glad I went bowling today. good to get some games in for this weekend. we bowled on the deer-pattern. long oil patteen that is a bit tricky. this is one of the pattern that can be picked during the play offs in may so I felt I wanted to bowl on it in a different bowling centre. started out good but game 4&5 ended up terrible, my good look was gone. I moved left and I had a bad ball reaction no matter what ball I was throwing so in game 6 I move back out and played the gutter and shot 248 the last game. a little hard to figure that move out, 20boards to the right. oh well. I bowled good and controlled. too bad I had those two games. ended up like 40over or something.

just got back home, should I plan anything for my friday or just let it happen? haha


haha I need to stop making plans for my days cause they never end up the way I expect them too

its not a bad thing for me, im spontaneous so I dont mind. today I started with snoozing two hours and I never went to the gym. my body was sore so I thought a day without lifting weighta wouldnt hurt.
I ate breakfast infront of the tv, took a long shower, got ready to head down to the bowl for lunch and practice. but again changed plans. I was gonna pace for our 50+ tournament but one guy never showed up so I had to find somewhere else to practice/bowl. so..

next stop: hässleholm for the skåne-tour

wish me luck :)


even though I took a powernap after my body balance session and my first bowling practice this morning I still feel supertired.
relaxing day. wednesdays are my favorite.

bowling today was good.
this morning I practiced on short oil and I got to use my urethane a bit. love my natural ♡
and evening practice I got use my old defiant soul, a favorite that I put away like 6months ago cause I couldnt get it to work but no, hell yeaaaa. missed it!

also went to my physical therapist today and asked about my leg. hello there benhinneinflammation/periostitis/shin splints. not so awesome. hope its gonna leave me alone soon. 31 days left.

thursday tomorrow.
8.30am bodypump

that feeling

you know that feeling when everything falls back into place. when you finally figure our whats been bothering you and your game. that feeling is unbelieveable and I got to experience it today.
I was discussing with my best friend how weird it was that over a night everything could change like that and I have been working so hard so its heartbreaking how I can loose it just in a second when she said: well maybe you have been working so hard that you forgot to enjoy the game.

no more words needed.

I went down on the lanes.
took a deep breath.
let my body fall into my startposition without pushing it or overdoing it.
and just bowled.
amazing feeling.
I enjoyed it for the first time in a long while.
hate myself for letting that happen.

after bowling I went to the gym for grit strength and straight from there to meet up with the guys I bowl with for a tabata session with them. holy moly. body was shaking when I was done. prrrretty good. im sure im gonna be sore tomorrow. good thing is I have Body balance on schedule tomorrow and hopefully a run if my leg accepts it.

8.30am bodybalance
10am bowling
6pm bowling
and some work

bring on wednesday!

is bowling a sport?

for those of you who doubt it, take a look at this:


early start

I think I have to start this "clean-eating" thing a little earlier than planned. like tomorrow. cause today I kinda took advantage of it. pizza for late breakfast/lunch, fika blueberry pie and chocolate ball before 3pm. hahaha. love to eat. cant help it. luckily I keep moving my ass so its not that easy to tell.

5pm bodypump
long time since last time but damn it was nice to be back. my favorite leader too, Juliana. for me its important to have a good leader in class, someone that makes you do a little more. she can make me give a little extra.
so today I put on some bigger weights on a few parts - legs, back and biceps. also felt I could do more and better on the rest compared to earlier. happy times!

6pm house-league (6.09pm)
mom picked me up right away after the gym so I could go bowl league. still having some probs after the weekend. I dont really know what happened but something changed like over night. having such an amazing feeling while bowling to not even know what foot to start with.
its not THAT bad but still. I have to work more on my push-away and my start position so I dont fall too far back from the start, timing! lets work on this tomorrow.

now bed
tomorrow coaching, practicing, kicking ass at the gym, staffmeeting.
and day one of clean eating as in no candy, no soda and no fried food.

lets go :)

kiddo ♡

swim-lesson for kiddo
kiddo went back home
cleaned the whole apartment
moved around stuff
dishes done

all this before 4pm
I dont know where I got my energy from but damn I did good.
I have showered 3times today, maybe thats one of the reasons.

so how am I gonna spend my evening?
movies & pizza. gonna eat all the unhealthy stuff until the 17th this month.
having one month of "clean eating" before im running my half marathon. so pizza and candy. gonna eat so I have something to loose later ;)



I have no clue what I did on the lanes yesterday. the first two games were not THAT bad but the last two were just embarrassing to bowl. I couldnt get my arms and legs together and the pattern was difficult and that didnt really help out. holy crap. oh well. I just have to bounce right back. practice even more so that wont happen again.

last night I went to the supermarket to get myself a new dvd player. mine was broken and I was tired of watching only VHS movies ;)
new dvd player, rented some movies, lit some candles and had some chocolate. yep, awesome way to end a Saturday. I saved the Hobbit movie for today so im gonna watch it later. time is only 7.30am, Kevin came here 15mins ago, we made some breakfast and are now watching tv.
going swimming later :)

bed ♡

best thing about work is that time flies by. 6h feels like 5mins. there is always something to do and I love to meet new people.
worst thing about work is that youre standing/walking around for 6h. feet is soooore. and as I said, only work for 6h, the others in the kitchen and the mechanics works for 16h some days. CRAZY! cant even imagine how my feet would feel afterwards.

anyways. im back home now. in bed. ready for some sleep.

oh yea, wanna show you how I spent my lunch and afternoon with mom before work. went shopping, was looking for some new workout clothes and found:

COLORFUL! new tops from Röhnisch, new tights from Nike and a new jacket from Dobsom for running. love it. cant wait to kick ass in them. 😍
maybe tomorrow. if my leg feels better!

12.40pm spader dam vs SBC [league]
3.30pm-? work

might be a sleep-in tomorrow. yay!

a short one

this is what I managed to run today. ended up in the bowl so I could give Josefine a hug before she is leaving to go to Skövde all weekend. walking back cause I can feel my leg, still hurting a bit.

shopping new workout clothes
work 17-late


I cooked both lunch and dinner, AT HOME by MYSELF today. might be the first time ever! haha proud of myself. Im not very good at it but at least im trying.

after two hours of bowling/coaching and analysing the past week with head coach of team sweden, this is what dinner looked like:

now spending the evening on the couch. my legs are hurting (like inside, not sore from working out) a bit so im resting tonight and hopefully tomorrow morning im gonna be ready for a run. fingers crossed.

morning workout

another day with 8.30am workout. today I did Tabata. 20sec work, 10sec rest x8 on each exercise and 10 different exercises that covered the whole body. awesome 45mins really pushed myself hard today.

when I came back home I took a nap before I made some lunch. 2h nap and then jump up and made lunch. first time in my life I boiled potatoes. go me!


tried a new session at the gym this morning.
8.30am bodybalance. I liked it, alot. its the yoga, tai chi, pilates workout that builds flexibility and strenght. very nice way to start my day and its for sure not the last time.

came back home and made some breakfast and laid down on the couch for a little while before I was gonna head over to the bowl.

practice before lunch. first 30mins of full approach practice. worked on my foot work, think ive found a way to control my right foot a little easier - by bending my knee a little more. not sure about it, gonna see if I can film it on tonight's practice.
the last 30mins was spare practice and wow is it true that hard work pays off:

happy girl! (except the 7/10, two bad shots.)

left to do this day:
coach the kids
bowling practice #2
going out for a run


until 2pm today I thought it was monday. I planned my day like it was a monday.

walked to mom and dads to get the car and drove to the store to fill up my fridge. this was done right before lunch.
went to the bowl to eat and practice, me and John practiced for about two hours. spareshooting, worked on increasing speed, 4step approach. good practice. I have to keep in mind to not fall back with my upper body when increasing speed.
after bowling I went back home and made myself a fruit salad with some strawberry quark to prep for the gym.

grit strenght and cx worx. I thought I was gonna do bodypump (monday-schedule). anyways. I felt so weak on the grit strenght today. I really need to get my eating habits together. stop skipping meals. I need more food!! I miss that fighter feeling in the gym.

or is it just a bad day?

food, sleep, a smile and tomorrows gonna be better.

ice hockey

got back home around lunchtime today and fell asleep only a few mins later. a 3h "powernap".

I set the alarm before I fell asleep on 3.30pm, had to get up and get ready for the hockey game. me, my brother, his girlfriend, my nephew, my dad and two close friends to the family went to the arena for 3course dinner and to see the hockey game. it was the last game of the season and a very important one, the home team had the chance to qualify for the highest league but even though they won this match they fell short on the goals. 2goals short to make it through. such a nerv wrecking match to watch! haha it was fun.

back home now, watching some tv before going to bed. tomorrow is going to be a busy day if my schedule gets to choose. I hope my body allows it. :)


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