Masters, Banquet and goodbye Berlin

lets start with masters.
since I finished in the top 8 I got a bye and came in first in the second step.
I bowled sasha wedel the first match and won easily with 2-0.

second match - the match before medals I bowled against Mai Ginge Jensen and she won easily with 2-0. shes been a striking machine the whole week and I wasnt close of getting the reaction she got. I gave it a go, I was not afraid of trying but this time it was not enough. finished top 8 in masters too.

so our day of bowling ended early. we recieved our medals for teams and then we went to the shoppingcenter to get ready for the banquet. first of manicure and pedicure!
then hurry back home for a shower, make up, hair and dress on.

we had a great evening and it was a nice way to end a looooong week.

4h sleep

almost home
sweden, ive missed you!!
4more days together before I leave again.
usa on thursday!
#lovethelanes #lovinglife #lifeontheroad


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