Sitting at the airport thinking back on the trip to Qatar. It took me a while to do this post cause I wanted have some time and reflect about it. 

I am so disappointed. I have so high expectations on myself at the moment and I was so devastated after bowling 3 squads AND the desperado. 11 hours in the bowling center, 19 games of bowling. My best squad was ~80 over and it took +117. 

I struggled so much to carry. The pattern was tough. It was not hard to get to the pocket but to carry, if you did changes you could easily end up leaving splits. As in more than just one. 
I never got the feeling that I could just bowl and enjoy it, I had to chase it the whole time. Need to figure out a way to get out of that zone. 

On my way home now. I have made it to Amsterdam. 3h more and then it's time to fly to Copenhagen, then a 1,5h train ride before I'm home. 
I cannot wait to go home, sleep in my own bed, eat some Christmas food tonight haha and then go back to practice. I need more practice. I need to get stronger in my mental game. I need to prepare better for AIK. 



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