The last two days of practice has been focus on speed. How to increase my speed and also decrease. 

This can be a bit tricky. What I tend to do wrong when I increase my speed is to not be quick enough in my push away. I need to be more aggressive from the start and just go with it. Normally to increase my speed I move back on the approach to get a longer distance to the foul line. This forces me to take longer/faster steps.
What I wanna do is move back on the approach,  straighter start position as in not bending my knees that much to get higher from the floor (think loft) and also be aggressive in my push away.

 So when I do the opposite, decrease my speed, I move up the approach. Normally I do a 5 steps approach but when I wanna decrease my speed increase choose to do a 4 steps approach instead. Why? Cause it feels more natural for me. I can still be "aggressive" but with a lower ball speed. 
I need to remind myself not to drop my right shoulder though. What I wanna do here is 4 steps with more bend knees than normally to get lower in my body/swing, feel relaxed, open up my shoulders to be able to open up the lane. 

What to do tomorrow on the lanes?


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