good morning from Vegas!

I landed last night, it was a long day but everything went smooth.. except for one part. I got taken to the side for a whole body search through both in Copenhagen and in San Francisco hahaha. Very awkward but made it through đŸ€˜ 

Went straight to bed went I got to the hotel. Spending the first night at the hotel where we are gonna bowl - The Orleans. From tonight and until I leave I'm gonna be staying at a friends house with mamabear and a few others! Gonna be nice to get out of these crazy casino hotels. 

Today we are just gonna have a relaxing day. Off to practice now and later on its pool time! 

We are a few swedes here:
Nina Flack 
Viktoria Johansson
Ida Andersson
Isabelle Hultin
Anneli Blomqvist 
Jenny Wegner 
And me :) 

I will post all the details about the tournaments later today so stay tuuuuuned! 


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