New Year, New Apartment

Alot has happened the last few days. 
Lets start with the tournament I bowled In Norrköping. I ended up 4th, wish I could've done it a little bit better in the finals but overall I'm so happy with my performance. Finally scored! Never give up. I bowled well all weekend but 1526 is a number I've dreamed of. Crazy. 

Finals were done late and I had a 4,5h drive home, I realized it was a bit too much since I was so tired after bowling. Drove to Vimmerby to visit Frida and Johan for the night, in their new house! Big step and I'm so proud and happy for them both. Their house is amazing! Had a very nice evening together with them and Milton. 

Monday morning I had to get up early and get in the car and start my drive home. I was gonna meet Camilla at noon to get my keys to my new apartment! And guess what? I started packing after I got the keys. Sad. But I haven't had the time..... 
Haha anyways, so excited to be moving into my new place at the same time as I'm very sad I'm leaving my best friend and roomie for the last 3years. Good thing is I'm only a couple of meters away. :) 
I will show you some photos as soon as I'm done moving, lot of stuff left to get done. 


Bowled 3 squads, 18games. 
Noon - 1299 
3pm - 1329 
9pm - 1526 
My first 1500score ever, bowled with my IQ Pearl and Totally Defiant. 
261, 238, 222, 279, 258, 268. 
I won qualifying, bowling finals tomorrow. Fingers crossed! 

So excited I finally scored. I'm so happy! :D 

Team Loudmouth -
Vise Inserts - 

I'm alive.

Very disappointed though. 
I'm in Norrköping at the moment bowling a ladies tournament. Just bowled 12games in a row, without even feeling a little tired or touched by it. Happy I'm so far down the road with my cardio. 
Wish I could've done it better but after the incident when I was bowling next to the wall I guess I got a little scared that game. After releasing the ball my hand hit the wall (or the thing coming out of the wall around the glass) on the way down. Disappointed I let that affect me. 

Well see if I bowl again. 

changed plans

I decided to take a nap when I got back home form picking up a thing for my cat. Set the alarm for an hours nap so I could get up and get ready for a class at the gym. When the alarm went off I felt like someone hit me by car. I felt sick, so tired and I just couldn't move. 
I rolled over and went back to sleep. Woke up again at 3pm, still feeling shitty but not as bad. Like the worst hangover ever without even having a zip. So not fair! 
Had to cancel all my plans today to take care of myself. Leaving tomorrow so I need to be ready for that. 
Did some packing instead after my nap. So boring. Hate moving but I'm a little excited to get my own place again at the same time as I feel sad cause I'm leaving josefine. 

Well, I'm gonna try to get some sleep again. Gonna practice before leaving tomorrow instead. 

Happy Holidays!

Last few days have been so busy, filled with alot of food, laughters, friends, family and alot of dancing. 
Turkey dinner at my best friends mom yesterday was by far the most fun I've had in a while. 10people, 7of them had tequila race - I was doing coca cola shots. 10days down the road and I have survived 3 out of the 4 most challenging days in my 6months bet. 
doing good! 
after dinner we drove back to Ängelholm to play some bowling (what else?) before going back home to our place for some drinks and Robin who played the guitar and sang. Such a good singer! 
took a taxi down to the club and danced the night away! 

today is back to normal. 
gym is planned at 2pm 
bowling is planned at 3pm 
work is planned at 4pm 
and I think I need to start packing too. for two things, leaving tomorrow for a bowling tournament in Norrköping - gone for 3days and in 4days I get my key to my new apartment. maybe I should start packing for that? haha so crazy. and I'm SO EXCITED! 

just picked up the little one who spent the night at mom and dads with two dogs. I think she's a little exhausted. All cuddled up inside my sweater 😻

Merry Christmas!

Day 8

Today I survived what is probably gonna be the hardest day of my 6months without alcohol. This might sound like I'm a alcoholic but that is not really the case. 
Today was the dinner with the staff of our bowling center. Which means free food and free drinks. It's not really the thing about getting drunk and but it is the fact that I can't have it. At all. Not even a glass of wine to dinner cause it taste good. Nope! Nothing. And to know that I can't have it makes me think of it even more, cause I don't wanna fuck it up. 
To be able to pull this off - during occasions like today, Christmas, New Year's Eve is gonna take a lot. 
I am determined to succeed with this. I'm gonna make it, I know I can do it. Just the feeling of missing out of alot since I'm traveling alot already doesn't make it easier when I'm actually home I still miss out on the fun things. 
It's not that I can't have fun without alcohol, cause I can, but it's not fun when you're the only one sober and you keep hearing all the things people are talking about and all the stupid comments people start fighting about - the stuff you don't notice when you're drunk. 

Yes I am a party girl. I really enjoy having a few drinks, go out dancing all night long - cause that is the easiest way for me to catch up with as many of my friends as possible when I'm at home. 
That's what we do, people in my age. 

But yea, I'm in it to win it. I know this is gonna help me out physically when it comes to working out and bowling too so no doubt about it. Just late night thinking. 

Food was amazing though. Had the best dessert everrr today. Oreo Cookie Bash at Olearys. White and milk chocolatemousse-cake with pieces of Oreos and some chocolate sauce on top. YUM!  
did my cardio earlier today so I deserved a dessert. 
5,5km walk 45mins. tried to run for a bit but it was too hard to breathe, probably cause of the cold - anyone else having the same problem? 


No boring moment with kiddo. Love spending time with him. 
We went down to the bowling center for some cosmic bowling, he was super excited about the disco lights and seeing the music videos on the big screen. 
after bowling we went back home and ordered pizza, plan was to eat Christmas food but on a Saturday evening pizza sounded better. we ate then switched from dinner table to couch and put on the Garfield movie and ate lots of candy! 
Kiddo fell asleep and me and Rasmus started another movie - Jeff Dunhamn Controlled Chaos. I was laughing so hard, I was crying! Great show. :) 

Went to bed around 11pm. 
Alarm was set for 9am. 
Had to wake kiddo up at 9.30am. (loveit) 
Breakfast, shower and got ready to go down to the bowl for some work and a Christmas party with the bowlers in our center. 
Everything went well and I'm glad I was there for the party - to get to know a few people better. :) 

The evening was spent at mom and dads planning our trip to the us next summer. I will tell you more about it tomorrow but now I have to get some sleep! 

9am wakeup call tomorrow 
buy the last Christmas presents 
start packing (moving in 7days!!) 
dinner with the bowlingcenter-staff 



clock is 2.30pm 
we have already had breakfast, lunch, played GTA, FIFA, Wii bowling, puzzle and went to the playground for a while. 
having so much fun, laughing alot! 
if you wanna see a fun movie you should go to my Instagram (Miniheffaa_) or Facebook :) 


8.30am wake up call. 
9.30am spinning class 
10.15am leg workout 
11am shower 
noon shopping 
5pm bought all my Christmas gifts 
6pm dinner 
7pm couch, candy and movies
7.30pm changed plans, bowling and pool with some friends 
11.30pm drop the guys off at another bar, me going home for bed. 

today's workout was tough. 
40mins spinning class
2x15, 1x25 squats with 12,5kg 
2x15, 1x25 squats on bosu-ball 
3x15 (each leg) walking lunges 
3x15 deadlifts
3x15 (each leg) 2kg hands on the ground, knees on the ground, dumbbell poplitius, lift your leg high up, work your butt off! 

now bedtime. 
tomorrow nephew gets her early, spending all day with him :D 

Pba Rookie of the year

Wanna say congrats on your nominee to my teammate Mik Stampe! 


set the alarm early. I have no idea why so I went back to sleep. got up again around 9am. Stayed in bed for a while, watched some tv and cuddled with Bella. and Bella is the official name of my crazy little kitty. got ready around noon to go downtown to run some errands. bought myself a Christmas gift to, I'll show you later. Something for my new apartment, moving in 11days! 

at 3pm I was gonna be at moms to go out for a walk with the dogs. 
at 4pm I was gonna have practice with the kids. 
at 5pm I was gonna drive mom back home 
at 5.17pm I was gonna start working in the bowl, waitressing tonight's dinner guests. 
at 10.30pm I signed out 
it's now midnight. bedtime. 

go shopping and run some errands 
enjoy an evening off!! 

Day with my nephew - whatever kiddo wants to do.
Including sleepover! 

Christmas-party in the bowl with all the bowlers in our Center. 

Good evening lovers

It's Wednesday. My day started early, 8.30am spinning class. I was so not ready for it when my alarm went off but damn it felt good afterwards. I'm so happy I dragged my sleepy ass over to the gym! What motivated me a little was the thought of going back to bed afterwards for a little nap was gonna happen. Love it. 
Drove by the grosser is store on the way home to buy us some breakfast. Big breakfast, sandwich with ham, boiled egg, quark with sunflower seeds and raisins and an orange. YUM

A shower and a nap later I was ready to go to the bowl, had a meeting at 2.30pm and I was gonna eat and then pick up mom at 3.30pm. Can you believe it? My mom left the house to go to the bowl for "work" only a week after her big surgery?! Yes, she is crazy but daaaamn what a fighter! No doubt she is my inspiration. 
When I came to the bowl I saw a familiar face there, Jesper Fröidh - swedes may know him from the TV show Paradise Hotel. Good to see him again and after I was done with the kids, we decided to bowl 1game. I bowled 279 and Jesper bowled 130something. So we had to bowl one more game, haha. Much fun! 

Two games was today's practice for me, I felt tired in my body and head so I decided that was enough for the day. 
Went back home, got a Christmas gift from my roomie and best friend, Josefine. A workout log and a calendar in one! So crazy, I was looking at one yesterday and decided to wait to order it. And now I got one from her! She sure knows me too well! Haha. <3 

Watching some tv right now and planning tomorrow. Have some errands I'm doing for mom during the day and tomorrow evening I have work in the bowl. Busy day ahead. :) 

Morning workout

55min spinning class. 

August 2012-December 2013. 


today's workout: 
run 4.71km, calories burned: 348
bowling 1.5h, brain cells burned: way too many


Yesterday I agreed on a new bet. I like making bets, why? Cause it's fun. I can prove to myself and to others that I have self-dicipline, the will to become better (in many ways, as a person or/and at something) and its fun to challenge myself. I don't think this challenge is gonna be hard, at all. 
December 16th is day1 of 6months without alcohol. 
The only day I feel regrets about is New Year's Eve. That glass of champagne is gonna be missed this year. But a bet is a bet and I'm gonna do it! 
I just have to find other ways to celebrating things. 

Like today, today I'm celebrating TJ's new pba-title he just won in Saudi Arabia by having some chocolate. 
Well done, superstar! 
..and chocolate is so much better, I might regret it the day after just like alcohol but sure wont get a hangover! Haha. 

Anyhow, tomorrow im going to moms to look after her, make us some lunch and let her meet my new roomie. I'm thinking Bella as a name for her? I think she looks like a Bella. She should get the name stinky cause that little kitty farts alot and it smells really bad! 
Later on tomorrow is work and practice. :) bowled today and I really hope tomorrow is gonna be better, ha! 

Gnite x 

What a weekend!

Had a great reunion with the girls. 
Jannike from Mary Kay came and held a presentation for us about their products.  Peelings, lotions, make-up etc. so much fun. We got to try everything and we did a make-up on ourself for the evening.  Wine, fruit, cheese, gingerbread. Learned a lot too! 
Thanks again, Jannike. 
If anyone of you would like to have a home-party, let me know and I will get you in touch with Jannike. :) 

Today was spent on the couch, we watched a movie, ate pizza, candy and all the other things you do (or don't do) on a lazy Sunday! Haha. 

At 18 we held an event in the bowl, foundraiser for Girls rights to survive pregnancy. We bowled one game and donated 1kr/pin. 200pins = 200kr. 
We raised 2000kr, which was ok since it pretty much was a last minute thing, but I was hoping more people would come down to help us out. Next time! 

After bowling me John and Josefine went to pick up my new family member. 
Spending the day cuddling on the couch with this little creature: 

She is the cutest thing, but still no name. Any suggestions? 


55mins all-round routines with weights, 10routines á 45seconds x 3laps + stretching routines.
75mins boxing (changed to 55mins all-round routines - only bodyweight. Lack of interest at the boxing-session). 


Friday 13th. 
and guess what? This day treated me well!! 
Started the day with work, just a short day 9-14. After work it was time for practice, turned out as a very short session cause everything felt good. Have decided to take this week to just keep the feeling and start working hard again on Monday, back on routines. 

Day 3 for mom at the hospital. I have visit her 3 out of 3 days - of course. Love hanging out with mom. Today I brought some "Lussekatter" for us so we had tea and had a Swedish "fika" :) 
She is doing good btw, doing great progress. :) 

Went straight from the hospital to the gym for a 55min spinning-session. DAMN it was hot in that room. And I can feel that the last 1,5months have been a bit "lazy". Time to change that! 

Had dinner in the bowl. Friday means buffet, Friday in December means Christmas buffet! LOVE the food on a Swedish Christmas buffet. Yum! Good for me I went to the gym today, haha. 

I am now back home, in bed, watching a movie. Ready to get some sleep and to wake up on the day I've been looking forward to since two months back!! December 14th - my first weekend off spent at home. (since two months back) 
So excited, I will tell you all about it in the morning! 

Also got good news today, looks like I found myself a roomie. Moving into a new apartment in January, by myself I thought, but plans changed. :) I will introduce her on Monday! 

new haircut


I'm back. 
Back in Sweden, back on daily- routines, back on track. 

It has been a few days filled with disappointed moments, home-sickness and concerned thoughts. 
Qatar and me, we don't like each other. We do not get along. Why? I don't know. Some day we will, I'm sure. But not last year and not this year. So spending a day off in Doha was nothing I wanted, cause all I did was thinking about mom and how much I wanted to go home and be there for her. This was Tuesday. 
Wednesday early morning, the same time as I got ready to leave the hotel to go to the airport - my mom got ready to head to the hospital for her surgery. To sit way up in the sky, stuck in an airplane is not the easiest when you know your mom is under the knife at the hospital. 
As soon as I landed and got back to Sweden I got in touch with her and found out surgery went well. I hurried back home so I could visit her. 
Best two hours in a while, to just sit there and talk and know that she was ok. It's way too early to say that everything is great but she did some great progress only 10h after surgery. (For those of you that doesn't know about it, she was having a back-surgery, herniated disks taken care of - for the 3rd time.) she was up, walking a few steps. 
She's a fighter. Mom inspires me. 
I really hope that this will help you get rid of the pain, mom. <3 

Not only was it moms surgery to think about, I also had my brother in mind. My brother turned 30 yesterday. Glad I got to see him for a bit. Can't wait for Saturday so we can celebrate him! 

Saying bye to my red hair
Visit mom 
Run some errands 


I'm still alive!

Ok, guys. I'm still here. 
I'm sorry for the bad update, last couple of days have been challenging. Have had a lot on my mind and alot going on. 

I will give you a better update tomorrow. 

Today I'm sending my thoughts to my brother on his 30th birthday and my mom for her surgery. <3 

No title

Qatar Open

I have never bowled as good as I am right now and scores as bad as I am right now. 

First squad

We got here safe and sound. No problems at all, we even got 15kg extra on the flight to check-in. Perfect! 
Dropped our stuff off at the hotel and then went straight to the bowl to watch, eat dinner and later on bowl.

My first squad in Qatar: 
Just wow. That was different! I think I averaged like 3splits a game. 
I bowled bad in the beginning but I got a little unlucky too and then it just went south. Tried to figure it all out, tried all my bowling balls and everything. Just to get an idea for my next squad that will be tomorrow. I'm still a little confused about it but I'm gonna sleep on it and hopefully wake up with a great game plan. 

Bowling again at noon tomorrow. Time difference: we are 2h infront of Swedish time. 
Wish me luck 

Bye Abu Dhabi

It's time to say bye bye. I really enjoyed my days here (except for bowling). People are so polite, weather was amazing and buildings are so beautiful! 
Just take a look at the view from the gym: 
Can you see the big "houses"? HUGE!

Really looking forward to next year already. 
Now it's time to pack my bags and head over to the hotel next door where the Swedish guys are staying to take a taxi to the airport. Next stop is Qatar! 
Hoping for better bowling over there! 

Abu Dhabi World tour stop

Winner is Thomas Larsen Denmark. Congrats on your first PBA-title! 


I started out so good and then something happened. I have no idea where my mind was and I couldn't get my body together. I was afraid to let go of the ball cause I didn't get a ball reaction. I just didn't understand the game - what to do. Terrible feeling. Paralyzing. Something I have never felt before.
I ended up missing the cut by only 19pins. Lets just say I can easily find those 19pins in my 6games. 

Head wanted one thing and body did another. I'm gonna be one happy girl when those two parts starts working together. Soon please! 

 Time to cheer wifey on for another title! Fingers crossed for her!! 

Qualifying day 2

I started this day by bowling two blocks. I did better scores but still wasn't enough, scores went up alot today. 
I went back to the hotel for a nap and a quick cardio-session at the gym to really wake up after my nap. Then back to the bowl to do one more squad. I wasn't too happy out bowling 193 in my first game with stone 10shots in the pocket. Good for me that paid off the next two games, 279 & 220 for a 716 with bonus to make the cut. VERY happy about this. 

Time to get some sleep and get ready for tomorrow. Finals starts at 9.30am our time. 6games, half the squad makes it through to next step. Wish me luck!

Not the final scores, this is with two squads to go. Find the results at 


So, I only got like 4,5h sleep. Didnt feel anything of it today though, might do tomorrow. I woke up, showered, got dressed and went to the bowl with the boys. We decided to watch the first squads and then bowl around 3.30pm our time. It's a different way of qualifying than we are used to in Europe, here you bowl 3game-block x 3. You need 9games to qualify, you can choose to bowl on fresh, second squad or third squad when bowling qualifying. They do fresh 3times a day. 
My first block (on fresh) was 691, I didn't bowl very well through the block but still made it out ok with one game of 190 (got 8pins per game). Second block (second squad) was different. The right part of the center, the high numbered lanes hooks alot more than the middle/left and this surprised me a little. Got a little unlucky, bowled bad at times and ended up 595 I think. Third block (fresh) I'm very happy about! I bowled very well, I stayed with my game plan and executed my shots very well. 720 I think. My IQ tour pearl and Defiant Soul are doing good so far. 

I decided to be done with bowling today and to get back on it at the first squad tomorrow on fresh. 10am in the morning! Wish me luck, need one good block tomorrow to make the cut! 

Time difference to Sweden is 3h, we are 3h infront. :) 

This is the bowling center:


Made it to Abu Dhabi. Country 21 to bowl in. 
Trip here was good, got here about 2h ago. Took a little while to get through passport control, get our bags and to the hotel. Finally here and in bed, it's 4.50am. Gonna get some sleep, bowling in the morning.

I will give you a better update when I wake up. X 


What a morning! 
Mom came by with breakfast this morning so we got to spend a little more time together before I left. Was so nice to sit down and enjoy a breakfast with no hurry. At least I though so. 
Everything was pretty much settled for the trip, I packed last night and I was all dressed and ready to leave when I took a last check on Qatar Airways website to find out I only had 7kg for ONE bag in hand luggage. OH-OH! 
I better out on my sweetest smile and be very friendly at the airport. I got it down to two bags. Wish me luck. 

And this thing with only 30kg to check-in, where you have to pay/kilo in overweight is probably the most stupid rule everrrrr. Of course, bowling balls doesn't count as a sport baggage either so instead of 6bowling balls (that I normally travel with) this time I can only bring 4. 4bowling balls for two different tournaments and patterns. 

I hope this is my lucky day, that everything works out great when we are checking in and that the lady/man at the desk are having a good day. Fingers crossed! 


We tied. My team didnt bowl as good as we hoped for same time as the away-team bowled better than yesterday. The pattern was longer today, not sure how long but it hooked a lot today too. At least on some lanes. There was one pair I was struggling a bit on, carry-wise. this pair didnt hook as much as the others - I almost left the 5-7-10 but 7pin fell, on a good shot! Haha, I bowled well today and after this shot in the 3rd game Kamilla said "welcome to Horsens". 
My IQ tour rolled good (almost) all day today. Had 889 on my 4games and that was the highest score of the match. 

Have a good feeling right now, I'm looking forward to Abu Dhabi! 
Flying back to Copenhagen today, going back home for one day before heading back to the airport and leave for the Middle East. :) 


This is me. Sandra Andersson. In this blog you get to follow me on my adventures all around the world for bowling.

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