day 6

After a few ups there's always downs. I had so much fun at work yesterday, drilled and plugged a few balls and then I had two coaching sessions. I really enjoyed the coaching sessions I had, it's an amazing feeling so share my thoughts and what I have experienced to someone that is very open - minded to new things. 

- after this, when I got home, something happened and I'm still trying to figure out what. I had a shower and got ready for my cousins graduation party and all of a sudden I busted into tears and I just couldn't go. I wanted to but at the same time my whole body said no. At that moment I had no idea why. I went out for a walk, I just couldn't stop crying. One tiny thing grew into something so big in my head. As always when I feel sad, I always end up at the beach. I sat there for 40min. Didn't move. Music in my ears. Tears. And I have no idea why it all started. 
My thoughts now: it's been too much lately. So many things to be worried about and trying to get everything together. I guess all of us are weak at times.
Luckily I have amazing people around me who's always there for me, of course also last night. ♡ 

Today was a better day, but I was extremely tired. Maybe I forgot to mention I was away for 2h last night. I'm only "allowed" 30mins workout during detox. I also did some intervals running/pw. So we I woke up, my face was all swollen cause of crying last night. I was tired, exhausted. I was a little sore but much happier with myself. 
Two matches today was a bit too much during detox I must say. 4h on the lanes takes a lot of energy. Good thing I have only one match to bowl tomorrow. 
Anyways we won one of the two today. Which was good. Hoping for another win with the girls tomorrow. :) 

Now: sleep. 
Really hope I get as much energy tomorrow as I got in the beginning of the detox. 


Jan Roth

And I really enjoyed to be coached. Thank You! Jan

2015-01-18 @ 01:15:25

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