road trip to gothenburg today for league with my girls. Its a 2h drive one way so that makes it 4 hours in the car today. Our match was supposed to start at 2pm but the matches before us were delayed so we didn't get on the lanes until 2.50pm. 50min behind schedule! 

The center we bowled in today is one of the bigger centers in Sweden. They have 27 lanes in what feels like 3 different parts. I hope the photo below can show how they are sectioned: 

So they have 9 lanes, aisle and then the other 18 but lanes 19-27 are under a lower ceiling. See how the higher numbers are further back in the center, so when you're on the approach on lane 11 - you're in the middle of the lane on 1-9. Different! 

We bowled on lanes 11-18, on the pattern Montreal. We won 15-5 and I'm superhappy with the highest score of the match : 892. My Crux rolled phenomenal the first two games. Struggled a little in the middle of the third when I had to change balls and last game I had my only two opens of the day, washout and a split. I bowled very well today and stayed focus the whole time. The whole team did a great job today, you can see our scores here: 
(My team is Spader dam ♡)

Dinner was served when I got back home, mom made lasagna and a mudcake for dessert 😍 she's the best. 

Now time to get some sleep before another match tomorrow - off to Halmstad - my old hometown! 



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