Think before you do

I'm not looking for anyone to feel bad for me, I just wanna make that clear. 
If you were gonna discribe me as a person, using 3 words, how would you describe me?

I would say

I have lost myself the past week. When someone you hold close to your heart treat you like you're worth less than the dirt under its shoes, it kind of shakes your world. No need to share more details but friends, I'm not an angel. I've made some stupid decisions, I have hurt people but I have also learnt from this. I'm trying each day to become a better version of myself. I feel that so far I'm doing pretty good. But what I wanted to say was: think before you do. Be careful about the people you have arround you. 
Treat people the way you want people to treat you. 
I know, we all make mistakes but there is thing called an apology. Feel regret. Make it up to the person. Not rub it. Not act like you didn't do anything wrong. 

It's heartbreaking. You question every single word, every single act. 
Heartless people. May you guys never experience the pain I feel at the moment. And may you never be the one causing such pain.



2015-03-27 @ 15:42:25

Just be yourself Sandra and relax
I am Big fan of You..from Finland)

2015-03-27 @ 21:35:50

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