Qatar Open

Lazy day on the couch. 
Watched a movie, TV and packed. That pretty much it. Well I ate too! Mom came by with Chinese food for dinner- she's the best! 

It's 10.53pm right now and I should be sleeping. My alarm will go off in about 3,5h. Can't wait for that to happen 😴 
Maybe I should tell you guys why? Cause I'm flying to Doha, Qatar!! :) 
I have picked my bowlingballs, I have packed my bags, I have shaved my legs - I'm ready for some sunny weather and good bowling! 😀 

I'm flying for Copenhagen, I have a 2h layover in Amsterdam and then I land at like 4pm in the afternoon swedish time which is 6pm Qatar - time. It's a 2h time difference. 

I will give you all the websites you need to see the results tomorrow! I bowl on tuesday and Wednesday allndnd hopefully Thursday too, in the finals. Flying home again on the night between Thursday and Friday so I'm back by lunch on Friday. :) 

Gnite -S.  


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