bowling and gym

phewww im sore today. yesterday I went to the gym and legs/shoulders were focus. I felt sick, haha. I pushed hard and actually felt dizzy at times but what the heck. I survived and today my legs, butt and shoulders are sore. mission completed! after gym I went back home, showered, made lunch and then off to the bowl for my first practice in 2weeks. just wow hahaha that felt so weird but it was fun. we bowled a 2game bet, me, Josefine, Rasmus and Johan. girls against the boys. who won? of course the girls won!! and by over a 100pins. ha! kicked ass. :)

dinner at a chinease restaurant with a few people before heading back home. couch called my name. was watching a Geordie shore marathon and didnt go to bed until 2am. :/

cancelled gym this morning cause my body was sore. started cleaning up in my apartment instead. why does it get so messy when im not here!? hate it!
lunchdate with mom in the sun. lovely! made some big decisions over a schrimp salad. so excited for whats coming up. will tell you more about it soon :)

helped Josefine out when she was bowling earlier. then back home to finish up the apartment. dishes, cleaning, vacuum. still deciding if I have energy to drag my ass to the gym or if I should save it for tomorrow.

maybe gym
gs-marathon 😍
and maybe a glas of wine to celebrate



what a weekend. I have said it before and im gonna say it again, I am blessed to have such amazing friends. they are the weirdest, craziest, funniest, most awesome people and I love them to the moon and back. thanks for making this an unforgettable weekend. ♡

iswap faces
theme parks
dinners in the sun
playing cards
late nights
early mornings

the best abs workout ive had done in a while. I cant remember last time I was laughing as much as I was this weekend. stomach hurt and the happy tears were streaming down my face.

here are the photos that are ok to be posted ;)

hi from gothenburg

having the best time with the best people in gothenburg. skydive, superheroes and drinks. Love it!

morning cardio

4:30am morning run. not really by choice but I gave up my attempts on falling asleep. since its summer it was already light outside I thought I would go out for a run. plan was to run down to the beach but halfway there I could feel my knee so I decided to run towards the short route in the woods cause the surface is softer there. a few meters down the road in the woods I just had to stop. a deer was running across. beautiful creature. and while I was standing there wacthing bambi slowly passing by I felt some creactures crawling on my arms. MOSQUITOS!
the ate me alive.
bastards! haha

I was home a little over a hour later, had breakfast and went to bed again at 7.30am. up around noon to try and get something done today. went up to my parents house to get some stuff done, hangout and not fall asleep. had dinner with them before going home. 😍

still awake, its 12am. just watched two movies - red dragon and I miss you. ready to get some sleep now.

tomorrow is gym and later on dinner with Emma ♡


new week
started with me sleeping in
sunday was spent on the outdoor restaurants downtown for some lunch and drinks. everyone else were drinking but I was mostly miserable with the heat and my hangover combined with lack of sleep. I enjoyed every single minute with my friends this weekend, we had the best time and it was so much fun being back home again and just enjoy life.
I kinda forgot about the timedifference and also forgot to get the amount of sleep I might have needed so when we were done eating, we went to play some miniature golf and he is when it all happened. I just felt terrible and I had to leave the other to go home and get some sleep. I thought I tricked my body to come into the right time zone but I was wrong. hehe
when I came back home around 9.30pm I laid down on the couch and watched a movie. fell asleep and woke up right before midnight. brushed my teeth and went to bed, started another movie which I fell asleep to. 15h my alarm went off. 3pm. and I felt I could've slept longer if I would allow myself but no - I just had to get up.

cancelled practice cause I still felt sick/too tired
watched some tv
took a shower
dinner at my parents house
now back on the couch

who knows when I will fall asleep again?

anyways. had an amazing weekend with the most amazing people in my life. thanks guys. cant wait for next weekends adventure. just booked one of the craziest things ive ever done. friday it is!!

home sweet home

the last two weeks has been the most challenging and most disappointing weeks of my bowling career.

I have been working so hard the last year and especially the last 6 months for this tournament and I just fucked it up. I have a hard time believing in myself and I feel so tiny right now on the lanes. im trying to create something that isnt there, trying to figure out problems but I keep making it bigger problems instead. I just cant go out there and just bowl and enjoy it anymore. I dont know why. I dont know when I lost that sparkle. this is what kept me from writing and updating on here. I havent had the energy to do anything other than bowl, sleep and eat. I think I have lost a part of myself on the way. I love my dedication, I love working out, I love practicing, I loved my lifestyle but I think it got a little too serious. I couldn't really let go and just be my at times. I am serious about this game, I am serious about my career but I need to allow myself to be serious in my kind of way. to be able to relax and just enjoy life too.

this may not make sense to you but I think I had to write it down and to actually read it myself to understand and let go. I need to take a few days to figure out my next season, new goals and new adventures. how to get back to where I once was but a stronger version of it. I need to find a way to combinate hard work, dedication and life.

anyone having any great ideas please share.

I am sorry for bad update.
and while im at it:
thanks for all the support from you guys. it means the world to me & right now I need it more than ever.


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