today was the first day since 19 days back I had a day off from any activity (gym/bowling).
nineteen days.
and the thing is that I had to force myself to stay away from the gym.
37h of fighting the last 19 days.
and tomorrow I'm gonna start it all over again. why? cause I love it. cause I feel good when doing it. cause it makes me happy.

instead of gym me and mom getting a few things done in my apartment. and once again we had to stop halfway cause we had the wrong tools for it. :( oh well, hopefully one of my friends can make it over here later this week and help me out. fingers crossed!

after this mom went back home, dad was making dinner and invited me too but soup is not a favorite so I decided to make my own dinner. easy choice:

tuna-pasta salad a la Sandra.
tuna, pasta, maché-salad, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, corn, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. also two hard boiled eggs on the side. mucho better than soup!

tomorrow looks kinda like any other wednesday. work, coaching kids, practice, gym. bring it on! :)


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