practice x 2

I'm so not a morning person. My eyes didn't wanna open this morning when my alarm went off at 7.15am. Not only was I tired, I didn't feel well either. I felt dizzy, I lost my balance a few times and my eyes couldn't really focus. This has been going on all day today. I felt a little sick too so I couldn't really eat anything. I'm feeling a little bit better, not as dizzy but still my eyes and balance is still not 100% and I have a headache now. I tried and pulled myself together for work, short day so it was OK. 

After work I went home for a nap then down to the bowling center for a coaching session and practice. First practice was no good. Didnt have much energy, had problems focusing on what I was doing. 1,5h just tried to get the right feeling, discussing balls and lane play with the boys. Took a break for an hour to eat and then on it again. Practice number two went so much better. My main focus was to "visualise my game plan" and go out and do it. Still a bit tired and some bad shots but overall an OK session and I'm happy I went back down on the lanes to figure it out. #TeamNeverGiveUp 

So now I'm back home, gonna dress down & cuddle up on the couch and watch one or two episodes of Orphan Black. 👌 

Best part of today: that I didn't give up, I decided to bowl some more to get the good feeling back. Proud of myself for doing that even though I feel like ass today. 
Worst part of today: without a doubt how I'm feeling today. Note to self: drink more water! 

Tomorrow I get to sleep in!! 
Have a meeting at work around 6pm & then coaching session from 7-8pm. I just can't wait to not wake up by an alarm tomorrow 😂😂 

take care lovers,  



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