sentimental sunday

yep its that time of the week again. 
i hate sundays. especially the sentimental ones. which is pretty much every sunday. 
im exhausted both mentally and physically. 
mentally cause i have so many feelings inside of me and im not sure how to handle them - im not used to this
im happy excited nervous curious confused sad and happy again all at the same time 
physically cause i have had a lot of stuff going on lately and a lot that needs to be done in so little time
i feel everything so very deeply and i do everything one hundred percent 
please dont get me wrong, i love everything that is going on in my life right now but im just trying to take it all in. 
i just got home from spending the weekend with Team Sweden in Kinna. had a great time bowling, bonding, eating, learning and planning the next few weeks. although my schedule is already set its still good to make it even more obvious to what i should do and shouldnt do. it was our last get together before the actual trip. 
only 3 weeks left before departure! crazy how time flies!
so today is sunday
tomorrow is monday so back to reality, i got work, laundry and preparing for next trip on my schedule
tuesday will be work and then off to helsingborg for a small celebration of our team gold we have been invited to, then straight home to pack. 
wednesday is day one of my 12+14 days on the road. 
now its bedtime. 


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