bosön, 5km run and practice

The weekend was spent in stockholm at the biggest training facility in sweden. This place is pretty awesome actually, they have a school with different classes, restaurant, hotel, training facility, outdoor jogging tracks in a beautiful environment. Yes, I wish this place was closer to home. 

I got to Stockholm on Friday, checked in on Facebook and thanks to that I got a dinner invite from 3 close friends who lives in stockholm. How sweet? Food was delicious and the company was great. 
We arrived to Bosön on Saturday around lunch time. Started with lunch and then off to the gym. Went through a bunch of exercises they wanted us to do in the gym, lucky me I already do this type of workout - lifting weights. 
After the workout we showered and got ready for a nutrition class - we were gonna make our own dinner. Healthy dishes. I liked all of it except the starter, hot carrot soup. 
Main dish was salmon topped with chilisauce, lime, cashew nuts, salt and petter with a potatoes and artichoke purée. This delicious dinner was finished with a berry mascarpone. 👌 yum. 
On Sunday we woke up, ate breakfast then off to the gym to do the same routine as we did on Saturday and when we were done with that we decided to play some volleyball. Had so much fun with the girls! 
Ended the weekend at Bosön with lunch then off to the airport. 

When I got back home I decided to go to the gym and do some interval running with incline on the treadmill. 80min later I was done with my 10km and burned 800cal.. haha I slept like a little baby after this. 

-Monday I bowled the finals of the regional tournament. Bowled well but the scores were so high. Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to strike as much as the rest, I finished 7th. 

-Tuesday the spontanoues me said yes to participating in a 5km run cause one of my friends colleagues got sick so they had one spot to fill. Who am I to say no to some fresh air and a good run? 😂
Today I'm very happy that I did it. Goal was 30mins for these 5km and I made it on 29:16. So proud of myself! 

-Wednesday woke up with a tired body to say the least. Decided not to go to the gym today. I spent the early afternoon in the sun eating ice cream with Emily before I had to go to the bowl to pack my stuff and leave. Today me and the team went practicing in Jönköping where the swedish team nationals are being held next weekend. We had a great practice on the two patterns we are gonna bowl on - Montreal and London. 

Just got home a little while ago, took a shower and now ready for some sleep. Tomorrow I have practice, gym and a coaching session. Fun stuff! 



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