home sweet home

This trip was supposed to be short and easy. It felt like the longest travel day ever. We were supposed to Flyg out last night at 9pm Finnish time, reason why we did not was cause of the baggage. I wasn't allowed to bring bags and there was obviously a misunderstanding with the guy that was gonna bring my stuff back home so we had to book a new flight for this morning at 6.45am. Good thing was we got to spend the evening with the best people, had dinner and was few drinks. Bad thing was when  I got tired around 1am we didn't have a room so I could not go to sleep. We had to sit in the lobby until 4am when we took a taxi to the airport. Oh yea I might have to mention that they decided to move the finals so it started at 7am Sunday morning so we had to get up at 5am. This means at 4am I had been awake for 23 straight hours. 

I fell asleep right away when we got to the airport. One hour sleep on a couch, one and a half hour sleep on the flight. Train ride, fell asleep and woke up like every other min. Find out in helsingborg that the rest of the ride is cancelled due to some technical problems so I had to get off there and catch a bus that replaced the train. BUT of course the bus was not gonna stop in Ängelholm so i had to walk around to try and find another way to get home. Found a train and an hour later I made it home. 

Finally home.  Dead tired on the couch. And guess what? Monday means day one of my detox. I'm ready to die. I'm so tired. So hungry and just Blaaaah. 

No, im gonna make it. I have meassured myself and gonna weigh myself either today or tomorrow. Wish me luck! Hoping for alot of energy by the end of my detox.  


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