And I spent it just the way I love it. Started with a try to sleep in. That didnt work out so I woke up at 8.30, watched a few episodes of Gossip Girl.
Left bed around 11.45, haha. Showered and got dressed to meet up with mom for lunch. Weather was amazing today! I was wearing only a thin jacket and I was not freezing my ass off!! I think that means spring is officially here :) and just cause I said so it will probably be snowing tomorrow. jinx
a cozy afternoon with my mom.
got back home at 3.30pm and just packed up my bag to go to the gym with Amanda, it was Happy Hour which means you can try some new workout-sessions. 3x25mins, we did box, a crossfit-inspired session and spinning-cardio. Was a good 75mins workout. :)

The last few hours was spent at Amanda's eating tacos and chatting. Lovely evening. Ended early though, tomorrow is game-day. Last game before the nationals. Spader Dam!

How was you Friday? :)


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