Sundays are my favorite, mondays not so much

Another great Sunday in the books.  

Mondays though. 😣 i feel like I need to sleep for a week to make up for the weekend. I only got a few hours between Saturday and Sunday. Good thing is that I'm having the day off today and tomorrow. 

I spent my Monday at the tattoo studio finishing up my hand tattoo. Love Daniels ideas and he really did an amazing job, I'm so pleased with it. 

Not sure if I'm done there though ;) 

The afternoon was spent with Emily & Monia, catching up over lunch/dinner and drinks (as in Pepsi) 😊 

Now I'm just home watching a few episodes of Orphan Black. ✌ 

Best part of today: getting my tattoo done 
Worst part of today: ? 

And Monia - thanks for reading my blog and keeping an eye on me 😘 haha. 


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