Back in sweden

Oh dear. It's been way too long since I updated here. The last two weeks has been crazy busy and I feel like it was yesterday we left for America. I've pretty much been bowling, sleeping and working non stop for the past two weeks. America was fun yet exhausting at the same time. Early mornings and late afternoons, dinner and then sleep. Jetlag didn't really make it easy either. I don't think it went to bed no later than 10pm that week. 

We bowled alot, we learned alot and we did set a few new top 10 on the physical tests in the gym. Pretty cool if you ask me! Personally I'm very satisfied with the week. I got the answer I needed with my game, I had improved my versitility with my game and also improved my running score. I'm now in the top 10 of the functional movement screen, broad jump, balance test and the running. :) 

Got home on Monday morning. Struggled to stay awake all day but I managed to keep my eyes open until about 8pm. Fell asleep for half an hour, woke back up and then went to sleep at 11pm. 
When my alarm went off on tuesday morning I thought it was some kind of joke. Dead tired and had a 12h work day ahead of me. 😮 
After work I dragged my ass to the gym and spent an hour on the crosstrainer. Burned 1000cal and then I fell asleep like a little baby. 
Same thing on Wednesday. Dead tires but only 8h work day ahead of me plus bowling practice. 

Do I have to tell that I broke down on Wednesday?  I burst into tears cause I was so exhausted and mentally tired. Beat up after a challenging week. 

Finally got my sleeping on Thursday.  Left bed at 2pm. Went to the gym. Spent the afternoon with my bff and then went to the movies to see fifty shades of grey. HOLY CRAP THAT MOVIE IS GOOD and so are the books. Totally worth watching and reading. 


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