day 4

The energy level keeps going up. I'm surprised myself. I feel more motivated than ever. 

Today I have been looking at one apartment. I don't think I have told you guys that I have to move out of this apartment before may 1st. Which sucks but the owner of the apartment I live in has to sell it. Anyhow, This new apartment is in the same building and I liked it ALOT. Doubt that I will get lucky enough to get it though so I have to keep looking. So if anyone of you, I would prefer my swedish readers, know any apartments for rent or sale in my area please let me know? Would be great to have somewhere to live in the summer.. 

After that I went out for a run, or powerwalk/run. I'm allowed to do 30mins workout during my detox so I went out. We can call it interval training. Did some stairs - workout too. It was fun but tough. I can feel that my body is not use to running anymore haha. Better get this back on track, if my knee allows. 

Other than that I haven't done much today, thinking about heading down to the bowl for some practice but I might wait til tomorrow since I already did today's workout. 

Had my second meal today too. Pasta with meat sauce and salad. So yummy. Is it possible to be in love with food, or maybe eating? Hahahaha. Cause I feel so happy now when I can eat. Ridicoulus. 😊 

Tomorrow is Friday, drilling one bowling ball and having some coaching sessions before going to my cousins graduation party. And of course I'm bringing my own dinner ;) 


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