good morning from Orlando!

we made it to the palm trees!
we landed around 3pm our time (9pm swedish time). the flight over was good. im glad we were going to this side of the country so cause my ass started hurting after about 5h. luckily it was only 3h left then :)
we got through all thw security thing without any problems. I got through with a big smile. I dont know if americans are desperate or if is there is any chance I look cute after flying for 10h but first one guy at the immigration asked me what I do for a living and also what did on my sparetime.. I said that I work in a proshop and I just hang out with friends and stuff. "I think you forgot something, you must be working out a lot?" WELL THANK YOU! haha I never get tired of hearing it 😍
when I got through there and off to the baggage claim, for some stupid reason you have to go upstairs to get out of the airport. and I went out there before the others with my 2 3ball bags and one big suitcase.
there was two guys and of the guys offered to help me with my bags but I nicely said thank you but I can wait for my family. they discussed my bags and the same guy asked if I was a football player (and this is not soccer in the states, this is american football) but the other guy corrected him that it was bowling balls I was carrying around.
again he said: you look like a football player!
I laughed and said: no this is what a bowler looks like.
and the answer...
in that case, I wanna marry a bowler!

good start if you ask me!

hotel is awesome, weather is awesome, room is awesome and I can see palm trees. I love palm trees.

jetlag woke me up at 6am our time so I got up and off to the gym. grit strenght inspired 30mins session. great start to the day. gonna spend the day by the pool and later today im gonna go practice. anyone of my readers that can recommend a center? I am located on the universal Boulevard :)


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