Swedish League

I think all the small pieces are slowly falling into place. I'm extremely happy and proud of myself after today's two matches. I bowled very well, I was focus, made good moves and most importantly I believed in myself and what I did. 
Obviously a big step in the right direction. 

We bowled on two different pattern in two different bowling centers. First off was Los Angeles. It hooked TONS. First shot Frida took out 3 in the left corner with urethane. It just didn't stop. So we had to increase ballspeed like alot. After 5 frames when we could finally get a normal ball reaction. Threw my IQ Tour the rest of the games. Ended up +38 and we won. 

Second match was on Athens. This was totally different. Went from 5 steps to 4 steps to slow down my speed, used my haywire with a lot of surface to get a good ballreaction. Again, there's it so good,  I was in control the whole time. +113 and second win of the day. 

Must say the ladies did a great job today, so proud of each and everyone. Only 8 girls and we managed to win both matches. đź’™ 

OK so now I'm on my way home. Food and then off to work. It's gonna be a little easier after today's bowling!! :) 

Have a lovely Saturday x 


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