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This is, by far, the hardest blogpost I have ever written here in my blog. It's not gonna be long but the words I'm typing are painful words for me at the moment. 

I'm not sure where to start. So many feelings and thoughts in such a short body. 

Only seven months into this year and I feel like I'm already ready set and done with it. No doubt that this year has brought me some very amazing memories but right now something else is taking over. For some of you this might be a no biggie but for me, my whole world fell apart two weeks ago. 

Imagine this. 
There is one thing you have been dedicating your whole life to, one thing that you love to the moon and back. You are good at it too. You spend hours and hours and hours to get better, so many hours that you put everything else a side just to be able to do this. Do I need to mention that you actually put in a lot of money too? 

And then one day, someone tells you that you're not good enough and they take away what you are working your ass off for, the one thing you have dedicated your life too, the one thing you enjoy the most, the only thing you are good at(or at least supposed to be good at). 

Right now. This is my reality. 
I have been a part of Team Sweden since 2010 and youths before that. I have bowled 12 championships in the blue and yellow shirt. 
Not picked. 
I'm lost. 
I have an amazing offer to travel to America for the Professional Women's Bowling Association tour in August but I'm not sure I'm mentally ready and prepared for this and it breaks my heart. 

What would you do? 
How would you react? 

And most importantly, 
How do you bounce back from this? 

I don't know if I'm gonna post this or not. I hate being vulnerable. I'm a fighter. I'm truly a fighter but there is only as much a person can take. Please know it takes me a lot to push that "post" button. 

Be patient please. I will get back to blogging soon very soon, I promise. I just need some time. 

I wanna thank everyone who has reached out to me. Your support means the world to me right now. 



This is me. Sandra Andersson. In this blog you get to follow me on my adventures all around the world for bowling.

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