day 2

"talent is practice and practice is talent."

what a great day. im pretty sure we all agreed on that. today was the day for changes. today we looked at the videos and stats from yesterdays bowling and analyzed it and started working on things.

my things:
armposition in the start.
push away straight forward
let my left part of the body "lead" the way
keep my left arm down in the release

sounds like many things but its really not while bowling. it makes sense to my body. looking forward to see how far this will take me.

we also went through the stats from yesterday, how good and bad we were compared to the group and also the groul against other teams/groups like international women that had ever visited ITRC, team usa 2013 and also elite in general. looking very good for our team. we are not that far behind team usa and are above the other two in many categories. :) hard work will take us even further.

after practice today we went shopping. chocker huh? ;) im gonna show you all the things I bought on this trip later on. who knows, we might find more.


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