just wow.
im going from being happy to being confused to being frustrated and then back to being happy/satisfied again. I had a really good look for 3,5games and then it all started to look a bit weird. I could go from being totally in to totally out.
i bowled well for 6 games but I couldnt figure out the last game at least. I changed ball 4times in the last game, 8 good shots and 2 bad shots. 160. left the tinpin 5times. oh well.

it was a nice start of the championship even though it sucks knowing that both me and isabelle are gonna be close to the cut.

jenny is 4th 1270
isabelle is 5th 1266
sandra 7th 1265
ida 30th 1157

joline &Rebecka are bowling tomorrow at 9am, hoping for good scores :)


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