bye dermals

One after another. They are leaving me. Haha relax, it's only my dermals. The one in my belly grew out in June during the European women's championships and now, yesterday when I was playing with Kevin the one in between my collarbones popped out. Or kinda. It's still hanging there, In a little piece of skin. So nasty. I have to go to my piercer and take it out today.  

Other than that nothing usual has happened since last update. School is still awesome. Bowling good. Starting to feel stronger in the gym again. Just wish I had more hours in the day. Feels like time is running away from me. 

Can't believe it's only 4 weeks left in school. 4 weeks until Vegas and the TV - show.  

Gotta keep working hard to make my goal and and dream come true! 


Model day

Our second model day! My beautiful best friend came with me to school today and she was my model for the bridal make up and styling. This girl never uses makeup. Never. Ever. I have known her for a few years now and I think I have seen here put on mascara like ones or twice. For me, this was more challenging cause I didn't want to put too much colour, make it too much of anything - since she is not used to it. We decided to do a brown/bronze eye makeup with a pink lip and curly hair. 

Here is the result: 

She looks stunning! 

After school we walked through downtown Malmoe to get the last piece for our outfits tomorrow. Also to get some lunch and we totally failed on this part. I suggested a Mexican place. Ended up eating our second lunch at burger king Hahaha. I'm a little afraid to try new stuff normally and now I know why. Never again! 
Fun afternoon with my bestie. Laughed so much on our trainride back home. I was crying! Also made 3other passengers laugh, at or with us, you choose. Some people are just too weird!

Met up with mom when I got back home for some shopping. 
When I got back home I did something I never thought I would do. I went through all my shoe boxes and threw some of them away and some in a box to sell. This is crazy. I think went back like 50pairs today. Heartbreaking. 

Spending the evening in front of the TV, soon bedtime. Exciting day tomorrow! We have a wedding to do makeup for. One bride and four bridesmaids. And later on PARTYTIME!! October fest on the schedule. Yaaay.  


We got free hands to do what we wanted to do for our bride - makeup. I decided to do a warm brown makeup, with a little shimmer and defined eyes. 

More picture from school today; 

My makeup is done by: Sher phy Lee :) 

After school I stayed in Malmö to assist at the makeup store members - evening. I was so nervous, since it was my first day in the store. We are not using all the products and I'm still new to this business, but it was fun and a good learning experience. :) 

Got home like two hours after a very long day. Didn't get much sleep last night so I feel super tired. Think I'm gonna get some sleep now instead. 

Model-day tomorrow!! 


For the first time in about four weeks I felt refreshed when the alarm went off. I guess it was because I got to sleep in this morning. Today was a model-day in school so I didn't have to be there until 10am. 
We were gonna cover up tattoos and scars today. A bit tricky, I struggled to get the matching colour when covering it. Result was OK,  not better, not worse. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the result. :( 

if you haven't seen this video then you should, pretty amazing what you can do with make up: 
Dermablend Professional- Tattoo Cover Up Makeup: …:
-search for cover up tattoo 

But I can share my own makeup of the day instead: 


Just like every other morning,  I struggled to get up. 

Got dressed
Locked the door
Jumped on my bike
Catched the 5.52am train
Fell asleep for an hour
Had breakfast at a cafe
Started school at 8am 
Had so much fun 

Now here's the result of today's 60's makeup: 

And here is a collage one of our teachers made today: 

Challenging but I am so pleased with my work today! Starting to feel confident with the eyeliner now. :) 

spader dam ♡

Some good bowling news to share! 
We had a fantastic weekend, the girls team. I had a blast on the lanes and I am so proud of each and everyone on the team. We worked as a team every second, every frame, in both matches. I enjoyed it so much. I have missed that feeling so much. Thanks girl for a two great days. Came back home with two wins in the luggage. 

Mondays are my least favorite day, but Sundays are not far behind. Why? Mondays cause it's back to reality, early wakeup call. Or maybe not, I have to get up early on the weekend too. I DON'T KNOW why I hate Mondays. But I know why I hate Sundays. Sundays makes me overthink, Sundays makes me sentimental and I hate to feel "weak". Yesterday I missed my soulmate Josefine so badly. Yesterday they finished up cleaning our old apartment and are now ready to hand over the key to the owners. This made me so sad. Heartbreaking. We have so many great memories from that apartment, from living together under the same roof. It's crazy. And instead of living the room next door or 5mins away we are now living a 40mins drive apart. Yesterday: that sucked big time. Luckily I got some company from an old friend who is working in my area for the next few weeks. He came over to visit last night and made me smile again. 

It doesn't really matter how happy I am before, if it is Sunday and I'm by myself - I'm doomed to cry. It's gonna happen. Good thing is I can turn it around very easily. :) it is kinda nice to just get those feeling out of me to get ready for a new week. 

Black and white

Guess what? I was dead tired this morning too. Whyyyy does it have to be sooo freaking hard to wake up in the mornings? 

Yesterday we decided to start our Friday with breakfast together before starting our class. Great idea! Not only could I sleep longer (cause I didn't have to make breakfast in the morning) but I could also sleep the whole train ride instead of eating ;) 

Cozy start to this Friday morning. 

When we finally got out of our morning bubble and started working, we did makeups for black and white photos. 
I did a smokey eye makeup on Ivana. 

And Sara did a smokey eye on me. Isn't it crazy and fun what makeup can do? Played with shading on this one: 

When I got back home from school I picked kiddo up at the daycare. We spent the whole afternoon at one of the bigger playgrounds in the city. So much fun! Love spending time with him. 

Jenny picked him up around 4.30pm so I changed clothes and packed my bag for the gym. Did a tabata class at 5.15pm. 45min high intensity interval training. 7 different excersices. My body was still store from boxing the other day so I had some problems with two of the seven. Made it. And when I got back home again I instantly fell asleep on the couch for about two hours! 
When I woke back up I made some dinner, did the dishes, packed for tomorrow, showered and now in bed. 

Spending the weekend with my girls team. Traveling to Nyköping and Nässjö for league. Hoping to get back home with two wins. We can do it girls! 

Alarm goes off again in 5h 45min. Sweeeet. 


marilyn monroe once said

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." 

Here we go, 50's look: 
Makeup by me 

Makeup by Sara. 

Personally, I LOVE THIS LOOK! 

Just be me.

That feeling when you have spent about 30mins on a blog update and your phone just decides to shut down and of course before you're able to save it. Damn it. 

Let's try again. 

I wanted to share how happy I am nowadays cause I know my body so much better than I did only like a year ago. I have learnt how to listen to it and actually take it seriously. Why? Cause I put so much pressure, high expectations and I use it harder than many other people. Sometimes the body says stop. Sometimes the body says I need sleep. Sometimes the body says I need to workout to function. Sometimes it it both body and mind that says "I need to relax and just be me." 
Yesterday was a day like that. The last few days I have struggled to stay awake and have energy enough to do what I have had to do and yesterday my body said stop, I need to sleep, I need to relax, I need to workout and just be me. Said and done. I stayed home from school to catch up on sleep, I laid on the couch and relaxed, I pulled myself together and from 16-20.30 I did following things: 5km run in the wood in the amazing weather, coached the kids, practiced bowling and ended up with a boxing class at the gym with Jenny. Exactly what I needed! 

Some of you might think it sounds weird, crazy and very lazy but I'm sure that those of you who has those thoughts has never experienced a mental/physical breakdown. "Running into a wall" as we say in Sweden. When you push yourself so hard that your body shuts down in the end. Yep I've been there. Crying myself to sleep and waking up devastated with no will to leave the bed, room and face the world. And I don't want to get there again. That's why I'm careful. I take care of my body nowadays. 

I'm lucky to be in a school where my teachers allows me to catch up the next day or so in case something happens and you can't make it to school. I don't feel the same kind of pressure, at least from that part. 

I love school, just as much as bowling. I love the contrasts of my life. From all dolled up to being sweaty in workout clothes. 

Thoughts on a Thursday morning. 

Now school! 50s makeup on the schedule. :) 


I feel like the hours are not enough for me at the moment. I need a few more a day to be able to do everything I should and want to. Crazy. 

Yesterday I went straight from school to Helsingborg where mom picked me up at the trainstation to head to the bowl for the elite tour. The elite-tour tournament these two days were a test for the coming year. They wanna start a new tour in 2015 with about 4tournaments a year around in Sweden. 
40men and ladies were invited to bowl this tournament. We bowled 8 games on Seoul pattern before the first cut. Myself, I started with 125 and were dead last in the first game but ended up +30-40 so I bowled very well the other 7 games but missed the cut by like 40. Tough start but gave it a try. Top 20 made it to the next step where they bowled on Atlanta 4games. Top 16 made the next step, another 4games on a different pattern, then cut to 10, new pattern. Then top5 stepladder I believe?  Haha not sure. But the format is not set and done yet, they tried it this time to get opinions about it and we will see what format it will be in the end. 

After bowling I had dinner with Isabelle and mom before some TVtime and sleep. Isabelle and Joline stayed at my place last night, fun having them there :) 

This morning though.. holy.. I thought I was tired yesterday morning but it was not even close to this morning. Slept the whole train ride and had problems staying awake while getting my makeup done today in school. Haha. Anyways. New day new make up. 

Today was the classy 40's makeup. The classic Hollywood look. Natural eyes, eyeliner with a wing and big red lips. 

Makeup by Sara. 

Makeup by me. 

Love this look! 


This weekend was the first weekend of league for this season. I was hoping for a better start than we had.. 2lost matches with the boys team and one with the girls team.  Fun weekend huh? Not really. 

We had our chances, we got a little unlucky at times and we bowled bad at times too. We just have to learn from this performance as a team and do better from now on. 
So happy to have Frida back on the team though ♡ 

Coached the kids on their first match too yesterday. and guess what? THEY KICKED ASS! THEY DID SOOO GOOD. I was so proud of them. Good way to finish off the bowling weekend. 

Monday today. 
Monday means early wakeup call and school.  
Doing 30's makeup today. Haha terrible look. 

If anyone ever wondered what I would look like without one eyebrow, here is it! Hahaha 

Later today I'm gonna bowl a tournament. I'm gonna explain all about it after school! 

coco chanel

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must be different." 

For today's makeup we were inspired by the happy 20's, the rebellious ladies called the flapper girls, a touch of Coco Chanel & Clara Bow. We are talking pale skin, sad eyes, long sad eyebrows, tiny red lips and smokey round eyes. 

Not my favorite look but sure was different and fun to do! 

Went straight from school to the train station to catch the train going north. Final destination is Vimmerby. Spending the evening with Frida, Johan and Milton and tomorrow bowling all day.  :) 


Here are the photos of Amelie after I did her hair and makeup. I did a daily wear makeup and and fishtail braid on her. Just gotta love her eyebrows! 

So happy with the result and got good feedback from my teacher! 

When I got back home from school I was obviously tired cause I fell asleep right away on the couch for 2,5h. Struggled to wake up but when I did if dragged my ass down to the bowl for a 1,5h to figure some question marks in my approach. Did good. 

Now ready for some sleep. 
School and then off to Vimmerby to spend the evening with Frida, Johan and Milton. Bowling league there on Saturday morning. Can't wait! 

Since last time

Its been a few busy days here, as always. 

School is awesome, as always. We have had one day with hair and one day with evening/party makeup. I finally know how to do braids! You know, I'm the girl that had short hair and never wears makeup. It's a whole new world for me here ;) 
These are the results from Tuesday and Wednesday in class: 

Other than school it's been bowling on the schedule. Went to helsingborg again to practice on Tuesday with the team and yesterday I coached the kids and then practiced myself at my homecenter. Got the funniest, sweetest, weirdest comments from one of the youths that I'm coaching. He asked me what I do when I'm not bowling or working out,  if I have time to do anything else. I told him I go to school and hang out with friends just like any other kid. He was curious what I do in school and I told him I study to become a makeup artist. He starts laughing and says: You? With makeup? I've never seen artist girl with more muscles than you and you're gonna look all girly? Are you gonna wear like skirts too? 

Hahahah I couldn't stop laughing. Personally, I take it as a compliment. 

On my way to school now with Amelie. She's gonna be my model today! Doing her hair and make up today. Plan is a daily wear makeup with a little more colour and a messy fishtail braid. Gonna show you the result later on :) 


This is me. Sandra Andersson. In this blog you get to follow me on my adventures all around the world for bowling.

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