It warms my heart to see your comments ♡ 

It's 2.48am and I'm wide awake. I might as well just start this catch up right now. :) I'm excited to share what I've been up to lately but first I wanna explain why I took my break. 

I had a lot going on in my life in October. School took a look of time, I made some changes with my game and I took a break from the gym and the blog to be able to catch up with myself, all the feelings and everything that was going on. For those of you that know me (probably everyone reading this blog by now) knows how much of a struggle it is for me to get up in the mornings. I'm NOT a morning person. For me to get up at 4-5am every Monday - Friday morning, sometimes even on the weekends for bowling, for 10 weeks was exhausting. I chose to put all my energy on school and my bowling and leave the other things a side for a little while. Right now I feel that it was the best decision I've taken in a while. It gave me the opportunity to spend a little more time on myself and what I really needed to do at the moment. 
So thank you guys, for having patience! 

I finished school about two weeks ago, I'm finally a certified Makeup Artist! So excited about this. I'm right now trying out at a store right now that sells makeup etc. Fingers crossed!

Don't worry, I'm not gonna let this affect my bowling. It's just nice to have something WAY different from the daily routines I was used to and to have something that is my thing that let's my brain focus on something other than bowlingballs, breakpoint, ballreaction and pinfall. 
I told you guys I made some changes with my game and maybe you want me to explain what? Me and my beloved mom have been talking back and forth about the changes I did when I went to the ITRC in February. Even though I wanted it to work really bad I never felt confident or comfortable enough to get it to work. The big change was my startposition to get a straight swing. Since the shape of my arm is like a pinguin-arm, haha, we decided to move my arm infront of my body so that my push away would ended up in a straight swing. Cause of the under arm being shaped to the right (right handed) my push away ended up to the right which made my swing go in the shape of an 8. 

I have decided to go back to what I was doing before that. Like way back. We have been studying video after video and now I believe we have found something that is gonna work for me. Again, fingers crossed! I'm bowling much better than I have in a long time so I think that's a sign that we are going the right direction. :) 

Oh I can go on and on and on. There are so many things I wanna tell you guys but I'm gonna stop now. This is pretty much what has been my daily worries from the beginning of Oct to the end of it. At the end of october I went to Las Vegas for the World Bowling Tour TV Finals. 
I'm gonna save the trip to Las Vegas for its own post, cause there is alot of thoughts and feelings behind that one. Stay tuned! 



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