a different kind of friday

I'm actually proud of myself today: 
•I got up earlier than I had to to vacuum my apartment (cause I couldn't do that last night at 1.30am, you're welcome neighbours!) so now my home really feels like a home. 
And also this was good today:
•Got ready for work & my eyeliner was on fleek today 
•Work was good, enjoyed my day. 
•Got to spend the evening with Emma, homemade pizza & movies. 
•Feeling much better!

I'm in bed now, gonna put on a movie and fall asleep. Tomorrow is going to be one LONG day. 

Wakeup call: 6.45am
William is picking me up around 8am 
Driving to Borås (~2,5h drive)
Bowl league 4 games 
Drive to Vänersborg (~1,5h drive) 
Bowl league 4 games 
Drive back home (~3h drive) 
Work 11.45pm-3.20am

Guess who's gonna be sleeping in the car? 

mmme 🙋🙏

Ok so let's do 
Best part of today: the feeling I have right now
Worst part of today: can't think of anything 

Sleepy time

Gnite lovers 


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