regional tournament

A big fat thank you goes out to my mom who always supports me, believes in me and is always there for me. it has been going on for quite a while that i have been doubting myself on and off the lanes but this girl is not here to give up. I decided to turn things around, worked hard on the lanes, physically in the gym and mentally at home and yesterday it finally paid off. I dared to go out on the lanes to bowl one shot at a time, to believe in myself and to enjoy it. the result: 1482 (with 8 per game) and leading the regional tournament. Here's to never giving up! I couldnt have done it without my number one idol in the world, my mom and of course my dear beloved IQ Tour and Optimus 😀 gosh. Going to bed with a huge smile. Finals on monday, wish me luck! 

Jan Roth

Stort grattis, Sandra. Och mycket lycka till pÄ mÄndag!

2015-04-30 @ 01:16:12

Keep it up & I knew u always could

2015-04-30 @ 19:51:33

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