! 
Tomorrow is work, bowling and maybe gym :) 

Booking completed

They are all confirmed and I can finally share that I'm having a crazy but fun schedule in feb/march. 

Lets see here if we can put it together: 
10-17/2 USA
21-23/2 Stockholm
24-28/2 Qatar 
1-8/3 Bahrain
9-15/3 Kuwait 
21-23/3 Munich 

well hello there, life in a suitcase! 
so excited to squeeze in a new country too. 22 :) 

back and forth

today just flew by! 
every time I though I had a chance to sit down and just relax something came up. mom called and wanted me to take her to her water-rehab so I had to change my schedule a bit, which wasn't a problem at all. drove here there, then off to the bowl, I was gonna go out for a jog but got stuck discussing some new ideas for our team with the guy in charge. back to get mom and drive her home. back to the bowl to practice with team Sweden's head coach, practice was good - we watched a few old videos to try and figure out how to become even better. found a few clues and I think we have a solution. to work with having my swing in line and not my body, to explain it. big difference. 
it was first after this practice I could go out for a jog in the absolutely awful weather we have here. Hard winds, powdery snow and too cold! but I made a 4,5km run - very happy. 
Ended up at moms, picked up Bella and the car. 
Back to the bowl to get my backpack then home to drop Bella off and the straight to the gym for a Bodypump-class. 
felt so bad. no energy, my legs were killing me. a little tired. might take day of rest tomorrow. but the only bad workout is the one you didn't do so! 

After gym I went back home to make dinner. Got a phonecall 30mins later, customer in the shop. Now back to the bowl and then 5mins later I was done and could go back home. 
Quick dinner:

Pasta with chicken, cherry-tomatoes with pesto.  

then last but nog least some more bowling to end the day with. house league. You could say we won, big one! Me and my partner did 1908 on our 8games. Pretty nice. 

in bed ready for some sleep. 


great end to last week. well. except bowling if you ask me. we lost the match on Sunday against X-calibur. we couldn't really get comfortable on the lanes, the team. we bowled on the shortest pattern out of the 5 we have for league, 37ft. I bowled well with my black IQ tour, 899/4. 
on thing I really enjoyed was our supporters for the game. my brother and my closest friends drove early in the morning, for two hours to make it to watch out game so we could spend the rest of the day doing something fun together! how sweet? right after I was done bowling, showering and dressing (hahahaha funny, but you know what I mean) we took the car into town and ate lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. Ribs, fries and a juice-drink. Delicious!! 

played some pool, dart and a new thing I've never played before shuffleboard. so much fun! we stayed at that place for a few hours before heading over to Kungsbacka for dinner. 20mins drive for the best dinner I've had for a while, for the price. garlic bread to start with, fillet of beef with potatoes and bearnaise-butter and a chocolate fondant for dessert. great(!) end to last week. 


the match started out tough in the first game, lost it with 4-1. woke up after that game and won the next 3 with 5-0, 4-1, 3-2. Totally 13-7 and another win for us. Superdupermegaverymuch proud of the girls. We have a young talented team - average age is 21,8 on 9bowlers. one Of us are 44y/o ;) Pretty cool if you ask me. 

Getting some well deserved sleep to get ready for tomorrow's tough match. Favorite of the year. Spader dam vs X calibur. Fingers crossed! 

well, hello there Friday!

and I started this Friday with re-setting my alarm cause I was too tired for bodypump. I slept for an hour and half more and felt better, ready for practice. some spare-shooting and some timing-shots just to make sure everything feels good for this weekend. and everything did. had a good practice session. 

picked up mom, first went to her psychical therapist, then back to my apartment to get some stuff done here. Didnt really go as planned so we have to re-do a few things. Oh well :) 

we were done around 4pm and I had a look at the schedule for the classes at the gym. 5pm Tabata. said and done. Another 30min high intensity interval training. X amount of exercises, 8times á 20sec, 10seconds rest in between. really sucked the last bit of energy out of your muscles. I could feel that I was a little sore and that I had to take it a little easier on the leg-routines. other than that I did ok. 

big time cravings tonight 
pizza and chocolate 
and of course sparkling water - home made! 
TGIF, just sayin' 

Leaving for Vänersborg and Gothenburg with my team this weekend for league! Exciting weekend. :) fingers crossed for us please! 

hard work work

Alarm went off at 8am. Snoozed until 9.05am. Got up, showered, got dressed and ready for Josefine to pick me up at 10am. Today's noon adventure was going to IKEA! I love IKEA. It feels like home. Always when we are on our crazy we search for an IKEA and/or a Hard Rock Cafe to eat at. Why? Simple. Cause you know what type of food you will get. 
Back to our adventure. We went through it all to buy one shelf, eat lunch and then head over to the shopping mall next doors, for a short visit and we made time for a Swedish fika. 
Back home around 1.30pm, I laid down on my bed and took a nap. I was so tired. 3.15pm my alarm went off and I had to get up and get ready for the rest of the day. The busy part of the day. 
4pm-5pm Coaching the kids
5.35pm-6.05pm CXWorx 
6.15pm-6.45pm Grit Strength 
7pm-8pm coaching the adults 
8pm dinner
9pm couch 

BAM. CX was very good. Another grit class. Today was different routines than last time. The heavy part is the "easy" part. Love it though. Really kills my body, in a good way. The best surprise today was when I made my push ups and felt good about them. Like I've never had any problems with it. Can it really be that I feel stronger already after 2weeks with these crazy classes? If so, that is awesome. 

Coaching sessions went very well, both groups did really good again. :) 

I can barely hold my eyes open any longer. Time for bed. Bodypump in the morning, 8.30am, if my body isn't too beat up, and bowling at 10am. 


The day

Was not only filled with nice words and surprises. It was also filled with a coaching session of the kids. Practicing on making our spares, which is hard cause then you really have to focus on every shot and not just talk with your friends ;) haha. But They are doing really good! 
After coaching it was time for me to be the bowler. 1h of just bowling, trying some bowling balls that I haven't bowled with for a while. 25mins gnilwob, backwards bowling. 1step, 2steps, 3steps (tricky one!!) 4steps and full approach. all to get back to a good timing. things felt really good after this. Finished my practice session with 40shots of spare-practice. Same results as Mondays practice. 70% on 2pins and 95% on 1pin. lost a little focus and realized I probably need to make some changes to convert a few of them. 

Overall I'm happy with my practice-session. I have a good feeling about my upcoming events if I get to keep it. :) 

22jan - 2014

I've never received so many compliments in texts, in words and in person as I have today. This day truly is overwhelming. 
First of a surprise from mom, as a thank you for being there for her the past few weeks and today and on - never a problem, always a pleasure, love spending time with her - I got a soda streamer which I have been looking for to buy. I love sparkling water and now I can make it on my own. 

Second time was when I got asked about workout routines and my gym habits, the person wanted a few tips since he was gonna start his journey in the gym world. 
Also received very nice words from another friend saying I inspire him with what I do and with who I am. 
This means the world to me. 

And last but NOT least. 
I got a link sent to me with a radio interview with Sweden's most successful women's bowler of all time, Åsa Larsson, who said a few very nice words about me and my bowling. Just wow. 
Inspiring. Motivating. Speechless

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
To All of you. For all you give me. 
Support, inspiration, motivation, love, laugh and true happiness. I am happy. 

<3you guys. 

Grit Strength


"How bad do you want it?" 
Today I did my first Grit Strength class. 30mins high intensity interval training. 
Just WOW! That was challenging, but boy that was fun. 
Pushing your body to a whole new level. 

Like moving the last boxes, running up and down from 3rd floor down and from 1st to 5th to get all the stuff on the right place was not enough. 
I don't have to feel lazy to be laying on the couch for the rest of the evening. But do you know what? I didn't. As soon as I got home I started sorting every single box out and put everything in place. Took a break to cook dinner and shower. 

Right now I'm doing what I was looking forward to this morning. I'm being lazy on the couch. Going to bed soon. 
Tomorrow is coaching the kids and bowling on the schedule. Probably a morning run and some work too ;) 

good morning peeps!

it is Tuesday morning. not just any Tuesday. it is my lovely mothers birthday! Happy Birthday mom! <3 

It's 8am I'm on my way up to moms to take the dogs out for a walk then having breakfast with momma. 

A little tired today, yesterday was a active day. Started with a "morning run" around noon. 4,4km down to the bowl. Borrowed Rasmus car so I could bring lunch to mom, back to the bowl for 40shots of spare-practice. 20on two pins left and 20on one pin left. 70% on two pins and 95%on one pin left. Not too happy about it, 2missed spares was just me getting mad about the shots before. Need to learn from this. 
After bowling I went back home to take a shower, off to the groceries store and bought everything I needed so I could go back to moms, cook dinner and go out for a walk with the dogs before heading back to the bowl and bowl league. back and forth, back and forth. I bowled good in league. Kept hitting the pocket, totally 4shots outside of the pocket. 895 with one high game. Couldn't get the last pin out the first 3games. But felt more confident on my spares than I did this weekend! 

Later today I'm gonna play with Kiddo for a while, work, a new class at the gym at 5pm - grit! A little nervous about it. :) I will give you an update later if I survive x 


this day started with a match with the best team. spader dam vs qvinns. it sure was a tough match, we didnt bowl our best at times but pulled it together in the end and managed to win by 12-8. So happy to be leading our league! Proud of my team! 

After our match we went downtown to Grand Hotel for a Sunday brunch with THE family - as in the whole freaking family. mom, dad, my brothers, sister-in-law and nephew. can't remember when that last happened! and I kinda enjoyed it, but don't tell anyone ;) 
We celebrated my moms birthday a little early since the guys are leaving tomorrow (dad and brother) for some gala-dinner in Stockholm. My mom is turning 49 on Tuesday :) 
brunch was good, they had many things to choose between. and the chocolate cake was to die for. I love chocolate. 

Dad had to leave right after our brunch so I took mom and my brother and a friend back to Ängelholm, dropped them off and I went back home to change before it was time to hit the gym.
Bodypump on the schedule! 

On my way home from the gym I drove to 3places to find a "Bingolotto". All over town so I had to hurry back home, make dinner, get everything ready for Emma to come here and to sit down a d eat before the show. Made it. Both! 
Relaxing evening with Emma, Josefine and Rasmus came over later, ate chocolate and just enjoyed the evening. Watch the longest yard on TV too, love that movie! 

Now ready for bed. Who knows what tomorrows gonna be like :) 

Worlds smallest bowling center

First time I bowled league in 2014 and it happened to be in Hyltebruk in this center: 

I'm sitting in the corner taking the photo, this is all the space behind the lanes. 

And we fu*king lost. I was not too happy about this. Like it wasn't enough that it took us twice as long to bowl, we didnt even get a point with us from there. 
Luckily we bowled two matches today and we bowled better the second match. A little slow in the start but turned out pretty good! 

Left home at 7.50am and came back home at 7.45pm. All for 8games of bowling. Does that mean I really love bowling? Cause I do. 
And Im going back to the bowl for league again tomorrow morning at 10am, wanna know something? I can't wait! finally get to bowl with the best team again!! Miss my girls. 

One great thing about today was to get home at 7.45pm, talked with a friend and found out he's coming to visit and staying for the night just to hang out for a bit. We live about two hours apart and don't get to spend that many days outside of a bowling center together. Amazing. such a great way to spend the evening. <3 

Bed time. 
Game day tomorrow! 


it's amazing to wake up by the alarm and feel totally refreshed and ready to go. especially when you have a Bodypump session scheduled for 8.30am. Today's class felt very good, I love it and I can't wait for Sundays session! 

I was supposed to go from the gym to the bowling center to practice for a bit but it was fully booked so mom and I decided to leave earlier to go shopping so I could come back and practice before they started with the cosmic bowling.

Store after store after store. Can't remember when I last bought so many things in such a short amount of time! At least it is on something worth of. 
It does feel better to spend my money on things for the apartment instead of on beer in a bar. At least for now, hahaha. 
I'm not done in my apartment yet, still have a few stuff I'm gonna put up but this is how far I've come since I moved in 18days ago: 

Photo taken from the entrance. Kitchen is first room on the left, walk-in closet second on the left, bedroom last door on the left, bathroom straight ahead and living room on the right. 

I love it!

mom and dad invited me for dinner too, seafood! delicious. when I got back home I lit some candles, made myself a fruit salad with some chocolate and cuddled up on the couch. 

Ready for bed now though. Alarm goes off 6.30am tomorrow - bowling time! So many weeks has past by since I bowled league last time. Crazy! Looking forward to it. Hyltebruk and Halmstad. My old home city. :) wish us luck! 


one VERY annoying thing is when you write a long post and it gets deleted before you save it. 


After work yesterday I invited myself to mom and dads for some Swedish "fika", tea, banana cake and biscuits, while waiting for my brother and friends to get back from their trip to Denmark. We were gonna go to the pool-place in town to play some pool and just hang out. We met there around 9.30pm and didn't leave until they closed at 1am. Pool, air hockey and many laughs. Had a great time! 
Came home late, which I really felt this morning. Not so much fun when the alarm went off but when I remembered it was the 16th I got a little happier. 1 month without alcohol! Celebrated with a morning run on 4km in the shitty weather we have at the moment. Cold, snowy and windy. 
When I got back home I took a warming shower, got dressed, packed my bags and went to work. first some work in the proshop, then coaching the kids, then off to the gym for a CX-session, then back to the bowl for coaching the adult-group. 

phewwww. home sweet home. Bella was waiting for me, all cuddly. the girl, who found her and took care of her before, and her boyfriend came over to visit. had some tea and talked about everything between heaven and earth. very nice to have them over! 

now I'm just being lazy on the couch. it's bedtime soon. 
tomorrows schedule: 
8.30am bodypump 
10am bowling 
noon shopping with mom 
evening ? 

Hallå! Helsingborg

So, for my swedish readers: 


Klicka på dagens upplaga och bläddra fram
tills ni ser mig & läs en intervju jag gjorde
förra veckan, annorlunda & kul! :) 


Warmed up at the gym with 20mins on the cross trainer, my legs were a bit like jelly in the beginning but managed to survive 20mins. Warm up done, time for the tough stuff. 30min CX - intense core training. BAM. 

Enough with workout for the day! 

When I made it back home I already had a dinner-box ready to be eaten. Flying Jacob, haha. Chicken, bacon, bananas in a whipped cream sauce with some peanuts on top and wild rice and salad. One of my favorites!

Spent the evening on the couch infront of the best show on TV at the moment: paradise hotel! 
And now it's bedtime. 

Can't decided wether to take a day off training tomorrow or just go for it? 

We will see how my body is feeling tomorrow. :) 

Gnite x 


DAMN my body was sore this morning when I woke up. haha. Not surpised.
When I left bed and saw that all the snow that came yesterday was pretty much gone again I decided to head out for a morning jog. 3,5km in the Cold weather. Still a Little snow and ice on the sidewalks. Good way of warming my body up for this day. My legs and butt hurts.

I Went to my hairdresser around noon to get my bangs cut again so I can see something. Straight from there to work, and im still stuck in the bowl. its 4.30pm now and Ive been working on the computer all day, sending emails, looking for flights, booking tournaments.
almost done here so im gonna change clothes and head to the gym. I Think im going into one of those crazy periods where I workout ALOT. I cant get enough. :) hahaha and im saying this after one day. crazy.

Pump it up

Nice job, Sandra, the last two days. 
Proud of myself for being so diligent. It really feels like I'm on a very nice road at the moment. I feel motivated even on the tougher days, I get things done even the days I'm very tired, and the smile on my face is showing more often. I'm still fighting for bigger things and this really helps me on the road to get there. Happy. 

Today I signed up on a new gym. I got a free month (at a different gym then I normally go to) in town by a close friend as a Christmas gift. Very excited about this cause my old gym is more of a "we are here to have fun and it's good if we get tired" and the new one is more like "get fit or die trying". I feel like this is what I need, tougher sessions in the gym, someone who yells at me if I'm slowing down. It's time to work harder! Did Bodypump today, one of the Les Mills programs. Tough session but it felt really good. Everything except my triceps were doing fine, DAMN my triceps are weak! Haha. and I'm not looking forward to wake up tomorrow and to feel how sore my muscles are gonna be. 
On Wednesday I'm meeting with a PT to get some help and make a workout-program based on me and what I need and want. Can't wait! 

Tomorrow is gonna be a little more than just hang around with sore muscles. Have work to do, gonna get my bangs fixed, another session at the gym and maybe an outdoor running-session. All depends on the weather, for some crazy reason we got snow today! So stupid, you're a month too late, snow! 

Hopefully I can book some trips soon so I can update my schedule for the next few weeks on here, march is gonna be busyyyyyy and so much fun! X 

my little tigerrrr

Bye Finland

Mixed feeling when leaving the bowl today to go to the airport. One part of me wanted to stay to support wifey but one part of me just couldn't wait to go home. Wifey finished 7th, nice job sweetie! 
Im now on the train on the way back home. Landed about two hours ago, had to wait for the train for a while at the airport. I'm hungry and tired. Traveling days are always brings trouble when it comes to eating-habits. Even though its only a short flight it's still hard to find food that are good enough in the short amount of time we have when we are at airports. Hate it. Cause I love food. I love to eat. Haha! 

I get home at 10.15pm, dad is gonna pick me up at the train station and drive me home. Don't know if my little one is coming home today or tomorrow, can't wait to see her cute fluffy face. Yes, I'm taking about my cat. Bed is waiting for me, can't wait to get some sleep and I'm not gonna set an alarm for tomorrow. 


I'm very disappointed with my performance here, not technique-wise but not being able to read the lane properly. Every squad and every game I had a good look for about 3-5 frames and then I was lost. and I still got surprised about it. I think I was a little too stubborn with my game plan - which can be both good and bad, sometimes it works out, this time it didnt. I also think i need a week off to miss bowling a bit, I'm afraid I couldnt take it as serious as I wanted to. I wish I could've done it so much better as every time you miss a final. It's never fun. 

I bowled the desperado and I think it was my highest game of the tournament, had a chance of striking out to make it but I didn't. Good part is I finally found a way of understanding the lane. 

It was a long day yesterday. I bowled morning squad at 8am, alarm went off at 5.30am. Bowled 4pm squad and also desperado very late. I was back at my room and in bed at 2am. You could say I'm a little tired today. Shower made me feel better though. 

All ready to go to the bowl to see how wifey is doing! Fingers crossed for her. :) flying home later tonight and ready for a week in the gym and not so much in the bowl. Time to clear my head and start fresh. I have a fun schedule ahead of me and I need to get my body, heart and mind set for this! 

Squad 2

Started on the other side of the bowl this morning, moving the opposite way from yesterday's squad and totally fucked it up. I was focusing on the wrong stuff and I was too stuck on my plan from yesterday's bowling. It didn't really help out that I wasn't feeling 100% either, tired and just off. 
So after bowling one squad I decided to sign up for tomorrows squads instead of bowling more today. 
Spent like an hour or two with Joline at the mall, bought a new pair of gym-pants and a shirt for working out, also the coolest pair of shorts/pants ever - probably the cheapest too, 6€. :) 

picked the guys up from the bowl and went back to the hotel for dinner. dinner was so good! had a steak with slowly cooked cherry tomatoes, roasted potatoes and bearnaise sauce. YUM. 

Now back on the room, in bed and ready for some sleep. "Road trip" on TV. :) getting ready for tomorrow's long day on the lanes and my plan is to make it short but gotta be prepared. 
8am squad! 

Moi Soumi!

This morning was one of a kind. Alarm went off at 5.20am. Left bed at 5.30am, showered, got dressed and ready to hit the road. Everything was packed except my bowling shirts, they were in the bowl and I was gonna get them when I got my bowling balls. Plan was to leave home at 6.30am and pick Josefine up at 6.45am. I was at the bowl at 6.45am so already late at this point. When I got to the bowl I realize not all of my shirts were there so I had to go back home and take one more with me (at least that was what I thought, I already packed the other ones). 
Finally on the way. Still with the feeling that I forgot something. 15mins down the road I realize what that "something" is. My accessories bag with IT thumbs, tapes, abralons, everything! No choice but to turn around and go back to the bowl and get it. My flight was leaving at 9.15am from Copenhagen. I arrived to the airport at 8.45am. Running to the check-in desk and they let me through, but starts complaining about my 0,5kg overweight - like seriously? 
I ran down to the odd-size baggage to drop my bags off, ran back to go through security, and ran to my gate. 
I made it! 

Flight was good, got all my bags and we went to get our rental car. We got a big car, which was good cause we were 6people with too many bowling balls! Haha. With bags everywhere we started driving to the bowl. On our way there we got stopped by the police. Damn. He complained about us being too many in the car - which he was right about. At least one had to leave, two did. Martin and Anton took a taxi from there. The police officer was being VERY nice to us and let us go without a ticket. 
Took us about 2h to find the bowl. Kalle was driving everywhere and nowhere. He couldn't really find the way and refused to stop and ask people. Hungry and starting to get mad about the situation. But after a while he finally found the bowl. 
Dropped our bags off and went to the hotel, had some troubles finding the parking garage for the hotel and were driving round and round, that was it for me. I asked him to pull over and I left the car and walked to the hotel. this is at 2.30pm and I still haven't had breakfast. 
we checked in, got a nice and very big room. went back downstairs to go out and look for a place to eat. we decided to cross the street to see what we can find on the shopping street. And what restaurant do we find across the street from the hotel? Hard Rock Cafe! 

It is for sure one of my luckiest days in life. 

So far so good. 
Bowled at 7pm. Haha this is where it all turned around. 1167 with 135 in one game. I made the wrong decisions in that game. I'm not mad, I'm not frustrated. I feel ok. I feel like I learned something from it, from the whole squad. That was my goal with this first squad, to learn. 
Tomorrow I hope to be able to show that I actually learned something. 

Fingers crossed please! 
11am squad 2, we are one hour ahead of Swedish time. :) 


I love being lazy and today I felt like I deserved it. The last few days has been so busy with barely no sleep at all, at least that is what it feels like. Yesterday was an early morning radio-interview, got some stuff done in my apartment and the evening was spent with some friends, catching up. we played some pool, went out for dinner, went back home for some dessert while watching Paradise Hotel. just a chill evening. 

Bella woke me up early but I fell back asleep, few hours later I woke up again but stayed in bed and watched a movie. 13h later I got out of bed, showered and got ready to run some errands and to pick up some stuff from the other apartment - still not done there. 
also got a phone call today, newspaper wanted to do an interview with 10 random questions that were drawn about all and nothing. fun way of doing an interview actually! published Wednesday next week in Hallå Helsingborg. 

Dad came here tonight to help me out putting some stuff together at my new place. Slowly getting stuff on the right place. There is alot left to do, can't wait for it to be done here. I will show you some pictures soon! :) 

So, getting late and alarm goes off early tomorrow. 
Bags are packed, flight is taking off at 9.15am - Finland, here we come! 


I'm radio-active

A little funny, huh? ;) 

This morning I met with Johan from the Swedish local radio. We did an interview and I have him and all the listeners some bowling tips. We bowled against eachother for 3games, two on air and one after the session. I gave him 100pins in hcp in each game, I managed to win 2out of the 3games we bowled :) 

Really enjoyed the interview, he was a good reporter and interested in the sport - which doesn't always happen. Thanks again, Johan. 

Some pics from today: 


AIK Tournament

Here's what I didn't expect: a 5th place in AIK tournament and also highest ranked woman. 

I'm so very happy that I could get out of the bad bowling-session and be strong enough to make the finals and bowl the best I've bowled this weekend during the finals. I'm also very proud of myself to also be 5th cause of the format, pins carried forward the whole day today. 10,5h bowling, 20games, 5th place. 
Great start to the new year. Can't wait to go to Finland for the ballmasters on Thursday! 

What I'm not as excited about is the trip back home. 5,5h drive it's already 9pm and have only been driving for like an hour. 

Tomorrow I have an early interview with the local radio P4 Kristianstad. Around 8.30am I believe. :) don't forget to tune in! X 

Squad 3 = lucky squad

I made it. 
I bowled ok, I was patient in 5out of 6games and gave it my all the last game to make it by only one pin. 
What a feeling after bowling so freaking bad the first two squad. Since its only 30people making the finals from qualifying, 31-60 plus a few gateways had to bowl semifinals first. 

I celebrated with going to the movies with a few friends, we saw 12years a slave. One of the most heart aching movies I have ever seen in my life. I felt sick watching it, can't believe the world has been like that before. For those of you that haven't seen it yet, watch the trailer and I'm sure you would wanna see it. Watch it!! Reality check. 

Went to bed pretty late, couldn't fall asleep and didnt get a good sleep but at least I don't feel THAT tired when the alarm went off this morning at 5.55am. 
Rise n shine! It's bowling time. 
Loudmouth outfit on, vise-patch on, hello kitty-tape on, Lets go! 


So far Stockholm is not treating as well as I was hoping. Can't say it's not my fault though. 
We arrived yesterday, we ate, we bowled and we were hanging out until late. I was excited to bowl, excited to see everyone and felt very happy. That changed very quickly when I got out on the lanes. I had a plan and that plan was crushed after only a few frames and I had no idea what to do. After a few games and a few things tried, Martin Paulsson helped me out and we found an ok solution. 
Ended the block ok bowling wise. 
Fell asleep and woke up 11.45am. Can't remember last time I slept that long! Amazing. 
Got up and got ready to take the Americans to the mall. Ronnie hasn't got his bags yet so he needed to get some stuff so he would survive until tomorrow. Few hours later we went back to the bowl and got ready to bowl squad number 2. 
I bowled so bad. Couldn't get a good feeling at all. I'm a bowler that plays on feeling and when I loose it I sometimes try too much to find back to it that it gets "bowled by the book." I try to hard instead of just relax and let it happen. Bah. But even if I bowled bad I tried to stay focused and give it a shot. 1249 in that squad and makes it my best so far. 

After the squad me and Frida went to Heron City, a small mall with some restaurants and a movie theater, for dinner. Ribs and frozen yoghurt as dessert. Damn it was good. 

Just got back to the hotel, getting ready to get some sleep. Bowling again tomorrow at noon. One last time. It's time to put it all together and get it done. Come on!


Got a lot of stuff done today I must say. Went to moms around noon, brought lunch so we sat down and ate before heading to her physical therapist. 

When we were done with her appointment then it was time to get my stuff done. Went to the bank to get my Internet-user details, went to IKEA to buy myself some Christmas gifts. (Think I told you a while ago that we buy our own gifts. This is two out of the three things I bought for myself: 
A manikin doll
A decorative ladder
Looks a big empty but i only moved in 2-3 days ago so don't be too hard on me ;) 
Third one get delivered next week so I will show it to you then. Also the rest of the apartment :) 

I picked up Josefine on my way home, invited her for dinner so she could see my apartment for the first time too. 
Homemade pizza with tuna and pineapples. Yum. 
Finished our dinner with some tea. 

Just packed (Yes you heard me!) for this weekends trip. Stockholm in the morning. Friday-Monday. Can't wait to see everyone again! 

Now: time for bed! 
Gnite x 

January 2nd - 2014

Is it just me, or does it feel weird for you too to write 2014? 
The past year has gone by so fast. I have accomplished many goals but some I'm still dreaming about. It has been a year of learning, understanding and growing. 
I can't wait to see what 2014 is gonna bring me, things to be happy about, challenges, learning experiences. I feel strong and ready for it. 

To start off the year, bowling wise, I bowled the mix doubles tournament in my home center together with a close friend of mine, Mattias bowled very well and we managed to bowl 2787/12 to get into the lead. Hope this will be enough, last squads are this weekend. 
And talking about this weekend and bowling.. I'm off to Stockholm this weekend to bowl the AIK Tournament. We are leaving tomorrow morning, I might bowl one squad in the morning but otherwise my squads are booked on Saturday and Sunday with Team Sweden, finals are Monday. 

Other tournaments on the schedule for 2014 January-March is: 
Ballmasters, Finland 
Hammerbronzen, Holland 
WBT stop, Kuwait 
WBT stop, Bahrain 
- League & Training-trips. 

Happy New Year!!

Hello 2014! 


This is me. Sandra Andersson. In this blog you get to follow me on my adventures all around the world for bowling.

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