swedish elite championship

Yesterday was a very long day. 
I drove for 4,5h to get to Örebro where this year's swedish elite championship is held. 

So what is this tournament? 
In Sweden we have two types of swedish championships. One is more for the amateur bowler and one is for the elite bowlers. The amateur one is 22 different classes, depending on average, age and gender. The elite championships top 16 qualifies of the overall ranking of the year and then another 8 spots is open to another qualifying where anyone can bowl. 

Qualifying, for those 8 spots, bowled on Athens pattern. It took 1520/8 to make it through.  

24 ladies bowl first and second squad on Stockholm 34ft and Tokyo 43ft. Nina bowled very well and is now leading on 2746/12. Top 16 made it through for today's 3 pattern and the cut was 2389/12. 
I'm sitting 9th with 2482/12. I was not close to striking as much as the other girls were on the short pattern. I have two games that I really struggled in. Game 4 i just couldnt get the last pin out. 9pin twice, 10pin twice, 4 pin and 7 pin. Just can't afford that when some of the girls are killing it with 1480's. 
The longer pattern was a little bit better. The scores were lower but also made it harder to catch up. 

It was a long day as I said. Drove for 4,5h. Bowled for 6h. And ate alot. That's pretty much all I did. 

I got a somewhat good night's sleep. My body is tired and sore but feeling alright. Today is a new day and a new pattern. It's all or nothing, top 8 makes is through to tonight's round Robin. We are bowling on Montreal next! 


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