Leg day - bed day

As I told you yesterday was not just another normal workout and practice day. I actually pushed myself a little harder at the gym too. We'll I have been the past month I must say. Lifting more weights now than I did before but yesterday was a tough leg day. 
My legs started shaking halfway through the workout, haha. I had to hold on the railing in the stairway on the way down from 3rd floor to ground floor and today it hurts like.. alot. 😂 

It's a pretty nice feeling even though I have problems walking, bowling, sitting down, laying down, doing pretty much everything.. 😆 it just takes more warm up than normally. 
It should be some kind of rule that says the day after leg day is bed day. Who's with me?!

I cancelled my workout today. I was gonna do cardio but I figured my leg needed some rest. So today I have had two coaching sessions, met up with Emma and had a cup of tea at a cafe downtown, then back to the bowl for the last day of try it out with Storm and Roto Grip balls! I wanna thank each and every one of you who stopped by the bowl the last 3 days to try the new stuff out! Last but not least I practiced for a little while with the guys. 

Right now I feel that it was a stupid choice to cancel my workout since I'm pretty much wide awake at 1am but then again rest is important too. Lucky me I don't have work tomorrow, just workout, lunch with a friend, practice and then dinner with another friend. Perfect day if you ask me. Oh yea I'm going to the hairdresser too and who knows what my hair is gonna look like afterwards 😊 good thing: I'm very spontaneous. Bad thing: I'm very spontaneous. Hahaha I will show tomorrow, right now it's just long.. 

I guess I have to try to get some sleep. Gotta be up at 8am.. 


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Svar: nej, jag har tagit en liten paus dÄ jag hÄller pÄ att flytta och har mycket trÀning om dagarna. hÄll ut, det kommer snart inlÀgg!
Sandra Andersson

2015-03-11 @ 20:50:23

lÄter bra, lycka till med flytten

2015-03-12 @ 11:42:32

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