Today felt like Christmas! 
I received a case of 4 new balls. 
Eternal Cell 
Alpha crux
Pitch blue 

Drilled the phaze today, Ive been looking forward to that ball for soooo many days now. I have a feeling that I'm gonna love this ball. I will find out tomorrow when I finally get to throw it. Can't wait!! 

Other than drilling that ball I've just had a relaxing day with mom. It's been great catching up with my loved ones (& myself) the past two days. Tomorrow is back to work again! It's gonna be tough few days ahead, so I better get some good nights sleep now. 

Highlight of the day: new balls & spending time with mom
Darkside of the day: my tattoo is so sore (only have myself to blame but since this is my blog then yes I'm gonna be bitching about it 😂) and I'm still tired. 

Work, practice and ball drilling on the schedule tomorrow.  💪 



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