when I got home, I was home for max. 2h before my bff knocked on the door. aaaah, love it. we talked, we talked and we talked a little more. a lot can happen in two weeks. no doubt about it. ♡

we decided to go play miniature golf with the guys in the afternoon. we got there a little later than planned cause we had so much to talk about but we catched up and finished the same time as the others. me and rasmus were betting an ice cream and guess who won? ;)

HA! I hate miniature golf but today I was gooooood at it haha. unbelievable.

after playing golf we headed over to mom and dads for dinner, all of us. the whole big family. yummy burgers and potatosalad in the sunset. played some "kubb" and football with my nephew also. so good to see him again :)

just got back home again, in bed, planning on getting some sleep and catch up on the sleep I was left out on last night. early wakeup call tomorrow but for fun stuff. its a special day tomorrow - anyone know what date it is?
breakfast and off on adventures with a few people. cant wait!!


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