EBT Masters

6more games to go, everything can happen! 

BNC Open

So I made it to final step 2. I bowled good during the finals but it was tough to make it through to step 3. Only 8bowlers out of 32 made it and with pins carries forward it was a long way for me to go. Gave it a shot but not enough this time. I'm very pleased with making the finals, never thought I would and I'm glad I could do what I had to do when I had to do it. 260 for making the finals was a great feeling. 
Gonna take that feeling with me today. It's 7.40am and I'm about to leave bed to get ready for some more bowling. Today is the European Masters event, the finals of last years ranking. We are gonna bowl 2x6games and top3 makes the stepladder. Every single shot is gonna count today. 

Wish me luck! 


Made the finals here in Bratislava. 

8am - time to bowl!! 

Squad 3

I bowled ALOT better than the first two squads. But still struggled on a few pairs. Lucky me to hit a good pair in the last game to shoot 260 - bowling with two different bowling balls on the pair. Aura Mystiq and Defiant Soul was working for me today. 
And it looks like my 1313 is gonna be enough. I can take 4people from the last squad. 
Fingers crossed! 

Finals starts at 8am in the morning so I'm gonna get some sleep. 


Squad 2

Didn't really work out the way I wanted it too. I bowled better but a split per game didnt help out when you have a hard time striking. 
Still trying to figure out what I'm gonna do different today. After lunch I'm gonna go to the bowl to watch the others and maybe (read hopefully) get some inspiration. 

Having lunch out in the sun btw. ;) 

Squad 3 at 5pm. #wishmeluck 

Ready for squad 2

Squad 1 didn't go as planned. Having a hard time getting the last pin out. Bowled about 1250. 

Now ready for squad number 2. 
Nap [check] 
Food [check] 

Lets go! 

BNC Bratislava

Good morning from Bratislava!

Got one of my new shirts on, not completely done but almost, waiting for the taxi to pick me up and to take me to the bowl. bowling morning squad! 

Wish me luuuuck


gnite world

made it safe to Bratislava. Flight was good, watched a movie on the way over - the double. if you haven't seen it then that is the next movie you are gonna watch. Good one! 

hotel is ok, a little mad that we are not staying at the hotel in the bowl. would be so much better, but it was full and now when we got a room over there then this hotel is non refundable. Of course. 
Anyway, bowling early in the morning. 9am. Bedtime! 
I'll show you the bowling center tomorrow :) 

Sleep tight! 

Travel day

10am: at the hairdresser
Noon: running errands
1pm: back home - two h left before leaving. 
things to do: 
pay bills 
what I managed to do:

such a busy week. good for me I can still do some stuff over Internet. 
bags are checked in, overweight is paid for, I'm through security, finally got some food. I'm ready to go! 

Get to Bratislava tonight at 7.30pm, going straight to the bowl to meet up with wifey! and to find out when I'm bowling tomorrow. hopefully 9am, else it's 5pm. 



This is what it can look like when you go to a derby between the two highest ranked teams in Swedish soccer league.


We got some good seats at this game. 

Go red team! 


The last few days has been crazy. Busy schedule from early morning til late nights. It's has been great to have the guys from Brunswick over for the boot camp. Last night we went to Klitterhus by the beach for dinner. Amazing place with amazing food. The picture in this post is the view from the restaurant.

We have one last day with the boys. Gonna go to Helsingborg for dinner and maybe some beers before the game starts tonight between HIF and MFF. Red team against the blue team. 
Im rooting for the red team. It's gonna be a tough game but so much fun to watch I hope. 
Sweden is giving us lovely weather, for being Sweden in September. Sun is shining, clear blue sky. I'm gonna enjoy this day off with the boys! 

Boot camp day one

One good day on/behind the lanes. 
What these guys are sharing with us is very interesting. 

Started at noon first lunch then bowling all day, we were done at 6pm on the lanes. 
Dinner was planned for us at Kirris, a restaurant in town, one of my favorites. Food was really good. 

Just got home, in bed watching some tv. Gonna get some sleep soon so I will be ready for tomorrow. Starting at 10am! 

#brunswick #bowling

You're missing out on something if you're not in Ängelholms Bowling at the moment. Sean Rash vs Parker Bohn.

Spader Dam vs Cahoot

Another win for my team! Just a great start on the season. 

Celebrated the win with a few friends. A very very very very weird night. Feeling dead today, can't remember last time I felt this bad the day after a night out. 
Pizza, coke, candy and Chinese food and 3rental movies made me survive this day. 

Just great having a day without needs. Spent the whole day on the couch. Amazing! 

Weekend is almost over. Really enjoyed it. I'm ready to get back on schedule again, tomorrow is the first day of the bootcamp with Sean Rash, Parker Bohn and Chuck Gardner. If you can dont hesitate to stop by the bowl! 


Wam Bam

Friday was busy. Spent all day in the pro shop. When I got back home at 7.30pm I still had 81% battery left on my phone. THAT explains how busy it was, haha! 

Got home, showered and got dressed and jumped in the car. My evening was planned with dinner at a friends place about 30mins drive from home. Pizza and Swedish Idol on tv. And cuddle with his kitty. Omg, it's so cute. 

Slept good, woke up early to make me and William breakfast. He slept at our place last night cause he was bowling early this morning. 

Now in Helsingborg, getting ready to bowl. Spader Dam vs. Cahoot! 


why? cause I can. 

Welcome to..

..Hörby bowling! 


I was dead when I woke up. I couldn't keep my eyes open so I fell back asleep for an hour, snooze is the best thing everrrr. 

Mom picked me up at 12 and drove me down to the bowl. Had lunch and then I packed my stuff, bowling balls etc, out in the car. Me, dad and two other guys are going to our second bowling center. It's about an hours drive from my home city. Gonna drill a ball and practice some. A nice road trip! 

I will show you some pictures of our bowling center when we get there! 


Wednesday sep18

I wanna start the update with sending my thoughts to Frida. Frida is one of my best friends. For those of you lucky people who knows her, also knows about how life has challenged her - to say the least - the last few years. 
Frida, I know that you're gonna read this. I want you to know that I am so proud of you. I am so happy for you. And I am so excited for you. Work, House and that boy you've found - he's amazing! I want you to know that I love you and care about you so much. 
I wish I could be in the middle of nowhere - where you live - to give you a big hug and just be there. Sending you lots of love! Cause this day is not just any day. It's her dads birthday. One of the most amazing angels in heaven.
18sep - happy birthday, Lennart. 
I hope life is good wherever you are. 


Nothing fun going on right now. 
Worked for a few hours. 
Went to my physical therapist. 
Bowled for a short while. 
All days looks exactly the same. 

Ok, I need something so cheer myself up. 

Looking forward to the weekend. 
Come on weekend, hurry up! 

"Vilket skott, Rasmus!" #fotboll

Hola chicos & chicas

Woke up around 9, showered, got dressed and ate breakfast while multitasking - watched tv and searched for flights for my trip to Bratislava/Vienna. 

Worked for a few hours, helped Josefine with practice, did some laundry, booked the flight for Vienna. 

Days are just flying by. It's already the middle of September. Feels like I came back home from Vegas last night when it really is 9days ago. What did I do those 9days?! 

Leaving the country in 9days. 
And in those 9days this is gonna happen: 
*work Wednesday-friday, mon-Wednesday. 
*physical therapist-appointments
*reunion with my favorites this weekend 
*get my new bowling shirts

interesting huh? can't wait for Saturdays night out with my favorites. it's been way too long since last time. 

I'm gonna spend the evening with my nephew, Josefine and Rasmus. Pizza and movies!! Kiddo is showing us his new room :)


*got my new bowling-shirts sent away to get my name on them so they will be done before next tournament - Bratislava & Vienna in 1,5weeks. 
*ordered new shirts to work in. 
*worked in the pro shop for a few hours.
*visit at my physical therapist. hip/back is not really co-operating.
*cancelled the rest of the day.
*now: in bed watching tv. 
*later: couch watching tv. 

Belated birthday-gift

My roomie came into my room while I was watching tv and said, "hey, you wanna know what your birthday-gift is?" 
She asked me before what I was doing on a special date later this year, so I knew she was up to something. 

She went back to her own roo

m to get something and when she came back she gave me 9 papers with one letter on each paper. And said "here you go, figure it out". 
It took me a while to get it together but it was amazing when I finally did, can you guess what it is? 

Thank you sweetie! 
I would catch a grenade for ya. <3

Spader Dam vs Team X-calibur

Omg, girls!! We turned the match around in such an
amazing way, from being down with 8-2 to win with 
11-9. Way to go ladies! So proud of my team.  


Full House

Nice win, boys! We did good today as a team. :) 

Match was done around 4pm, didn't really have a plan for the day - roomie was working (in the bowl) so there was no one at home. Ended up sitting there until 11pm when she was done working. Haha! Ate dinner together and then one friend of mine came to the bowl to say hi, former bowler and I haven't seen him for such a long time and it was so good to finally see him again. My cheeks are hurting from laughing so much today! 

Been home for 1,5h just chatting a little with Josefine, packed my stuff for tomorrow and got ready for bed. Watching some tv before sleeping. Alarm will go off at 8.30am, gonna go to Helsingborg to watch some bowling - my brothers team are bowling, and around noon it's my teams turn to bowl. 
Fingers crossed for us, tough match in the first match. X-calibur. Come watch us: 12.20pm at Olympia bowling in Helsingborg. See you there! 

Friday 13th

Today was an emotional day to say the least. No tears but my heart was aching and it felt like my world fell apart. 
You might now see it as an important thing, but I do. I was gonna update my iPhone 5 to the newer version. I did it just the way it is supposed to be done, saved everything on iTunes before starting the updating part. When the update was almost done my Internet cut off and my whole phone fucked up. Couldn't do anything with it, I tried to turn it off and turn it back on, tried to get it to start over with the update but nothing was working. iTunes kept telling me I had to restore the phone. So I did cause I saved it all so no worries about the stuff in my phone, I was gonna get everything back - or at least I thought so. Somehow this update screw my phone up and the backup copy is gone. The only backup copy I have is from December 26th. This means no contacts, no photos(!!), no videos(!!), no notes since this day. Have in mind that I do everything with my phone, keep notes from bowling tournaments. I take all my photos with my phone cause I don't have a camera - have in mind that I travel a lot and take a lot of photos for memories, i lost over 1200photos/videos. I have a lot of friends all around the world, I meet new people all the time and where to keep the numbers saved if not in the phone? I have over 400contacts right now. Just imagine how many I lost in this "update". Took me 7h last night and 1,5h this morning to figure it out and it just got me this far. Anyone of you who knows how to get it back?
Maybe I should be happy cause for a min I never thought I would get any of it back. But I can't right now.

This is heartbreaking. 
I wanna ask my readers on here who has my number to please send me a text incase I lost your number. 

Enough about the sad things. I'm gonna bowl now, first league match of the year, with the boys. Lets go Full House! :) 


Feels like I came back home yesterday, can't believe I've been home for 6days already. 

Today was another day at work. First day on my own, I have to admit I was a bit nervous. But it was a good day over all. Gonna spend the afternoon there tomorrow too. :) 

I've been planning my season too today, it's gonna be one fun fall/winter to say the least. I will tell you everything about it when everything is booked, gonna look more into it this weekend. :) 

Just got back home, ended the day with some practice. My body is still sore from the gym the other day so it wasn't the best practice everrrr but still had a good feeling. And my thumb is feeling better. Ready for the weekend. Gonna squeeze in one more practice tomorrow and then we have league with the guys on Saturday and with the girls on Sunday. Can't wait! First matches of the season. :) 

Now: gladiator on tv
Tomorrow: errands in the morning, work from lunch to the afternoon, practice, gym. can't wait! :) 

Och för mina svenska vänner: 
glöm inte att kika in på vår nya fina hemsida för Ängelholms & Hörby bowlinghall: www.bowlare.se 

Ni har väl inte missat chansen till lägret med Sean Rash, Parker Bohn III och Chuck Gardner som hålls den 23&24sep i Ängelholms Bowlinghall? 
All info hittar ni på bilden nedanför. 

Busy day

Phewww. That was one long day in the pro shop. All these numbers and everything is making my brain so confused. Haha 
Got a few balls out today and have a few more to do tomorrow. So exciting! And it's so much fun! 

Got home just in time for Swedish Idol to start on tv. This girl was sleeping on the couch an hour later. I hope that didn't mess up my chances to get some more sleep soon. Cause tomorrow is another busy day. 
telephone meeting in the morning 
one more meeting before lunch 
few hours in the pro shop in the afternoon 
and of course gym and some bowling practice 


Good morning!

First night I fell asleep on time but kept waking up. On the right way at least. 
Alarm went off and I had to leave bed. Tried to move and I could just feel how sore my body is from the gym last night. I didn't feel like I did anything right but obviously I did. At least something cause I can tell exactly where my muscles are, they are hurting. Haha! 

Out of bed, got dressed and walked over to the bowling center. Spending the day in here: 


I fell asleep at 5.30am. Tried to wake up at 9am, but that didn't work out. Finally around 12.30pm I forced myself out of bed. Texted my mom to ask if she wanted to come with me out to Munka where my brother and his girlfriend and little kiddo is living now, they moved there when I was on the other side of the pond, to visit them and to have a Swedish "fika". She said yes and picked me up a half hour later. Spent the afternoon out there, Munka is the small village we used to live in when we were kids. We moved from there only like 6years ago I believe. A lot of memories came back this afternoon sitting there looking out of the windows. I was daydreaming a little in between the "fika" and our catching up. 

A few hours later we drove back to the big city ;) I went to the gym. I've never in my whole life felt as bad as I did today. No energy. For a short moment I though I would faint. I think my body needs some rest. So tomorrow is no workout, spending the day in our pro shop. Oooooh I said it! Don't know if I've told you guys about it? Me and my brother is running a pro shop now. In the beginning of the summer I started drilling bowling balls for a bit. Not close to be fully educated yet, still learning. It takes time, but at least I started! So much fun. :) gonna be there all day tomorrow to practice - with some help from Nutte. 

Now: food & sleep 

music is my way of talking

I feel something so right 
Doing the wrong thing 
I feel something so wrong 
Doing the right thing 
I could lie, couldn't I, could lie 
Everything that kills me makes me feel alive
Lately I've been, I've been loosing sleep, 
dreaming about the things that we could be 

One republic - counting stars 

Olympia Ladies Open

My body and heart was aching when the alarm went off at 7.30am after only 3h of sleeping. Nothing to do other than leave bed and go get done. Mom picked me up at 8am and the finals started at 9am. 
14players bowled 6games of qualifying. Top6 made it to round robin. I was 5th after the first 6games. Round Robin was 5games with bonus 20-10-0 (win 20, tie 10, loose 0). I won all but one match, and that match I lost by only two pins - so I bowled good, or at least I scored good. Top3 made stepladder. I was second seeded after round robin. And if my body and heart ached earlier today it was nothing compared to now, and we should not even start talking about my hand! Haha 

The semifinals I bowled against Åsa Larsson who was 3rd. I bowled ok and hit the pocket the whole time but couldn't get the 10pin out, 4-5 10pins in a row and lost 204-186. Ended up 3rd in the tournament I was gonna miss out on. Not bad. :) 

And this post is a little late cause I was exhausted when I got back home. Superdupertired. I just woke up from sleeping 22h out of the last 24h. Must be a new record. And I had to force myself out of bed. 
Well done Sandra. 

Nothing fancy is gonna happen today, gonna eat breakfast and then walk down to the bowl to watch my team in house league bowl. Thank you Amanda for bowling with us tonight, replacing me. So good to have a day or two off bowling now. :) 

Hello Sweden!

Guys, I'm home!
Took me a little longer than planned. Not cause of any delays or anything, flight was good and we got all our bags. We actually landed earlier than planned and thanks to that I could make it to Helsingborg in time to bowl.
We have two ladies tournaments in Sweden a year. One in my teams home center and one in Stockholm. This tournament I bowled today is a tournament I've bowled for a few year and the past two I've ended up as a winner. So I felt that I should give it a shot this year as well.
Even though I got there straight from the airport, 10mins before we start I pulled it together and bowled 1245 which was enough for finals.

After bowling I went to IKEA for some Swedish meatballs. Daaaaamn it was so good!! Missed home.

I'm bowling finals at 9am in the morning.
So please, PLEASE jet lag - be good to me tonight. Another win would be awesome!

Fingers crossed

Tell the world I'm coming home!

So excited to be heading over the pond today. I'm so ready to go home. This has been a blast but so emotional and challenging.

I am right now at the airport, just had breakfast at Starbucks while waiting for coach to get here so we can check in.

We are flying from Las Vegas to Chicago and from Chicago to my second home Copenhagen Airport. Will get to Sweden tomorrow afternoon. Going straight to the bowling center to watch my aunt bowl. Haha! Can't wait to see her and the rest of my family & friends.
And guess were I'm going for my first meal?
IKEA BABY, Swedish meatballs it is!!!

Bye bye, Vegas - see you soon again.
Hello Sweden!


I'm laying on the sofa in my hotel room. I've been laying here for the last 5h, watched the sun rise over Las Vegas. The view is amazing. I have France, Greece and Italy in the same picture. I can't help but to smile when I lay here.
I'm lucky.

It has been 26days filled with laughter, tears, ups and downs, blood and sweat. Filled with bowling, shopping, sunshine, rain and thunder storms. Filled with car rides, roller coasters and challenges.
Two days in Los Angeles.
Seventeen days in Las Vegas for the World Championship.
Seven more days in Las Vegas for the USBC Queens.

This was a dream. Two years ago I entered the real world at the World Championship in HongKong. The real bowling world. Since the day I got back home from there I've been working my ass off to not get in the same position like that year. And yes, writing this takes the last piece of energy I have in my body at the moment and yes, the tears are making me company.
Coming into this championship was tough. It was the big test to see if what I've been doing for the last two years was any good or no. I'm not really sure how I feel about it yet. But if you just compare our numbers from 2011 to this year, then we made some progress girls! We are almost there. I'm really happy about coming closer but heartbroken at the same time. We were so close.

USBC Queens. The best tournament if you ask me. Love the format about matchplay. Also here ups and downs. It was hard to reload for this after the worlds. The first day was my best day if you look at the scores but i struggled with the homesickness and the feeling about being in the same place for 20days straight. (Glad we changed hotel)
Wish I could've done it better but I lost the last match in a good way, if you can see it like that. There's not really a good way of loosing, since you are loosing but I bowled good and Lynda killed it the last game. 5matches, 2more than last year. If I keep this up I will be on the show in 2years. Haha!

Its coming to an end. tomorrow I'm leaving this adventure behind me. Tomorrow I'm going back home, to my own apartment, my own bed.
I miss home.

I'm a mess. I'm crying, laughing, and just blank at the same time. Exhausting month. Exhausting summer. You know when you have something you've been looking forward too for so long and you are superexcited about it? And then when you're in the middle of it you're so focused you don't know about the reality. And then. Then reality hits you.
It hits you hard.
This might be a bit too sentimental for some. But this is me right now. This is my way of getting everything out of me so I can stand up again in the morning and fight some more. Cause that is what I am. I am a fighter.

I wanna end this blog post with some love.
I wanna thank all of you who supported me and the team during this month.
Big thanks to all the swedish supporters who came out here in the desert to cheers us on.

To the team, girls - I'm glad I got to share this with you. <3

I wanna thank mom and dad for being there cheering me on every single day during the worlds. I know it's not easy for you mom, but it means the world for me. Dad, even though you didn't watch me bowl I knew you really wanted to! Haha. I knew you were probably sitting outside the bowling center watching the live scoring (for those of you that doesn't know him, I think he's a little too nervous for it, to watch me bowl, that's why) but being able to hug you right before we start and feel your support afterwards is the best thing. I'm blessed to have as supporting parents as you. I love you!
Also the rest of the family and friends back home. You're the best.

I wanna thank one special person, a dear friend from Sweden. You are one of a kind. I am very thankful for having you in my life, all you do for me - if you only knew how much it means to me. You always take time to make sure I'm smiling. And you always makes me smile! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You know who you are.

I wanna thank Loudmouth for making me look awesome on the lanes.

I wanna thank Göran Carlsson at VBS Bowling and Brunswick for sponsoring me with bowling balls for the tournaments.

I wanna thank Del Ballard at Storm for keeping and eye on me and for helping me out during the tournament.

I wanna thank Dom and talktenpin.net for posting my blog on their website.

And all of you supporting me from other places of the world. It is truly amazing to read all your messages, videos, posts on Facebook, twitter, Instagram - you name it. Surrounded by amazing people.

lots of love

The end.

Won my first match.
Lost my second.

I will give you an update in the morning.

Did I ever tell you how much I appreciate your support and how much I love you guys?

More than you'll ever know.


USBC Queens

New day, new match. Hopefully matches.

Frame by frame.


First day of matchplay is over. I started the day with a lose, by 5pins only. Kinda mad at myself for that one, didn't bowl well and I was too busy trying to figure out my technique instead of just bowling the lanes at the moment. But it's a double elimination matchplay so I got a second chance.
Second match was a little bit better, I had it under control the whole time until the last frame, I got a little insecure but it was really no worries. Won by 3pins even if I opened. Needed to hit the pins, and I did.
3rd match this girl woke up. Finally got everything together and took it frame by frame, like it should be done in matchplay. Better late than never. I won and that made me through for tomorrow.

We start again at 9am.

Today was also a day for us where we were gonna change hotels. The other girls checked in earlier but I just arrived like 20mins ago and I'm loving it already. We moved from Luxor to Hilton Grand Vacations. 34th floor with glass from floor to roof and a nice view over Las Vegas & the Eiffel Tower.
We have a bathtub in the bedroom. This is amazing. Actually makes me wanna stay longer. Haha!

Gonna enjoy some in-room dining now and a shower after that before going to bed. A nice 6.30 wake-up call to look forward to. Can't wait though!!

Last 5games

That was awful. I bowled bad and I scored bad. But I'm still in the cut for matchplay which I am very happy about. Now the fun part begins!

I'm bowling Lisanne Breeschoten in the first match. Europe vs Europe.

Go team loudmouth!

10games, first cut

I bowled +44 today to be a +123 for my 10games. Made the first cut and get to bowl another 5games in the morning before the second cut.
Today was all about "surviving". To bowl on "burn" was not easy. I'm glad I bowled ok yesterday so I didn't have to chase the high scores today. The last two games were bad. My ball was dead when it hit the pocket some shots, not cause I threw it bad but cause the ball had no energy left.
Sitting 29th after the 10games and the cut right now for tomorrow is +28.

So far so good. Next cut is 63players that makes the matchplay - where everything can happen. Fingers crossed I make it there.

Pic shows today's scoresheet, no cheating ;) even if I wish I had 200more. Not used to bowl only 5games.

Team Loudmouth

Me and Jojo getting ready to bowl 5games on burn. First cut is after these 10games. Wish us luck!


USBC Queens

First day of qualifying is done. We bowled on fresh and I bowled +79 for my 5games. I was 5th in the squad and felt like it was an ok start. The approaches were so bad today, very sticky and sliding was not an option. The weather makes them that way, there was a storm here last night. Hope they are better tomorrow though. I should've done more but I'm pleased with the start. Scores went up a little on the burn, squad 2 so I'm 25th right now. We are bowling again at 1.30pm our time in the morning, another 5games before the first cut of 67players.

After bowling today we switched hotels, 19days at the same hotel was too much. We planned this a while ago but right now I'm so happy with the decision. Staying at Luxor now for two nights, the pyramid. Beds are amazing, just woke up from a nap.
Gonna get ready and go watch some hotels on the strip.



This is me. Sandra Andersson. In this blog you get to follow me on my adventures all around the world for bowling.

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