qualifying done

i can finally breath again. 
that was close but i have no words to describe how happy, excited and proud i am of myself for making this cut and to bowl with a good mindset and make good decisions with the help of the boys (Del, Hank and Jim). i am really looking forward to be going into matchplay tomorrow morning. fingers crossed please!
to get my mind off bowling for a little while we went shopping after lunch. new kicks and makeup, two of the best things i know. the third favourite store we just walked by.. cant go in there until i make some more money.. haha hopefully a visit later on this week ;) 
its mostly bowling now. i dont do more than bowl at the moment. i bowl, i eat, i sleep, i bowl, i eat, i sleep. 
im amazed that i can get up at 5.15am and not even be grumpy. other than that time difference sucks. its 7pm and im sooooo tired and ready to go to sleep. the others are sitting outside hanging out but my body just dont wanna move so im just gonna stay in my bed the rest of the evening to get ready for tomorrow. 
gonna catch up on some shows. 
ok, thats it for today.
wish me luck! 


Hello Sandra you're ewsome place sweden at the top Ove from Norrkoping

2016-05-25 @ 19:34:28
URL: http://dalee.blogg.se/

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This is me. Sandra Andersson. In this blog you get to follow me on my adventures all around the world for bowling.

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