happy birthday dad!

hope you had a good one. you deserve the best. ♡

gifts, ice cream and tea at my parents house. without dad.. haha he took my nephew to the theme park in copenhagen but we celebrated his birthday anyways.
going out for dinner together tomorrow instead. :)

today was back on track with the early morning wakeup-calls. 9.15am bodypump felt good. was able to do every routine but without weights on the legs so far. shoulders/back, boobs and biceps are gonna be sore tomorrow though haha.
went to the bowl right away to get practice done, it was not easy to go from the gym with sore boobs and biceps to the bowl and bowl - like normal. haha took a while to warm up.

the day was spent with Milton, he was in my part of the country for work and we decided to meet up and catch up. ice cream, pizza and my favorite swedish show on dvd and the day/evening was settled!

now off to bed.
4days left.


boys left for a tournament this morning and it felt so weird to be the one to stay at home. I decided not to go to this one cause I needed time at home and also need practice before we are leaving on tuesday.
so when the guys left I was supposed to practice.. but shopping came up.
tomorrow is dads birthday so me and mom went looking for gifts.
we found what we were looking for, all settled for tomorrow! bring on dads 54th birthday 😍

after shopping I wasn't feeling very well. tired and felt sick, so my plan was to go home and lay down for a while but no time for that. took a walk outside and got some fresh air then straight to the bowl for some practice. in the cosmic bowling lights, on easy street, with sore muscles. haha but yes it was a nice one! I could easier feel wrongs and rights, worked on my feeling. :)

my plans of laying down on the couch still happened, just a few hours later. with a movie and me painting my nails. girly stuff.

9.15am bodypump
10.30am bowling
1pm helsingborg
spend the day with a good friend


5days until European Womens Championships
18days until THE day - 6months
21days until USA

and planning a few other trips this summer. its gonna be LEGEN..



this girl, this day, back at the gym.
this girl, this day, haaaaappyyyyy


today I picked up my nephew at daycare, I had planned for us to go to Helsingborg and the Tropikariet.
first I had lunch and around 1pm I picked him up.
we went there to watch the sharks, monkeys, snakes, frogs - and so on. worst part was the rainforest part when it was all dark, monkeys jumping around, bats flying around, Kevin gets a little worried and all I can see is a big fat fucking sign of the biggest spider everrrr. yeaaaaa good luck sandra, being the big girl and act strong infront of kevin.....
lets just say I ran out of there pretty quick.. WITH kevin of course ;)

best part:

pet-station with these little tiny creatures and two other stations. tickles so much!!

fun day!


tuesday was so much fun but today I feel like someone ran me over by a truck.

it all started with an appointment at my physical therapist, got some TENS on both of my knees and got them taped up. we now have located what is "wrong", they are just a little sore after all the working out ive done lately but there is nothing to worry about. I got an OK from my PT to head back to the gym but to stay away from deep squats and jumps. focusing on spinning and all the other muscles. such a relief! it is painful when walking downstairs and bending them in less than 90degrees, that is also why ot doesnt hurt while bowling cause I dont bend my knee that much. good neeeeews!

so after that appointment I went straight to the bowl, ate breakfast, drilled a new bowlingball and practiced a little :) drilled a Brunswick LT48, the one I won for ending up second in our team championship.
hooked early and alot yesterday haha. I didnt do anything with the surface or so yet.

it is one good looking bowlingball!

the afternoon and evening was spent with amazing people. ice cream, chatting outside in the sun, dinner downtown, a few drinks, a few more drinks, games, hockey and all of a sudden the clock was 4am!! got back home at 4.20am, I cant even remember last time I was up for that long! hahaha and im DEAD today. im getting too old for this. im feeling shitty staying up for that long without even drinking. hows that gonna work out for me later on? buuu, dont wanna know.

but I had a great time! 😊


thats when I first woke up and thought: "damn, it is sunny outside. I wonder how long I slept for?"
yes I rolled over and fell back asleep.

woke up again around 9am, got up and made some breakfast. watched some tv and fell back asleep on the couch. I had a few hours of sleep to get back after this weekend. body is a little sore. my knees especially. so weird it doesnt hurt when I bowl at all but today they are hurting. so when I walked down to the bowl today I stopped by my physical therapist and got an appointment booked for tomorrow.

just said hi to Josefine and had some lunch. got a ride home with rasmus around 5pm.

mattias came by to pick up some stuff I had for him and stayed for a coffee. we talked and talked and talked and a few hours went by. it was great having him over to catch up a little. :)
just made myself dinner and now watching superbad on tv.
gonma try and get some sleep early tonight so my 7.30 wakeupcall is not gonna kill me!

tomorrow is back on track with bowling practice. 9days today until we are leaving. last preperations! im excited :)


today was a lucky day. we called and asked to change our flights and this was possible for a small amount of money, every single dk-krona was worth it. flying home 5h earlier and was home 6h earlier than planned. best decision this week!
we flew 1.30pm, landed 2.15pm. took a while to get our bags and had to take a bus to a different terminal but somehow I made the next train by only a few seconds. it was supposed to leave at 2.46pm but when I made it to the trainstation termin thw clock was 2.49pm. I saw that the train was delayed and was gonna leave 3mins later than planned.
ran down to the station to make the train, last one in and off we go!
4.15pm my mom picked me up at the airport.
fucking awesome.

spent the evening at one of the restaurants downtown with mom, my brothers, jenny, nephew, josefine, rasmus and john. the gang was all there! dinner and great company. 5h just flew by.

if I regret my decision of flying home earlier?

now im ready for bed though
who knows when I will wake up..

happy mothers day!

to the best mom in the whole wide world.

squad 3&4

I kept improving my first game every squad. I learned more and I could do the right moves in time. the hard part was now to figure out the last two games when it was very dry. both squads I couldnt get my ball to react strong enough to get the last pin out and when I made a move or a 95% shot I got punished. I bowled good but couldnt match up good enough.

I am very happy with me physical game, I executed my shots very well all weekend. I feel more confident and I am excited to be heading to Berlin and EWC with this feeling of my game.

ita 9am and im supertired but gotta pack up and leave the house and go back to the bowl where I have spent WAY to many hours in already this weekend. some of the girls made the finals, gonna go there and help them kick ass. fingers crossed they will do great :)

flying out tonight at 6.40pm. hope to be able to change my flight but not sure.



what a long day in the bowl today but holy crap I learned alot and we had so much fun!
today 3of us bowled the first squad and 3 were coaching, we had to give feeback about every single shot made today for 6games. what we felt, what we were supposed to do, our expectations how good/bad it was executed. together with our partner, who was Isabelle in my case, we were gonna discuss all the moves and all the changes we did, why we did them.
it was really tough in the beginning before I got comfortable on the lanes and the pattern. also started out with a 150game, still made good shots but couldnt really figure it out. 2-6th game is unbelievably good. I bowled very well, focused on the good things. it was an amazing feeling bowling like that and not focusing on just scores. kinda took the mind of of it. im very happy with today. 1310.

lunch downtown at a steakhouse, best meal ive EVER had in denmark.

at 7pm it was Isabelles turn to step on the lanes. same thing but she bowled and I coached.

I feel dead now! I am so tired after this day.
we had so much fun and we learned alot.
and going to bed with a big smile and happiness is just awesome.
hard to beat.

I bowl at 3pm tomorrow.
hoping to improve, at least that first game. ;)

bedtime bitches. x

squad 2

getting ready to bowl my second squad, wearing my new shorts from loudmouth golf!

wish me luck!

good morning aalborg

thursday yesterday.
we woke up around 9am and had breakfast outside in the sun. weather was great and we really enjoyed our first meal outdoors.
we had a relaxing few hours at the house, we played some tv-games and got ready to leave the house at noon.
some of the girls came here by boat and some flew here so we all met up at 1pm to eat lunch together. chinease 😍

we bowled at 3pm. my first squad was not very good. I totally used the wrong balls and made the wrong moves. it hooks early in the lane here and I didnt really trust it. the only ball I had a good reaction with was my hyroad pearl in game 5&6.

after our squad we went to the store and bought what we needed for the evenings cookout! we really took advantage of the nice weather. :)

good food, some movies and good company. great thursday!

today is friday. its gonna be one long day in the bowl. we have squads 11am and 7pm. 3are gonna bowl and 3are gonna coach.



these days are the worst. stuck in a train, on a boat and in a car. I left home 9,5h ago and I only made in to denmark. sad but true.

first a 2h train ride then a 3,5h boat ride and last an hour drive to the house we are renting this year. its been a long day.

tomorrow the schedule looks like this:
9am breakfast
noon off to the bowl
1pm pick up the rest of the girls
1.30pm lunch
3pm squad 1
dinner with the girls

hoping for the weather to be as good as its been all day today.
sunny, hot.

exciting schedule

today: Aalborg
14days: European Womens Championship in Berlin, Germany
29days: Bowl expo Orlando, Florida & USBC Queens in Reno, Nevada.

cant wait! bring on summer :)

another late evening blogpost

my day started out with getting the present fixed, give it the final touch. ended up in the bowl, as always. I think I can count on my fingers the days of a year that im not in a bowling center. did some laundry and had lunch.
went back home an hour or so for a quick nap and to change clothes.
picked up Josefine on my way downtown again, had an appointment at my physical therapist but with 30mins left we saw the chance of eating ice cream our in the sun. said and done. probably the best part of today. well the second time eating ice cream was also delicious! haha.

visit at my Physical therapist, some TENS on my knee and now got it taped and ready for the rest of the week.
my legs and knees are so much better today, I just wanna be on the safe side and stable it a bit so im not gonna get insecure while im away this weekend.
went across the street, back to the bowl again to make a few shots and yes - I can bowl!! relieved :)

after practice we walked down to the big street in town for round two of ice cream. this time the soft ice, best kind!
sun was out all day today and it was hot! just had to cool down with some ice cream.

watched a tournament squad and went out for "dinner" with some friends afterwards.
when I was gonna drive home I opened the door and sat down in the car, looked up and saw a spider! I JUMPED out of the car, screaming and waving my hands to the other car with my friends so they could save me. by far the worst thing of today. hate spiders!!!!

started packing but as usual I save the last stuff for last minutes.

now bedtime
tomorrow off to Aalborg!


it is monday.
still having troubles moving around. worst thing is stairs and when ive been sitting down for a while and have to get up and get going. hurts. but my knees feels better, now im just feeling sore in my legs, calfs and butt. I hope im gonna be able to bowl tomorrow!

this morning my alarm went off at 8am for no reason at all. I was told to meet up with the local newspaper for an interview with my brother and mom but it ended up being just about my brother. I dont mind that but wth I missed out on my sleep! haha

after lunch today my mom texted me and asked if I wanted to go to the mall for a bit. of course! quality time with moma 😍 found a white jacket for myself, ive been looking for one for sooo long - so happy I finally found one! and also some gifts for a friend, I will show this to you later. its not ready just yet. :)

evening was spent on the couch, made dinner and watched some tv. boring I know but I cant bowl, I cant go to the gym, I cant walk like a normal person so i might aswell just stay here and do something I can and im good at - being lazy :)

soon sleep though. this week is a short one at home, leaving on wednesday to spend the weekend in denmark with team sweden. tournament coming up!!
so tomorrow is all about getting ready for it, do laundry, pack, practice.


this day started out sunny and ended up rainy. our plans went from cooking out to not even meet up for dinner.

my evening was spent on the couch, watching a movie with 31 candles lit in the apartment. cooked dinner and ate some candy.
when I went to the store before to buy all I needed to make myself dinner I realized I was walking around judging and choosing what to eat to not make it too unhealthy. what the fuck, Sandra. yesterday you ran 21km and bowled 4h and what you celebrated with was a chicken and shrimp salad. like seriously? I get mad at myself for not being able to fully relax with what I eat. I dont have to feel guilty for eating chocolate.
I have a heard time eating fast food AND have a soda at the moment. somehow it doesnt feel that bad if I drink water to the food instead of a coke. and that is what I did today.
I chose what I wanted to eat, "elephant ear-steak with roasted garlic potatoes. I grabbed a bag of chips and thought that I can drink water.

ok I guess its good to be able to say no to alot of sugar or fast food but it would be fun to sometime eat a "bad meal" and not feel guilty about it!
(I feel that I should be able to do that having in mind how much I work out. yes its good and yes I have cravings.)

what im trying to say is that I have a hard time letting that guard down, I dont wanna screw things up and im afraid im gonna get back into bad habits if I do.
dont know if any of this makes sense but I dont care. sundaythoughts and I had to let it out.

other than that I have not been able to move from the couch hahaha

tomorrow alarm goes off around 8am. meeting at 9.30 :)
fingers crossed my body is gonna feel ok!


when I woke up today everything felt ok, I was hungry but my body was not feeling as bad as I thought it would be.

went downtown to have lunch with some friends

came home and fell asleep on the couch
woke up
this ladies and gentlemens is the worst fucking pains ive had everrrr in my legs, hahaha. this is ridiculous! I can barely walk.

this is crazy! poor legs. poor body. poor me. my whole body is aching.
oh but still so worth it! :D


4h of bowling - allsvenskan
21km - worlds biggest half marathon

I cried when crossing the finish line.
this means so much to me. I dont think you guys understand what an achievement this is for me. unbelievable. it was not long ago I felt that I almost died running 3km. there was nothing I hated more than running, I was so bad at it. I have been working so hard for this, to make it fun, to make it feel a little easier.

I have now overcome one of my biggest fears when it comes to working out!

I am extreamly proud of myself. and for those of that knows me, knows that I dont say that very often.
I felt strong when I was running, in my body. mentally it was a real challenge to get pass 16km-19km. of course I was dead when I came to the finish line but I never felt like quitting. I didnt even walk or take a break, I ran for 2h 9min straight. drinking water while running is a little tricky btw but so worth it.

my goal was to beat Mathias 2h and 15mins from last year. I did good :)

and the best part about this day?
when I get back home, my whole team is meeting me with drums, bowlingpins and a bowlingball on the trainstation and wants me to bowl. celebrating with me. brings tears to my eyes again to have such amazing team mates. a signed bowling pin and memories for life.

and all of my amazing friends who was sent texts and photos, to support me. YOU ARE THE BEST!

FH Engelholm - I fucking LOVE you guys. you made it possible for me to run like I did. I had in mind how many fighters we have in our team and that showed today! ah.

this is one of the best days of my life. I am so proud.


we fucking did it!!

im gonna run every single meter with a big smile in my face!!!!!

good work team! I am so proud of us :)

now next challenge: worlds biggest half marathon! let's go :)

good morning!

alarm went off at 5.45am, I was so not ready for that. hit the snoozebutton a few times before I got up and showered to wake up.
a yummy breakfast and got the last stuff packed fot todays adventure.

first off is our last qualifying match for the season. a very important match. if we win this match we have qualified to a higher league division. that means we have our A-team in the highest and the B-team in the second highest division. would be amazing for our team so please have your fingers crossed for us!

and with a win it would be so much easier for me to run the half marathon later today! I am super nervous. worlds biggest half marathon. it was not long ago I had troubles getting around 3km. :) kinda exciting!!

so fingers crossed people! important day ahead of me/us :)


today I am not gonna move my ass from my couch unless its cause I need food or get the feeling I wanna bowl

today I am gonna save up all my energy for tomorrow

today I also celebrate 5alcoholfree months

today is also the day before THE day

any movie suggestions? :)

the only time you should ever look back

is to see how far youve come.

this is my journey-


ok I learned from yesterday. I didnt set an early alarm, 10.30am was enough. woke up, made breakfast and got ready to go out for a walk. the weather was absolutely beautiful today compared to the last couple of days. sun was out and I was wearing shorts!
walked up to mom and dads to say hi to my little tiger and to pick up the car. I was there for a while, went out for a walk with the dogs and chatted with mom. I love hanging out with her.

When it was 3pm I had to leave to go home and pack my stuff and go down to the bowl to coach the kids. they did so well today, 4out of 7 did new personal best in one game. one guy improved his pb with 22pins! he was so happy! amazing. these kids brings a smile to my face.

before leaving the bowl I did my laundry. next stop was mom and dads: walking the dogs and give all the animals food. I was there an hour before heading to the next place.

again, today I tried a new class. poweryoga. just wow! it was fun but a bit difficult the first time. holy crap it stretched out every single muscle in my body. im for sure gonna do this again. :)

I wasnt supposed to bowled today but I was so eager and I just couldnt wait so an evening practice between 9-10.30pm with Amelie. not the best one this week but it was still fun. :)

tomorrow is gonna be a day off working out. im gonna save all my energy for saturday!!
just a relaxing day with a short practice session of bowling. cant wait! hoping for good weather too!


my plan was to get up early for the 8.30am bodybalance class but there was no way I was gonna get out of bed when the alarm went off. I was dead!
I rolled over, re-scheduled the day and fell back asleep.
a few hours later when I finally woke up, I made breakfast and watched a movie.

showered and got ready to walk down to the bowl. my first bowling practice was focus on spares.
100% on two pins left and only one miss on one pin left/20shots, missed the ten pin. so finished the first session with 10extra shots on the tenpin. I have to keep in mind to get my body around the ball, not the other way around.

punishment for sleeping in this morning was 30min Grit Cardio. it was tough but I liked it alot. awesome way to burn alot of calories in 30mins. 💪
stretched out before leaving the gym.
went down to the bowl again for another practice. this time on the pattern for the weekend.

now showered and back in bed. gonna get some sleep and hopefully make that morning tabata class. haha fingers crossed :)

run for your life

today was my first run after the last shin splints. first warming up with running and pw in intervals. legs feeling a bit stiff.
then did 5km on time.

new pb! and my leg is feeling ok. happy to be able to push myself to this after having some troubles. #nevergiveup

the half marathon ive been working hard for is on saturday and also our last qualifying matches are on saturday. im hoping to be able to do both. fingers crossed the is enough time for me to make it!

now some bowling.
later on another bowling practice and ping pong with some team mates :)


we won our qualifying match yesterday. we did a great team effort and stayed strong thoughout both matches and came out winners. it was fun to bowl even though it was SO TRICKY in the end. these patterns we have for league are only meant for 4games. and game 7-8 are no fun to bowl at all!
we bowled at Nina Flacks bowling center, im sure you guys know who she is. it was fun to finally see what her placed looked like. :)

1h 45min later we arrived home. one long weekend with alot of bowling, cheering and water. with less sleep than I was hoping for and less wins than I was hoping for.

but in the end im still happy.
got home. went for dinner with mom and two team mates. after dinner I picked up Bella and went back home. cuddled with my little tiger before falling asleep around 10pm.
last night with my baby. today mom picked her up. 😭
gonna miss her!

so to keep myself busy today I cleaned my apartment and then Josefine came over. we watched some old videos of ud doing stupid, fun stuff :) haha laughed a lot! never a boring moment with my best friend. ♡

now im ready for bed. tomorrow I hope my body is ready to get back on track with practice and gym. :)

bronze medal

im sorry for the bad update so far this weekend. its been all about bowling, naps and food.
our semifinals came out to a third game and Högland got to choose the pattern, they picked the long pattern of course and did the job. we were not close to string the strikes like they did, unfortunately.
this means we got a bronze medal.
but I am very happy to be a part of this team, these girls are young and so talented. I know that we will come back stronger next year. I believe in us! thanks for another season and im looking forward to next year ♡

I left Örebro around 10.30pm last night. packed the car and headed to Borås, it is time to put on my other team shirt. qualifying matches with FH Engelholm. we arrived to the hotel around 2am last night and alarm went off at 8am. im a little tired, my voice is fucked up but I feel ready to kick ass. its now or never boys!!

spader dam vs högland

we bowled one match yesterday, on the longer pattern. we did a good job as a team but it got a little tricky in the end and we couldnt figure it out fast enough. lost by 11-9.

today it was our turn to choose the pattern. we decided to go for the short pattern and that was obviously the right thing to do. we had a plan and we made good shots. which turned out great. win!

now its 1-1 and one last match to decided who will go through to the finals. if its a tie there will be a one game match.

fingers crossed for us!!


official practice and first day is now done. didnt go quite the way we wanted it to, lost by 11-9. we bowled good but not good enough to close it up.

it has been a long day and we are getting ready to get some sleep. everything can happen tomorrow.

its all or nothing.

I will give you a better update in the morning.


we made it!
I even made it time to be able to practice a few shots with the boys. tried my new ball 😍
got a new ball sent to me, received it just in time to drill it before we left. I really like the look of it.
first Hammer ball in my bag. hope I can use it this weekend :)

gonna get some sleep now. tomorrow will be a long day
team practice
opening ceremony
first match


if you have a bad day

whatever you do, dont let it destroy more than one day.

today is a new day.
and already MUCH better than the one the other day.

today I got into one of my pairs of skinny jeans - my bowling pants I bough a few years ago. happiness!
-im glad I could prove to myself that I dont have to starve myself to get in my old stuff. hard work and good food can take you there!

schedule of the day:
get my hair done at United & Sara - new color!!
leave Bella at Johans for the weekend
3.30pm off we go! bring on the playoffs :)


new outfits!

cant wait to wear them


woke up early
wednesday is early morning workout, body balance as usual. very good wag starting the day with stretching out and last five mins are the best - relaxing part of the session.
my balance was not the best today I admit but still did it ok. feeling more flexible which is awesome!

and another favorite about this day is I get to go home after working out to take a well deserved nap. I fucking LOVE falling back asleep on the couch.

when I woke back up I watched a movie, made lunch and got ready to head back to the gym for session number 2 - Tabata 30min.
*warm up
20sek workout, 20sek rest x8

and straight from the gym to the bowl and practice for 1,5h with the boys. first just trying to find a good feeling and then bowled 5 on a pair on the patterns for the weekend.

gonna take a long shower, pack everything and get some good nights sleep. tomorrow is THE day and the start for THE. we leave for the playoffs!!


oh crappy day

today is just a crappy day. woke up without motivation. cried my eyes out when I realized I had to find someone else to take care of my lovely tiger. she has too much energy for being indoors all the time and I dont have a choice since I live in an aparment. might have a solution on it. but still. its heartbreaking.

I guess after so many days of happiness there had to be a bad day.

its not totally ruined.
I went to the gym even though I felt shitty and wasnt motivated. tuesday is grit strenght. "the only bad workout is the one you didnt do".

also threw a few shots with my new bowlingballs and they feel awesome. bowling house league in a few hours. hope to get this day back on track then.

and yea I kinda find a little motivation when I came out of the shower and saw myself in the mirror



showered, got dressed and mom picked me up and drove me to the trainstation.
had the exact same feeling like 5years ago.
bought my ticket and patiently waited for the train to come.
42min trainride took me to the city that was my hometown for about 3 years.

I was walking around downtown, alot of things had changed the last few years but somehow everything came back to me. I knew exactly where to go and find everything. even though it was almost 4years ago since I was here.
where did these 4years go? holy crap, time flies!!

at noon the fun began.
lunchdate with my 3closest friends I went to school here with. wow! alot has happened since I last saw them but at the same time it felt like last time I saw them was yesterday. we talked like nothing has changed but the things we talked about proved that the 4years was a fact.
4ladies with 4different lives.
3h was not enough but it was so much better than nothing. I really enjoyed it. ive missed my girls.

hopefully next time I get to see a few more :)

now back to reality
work & practice.
hopefully squeeze in a little workout too


my new lovers


wow. what a looong saturday it was.
21h awake. woke up early to drill a bowlingball for the qualifying match with my guys team to a higher league division. Unfortunately we lost, it was a tough day, best out of two games. first game 10-10, second lost 13-7. first match on fresh and second match on burned. it was really tough. we came out short but it was a fun match to bowl, at least the first one.

after the game I had a quick meeting before going downtown for dinner with some friends. at dinner we decided to go play some cosmic bowling and some pool. had a great time with some teammates and friends.

21h later than my alarm went off I was back in bed. ready to get some sleep. I only got 6h, which for me is not enough haha.

watching a qualifying match in our bowl now, one of our teammates - his new team is bowling. they one their first match. one to go!
but im going back home for a powernap. :)

im alive!

I did not die after my very up-tempo day. my thursday started pretty early with sore legs. I paced for a tournament in our bowling center even though I felt like my legs were gonna fall off hahaha. I bowled well though, 43ft - used my IQ tour, IQ fusion and totally defiant for 1353.

after bowling christoffer came here. we went out for dinner and to the movies, me, him and 7 other friends. we watched the other woman, such a fun movie!

today is a new day. legs are not sore!
todays schedule:

pancake buffet for lunch

tomorrow is an important game!


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