Quick update

Today has been awesome.

I can't remember last time I was smiling and laughing as much as I did today.

Started off with work. I can't believe that I actually enjoy even cleaning up at work, haha. I just love when everything is nice, clean and in the right place. The hours went by so quickly and when the clock was 5.30pm I checked out and ran as fast as I possibly could in my high heels to the movies to meet up with my girls to watch the new movie "how to be single". As if I need a movie to tell me how to 😂
It was the funniest movie I have seen in such a long time. I was crying laughing.

After the movies we went back to Emmas place to hang out us girls. Laughing, gossiping, playing games. Just a lovely Monday. 

Best part of today: all the laughter
Worst part of today: it went by so quickly

Now: sleep.
Tomorrow: work, house league in shuffleboard & practice



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