The good days just keep coming
I don't know what I have done lately to deserve this but today was another great day. Work was good but the highlight of today was for sure when my bff frida (who lives 3h away from me) steps into my work and surprises me. ❤ happy tears! Some well needed catching up to do.

Today was also time for house league in shuffleboard. So far we were dead last in the results but today we stepped up and won our first match!! Yaaaaaay.

After all that me and frida went to the supermarket to buy us some fresh pineapples, oranges, grapes to have as snacks while watching TV and talking the rest of the night. Just lovely.

My heart and soul is now filled with love and energy. How cheezy?! Hahaha 😊

BTW I think I forgot to tell you about me rescuing a bird yesterday at work. One dad and his daughter came in the store yesterday saying "flying, there" and me and Sophia who I worked with didn't really understand what he was trying to tell us but he pointed at the floor underneath the shelves and there was this black bird - terrified and confused. He was injured and not able to fly. We tried to get him out of the store but he jumped right into the glass windows. I had to run and get my gloves and then try to catch him to take him outside in the bushes. Poor little thing! I didn't know what else to do than to let him go.. what are you supposed to do? I hope he's alright.

OK anyways 
Best part of today: frida is here
Worst part of today: I was freezing all day.

Tomorrow: work, work, coaching, practice.

sweet dreams lovers


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